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Borealis will forever be a galaxy of warfare and death. It is a fate assigned to it before any of today's races were born. It is fate... and fate cannot be changed. It can only be hastened, so that we may be done with it and make the suffering short.

- Aentaeus

The War of the Ancient Three, sometimes given the name of Third Borealis Galactic War or Third Great War, was a large-scaled military conflict in the Borealis Galaxy. With ambitions of power and conquest, the rulers of the Rovegar Matriarchy would manipulate the Polar Crystal Alliance into fighting the alien force known as the Ganthorea in their name, while they sought for sources of great power behind their backs; all while the Rovegar people grew increasingly discontent with their leading elite. At the same time, the demonic Kondrakar Dominion would use the opportunity to strike at their enemies and impose their once-lost superiority over them, reigniting a conflict which had once ensued 1,200,000 years in the past.



Made for the purpose of tying up loose ends, the War of the Ancient Three is the 'final chapter' of Borealis' fiction as a whole. Planning of this fiction dates from as long as the Ganthorea faction's introduction to the Fiction Universe (April 2013‎). It serves as the de facto sequel to the Ice Age story.

Unlike the Second Borealis Galactic War, the War of the Ancient Three will not be roleplayed, but instead be completely descriptive in the style of the Zarkhator War. Unlike that fiction, however, users are allowed to write their own parts to it, provided they are discussed with OluapPlayer.


Only users associated with Borealis are allowed to participate in this fiction.


Prelude: The Hollow IncidentEdit

Betrayal of the VaedorukEdit

The Hollow King comes! The Hollow King comes! The Hollow King comes!

- Vaedoruk Trooper during the assault of Hyperborea

At 2810, the Zoles Penumbran Vekaron would be sent to the Samilinus homeworld of Samil alongside the Paladian Penumbran Aentaeus for the purpose of recovering an artifact linked to the long-dead Regnatus deep within an underground installation, where mutated scientists and a pirate band led by a Borealis Zazane known as the Anarchist would stand in their way. The mission would end in success, however, as the hostiles were cleared from the site and the artifact was recovered by Aentaeus, with Vekaron and his group being sent back to report to the Alliance.

However, complications would arise when Aentaeus never reported back following the incident, and the Regnatus relic never reached the hands of his superiors. The Polar Crystal Alliance, worried over the fate of one of their best soldiers, asked the rest of the Gigaquadrant to keep an eye on him, though years would pass without news. In the meantime, the robotic race known as Lanatharch, loyal to Regnatus' old cause since the Second Borealis Galactic War continued to skirmish with the Alliance's outer territories, however they would eventually grow bolder in their attempts, their tactics becoming more efficient, as if they had gained much greater knowledge on the works of the Alliance.

At 2821, Aentaeus would re-emerge, claiming to have been until then captured by the Zazane pirates and kept hostage until he managed to escape, much to the delight of the Polar Crystal Council. However, something in him had changed, something which was not clear at first. The Vaedoruk, a mysterious race from the Outer Core, joined the Alliance around the same time as Aentaeus returned, and during this period, politicians and diplomats would find themselves drawn to their creatures by unknown means, coming to agree with their ideologies and have their goals warped to fit their own. Suspicious of foul activity from their part, Councillor Valzaria - who, thanks to the System, was unaffected by their presence - sent Vekaron and his team to the Vaedoruk homeworld of Vae to investigate the race.

Many of Vekaron's original associates had moved on with their lives, and his crew at this point was composed solely of Kirlisir, Vyatak, Dolgan Tuchaki and Gardin, though he would find help in the form of Kalcedia Myran, who agreed to help his cause while her mate Tagutan prepared the foundation of what they both described as a great vigilante squad aligned to the goals of the Alliance. Upon breaching the defenses of Vae and cutting their path through hostile Vaedoruk, Vekaron and his group would discover a second Regnatus relic, and from the records left behind by scientists, they would uncover its true purpose; such was Regnatus' paranoia that he had created backups of himself, artificial intelligences made to be perfect copies of his psyche who, while incapable of harnessing essence, were still able to indoctrinate others into servitude. Realizing the entire Vaedoruk race was under the control of Regnatus, Vekaron's squad destroyed the relic and retreated back to Hyperborea, only to find the Vaedoruk population there opening fire upon the populace, while at the Council Tower, Aentaeus had his own gun pointed at the Council.

Before he had the chance to kill them, Aentaeus was forced to flee when Vekaron intervened, leaving the Council alive but badly wounded. The Vaedoruk, beyond saving from Regnatus' corruption, were put down, all while chanting about a being known only as the Hollow King, which Aentaeus appeared to work for. Realizing the Paladian had been corrupted by the relic they had once retrieved together, Vekaron and his group braced themselves to hunt him down and put an end to his schemes.

The Hollow KingEdit

I have seen it, Vekaron. He has shown me the truth! Regnatus is not something you can merely fight - he is a sapient inevitability.

- Aentaeus, the Traitor Penumbran

With the Vaedoruk defeated, Vekaron and his group, among others, would hunt down Aentaeus. Using what information they could gather from the now abandoned world of Vae, the Penumbra Unit would follow the traitor's lead by tracking pockets of Lanatharch activity. Skirmishes between the Alliance and the machines would grow more intense as they made advances into their space, with Grand-Commandant Asraels leading a defensive line against an attack launched upon the Vida'Rranlora Database at the Friura Sector, which was once under Lanatharch control during the Second Great War.

In the meantime, the Anarchist would return from the shadows, employing the Zazane mercenary Hekrax Qrayrloc and his primate military company in an attempt to hunt down Aentaeus himself; he hoped that with the power of the Regnatus relic, he could force the Polar Crystal Council, as well as any who dared oppose him, to submit to his will. As Vekaron and the Anarchist located what they believed was Aentaeus' headquarters, they would encounter one another once again, leading to a gunfight between them and Lanatharch drones. Despite fighting the same enemy, the Anarchist refused to work on the Penumbran's side, turning it into a free-for-all. The battle would take a new turn, however, when Aentaeus' associates attacked the group; the Vaedoruk Vrieth Shvrarkh attacked the Anarchist, while the Varkorus Trehikh Loneclaw used his psychic powers to invoke burning copies of Torrent and the Dark Grip squad to haunt Vekaron. Taking heavy losses, the Anarchist managed to kill Vrieth Shvrarkh and escape, while Vekaron's group successfully purged the copies of Torrent and his men, causing Trehikh Loneclaw to flee.

The Varkorus child would escape the base in a Lanatharch vessel, which Vekaron and his group would follow into a space station where they fell into a trap; expecting them to give chase, Aentaeus ambushed the group, imprisoning them. At this moment, the Hollow King presented himself before them; standing besides Aentaeus was what appeared to be a massive Kormacvar made entirely out of black metal, which the Paladian would explain was actually a great mass of nanomachines which inhabited the relic he had recovered. Indoctrinated by the Hollow King's influence, Aentaeus became convinced that Regnatus was divine and could not be stopped, merely slowed down, and that their conflict with him would inevitably going to fail eventually. So, in order to end the suffering of Borealis, he would grant the Hollow King the power to destroy the Polar Crystal Alliance and be done with it once and for all.

The Hollow King would reveal to have come to contact with a derelict Ascended-class Dreadnought, which he would use to attack Hyperborea in the near future. Aentaeus' Edulia associate, Autren Moreston, prepared himself to execute Vekaron and his group, though he was interrupted when the space station found itself under attack from Grand-Commandant Asraels and many members of the Penumbra Unit, who successfully tracked down Vekaron before it was too late. Kirlisir would kill Autren Moreston, while Aentaeus and the Hollow King managed to escape, their trail going cold after that. The Alliance forces were optimistic, however, as they now knew their enemies' intention and could prepare ahead of time.

Death to the KingEdit

Neutralize the enemy, by all sacrifices necessary.

- Warmaster Arkarixus, during the battle of Hyperborea

The Polar Crystal Alliance, remembering well of the power of the Ascended-class Dreadnoughts, quickly amassed a blockade around Hyperborea to defend themselves from the Hollow King's onslaught. However, nothing would occur. Days would pass as the Alliance waited, but no attack came. With the Penumbra Unit failing to locate the enemy and no attack happening after a month of waiting, the Polar Crystal Council was convinced that Aentaeus was bluffing on his boasts, and the blockade was slowly dissolved over a period of several days. However, as the last vessels left to return to their original posts, an Ascended-class Dreadnought immediately emerged from hyperspace, followed by a fleet of Lanatharch battleships ready to tear Hyperborea to pieces. They had waited for this very moment.

Hollow Incident Battle

The Aegis Guard fights off the Lanatharch offensive at the Victory Nebula

In a panic, the Alliance ordered the fleets to return to the Victory Nebula, which confused and bothered many officers as they had little time to respond. Landing upon Hyperborea's first arm, the Dreadnought begun opening fire, its beams tearing through the cities and piercing through the hull of the space station, killing millions of innocents as it slowly made its way to the Council Tower. Vekaron would arrive to Hyperborea as the battle ensued, planning to take on the Dreadnought as the Aegis Guard combated the Lanatharch.

While his vessel could do little against a ship as mighty as the Dreadnought, Vyatak would suggest the use of anti-matter weaponry fired directly at its weapons, so it would penetrate its hull and bypass any sort of defenses. Arguing it would lead to the destruction of much of the populated arm of Hyperborea in the process, part of Vekaron's crew refused to use this strategy. However, Warmaster Arkarixus would communicate with the Penumbran and give him the order, telling him to destroy the Dreadnought '"by all sacrifices necessary". Reluctantly, Vekaron would oblige and his ship would confront the Dreadnought, firing a volley of anti-matter missiles at its 'eyes' as they opened to blast him with their lasers, leading them to successfully go right through the openings. What ensued was a tremendous explosion as the front half of the Dreadnought was completely annihilated from within, immediately killing the sentient intelligence inside of it, at the cost of a considerable portion of Arm One's populated center being obliterated, killing anyone who had not managed to evacuate in time.

