The Wental Galaxy was once a six armed spiral galaxy, and home to many species. However, during the Annihilation is was all but destroyed. Having moved out from the Archdemons Wall, about 1/2 an arm, and 4 other much smaller portions, have survived. However, the stars have been aged tremendously, and are now nearing the end of their lifespans. There are almost no yellow, blue, or white stars in the galaxy, almost only red dwarfs and brown dwarfs survived. It is unknown if anything alive survived the Archdemons Wall, but it is predicted to be a lifeless galaxy. There may be demons and the like still scattered among it's stars, and the galaxy remains uninhabited.

Main Galactic RemnantEdit

The main galactic remnant of the Wental Galaxy is a single arm, containing about 30 billion stars, most red dwarfs nearing the end of their days. What isn't taken up by stars is taken up by an erie red nebula. In the core regions of the arm, it is believed that star production is beginning to take place again now that the Chaos Energy is no longer preventing it, which has created an immense blue-green glow to come from those regions where the nebula was densest.

Other Galactic RemnantsEdit

There are four other Galactic Remnants. They are simply referred to as "The Galactic Remnants" and contain about 120 million stars between the lot of them. They are also beginning to generate new stars, but the process is far from finished.


  • Worldforest Mind Survivors - A few scattered planets with Worldforests on them that were able to resist the prolonged exposure to Chaos Energy using their various essences and collective willpower.
  • Imi - A single Yaman female trapped on a tiny planet that was sheltered by the fact it already orbits a brown dwarf.
  • Demonic Remnants - Scattered across the galaxy and it's remnants are demons and other creatures adapted to living in Chaos Energy. They are beings of Chaos, and cannot comprehend order.



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