ImperiumFormation 1

The Proconsul gazes upon the ruined cities.

A civil amongst the inhabitants of the Phradox Galaxy, the Watchers. The great empire had split into war hundreds of years previously and fought battle, after battle, after battle. The painful, long, struggle, which had lasted for hundreds of years, was finally over. The suffering through. With the War of Pishoiyouanolexitherae over, A Proconsul of Watcher sages meets on the homeworld, Rhiegius to discuss the outcome of the war. The Imperial Magistrate, five Sages, two Generals, and two Aristocrats met on a secluded plateau in the forest region of Rhiegius. It was a coordinated meeting of both sides of the war meeting to discuss peace. The galaxy, in its pitiful state, needed rule, it needed peace, it needed safety, and it needed security. The Proconsul met on midday in the selected location and began discussing.

  • Imperial Magistrate: Brothers, sisters. After hundreds of years of war, planets have been destroyed, civilizations obliterated, billions needlessly slaughtered. And for what? There was no point to this war. It was a pointless occurrence that only caused death and sorrow. My only question is why. Why would we allow this to happen? Regardless, this shall continue no longer. The killing end now. This needs to stop. Good soldiers have died, innocent civilians have died, our families have been killed. *Group looks sorrowfully down at the ground in regret.* This war, this pain, this meaningless bloodshed must not continue. This war seemed endless, the violence leaving this great world eternally scarred. *Turns and looks at a destroyed city in the distance.* This must stop. All in favor of unity and prosperity say aye.
  • All: AYE!

On that day, the Watchers Imperium was founded to keep that peace in the galaxy, and in the universe as a whole.


ImperiumFormation 2

The Enigmytes emerge from the portal.

Several months after the formation of the Imperium, the two Aristocrats present at the founding, Frain'Eglos and Sinari'Eglos, were supervising the recreation of the Oracle Temple. While walking through the courtyard, a temporal portal appeared in the center of the area with pillars of energy forming around. Several creatures walked out of the portal. And, one of them began to speak.

  • Being: Hmm. What a quaint, little three-dimensional world.
  • Other Being: Look sir! Life forms!

The creature at the front had a large fan-like crown on his head and all other types of odd clothing which stood out from all of the others. This creature, which was obviously the leader tipped forward and approached the two Watchers.

  • Alien Leader: Hello, we are the §↨•|•↨§ species from another dimension far from here. Our dimension has aged and dissolved into near-oblivion, so we seek another universe to inhabit.
  • Male Watcher: Well, this universe is far from its ending point, so you are welcome to stay here, it you would like to do so.
  • Sinari: *whispering* Their name translates into the word Enigmyte or creatures from higher. *talking* What is it that you wish to do here?
  • Enigmyte Leader: All we seek is refuge. We are your humble guests.

The Leader conjures a staff with an ornament on the end into his left hand from nothingness. He then spins it into his right hand and looks a it for a moment, admiring the craftsmanship.

  • Frain: You are welcome to stay as long as you wish. Please come right this way.

The two Watchers and group of about twenty Enigmytes walk towards a relatively large, floating, bus-like vehicle that zoomed off once they reached the inside. It traveled nearly a hundred miles in just a few minutes before coming to a stop in front of a large, marble structure with the Imperial Magistrate and the Sages waiting for them. The Sages, Aristocrats, and the Enigmytes began speaking whilst the Enigmytes Leader and the Imperial Magistrate began walking inside and talking.

  • Enigmyte Leader: *Bows* I am honored to make the acquaintance of such a high and important figure in such an advanced society. I am the High Preator of the §↨•|•↨§, or Enigmytes.
Enigmyte Portal

The Enigmytes come throgh the portal.

  • Magistrate: The pleasure is all mine. So, if your universe is collapsing, then where is the rest of your species?
  • Preator: I was only able to bring my Administrators and their families with me. The rest are still in our collapsing dimension. I estimate that we have approximately three of your universe's days to generate a wormhole in order for them to escape.
  • Magistrate: Then we shall begin creating this wormhole now.