With the destruction of the Dreadnought, what remained of the Lanatharch fleet fled the battle, with Vekaron and the Alliance's own ships giving chase as they demanded retribution. They would chase the machines down to uncharted space at the Eastern Arm, where the Zoles Penumbran's ship would be attacked by Aentaeus' own Penumbran vessel; boarding his ship, the Paladian marksman Avantelus Nataver and the Zoles assassin Trenebon Kinterin sought to silence Vekaron and his team once and for all, but they would both be killed by the superior skill and firepower of the Penumbran's squad, with the systems of Aentaeus' old ship giving them the exact hideout of the Hollow King.

As the Alliance fleet cut through Lanatharch blockades to reach the coordinates, they found an uncharted world where a base of operations was protected by a hyperspatial shield, impenetrable from the outside save for a small opening reserved for ground troops. With an anti-matter bomb at their disposal, Vekaron and his group descended upon the installation, fighting hordes of Lanatharch drones until Trehikh Loneclaw appeared to them once again, using his psychic powers to deflect their gunfire and torment their minds, attempting to warp them into the Hollow King's servitude. Gardin successfully managed to wound Trehikh, however, knocking him down and suppressing his powers with her own, though she was reluctant to finish him off; she believed him to be a mere confused child, much like she was once, and believed he could be saved. However, before she had the chance to, the Varkorus would use what remained of his power to snap his own neck, ending his life.

Going deeper into the installation, Aentaeus would finally appear in person, warped and transformed by the Hollow King into a fearsome cyborg and challenging Vekaron to a final battle to, in his words, "see who is the better Penumbran". Despite his upgrades, however, Vekaron and his group would match him strength and the Zoles would begin attempting to convince him that opposing Regnatus was possible, his words piercing through the Paladian like knives and leaving him confused over his beliefs, though the indoctrination proved itself to be stronger as the Hollow King took over, mind-controlling Aentaeus to fight without question, ending with Vekaron piercing his skull with his energy blade, killing him. Enraged by the death of his minions, the Hollow King would reveal himself; having absorbed countless Lanatharch to increase his body mass, the shapeshifting mass of nanomachines which composed the Hollow King was now colossal, intending to crush and devour Vekaron for his transgressions. Priming the anti-matter bomb and making their way out, Vekaron and his group fled the facility while evading the Hollow King's attempts to destroy them, which ultimately failed; as they escaped, the bomb exploded, its power consuming the facility and annihilating the Hollow King as the explosion was confined inside the shield he had erected to protect it from outside threat.

Vekaron would return to Hyperborea and be hailed as a hero for his deeds, though the Zoles felt no special feeling for his victory. Before his destruction, the Hollow King revealed his nature as a backup of Regnatus; he was merely one of hundreds of thousands of backups, who would inevitably awaken and pick up from where he had failed. They had destroyed Regnatus' body, destroyed his very soul, yet his legacy would haunt Borealis until the end of time itself.

Act I: The GanthoreaEdit

Declaration of WarEdit

The Alliance seeks to purge our galaxy from this evil, and we call for the aid of our extragalactic neighbours in making this a reality. Those who pledge their support in the eradication of the Ganthorea will be helping make Borealis a better place to live, and will show us our trust is well placed.

- Councillor Nayanur, representing the Rovegar Matriarchy

A year following the now-called "Hollow Incident", repair of the structural damage dealt to Hyperborea was still ongoing, though the holes on Arm One's hull had been closed, meaning it was no longer exposed to the vacuum of space. As the threat of the Hollow King was dealt with, Councillor Nayanur of the Rovegar would urge the rest of the Polar Crystal Council to return their focus to the looming threat of the Ganthorea; a race of mysterious plant aliens, they had menaced the Rovegar for hundreds of thousands of years, she explained. They were completely incapable of diplomacy, and sought nothing but the completely assimilation of every sentient race they encountered. To back up her claims, Penumbran Vekaron had encountered these creatures as well, and he could confirm everything the Rovegar Councillor said.

After analyzing the threat posed by the Ganthorea's existence, the Council agreed actions had to be taken; they would not be reactive this time around, but be proactive and eliminate the enemy before they could deliver the first strike. News would spread that the Polar Crystal Alliance planned a campaign to march into the Karstul Sector and eliminate the Ganthorea before they could threaten the lives of its citizens, calling for the support of its allies in Borealis. Among them, the Indoctrinate Collective would be the first to voice themselves, agreeing to send ships and men to support their goal, so that one more danger in their new home could be extinguished. Though embattled in the ongoing Second Great Cyrannus War against the Empire, President Apollo, leader of the remnants of the New Cyrannian Republic, pledged to send a fleet of ships under Commodore Nils Agmaer to aid their Borealisan allies.

Recognising the threat to the Borealis natives and to their own people, the Draconid Imperium dispatched several battlefleets to bolster their deployments in the galaxy: The 112th, 495th and 273rd battlefleets were dispatched while the 187th was sent to relieve another battlefleet already i ndeployment. At the helm of this armada was commodore Kerella Dacia, a veteran of the Imperium's campaigns in Borealis who led the relieving force from the command centre of the Worldravager-class dreadnought, the TNSS Empyrean Fist.

Though entangled in wars of their own, the Mendel Pact's Clans also sent a large compliment of warriors and fleets, lead by the Chieftain Hrothur Tenauo himself, and his three boastful sons. A veteran of the Mendel civil wars that had briefly erupted within Borealis Mendel borders, and in their home galaxy, Hrothur lead his forces into battle, eager to win not only glory and honor for their clans and ancestors, but to also secure the future of all within Borealis, he and his warriors swearing upon the Oath Stones to fight alongside the PCA until either all their enemies lay dead, or Hrothur and his warriors lay slain through glorious combat.

Before the actual conflict begun, numerous members of the Penumbra Unit were sent to Ganthorea space in order to scout and give the Alliance an idea of the situation; among them were Vekaron, Ulsahar, Xevern and Fed'koppa. Before departing, the Zoles Penumbran would meet with Hachiman Shinha, who he had met as a child during the Second Great War, and have him join his crew in order to combat the enemies of the Alliance - the famed warrior would quickly get the attention of the Rovegar Gardin, who grew attached to him. As the days passed, the Penumbran scouts broadcast all of their findings to the Council and their extragalactic allies, giving them the first true view of the Ganthorea menace; fleets of bio-ships defending worlds overrun with flora, where hordes upon hordes of sapient plant creatures scurried and grew. Given time, an invasion on Alliance space truly was possible.

March into KarstulEdit


- Princess-caste Ganthar, to the Alliance fleets

The Ganthorean world of Kalvara-5, scouted by Penumbran Xevern, would be the first planet hit by the great allied crusade; pouring out of the nearest Cold Relay, the Polar Crystal Alliance and its coalition of allies rained fire upon the Ganthorea colony and easily crushed their orbital defenses, who were completely caught off-guard. The invasion, spearheaded by Warmaster Arkarixus himself, would crush the first responses of the Ganthorea hive-mind, overwhelming their ships with their firepower and taking their derelict remains for study; the Indoctrinate Collective, using modified versions of their famed shipeaters, would create nanomachines which could neutralize Ganthorea spores using samples from their biomass as base.

While the allied fleet tore through the outskirts of the Ganthorea, the Penumbra Unit was tasked to go deeper into the Karstul Sector in order to scout ahead and leave them informed on the hive-mind's movements. Those who had experience fighting the Alvino Brood during the Second Great War quickly noticed the Ganthorea used identical tactics to the Alvino of Regnatus, leading to a mix of confidence and uncertainty - they knew what to expect of the Ganthorea, but did that mean they were related to the ancient Alvino? ... Were they under the control of Regnatus as the Lanatharch are? Warmaster Arkarixus would deem the answer irrelevant, claiming the creatures needed to die regardless as he ordered the march into the sector to continue.

The Ganthorea hive-mind would retaliate with great violence, with the bulk of their armada attacking the allied forces head-on as they continued to make their way into the sector. This time, it was the Alliance and their extragalactic supporters who found themselves overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Ganthorea, who employed unconventional tactics such as kamikaze dropships to infest the crew with Ganthorean beasts. At this point, a creature known as Princess-caste Ganthar would reveal herself to the allies; claiming to be the ruler of Ganthorea, she demanded the surrender of the Alliance and the delivery of the decapitated head of Matriarch Vileraz IV, threatening to make them all pay if they continued to fight their "absolute eternity". Pushed back, the Alliance and their supporters would be forced into the defensive as they planned how to fight back against the Ganthorea, while Arkarixus ordered the Penumbra Unit to hunt down and assassinate Princess Ganthar.

Aliens from the sector, naming themselves the Kerpent and the Scottera, would approach the allied fleet and offer them their support. However, it would not take long for the Alliance to realize these races were thralls of the Ganthorea, sent as spies and sleeper agents. Fleets would clash as Warmaster Arkarixus ordered the spies and their worlds crushed, the allied forces splitting up to hunt them down to the very last.

Death to the PrincessEdit

The good thing about royals? They know crap about fighting!

