Watcher is a male Quadrantia Humanoids and the local police officer of Pallarian Town, a small village at Terra Prime. He lives at the police station in the center of the town, and owns a moter cycle.

After the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus began plundering and occupying Terra Prime Watcher joined the Rambo Loyalist in hopes of defeating the Empire once and for all.


Born in 2776 (22 BQF) at Terra Prime, in the small town of Pallarian Town, Watcher grew up in a family of police and militairy men and woman. During his childhood he befriended Aubrie, but when she went to high school after she was able to summon creatures, Watcher went to the Police Academy and the two lost sight of eachother. Ever since 04 AQF, Watcher is the local police officer of Pallarian Town, and one of the few who actually seem to like the mysterious Yodian, professor Kjac as Watcher and Kjac often have a cup of coffee together.

Spinoluap attacks the Loyalist forces at Umbrax, april 2820

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus invaded Terra Prime and began plundering the planet of its natural resources during its occupation Watcher left the planet and joined the Rambo Loyalist faction in hopes of liberating his planet and defeating the Empire. In March 2820 he and his cousin Judie Watcher were send to Umbrax in an attempt to defeat the Imperial garrison stationed there. Sadly a rampaging Spinoluap destroyed their camp and equipment, forcing the young lieutenant to call for reinforcements that arrived in the form of Raven Team. Intially sceptic about Raven Team he followed the suggestion of Yvenne and met with Judge Magister Ramhis. After some hesistation and discussion, he and Judie managed to convince the Judge and together with the rest of the Loyalist forces and the native Velocitar they defeated the Imperial forces and liberated Umbrax from Imperial control.

Jenna meets the Watcher cousins and Zahra

After being chased by Imperial forces and hit by a displacement wave in April 2820, Watcher and his cousin found himself in the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Space. Stranded on Gorga III, Watcher and his cousin were eventually located and saved by the crew of the USS Harakaze. Onboard, the newly field-promoted commander Jenna Lenissa Rambo gave Watcher and Judie the same ultimatum as the Imperials, serve onboard as crew or remain at Gorga III. Though Watcher was sceptical of the former cadet his cousin Judie cut him off and agreed on the terms to both of them. Watcher became a senior crewmember as Head of Security.

Personality and Traits[]


Watcher is a friendly and nice person to deal with. As a police officer he is strict to follow the law and doesn't hesistate to question people's motives if he doesn't trust them. Though not eager to draw his weapon, at the Academy he has shown himself to be an excellent marksmen.

He owns a police moter cycle wich he enjoys to ride near the coast or for short distances. He once had a crush at his childhood friend, Aurbrie.


Watcher as police officer


Blue face.pngI can trust them!

  • Aubrie - My childhood friend and trouble maker
  • Kjac - An elderly inhabitant of Pallarian Town!
  • Judie Watcher - My niece in Kajothia City!

Blue face.pngHmm, better keep my eyes open!

  • none

Orange face.pngIn the name of the law, I place you under arrest!

  • none


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