- Penumbran Xevern of the Niaka

As time passed, Gardin and Hachiman would grow romantically involved, something Vekaron had no particular issue with. As ordered, the Penumbra Unit scoured the sector, searching for the whereabouts of Princess Ganthar, eventually finding her coordinating the hive-mind from within her mothership, a formidable vessel far larger than any other Ganthorea ship encountered so far. Led by Vekaron, the members of the Unit joined forces and coordinated an attack on the mothership, infiltrating it in order to confront the Princess without giving her a chance to escape. As she was discovered at the command center of the massive vessel, the Rovegar-turned-Ganthorean became enraged and engaged them in combat, her psychic powers being equal match to their firepower though she would eventually fall due to the overwhelming dreamy powers of Hachiman, having her body shredded by the clawed knuckles of Ulsahar and her head sliced out of her shoulders by Kirlisir and Gardin. Using explosives set up by Fed'koppa and Xevern, the Penumbrans escaped the vessel carrying Ganthar's head as their prize before it detonated, claiming victory to the Alliance.

Despite the death of the Princess, however, the Ganthorea forces appeared completely unfazed. They continued to hammer at the allied fleet as if nothing had happened, confirming speculation that Ganthar was nothing but a symbol of the Ganthorea; the true source of their power remained unknown. The Polar Crystal Council would contact the Rovegar Matriarchy in order to ask for their aid on the matter - after all, they had the most experience with the Ganthorea out of anyone - only to find it impossible to speak to Matriarch Vileraz IV who, despite the current state of the galaxy, was seemingly away from her throne for undisclosed reasons.

The Gene CollectorsEdit

Ti Nol Pal'peda they say, and these jungles are no exception.

- Tynus Elentius, Astral Ranger of the 17th Praetorian Wardens on a Ganthorean world

As the Alliances Penumbran forces made a surgical strike on what they thought was the nexus of the hive mind, and while the Alliance's coalition navy battled with ship and with gun to hold back the tide, the Draconid Imperium - worried the Ganthorean threat might spread out of the contained warzone and potentially into the Imperium, had sent several fleets of the Aetheral Talon Body to bolster the allied forces. But as these ships of the line deployed millions of soldiers to many worlds to secure and to push back, the Imperium had another strategy in mind.

Far behind the battle lines and under the brush of the Ganthorean worlds, the Astran Rangers stalked the brush. Scattered in cells deep behind the frontlines, in hostile territory where the air itself was thick with parasitic spores, these frontiersmen, special forces troopers conditioned with numerous genetic tonics and Morphis infusions to be able to adapt to any environment were the eyes. When word spread that Princess Ganthar's death had done nothing to even slow the hive's advances, the Rangers were given a new task to learn how the hive mind communicated, how it thought and how it commanded the billions of thralls it enslaved with its parasitic spores.

Only the Astral Rangers could survive this deep into the spore-choked biospheres, geared with environment suits that could withstand the barest assault from the stars to biospheres of the most toxic to ordinary life, and energised with tonics that boosted their immune systems, any normal soldier might have been overcome, another thrall for the infestation to exploit and utilise. Spread across the region in cells of three to eight, the rangers worked best alone. When soldiers from the Alliance explored behind and around enemy lines as scouts, they would occasionally come across dead drops that were camouflaged but discreetly marked with the badge of the rangers. Inside were often observational reports, thrall profiles, regional maps but most prized of all were the Ganthorean biosamples. It was rare to find a dead drop that contained more than a couple of specimen tubes laced with spores, but on rare occasions more substantial biological materials had been collected. These were highly prized but despite contact being difficult, with a number of soldiers opting for communication by way of sharing dead drops, the rangers proved extremely valuable back in the command centres, everything from their observations to the colelcted biosamples slowly and gradually formed a picture of the Ganthorean hive. Princess Ganthar's death did little, but perhaps these rangers could offer a better solution.

The Matriarch's UprisingEdit

This Council... my Council... will play its part just nicely.

- Matriarch Vileraz IV

As the war raged across the Karstul Sector, the Gigaquadrant's eyes were turned away from Hyperborea, the seat of the Polar Crystal Council. During this time of strife, their greatest concern was being able to afford the costs of the war and ensure the safety of the population, and thankfully, both of these were so far under control. What they did not know, however, was that something other than the Ganthorea was looming over them, awaiting for the chance to strike when they were alone and defenseless. This was such a moment.

Rovegar infiltrators, clad in all black suits, tampered with the security systems of the Council Tower so that they would not be recorded, as Vileraz IV herself swayed into the chamber through a portal, her hands on her hips as she was followed by a squad of more of these infiltrators. Taken by surprise, the Council had little time to respond as the ruler of the Rovegar Matriarchy thrust a hand at them, blasting them with all the might of her psychic powers; locked in place, the members of the Council, sans Nayanur, found their minds invaded and warped. Not even Valzaria, who would otherwise be protected by the System, was safe from it, for she had been unknowingly fed tampering nanomachines by these Rovegar infiltrators for many days - these machines did their work in the System's own, causing it to identify the warping of Valzaria's mind as being entirely intentional decisions by her.

By her command, the Polar Crystal Council was turned into loyal servants of the Rovegar Matriarch. They appeared no different from before she arrived, and as they regained their movement, they acted as Vileraz she was a greatly welcomed arrival, bowing their heads to her with smiles on their faces. The Matriarch had no interest in eliminating the most powerful politicians in the galaxy - rather, she had brainwashed them, so that they may aid her in spreading her nation's influence and give her all the gifts and benefits she desires. With an order, her infiltrators poured back into the portal they had arrived from, before Vileraz IV herself left the scene, all while Councillor Nayanur watched; she knew of this. She had been fully instructed the war with the Ganthorea was the first step in the Matriarch's plan, and the domination of the Council was the second. However, as fear was written across her face, it was clear she was not supportive to her methods... not that she would dare question them. She would die if she tried.

Fall of the Hive LordEdit


- Brekiel Ganthor, lord of the Ganthorea

The efforts of the Astral Rangers paid off. The information provided by their research allowed the Penumbra to find the heart of the hive-mind at least; at the northern fringes of the Karstul Sector was Ganthor-2, a small moon orbiting around a great brown-colored gas giant. As the Kerpent and Scottera's homeworlds of Valhar and Andeegis fell to fleets led by the Seagon Cryptocracy, Warmaster Arkarixus ordered the allied forces to converge their efforts into breaking into Ganthor-2 and decimate its orbital defenses, so that the Penumbra Unit could enter the world's depths and bring an end to whatever it was who led the hive-mind.

The Polar Crystal Alliance and its extralagactic collaborators launched the full extent of their might upon the Ganthorean home system, a storm of energy weaponry clashing with kilometer-long living benemoths of plant matter, the battle to advance from the system's Cold Relay to reach Ganthor-2 would take a full eight days, the hive-mind desperately calling its more distant fleets in order to reinforce its defenses. Once the planet itself was in their reach, over fifty members of the Penumbra Unit, including the likes of Vekaron, Ulsahar, Xevern, Tetra, Fed'koppa and Zandrascus were deployed to the surface, tasked to find the being in control of the Ganthorea and eliminate it by all means necessary - these Penumbrans would divide themselves into numerous squads, with some tasked to create diversions across the Ganthorean home hive while others focused on finding the hive lord and destroying them, in what Penumbran Fed'koppa immediately declared to be known as "Operation Lawnmower". The rest of the Unit believed it fitting enough to play along.

As the diversion groups did their task, the main strike team - led by Vekaron and his associates - cut through wave after wave of Ganthorean drones, who were sent into a vicious frenzy by their presence. The deeper they traveled into the hive, the more their enemies attacked, though the combined might of some of the greatest warriors of Borealis allowed them to persevere. However, they would eventually find true resistance; as they approached the absolute heart of the hive, a massive, hulking beast shambled forward, launching her tentacle-like vines at them as her boy radiated with monstrous psychic energies. The Queen-caste Ganthar, the first Rovegar Matriarch to be assimilated into the hive-mind, the act which sparked the war between her former people and the ones currently taking hold of her will. The very reason this war was even happening. She only had vague resemblances to a Rovegar at this point, however, instead appearing as a monstrous crawling tree, her body infested with tendrils and trunks which arced into contorted directions.

While tremendous in power, the Queen-caste Ganthar was clumsy in her movements, and the Penumbra Unit's psychic or essence-using members used their own abilities to nullify her more dangerous powers. Her rotund body torn to shreds by their weaponry, the Queen was cast down as explosives were implanted directly into her interior, reducing her to a rain of gore and gibs. The destruction of Queen Ganthar stirred the depths of the hive, causing the floor beneath the Penumbrans to open, causing them to fall into the heart where the hive-lord awaited.

The monstrous thing that was Brekiel Ganthor was colossal and grotesque, vaguely resembling a head connected to the walls of the hive via gargantuan tentacles. Through telepathy, his terrible voice roared through their minds, his tone hateful as he chastised them for their actions against his creations. Penumbran Vekaron would quickly note how the Doctor's chamber was decorated with great walls, each engraved with symbols identical to those of the Hollow King's relic; the truth was that the Doctor had discovered one of Regnatus' backups millions of years in the past and absorbed it into his body, which granted him the power to create an entire hive-mind under his control. Before he had the change to crush the strike team with his tendrils, however, the diversion teams emerged from the hole left in the ceiling, unleashing fire upon the soft plant-matter which was the Doctor's flesh, leaving him disoriented.

Unleashing the full might of their weaponry, psychic ability and essence, Brekiel Ganthor was torn apart and annihilated, his final act being to let out a monstrous, psychic-powered roar which flattened the hive, causing it to crash down upon itself. The strike teams immediately evacuated the hive, with a total of eleven casualties, as the lord of the Ganthorean hive-mind fell.

The death of the Doctor caused many of the Ganthorean drones to immediately go into animalistic rages, attacking and tearing each other to shreds, while those who did not fell catatonic altogether. Cries of victory roared through the allied forces as Ganthor-2 was razed of all Ganthorean lifeforms through orbital bombardment in the following hours.

One Falls, Another RisesEdit

We can't afford to take any chances. Exterminate the Ganthorea to their very last.

- Nashra, Mother Armada of the Rovegari Navy

While the Ganthorea hive-mind was defeated, the Rovegar urged the rest of the allied forces to not call the war done. They convinced the fleets to hunt down the Ganthoreans and their drones to the very last, fearing the possibility of a new hive lord rising to take Brekiel Ganthor's place. With Warmaster Arkarixus' approval, the allied forces begun spreading through the sector to destroy what remained of the Ganthorea forces, deploying heavy use of orbital bombardment to take care of the rabid survivors while the catatonic drones were destroyed in the collateral fire. This operation would last for the next three months, which marked the passing of the first year since the war was first declared.

Neither the Penumbra Unit nor the Astral Rangers of the Draconid Imperium found any indication that a new hive-mind was forming after Brekiel Ganthor, which brought relief to the allied forces. However, it was at this moment that the situation took a turn to the worst; from the northern edges of the sector, monstrously massive nebulae of purple energy begun to manifest and consume the worlds of the Ganthorea, reducing all life in them to ash as formidable fleets emerged from hyperspace, opening fire at the unprepared scouting fleets of the Alliance and utterly destroying them and their extragalactic collaborators. It did not take long for them to realize what was happening - the Corruptus had returned!

Ordering an immediate retreat, Arkarixus directed the fleets out of Karstul as the mysterious attackers tore through both them and the remnants of the Ganthorea, reducing what remained of the former hive-mind to nothing in the process. Immediately, news spread that the Rovegar Matriarchy was under siege; their worlds were under attack by nightmarish horrors, who were heralded by fleets of formidable creatures known as Kondrakar. The Kondrakar Dominion was here, and it had brought the might of the demons of nightmare with them.

So good of you to have ridden us of the Ganthorea... But now, your use to us has expired. Behold the true masters of Borealis: the Kondrakar!

- Lord-Padre Maknagrius

Act II: The Kondrakar DominionEdit

Return of the NightmareEdit

Our allies of the Rovegar need the aid of the Gigaquadrant. They have guided us into facing down the threats that lurked in our neighbouring sectors, it would be outright dishonourable to leave them to their fate.

- Councillor Semirian, representing the Zoles Imperium

The arrival of the Kondrakar Dominion shook the Western Arm like an earthquake. The outer worlds of the Rovegar Matriarchy found themselves assaulted by waves of nightmares, who sought nothing but to consume their psychic-rich souls. The Polar Crystal Council immediately urged the Alliance and its extragalactic collaborators into providing aid to the Rovegar, and under the command of Warmaster Arkarixus, the fleets of Borealis left the Karstul Sector to face the Kondrakar at the Matriarchy's home of Geriamias. While many extragalactics had no love for the Rovegar due to being suspicious of their nature, they found themselves pressured by the threat that the Corruptus posed.

In the following weeks, the Alliance fleet found itself pushed back by the Kondrakar; not only did they possess the demons of the Corruptus on their side, they were overall far greater than the Ganthorea in terms of raw power. However, hope would grow amidst the Alliance when the Union Republic of Ottzello stepped forward and proposed their course of action - the Vyronicia Fleet, the three-dimensional fleet of the Vyro'Narza which was rebuilt during the Second Great War to combat the Devourer's Chosen and Regnatus, would be activated once more to provide teh Alliance with much needed support. Faced with the might of Chronoscopic essence, the Corruptus offense was promptly halted, turning the tides even between the Alliance and the Kondrakar Dominion.

Despite the threat faced by the Rovegar people, Matriarch Vileraz IV continued to be absent from her throne, leading to unrest among the common folk of the Matriarchy, though they would be quickly assured by the noble families closer to the government that their great leader was looking for means to end the Kondrakar threat once and for all. And she was, though not in the way anyone wanted.

Touching Old WoundsEdit

Now the whole universe will know of the atrocities you have committed.

- The Old Fang

While the threat of the Kondrakar dominated the minds of the allied forces, the Indoctrinate Collective suddenly found itself under attack; assailants from the Vengeful Claw infiltrated the planetary defenses of New Draka and entered its capital palace, making President Maryah and the Supreme Advisor court hostage under the supervision of Lieutenant Skato Wolrein, who had already attempted against Maryah's life many years ago. Royal Marechal Jerkon and Royal Admiral Herquie, who were fighting at the front lines, would only receive the news after the incident, forcing a hasty retreat by the Collective forces as they hurried back to their homeworld to deal with the terrorists.

With the leaders of the Collective hostage, the nation's Royal Guard surrounded the palace demanding the surrender of the Claw, though they would not come to any agreements. Instead, the leader of the rebel movement - the old Dracogonarious known as the Old Fang - made an announcement across the nation, where she begun spouting old facts normally hidden from the population and the Gigaquadrant, such as how the Dracogonarious had the tendency to exterminate anything considered "disagreeable", how they had performed heinous experiments in primitive societies for the sake of scientific study, how they had apparently abandoned soldiers like her to die and how, in the ancient past, they went as far as perform population culls in what they considered "vocal minorities". She would find the people of the Collective stubborn towards their words, however, as nearly all of her accusations spoke of the old Dracogonarious Empire rather than the nation they resided in at that day, with many accusing her of "blaming the people for the crimes of their ancestors".

Admiral Herquie and a small strike force would infiltrate the Imperial Palace for the purpose of taking out the terrorist forces within it, coming in contact with the entity known as Kezoreg in the process - he had been instructed by Maryah to remain in hiding until the arrival of reinforcements. The half-Zazane half-demon warrior would charge ahead and mercilessly tear through the Claw forces, taking on Skato Wolrein in combat and crushing him within moments, using all of his fury to reduce the rogue Zazane to cinders with his demonic essence. With the leaders of the nation saved, the Old Fang attempted to retreat, though found herself surrounded by Herquie's own forces, and the Dracogodasimer Lieutenant Kaeron Vangardus opened fire upon the Bonio in an attempt to defend his mistress. Despite his efforts, however, he was taken out by Herquie's essence-imbued bladed knuckles and the Old Fang was placed under arrest.

With most of the Claw's military assets being lost in the attack on the palace, and with the people of the Collective being unsympathetic with their motives, the movement would slowly but surely disband. The members who were not already dead or fled to parts unknown, such as the Old Fang, were arrested by the Indoctrinate Collective and later executed for treason and terrorism - she would die with her true identity never being found by her son Jerkon.

However, the Collective was baffled as further investigations in the Vengeful Claw's systems, extracted from the Old Fang before her execution, revealed the entire operation had been funded by "allies within Geriamias", an obvious implication of Rovegar involvement with the terrorists. While the leaders of the Collective demanded the Polar Crystal Council to look into the matter, they chose to remain completely silent and uncooperative, causing relations between the two powers to sour significantly. The Collective did not, however, leave the Alliance's side in the war - at least not yet -, for the threat of the Corruptus was too great to leave unchecked.

The Full Might of BorealisEdit

Get out of our galaxy, you whippersnappers!!

- The Mechanic rallies his followers

As the incident at the Indoctrinate Collective was resolved, all focus was turned back to the Kondrakar Dominion and their Corruptus allies. Having consumed hundreds of Rovegar worlds by this time, it was clear that not even the aid of the Vyronicia Fleet was enough to ward them off completely. The Kondrakar were landing on the Matriarchy's worlds and using their nightmarish powers to suck the souls out of their bodies, storing them in great containers which they took away back to whence they came. The purpose of this all was unknown, but many assumed the Kondrakar were taking the souls of the Rovegar for the sake of feeding on them later, an idea which revolted the psychic alien women greatly.

A fight of attrition against the Kondrakar was fruitless, as the demons of the Corruptus were limitless in number. As they realized the gravity of the situation, however, the Polar Crystal Alliance would turn to one of their greatest allies, who was to be called only at the more dire times of need: the Kormacvar Legacy. The Mechanic, leader of the Caretakers, had watched the war unfold since the beginning, growing more and more worried over the state of the galaxy, but it was not until he was contacted by Warmaster Arkarixus that he decided to intervene; the Legacy's policy was to allow the inhabitants of Borealis to live their own lives, but the threat posed by the demons of the Corruptus endangered the very existence of the galaxy. Rallying his Borealis Grox and Alvino, the Mechanic pledged his support to the allied forces.

As the fleets of the Kormacvar Legacy emerged from hyperspace over the attack forces of the Kondrakar, the serpentine invaders found themselves immediately overwhelmed by their sheet might. Combined with the forces of the Polar Crystal Alliance, the Vyronicia Fleet and the extragalactics who gave them aid, the allied forces obliterated the Kondrakar offensive, which was forced to retreat back to their home sector of Muvogura. Like they had done during the Zarkhator War, the Kormacvar Legacy intended to chase them down and exterminate their kind to the very last, so that the demons of the Corruptus would learn the price of threatening the Borealis Galaxy again.

March into MuvoguraEdit

Many times have these loathsome creatures come to our galaxy in their attempt to cause mayhem across the cosmos. They will not, nor will they ever, succeed. Bathe the stars of Borealis with demon blood, and let the void be filled with their pained cries, so that they learn the folly of their actions.

- Warmaster Arkarixus

Spearheaded by Arkarixus and the Kormacvar Legacy, a new feeling of hope coursed through the allied forces as they were finally able to take the fight to the enemy. The fleets of the Alliance and their extragalactic compatriots begun departing to the outer edges of the Muvogura Sector - unmapped space until now - only to find hundreds of lifeless, ruined worlds. The extragalactics within the allied forces, such as the Draconid Imperium, were quickly to recognize these ruins as being distinctly Dominatus-like in architecture; the ruins of the Drakodominatus Tyranny's Borealan colonies, lost decades ago in a war no one knew happened to an enemy no one knew about.

As they established outposts in the area to better coordinate their efforts, the forces of Borealis marched into the depths of Muvogura, where they were met with the energies of the Corruptus forming monstrous nebulae which consumed entire star clusters, each saturated with the evil essence of the nightmare. The Kondrakar, inhabiting these corrupted stars, were quickly to retaliate against the counter-attack by sending out their fleets while summoning more and more Corruptus Demons into the fray, each spaceship becoming a battlefield in itself as terrible creatures manifested inside of them. Each death was a new soul harvested by the Kondrakar and sent to their homeworld to be used for their nefarious purposes.

However, through the combined might of the allied forces, they persevered. The outer defenses of the Kondrakar Dominion were shattered and the allied forces begun to spread, using their combined knowledge over Essence to better find the means to combat the lingering corruption around them. Veterans of the Second Great War were quickly reminded of the Devourer's Chosen and what they did to the Aasatser Sector (which was now merely known as Corrupted Sector), for it was exactly the same case - except considerably worse -, and the battle would continue to rage on for one month more.

Death to the Lord-PadreEdit

I serve He who was ancient when your Cold Ones were young. He who consumes hope and breaths out despair. He who presides over the fear, the hatred, the doubts of lesser beings. He is that which shall devour you all!

- Lord-Padre Maknagrius, ruler of the Kondrakar Dominion

Once the nexus of the Dominion was found, the main fleet of the allied forces turned their attention to it; the Dominion homeworld of Kondrak was a black sphere of evil upon the void of space, only superficially resembling a planet at this point. As the Kormacvar Legacy initiated the assault on the planet, Warmaster Arkarixus chose to follow the successful strategy used against the Ganthorea and sent the Penumbra Unit to Kondrak with the intent of destroying the demon lord inhabiting it, the colossal, primeval monster known as Lord-Padre Maknagrius. This time, however, he did not sent a half of the Penumbra Unit, but its entirety.

One hundred spaceships descended upon Kondrak and loomed over its highest spires, where the gargantuan Maknagrius curled his serpentine body around - fighting such a creature with ground infantry was absolutely out of the question. The Penumbra Unit would initiate orbital bombardment upon the demon lord, who would retaliate by twirling his fingers and launching barrages of entropic energy to the skies, tearing through members of the Unit and then through the Alliance's fleets over the atmosphere.

The demon found himself weakened, however, when Hachiman teleported out of Vekaron's ship and plunged his dream energy-infused blade into the Kondrakar demon's hide, while the Vyronicia Fleet led by Tuolog lent their support through the use of powerful Chronoscopic energy. After an arduous fight, leading to the deaths of a third of the Penumbra Unit, Lord-Padre Maknagrius collapsed upon the spires of his homeworld, his serpentine body thrust through one of them in the process.

Yet, the demon did not appear worried. Instead, he cackled, mocking the Polar Crystal Alliance. Channeling his demonic energies, he begun summoning all the souls of the Rovegar and others he had harvested until that point... and as he did so, all Kondrakar suddenly stopped on their tracks and opened their arms, screeching to the sky as their bodies burned from within, radiating purple light as they exploded. With barely any time to order a retreat, the Penumbra Unit forces fled the planet as Maknagrius and the souls violently detonated, consuming all of the planet and the ships with its proximity in the process.

The Eternal WoundEdit


- Shu'suvreca, That Which Lingers

Where the star system of Kondrak once stood now laid a rip in reality in the form of a growing, monstrous vortex of entropic energy, purple, red and black energies swirling around it violently as lightning-like rays of essence were launched out if it like a storm; the Kondrakar, realizing their defeat, used themselves and the souls of their dead enemies to tear a hole through the very fabric of the universe leading straight into the Nightmare Region.

And from this hole, an entity emerging. Its familiar visage sent shivers down the spines of veterans from the Second War of Black Fog, its body dwarfing the destroyed planet of Kondrak in size as it resembled a great, godly mass of darkness with countless blood-red eyes, a twisted, hungry grin dominating its expression as it drifted through the vortex at the direction of the surviving fleet; they had not merely created a portal to the realm of nightmare, but had summoned a god into the universe. The Devourer of Planets. The Colossus of Nightmare. The One Who Sucks Stars Dry. Shu'suvreca.

In a fit of panic, the allied forces unleashed all of their firepower at the demon god, who roared in fury at them as his immense tendrils were swung at their direction, flattering dreadnoughts as if they were flies. Using what knowledge they possessed of him from the Second War of Black Fog, the fleet attempted to aim for his Corruptus Heart while ordering immediately reinforcements, but it was clear that Shu'suvreca had grown in power ever since the battle of Lucara decades prior. Attacking what would be considered his weakspot merely infuriated the demon further as he blasted them with his godly power from each of the infinite tendrils which made up his corpulent form.

Fate must have been on their side, however, as the allied fleet had a champion of the Realm of Dreams at their side. Calling for the aid of his teacher, Hachiman prayed, which was answered by the arrival of a battalion of Thoi'olerthae who begun using their essence to weaken Shu'suvreca, sending the demon god berserk. Devising a plan, the angels offered to infuse a rapid-moving spaceship with the essence for the purpose of delivering a powerful blow to the demon, at the cost of said ship being destroyed in the process; Penumbra Ulsahar would offer his vessel, the Lance of Twilight, to deliver this blow, claiming it to be an honour to be of service to the forces above. Evacuating the ship once the rest of the Unit ensured the tentacles of the demons were out of the way, the Thoi'olerthae launched the Lance of Twilight straight into Shu'suvreca's Corruptus Heart, the impact destroying the ship while causing the demon to roar in agony, left dazed and vulnerable in the process.

At Arkarixus's command, the fleet and the angels opened fire once again, bombarding Shu'suvreca with all they had - the demon's weakspot was torn apart, causing him to lose control of his body and be sent straight back into the vortex he had been summoned from. The Thoi'olerthae would proceed to surround the vortex and use their energies in it, ultimately failing to close it, though weakened it enough that a Corruptus God would not be able to freely use it. This vortex, a permanent reminder of the threat of the Corruptus, would become known as the Eternal Wound and be forever supervised by the Kormacvar Legacy, who ensured demon incursions would not go far if they attempted to emerge from it.

Those who survived the Kondrakar offensive returned home to be hailed as heroes. It had costed them greatly, with terrible casualties over a period of four years, but the war had come to an end.

Act III: The Rovegari InsurrectionEdit

URO's Election DayEdit

While very few people see it coming, I saw it coming from beginning. URO was founded to give peace and prosperity to all, not to take everything away from the people and treat them as tools to be policed. It clear our leaders should not repeat mistakes of UNO.

- Former President Tuolog

The Union Republic of Ottzello was only fourteen years old. Up until now, most of its people were generally happy with their new, much freer society. A society in which the state of Ottzello did not define itself through war and suffering, and whose goal was not merely "survival", but to bring about prosperity. A society in which everyone could achieve that prosperity and live in a utopia. This was the society every Ottzelloan had wanted, and though they'd had different ideas on how to achieve it, they all pursued the same goal.

To many of them, though, it now seemed as if they had been lied to.

For the past six of its fourteen years, URO had been at war in some form. This meant almost 50% of its existence had been spent at war, wars that the Ottzelloans had never asked for. And its people were beginning to seriously question URO's membership of the Polar Crystal Alliance. While it was clear to most that the bond the nations of the PCA shared was unbreakable, not one Ottzelloan had faith in the PCA's current management. It believed that it had been sending URO and the Vyronicia Fleet off to start wars, not to fight for peace.

URO's presidential terms lasted a galactic year each. For its past five years, it had voted in Federalist Party candidates, most recently being President Garlton, a Inalton. Garltin, in line with the party, had been pushing for more military production, but this often meant cutting into URO's welfare budgets severely. It had been the only war to have a fighting force that could even hope to keep up with the Kondrakar who'd vastly outnumbered them. Having grown tired of the Federalist Party and their warmongering, while many of its people were starving, Ottzelloans turned to other options for the next election.

But they did not see any. In their eyes, they still blamed the Libertarian Party for many of the cuts that had left people off much poorer. And the Social Democratic Party were all talk, but since former President Tuolog left office, had done nothing for Ottzello. Not one of the parties were questioning URO's one-sided relationship with the PCA or their dedication to war.

Except for one, a wildcard. Da Gangsta Party leader, Zr'Ahgloth, ran for president for the fourteenth time. His policy proposals were all over the place, and even to most Ottzelloans, looked daft. However, the people were long past the point of caring. They didn't vote Zr'Ahgloth because they were enthusiastic about his nationalised pizza for all, or because they really wanted to see him decriminalise robbery. They voted for him out of spite for the politicians who had kept URO at war for years, who had sold them lies, and who were keeping them poor. At least Zr'Ahgloth proposed increasing the basic income for all and opposed one-sided PCA involvement, even if none of the numbers he proposed added up.

So, the next day, no one in the Gigaquadrant community believed their eyes when they heard the news. Thinking for sure Garltin would win a third term, the new President Zr'Ahgloth won. While he only received 37% of first preference votes, when counting in their second preference, he received 54%. Zr'Ahgloth was now President of the Union Republic of Ottzello, one of the largest nations in Borealis.

It was now clear to the galaxy, and the PCA, they could no longer rely on an unconditional support from URO, or a stable galaxy.

Calm Before the StormEdit

Your true enemy is within.

- Mother Sovereign Yalorein of the Rovegari Sisterhood

The first months following the end of the war were rough. The Alliance had been greatly exhausted from four years of non-stop conflict against both the Ganthorea and Kondrakar, and estimates were that it would take between one or two decades for a full recovery - not counting the irreparable loss of life which had occurred through the conflict. The Alliance was largely unconcerned with the happenings at Ottzello, with the Council outright ignoring its situation to focus on their own problems. What the people did not notice at first, though, was how much more dominant Rovegar companies and symbols were spreading through Hyperborea.

Penumbran Vekaron had spent the last few days preparing his daughter, Karleia, so she would begin undergoing sophisticated education at Hyperborea. The young Rovegar, born out of his union with Kirlisir, had spent the war safety at the Zoles homeworld of Zoleia, and now they believed it was finally safe for her to begin her studies at the capital. Meanwhile, Kalcedia would be visited by Tagutan, who informed her preparations were finally complete; she would present her companions with the founding of what she named the Scions of the Eye, a force of vigilantes under her command who would scour the galaxy and defend it from harm. She would quickly invite Dolgan Tuchaki into her team, but the request was declined, at least while Dolgan still serve under Vekaron's command.

One day, however, the whole group were invited to a meeting with a mysterious party, seeking an audience at neutral ground. Wary of an ambush, Vekaron and his associates arrived to the location only to find their old friend, Kraknor Wragrot of the Empire of the Murgur, there - though he would quickly note he was not the one who called for Vekaron, as he had been invited there too. At this point, the true contact emerged before them: Kirlisir immediately recognized the symbols of the Rovegari Sisterhood, the organization which governed the Rovegar Matriarchy's religious matters, as they were met with the sight of Sisterhood Mistresses escorting Mother Sovereign Yalorein, the very leader of the order.

Claiming to have called them all there, Yalorein explained her reasons; the people of the Matriarchy were growing agitated over the decisions of the noble houses under Matriarch Vileraz IV, who had a long story of questionable decisions - which Kirlisir would quickly confirm. Vileraz IV's attempt to turn Vekaron into a servant was what lead to the first contact between her people and the Polar Crystal Alliance so many years ago, she would remind, before claiming to have evidence that the malevolent matriarch was working her way into the inner machinations of the Alliance and taking it over from within, away from the prying eyes of the galaxy. Something had to be done, but merely exposing her to the public would not be enough to convince the Rovegar-friendly galaxy, which is why she had made contact with Vekaron and his associates, including Wragrot, for their feats of heroism.

An insurrection was in order. A resistance movement lurked under the eyes of the nobility, awaiting for the chance to rally the people against Vileraz IV, whose whereabouts were unknown. Yalorein needed Vekaron and all the help she could get in strengthening this movement, and then would dismiss the team stating she would keep in touch. Borealis had been rid of the Ganthorea and the Kondrakar, but while Vileraz IV remained in power, it would never be free.

Pawns of the MatriarchEdit

I am no one's lackey. I make my own destiny!

- The Anarchist

As Vekaron and his companions left the meeting and made their way back to Alliance space, they would find themselves chased by ships of Zazane origin, which would quickly surround them. Appearing in his communications was a man named Hekrax Qrayrloc, identified as the wanted CEO of the private military company known as "the Blood", who demanded the surrender of the Penumbran and the crew of his vessel, though Vekaron and his companions remained unimpressed - they had fought far greater foes after all. However, as the Blood mercenaries entered the ship, stun-guns were fired which knocked the team out cold for the next several hours.

The next time they were conscious, Vekaron and his team found themselves tied up by advanced shackles at the mercy of Hekrax and his minions, when a familiar face appeared before them; The Anarchist, the mysterious Borealis Zazane criminal who attempted to steal Regnatus' backup at Samil fourteen years prior. He would proceed to claim he had been given the lead to the Penumbran by the nobility of the Rovegar Matriarchy, who wanted him disposed of - it appeared they were a step ahead of them, and were at least aware of the meeting with the leader of the Sisterhood. Dolgan Tuchaki would quickly remark both him and Hekrax were just pawns of the Matriarch, something which appeared to deeply insult the Anarchist; using his descension powers, he tortured Dolgan, claiming he was no one's lackey and that his life, as implied by his name, was his own.

The ambush had severely underestimated their victims, however, as the distraction of the Anarchist allowed Wragrot, Kirlisir and Hachiman to use their powers to free themselves before blasting their assailants away, allowing them to free the rest of the group. Despite their attempts to fight the group, the mercenaries were quickly defeated by Vekaron, who would proceed to immobilize Hekrax Qrayrloc by pressing him against wall, causing the dishonourable Zazane to beg for his life. The Anarchist, having his powers negated by the positive energies of Hachiman, found himself an easy target for an enraged Dolgan, who proceeded to use her enhanced physical strength to beat the criminal to death.

Returning to his ship, Vekaron would take Hekrax to Mother Sovereign Yalorein and deliver him to her, so all information regarding his involvement with the Rovegari nobility could be extracted - before he was sent to an Alliance prison for his crimes against the Penumbra Unit. While the Blood PMC would end up disbanded and the Anarchist was dealt with, the Zoles Penumbran knew they were just the first of his problems.

The ResistanceEdit

For decades, I have fought a war in secrecy; a battle to unearth the truth of the dark ambitions of the Matriarch with but claw, blades, and mind alone. Never before did I dream that I would head a resistance movement - an army - of Rovegari sisters and daughters, each now awoken to the unknowably countless betrayals they have suffered. In return for the trust and loyalty you have shown me, I will not simply command you from the rear, but guide you into the fires of war at the very head... To arms, sisters! And let us bring the downfall of tyranny in our galaxy once and for all!

- Kirlisir

After days of preparation, Vekaron and his crew were directed by the Sisterhood to the Rovegari world of Amanea, at the outskirts of the Geriamias Sector, where they were to meet up with the growing insurrection movement they had been informed of. Upon meeting their contact, the group were taken to the ruins of an old religious temple, destroyed in a conflict thousands of years ago, where they would be led to its underground chambers. There, they were met to the sight of gigantic chambers occupied by hundreds upon hundreds of not just Rovegar, but many of their vassal races such as Coruhohun and Zakoves; most of them exiles who were shunned away for voicing their opposition to the Matriarch, while a few others were there because they were courageous enough to support their cause.

Kirlisir, in specific, found herself astonished by the sight of the apparent commander of these exiles: Erureidan, the Gallarade and personal bodyguard of the Matriarch, was standing before them. Vekaron had only a vague recollection of their meeting during the battle against the World of Corpses years prior, but Kirlisir quickly approached him to embrace him in her arms, a feeling which was easily reciprocated. Erureidan was the one who trained Kirlisir in combat during their childhood and the one who encouraged her to rebel against the Matriarchy, which he would claim made her the role model of the entire insurrection. She found herself admired by the exiles, who looked up to her inspired by the tales of the "Dancer Discordant" and her feats against the oppression of the Rovegari nobles.

Encouraged by her companions, Kirlisir would take the mantle of leader of the insurrection, who would become known as the Discordant Ones. While Erureidan would leave to go back to his post - in order to not call too much attention -, Vekaron and his team stayed in order to begin planning their first move. News quickly came that the Sisterhood reached out to extragalactics for help, which would further bring hope to the hearts of the exiles. The battle was going to be difficult, but the Gigaquadrant was on their side.

Disrupting OperationsEdit

We shall quietly strike at every economic and cultural center of the Matriarchy. When the nobles find themselves cornered, the Composer's Melody will be next. Vileraz will not be able to hide anymore.

- Mother Sovereign Yalorein of the Rovegari Sisterhood

While the insurrection worked under the eyes of the nobles, they were too busy with their own goals to notice anything. Many, who decided the Union Republic of Ottzello had become too uncooperative after the election of Zr'Ahgloth, begun manipulating mercenaries and assassins - most of them Ottzelloan - and ordered assassination attempts against the Loron president over the course of several weeks, so that he could be replaced by a Matriarchy-aligned one. To ensure their involvement could not be traced back to them, the Rovegar nobles launched coups across URO, particularly coups led by Inalton, Kralgon and Tralkikianoe aligned groups, while spreading more anti-Zr'Ahgloth propaganda and boosting the profile of many of his critics. While it did not reach the level of a civil war, the very publicised resistance provided cover for the Matriarch's intervention; plus, it ensured that if URO would not obey the Matriarch and her followers, then they would suffer for it.

The Discordant Ones used the opportunity to spread across Rovegari space, looking for like-minded individuals to join their cause while launching covert attacks on the nobles' resource lines to disrupt them. It was at this moment that the extragalactic allies of the insurrection came to play: the Indoctrinate Collective, already convinced of the Matriarch's corruption due to the Vengeful Claw incident, lent their help by providing the Discordant Ones with advanced technology they would otherwise not be able to create, while the New Cyrannian Republic, coordinated by Commodore Agmaer, provided humanitarian aid to the exiles of Amanea and kept tabs on the Rovegar's movements using agents of the Republic Strategic Intelligence, with Agent Rhavor Aldorón proving particularly successful. Meanwhile, Hrothur Tenauo and his Warriors had been contacted as well. While they did not trust the Rovegar "Witch-Hags" as they called them, they saw within the Discordant Ones kindred spirits, having their own experience with power mad tyrants and having to fight back against them. Taking up arms once more, the Mendel Warriors, along with their allies, began more aggressive operations. Lead by Mendel Super-Commandos and Shock Troopers, these elite teams began conducting highly aggressive raids on Rovegar military sites, attempting to do as much damage as possible, before disappearing. Few prisoners would be taken in these raids, Rovegar and Mendel alike fighting till the bitter end, Mendel even resorting to suicide attacks if capture was inevitable.

Over the course of several months, the Royal Intelligence Agency, the shadowed hand of the Draconid Imperium made their move. Deeply confident in what to do from the power games in the empire the agency was based, its agents wasted little time working with the Discordant Ones in hindering and sabotaging the higher echelons of the Matriarchy. For months, key nobles were assaulted with blackmail, network attacks and shady deals, if not their assets indirectly destroyed or ruined. Aristocrats who quietly opposed the Matriarch's agendas found shadowy assistants in the Royal Intelligence Agency, good-hearted but powerless gentlewomen found themselves becoming brokers of the elite's darkest and most controversial secrets while confident supporters of the Matriarch occasionally disappeared. Sometimes their disappearance was blamed on a rival, other times the noble came back, their faith in the Matriarch reversed. the Royal Intelligence Agency hung as a dark rumour in the palaces of the nobility. Those few agents who were caught rarely revealed anything, conditioned to say nothing of their actions, or to know nothing as proxies of proxies.

As time went on, the coups in the Union Republic began to heat up over the months. While few people had high hopes for Zr'Ahgloth's presidency, that he was close to being unseated within mere months was a worrying sign. The stubborn Zr'Ahgloth, in spite of growing concerns that remaining in office may lead to a civil war, refused to resign from his position or listening to the needs of his constituents and attempt to stop the violence. Instead, an individual working behind the scenes, began to work for Rovegar interests and struck a deal with them. Grolgeg, an influential Heeyorian businessmen with close ties to the Senate, spread propaganda through news outlets calling for the public to peacefully remove Zr'Ahgloth from office, assuring them that politicians had heard their voice, and would not repeat the mistakes made in the election at the end of the last year. When the Senate voted to give the public a "No Confidence" vote the following day, 68% of people voted to remove Zr'Ahgloth from office, to have him replaced by a new president. Grolgeg, still working with the Matriarch, ran successfully as the presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party, officially replacing Zr'Ahgloth as president. While he promised the public major cuts in military spending and a much greater respect for their civil liberties, according to the deal, President Grolgeg would still be very much aligned with the Matriarch-influenced Polar Crystal Alliance.

After much sabotage, an agent of the Discordant Ones was captured by the Rovegari guard and questioned, giving in to torture and revealing the entirely of the scheme to his captors. In the span of a day, the nobility was now aware of everything the insurrection sought to do as well as every extragalactic empire involved. Or at least, they knew all the information a non-leading agent would have.

Freeing the CouncilEdit

Matriarch Vileraz Syadaern! You have betrayed the Polar Crystal Alliance and attempted a hostile takeover of its Council. We no longer recognize your sovereignty over the Rovegar Matriarchy, and condemn you and all of your followers. Justice will be served!

- Councillor Xeron, representing the Niaka

While the Rovegari nobility was now aware of the insurrection's plans, Mother Sovereign Yalorein had anticipated such an event and prepared accordingly. The Sisterhood, which had so far remained publicly neutral, suddenly rose their arms against the Rovegary Army and Navy, leaving the leadership disoriented - opening fire upon the religious arm of the Matriarchy would certainly make them lose all credibility, but they could not merely allow them to do as they pleased. All of it, however, was a distraction for Yalorein's true move.

The pressure and fear under Councillor Nayanur's shoulders made her vulnerable to the Discordant Ones' influence. Word of their feats reached her ears, and soon enough she found herself contacted by the Mother Sovereign herself, who offered the spy the chance for redemption; a life free of Vileraz's cruelty, free of the threat of death due to failure. Proud as she was, believing her people to be superior to otherwise lesser races, Nayanur had grown fond of the Polar Crystal Alliance and its people... and watching them slowly be turned into slaves to her hag of a mistress was not easy either. After considering her options, she finally took the decision that would either make or end her.

Using her psychic powers, Nayanur broke the brain-washing trance over the rest of the Polar Crystal Council. Semirian, Xeron, Valzaria, Rylarien, Gavikrag and Augustex found themselves freed of Vileraz's control after so many years, their first sight being of Nayanur standing on her knees before them, explaining the situation and leaving herself open for whatever punishment they had in mind for her. Rather than take any immediate actions - which Xeron immediately attempted, of course -, instead the Council turned their ears to Penumbran Vekaron and the Discordant Ones through covert transmissions, confirming all that Nayanur had to say.

News of the Council's condemnation of the Rovegari nobility spread like wildfire across Borealis and beyond. The Alliance pledged its full support to the insurrection, which was now stronger than ever as more and more Rovegar civilians sided with them. With the Council free, it was finally time to bring the Matriarch to heel as the Discordant Ones' eyes turned to the great mothership which served as their capital homeworld, the Composer's Legacy.

The Siege of the Composer's LegacyEdit

For the true Matriarchy!

- Kirlisir

When all preparations were complete, the final battle of the insurrection begun. As the first shot was fired, the streets and corridors of the Composer's Legacy were ignited in flame as civil war ensued. The Discordant Ones, the oppressed people of the Matriarchy, the order of the Sisterhood and their alien supporters marched through the mothership, the ships of the Polar Crystal Alliance giving them support in space against the fleets of Mother Armada Nashra, the ultimate leader of the Rovegari navy. Led by Kirlisir, Vekaron and Erureidan, the rebellion's goal was to reach the palace of the Matriarch - known as the Hall of Queens - and take it, which would give the nobility no choice but to surrender.

The Composer's Legacy was an immense vessel, enough to be considered an ecumenopolis of its own right, meaning there was much ground to cover. While the outskirts of the capital fell under the control of the insurrection thanks to the advantage of a surprise strike, the rest of the spaceship was quickly reinforced as Mother Militant Azurelai, the supreme commander of the Rovegari army, stepped up to oppose the rebellion; a staunch follower of Vileraz IV, she would do all in her power to protect the Hall of Queens from the traitors. The ensuing battles would last hours as the Discordant Ones pushed further into noble territory, while other members of the Penumbra Unit infiltrated the mothership to provide support, and armed squads from the Indoctrinate Collective, Draconid Imperium, New Cyrannian Republic and Mendel Pact were deployed to fight the armies loyal to the Matriarch.

It would be eventually confirmed to them that Vileraz IV was nowhere to be seen in the Hall of Queens, which served only to encourage the people of the mothership to take up arms against the loyalists - this is how much she cared for them! Their home was under attack and she was not there to protect them! The insurrection was right, this all had to end! As the resistance gained more and more momentum, and the space around the mothership slowly turned into a graveyard of destroyed vessels, a message from Mother Armada Nashra was sent to Mother Sovereign Yalorein and the allied forces; she and the rest of her forces were not willing to throw their lives away for the sake of a person like Vileraz - if they ensured they would not be killed, the Rovegari Armada would surrender to the insurrection. Bloodshed was not the goal here; it was an inevitable consequence of freeing the Matriarchy from its oppressors, and as such, the Discordant Ones were quick to accept the surrender of Nashra and her fleet, who ceased their opposition soon after.

Mother Militant Azurelai, however, was not so easily convinced. As she faced Vekaron and the Discordant Ones in battle, she stated she would never surrender to traitors and cowards. As the resistance's forces clashed with squadrons of Witch Gauntlet-wielding warriors, the plazas leading to the Hall of Queens were painted red with the blood of killed Rovegar. Eventually overpowered by Kirlisir, Azurelai would order a retreat, vowing she would make Vekaron and his friends pay for their actions. As Vekaron and his group, accompanied by Erureidan entered the Hall of Queens, the Rovegari nobility realized the reality of their situation; they were cornered, with no one else to run. Their underestimating of the enemy had forced them to pay the ultimate price as they rose their hands and pleaded for their lives. The nobles loyal to Matriarch Vileraz IV surrendered, and cries of victory roared across all of the Composer's Legacy as victory was declared.

Vekaron, Kirlisir, Erureidan, Mother Sovereign Yalorein, Gardin, Dolgan, Wragrot, Kalcedia and Hachiman would rise to the throne room of Vileraz IV in order to look for her whereabouts. As they looked through her systems, they would uncover piles of information speaking of something they were unfamiliar with; it seemed Vileraz was looking for a race called the Seireniar, a name which Yalorein was the only one familiar with. The Rovegar were an artificial race created by beings known as Seireniar; a race of cruel, vain, eldritch behemoths who once ruled the Geriamias Sector, evolving to such great level of power that they attracted the attention of Regnatus, which led to them being consumed by him. Before they were wiped out, however, they created the Rovegar in their image, while some escaped death by entering stasis within hidden space stations across the sector. By what the logs said, Vileraz had found one of these Seireniar, and not just any of them; she had found the Dancer, the mythical Rovegari equivalent of the devil, and she intended to awaken her.

As they read through the Matriarch's logs, worry would grow over them as they uncovered more information. Inspired by the tales of Regnatus, she had salvaged the lingering essences of the Hollow King, Doctor Brekiel Ganthor and Lord-Padre Maknagrius, and intended to use them to gain control over the Dancer. With a Seireniar under her control, Vileraz IV would be nigh unstoppable, and their victory at the Composer's Legacy would have been for naught if she could use the power of a technologically-ascended goddess to undo it all. Kirlisir's eyes widened, however, when she read through an entirely separate piece of the logs, which revealed the Matriarch's family tree... which included her as Vileraz's youngest daughter.

Before anything could be said and done, Vileraz IV appeared behind them, emerging from an explosion of darkened purple energies. Her body was transformed, the torso covered in a shining plate of pitch-black steel, with one arm resembling the tentacled vine of a plant while the other was a monstrous claw, tainted by the power of the Corruptus. With a twisted, malignant grin across her still beautiful face, the Matriarch thrust her Ganthorean limb forward, and Kirlisir's voice echoed through the throne room as it stabbed through her torso, tearing through her organs and breaking her bones. A forked tongue slid out of Vileraz's lips as they then parted to let out a laugh, before she disappeared as quickly as they had arrived, not giving any of them the chance for a counterattack.

Vekaron held the mortally wounded Kirlisir in his arms, with Gardin next to them as the others could do little to help. She tried to speak, but her body would quickly go limp in his grasp. All Vekaron could do was keep her close to him as tears fell from his eyes, desperately asking her to say anything.

He had lost his loved one. Again.

The Final DanceEdit

Today... I enslave a god!

- Matriarch Vileraz IV

Vekaron would not stand to Vileraz's actions. None of his teammates would. Taking the information gathered from the Matriarch's systems, they left the Composer's Legacy - followed by a fleet of allied ships - and quickly made their way to the coordinates of the space station where the Dancer was found to be residing at, deep into the Geriamias Sector. They would find the space station orbiting around a medium-sized black hole, with it superficially resembling a moon-sized Dyson sphere; it held a large spherical object within it, no doubt the stasis chamber where the Seireniar slumbered. The allied fleet quickly surrounded the space around the station, so that if the creature did manage to awaken, they would be prepared to open fire upon it immediately.

Vekaron and his team deployed to the station via shuttle, where they found no resistance or defenses awaiting for them. Instead, all there was to see were the burning footprints left by Vileraz, which they would quickly follow. All Vekaron, Gardin and Erureidan had in mind at that moment was to make the wrecked hag pay for murdering Kirlisir, and blood could only be paid with blood.

As they delved deeper into the station, it rumbled as a cacophony of what sounded like one hundred voices roared through their ears; the structure was beginning to open up. Vileraz IV, charged with the power she had accumulated, floated with her arms spread as she witnessed the event, and Vekaron and his team only arrived when the being who was slumbering within this prison was snapped out of its lethargy. At first, it resembled a beautiful woman... until an uncountable number of red and black eyes opened through the surface of its skin, what appeared to be hair being revealed to be a great mass of writing tendrils, and each of its long, thin fingers appearing to be made of many smaller tendrils wrapped around each other to make themselves resemble a hand. As she parted her black lips, revealing at least six rows of fangs, another smaller mouth could be seen within her throat, which would open its own rows of teeth to reveal a third orifice. The Seireniar's roar was her own equivalent of a yawn, yet the ships orbiting the station found their systems glitching as if they were hit by an EMP strike.

As the great Ultraterrestrial attempted to crawl out of its stasis chamber, she was struck by a blast of essence coming from Vileraz's hands, which caused her to reel back and clench its teeth as the power flowed through her; lethargic and vulnerable as she was, the Dancer was vulnerable to being brainwashed into servitude, and would serve as the ultimate weapon of the Matriarch in her goal of galactic domination. It was then that Vekaron opened fire with his submachine gun, which failed to damage Vileraz but quickly got her attention; the cruel matriarch, having for now subdued the Dancer, decided to indulge herself in crushing Vekaron and his friends for their meddling once and for all. The final battle for the fate of the galaxy begun.

The monstrous demonic hand of the Matriarch clashed against Vekaron's blade as he charged at her, while the tentacled vine which was her other limb struck out against Gardin. An array of entropic hellfire was launched by the cackling Matriarch as she used her incredible speed and agility to practically dance around the group, forcing Hachiman to use his dreamy essence to shield his friends, while Kalcedia and Dolgan both used their rifles to open fire upon the enemy, though their shots failed to penetrate the black armor which had grown over her skin. Despite his great power, Erureidan found himself choked by Vileraz's psychic energy and tossed aside like a ragdoll, while she struck back against Vekaron by rending his own armor apart with her demonic claws, and shattered Gardin's Witch Gauntlets with a strike of her vine-like arm. Wragrot's own psychic powers were nothing compared to the Matriarch's, and the Murgur was thrown away by a pulse of energy as if he were a child.

The Matriarch was too powerful. They could not win a fight like this. Or at least, they could not... but they were at the presence of a being much, much greater than Vileraz.

With Vekaron's command, the psychic or essence-attuned members of the group changed all focus to the Dancer, launching their powers at it as they attempted to break the Seireniar free of Vileraz's influence. Her eyes widened, the Matriarch charged at the Zoles in retaliation with the intention of using her claws and vine to shred him to pieces. However, Vekaron endured as he could; he had to buy his companions time. He had to see this through. As Vileraz was about to deliver the killing blow, the terrible sound of the Dancer's one hundred voices deafened them all, with one of her hands reached to the Matriarch and took a tight grip of her body, lifting her up to the Seireniar's face, where her many eyes turned to her. A scream came out of Vileraz as the Dancer's mouths opened once more, and the Matriarch's soul was torn out of her body as it was devoured by the Ultraterrestrial, reducing the proud, vain and cruel Vileraz IV to a shivered husk, who was then crushed between the Dancer's many rows of teeth. Her hunger for power would lead to her being devoured.

The group immediately turned to the controls of the station and activated them, causing the Dancer's pod to slowly close once again; a creature this powerful and this uncaring for mortals could not be allowed to go free, even if she was not under the control of a tyrant. Still too weary to move properly, the Dancer could only attempt to keep her stasis pod open with her bare hands until it eventually closed again, sending the Ultraterrestrial back to her eternal slumber. Gardin would run over to her father, who was crippled and unconscious on the floor, and was quickly joined by the others as they realized the gravity of the situation.

With the demise of Vileraz Syadaern IV, the War of the Ancient Three came to an end.


The Union Republic of Ottzello finally concluded the wars, and would begin work on undoing much of the damage done. However, it was due a third presidential election that same year, as it was revealed that President Grolgeg was not the real president at all. In reality, it had been Terrik Zaarkhun, operating under an alias to fool the Matriarch to allow him to claim power, all while Terrik Zaarkhun would, upon becoming president, undermine them completely and work against them. That he had deceived the public called for an immediate re-election, in which he won by wider margins than the first. The Republic then promised it would aid in the recovery of all Borealis nations as it began to rebuild its own, and looked forward to a brighter future in a much safer Borealis galaxy.

Meanwhile, Vekaron would be visiting the grave built on the top of the PCA Council Tower's roof - which was reserved for great heroes -, in order to pay his respects for Kirlisir. Accompanied by Gardin, Karleia, Wragrot, Vyatak, Dolgan, Kalcedia, Hachiman and Erureidan, they all spared a moment of silence for the moments they had spent with each other's company. Kirlisir was a martyr to the now free Rovegar folk, who would elect a new Matriarch to replace the void left by Vileraz's death, and would be remembered as a hero through the whole of Borealis.

"Die, you Zoles scum!"

Those would be the first words spoken as a shuttle flew over the Council Tower. Its doors opened to reveal Mother Militant Azurelai and a squad of Rovegari soldiers, supporters of Vileraz, who then opened fire. Vekaron and the others would jump away from the fire to safety... except for Karleia, who was struck with fear, and Gardin who jumped to protect her. Both of the young Rovegar children of Vekaron and Kirlisir were gunned down on the spot, dropping dead before the eyes of their father and friends.

Overcome with rage, Wragrot used his powerful psychic abilities to halt the entire shuttle in place, while Vekaron, Hachiman and Dolgan jumped inside. Vyatak was too shocked to do anything, as was Kalcedia, who despite having a tight grip of her rifle, found herself unable to fire; she attempted to restrain the Zoles and Zazane before they could board the shuttle, but could do little to stop them. Dolgan snapped the bodies of the soldiers like they were twigs while Hachiman - having just lost the first proper love of his life -, overwhelmed the Rovegar's minds with his sheer angelic presence as he used his power to throw Azurelai into the walls of the shuttle, breaking each and every bone of her body before Vekaron took her and thrust his blade into her over, and over, and over.

As the ambush was dealt with, Vekaron could do nothing but fall to his knees in front of the corpses of his daughters.

Under the decision of the Polar Crystal Council, Vyatak and Dolgan Tuchaki were offered the position of Penumbrans. The Samilinus would accept, while Dolgan politely declined, deciding to instead become one of the leading member of Kalcedia's Scions of the Eye organization. Wragrot returned to his throne at the Empire of the Murgur, while Hachiman retreated to the Realm of Dreams to reflect on recent events, before returning to Borealis to aid in dealing with the Eternal Wound and look for potential students.

Vekaron, declared retired from duty, would spend the rest of his days at the rural parts of planet Zoleia, living in solitude.



  • The War of the Ancient Three was originally intended to be roleplayed, but due to the growing unavailability of many users, a descriptive writing style was chosen instead.
  • While the page was originally intended to be named "Third Borealis Galactic War", OluapPlayer believed it would devalue the Second Borealis Galactic War retcon, which was simultaneously being written at the time of this fiction's creation.
  • The "Hollow Incident" part of this fiction was, at one point, a standalone fiction with its own page. It was deleted for being left incomplete for too long, before being adapted into this new fiction.
  • The War of the Ancient Three was the featured story of May 2017.
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