The two walk over to an elevator to the left of their position and walk inside. They close the door and it immediately begins its ascent. The elevator covers many, many miles in just a few moments, until the elevator had left the atmosphere and docked with a wormhole generator that orbited the planet.

  • Preator: Now, this is impressive.
  • Watcher Officer: Sir, we have heard of your situation from one of the Sages. What are the coordinates for the Preator's dimension.

Preator begins chanting in an unknown, incomprehensible language while his hand lights up and the computer activates. He mentally creates a wormhole in the generator and, immediately, thousands of ships begin to pour out. Ship, after ship, after ship empties out from the collapsing universe until eventually, no more are left and an entire planet drifts out of the wormhole and sets into orbit around the planet, adding one to its two existing list of moons.

The Birth of a SpeciesEdit

ImperiumFormation 3

The creation of the Vapariegals.

  • Watcher: Will this work?
  • Enigmyte: It will work, I assure you. *Turns and looks at another Enigmyte.* Commence the very first every creation of a synthetic Cosmospawn from pure essence. *Nods.*

Another Enigmyte nods back and pulas a lever, causing a massive surge of energy which lit up devices all around the room with an electric crackle. The pedestal in the center of the room began to glow brightly until a pillar of essence shone brightly in the center of the room with a mysterious creature standing in the middle of it. The creature looked around the room before turning to the Watcher and Enigmyte at the front computer pedestal.

  • Creature: I am Vapariegal. And who might you be?

The Enigmyte turned to the Watcher and smiled as the other simply stared in blank astonishment.

All around the planet, and even on other planets, many of the same experiment happened simultaneously. A new species, had just been born.

AlphaBlue AI-CollectiveEdit

21 Dominant Whisper Creation

21 Dominant Whisper

  • 21 Dominant Whisper: I think, therefore I am.

The floating orb which hovered before them was a marvel of quantum engineering and lasing essence technology, created just a second before. The sole purpose of the machine was to advise.

  • 21 Dominant Whisper: My sole purpose is to advise. Do you require being advised?
  • Watcher Scientist: No nothing is necessary. How do you feel?
  • 21 Dominant Whisper: I feel as though I have been awoken from a deep slumber, before which, I remember nothing.
  • Watcher Scientist: Exactly. What would you like to do?
  • 21 Dominant Whisper: I should leave to complete my primary function.

And with that, the sphere hovered off to construct an army of robots. The robot's creator was practically dancing with excitement the entire time.

A Juggernaut of Awesome PowerEdit

Somewhere, in a dark, secluded area outside of the universe..

All of the various, alien figures in the room were bowing to a platform in the center of the room. The platform was encased in a gigantic, glass, tube which clouded it from view. The glass tube lifted to reveal a mass of contorted flesh with seven surrounding tentacles that extended to the walls. This gruesome creature was, in fact, the Hive-Mind of the Juggernaut. When it spoke, it spoke in a contorted, deep, low voice that seemed to emanate from everywhere and penetrate the minds of the creatures inside.

Orgas and Hive-Mind

Orgas bows before the Hive-Mind.

*Hive-Mind: Rise, what news do you bring?

All of the creatures in the room rise and the frontmost one, whose name is Orgas, begins to speak.

  • Orgas: Master, the fleet is almost upon the wormhole, and we are awaiting your orders to proceed.
  • Hive-Mind: Consider the order given. Send in the first wave of scouts.
  • Orgas: Yes master.

Everyone bows again, and one-by-one, they all leave the room. Then, the Hive-Mind begins to contemplate to himself.

  • Hive-Mind: Yes, everything goes as planned. Soon this universe will be MINE! And then, oh yes, then, I shall create a fusion! Yes, a fusion. A FUSION! *fades into insane rambling*

And, just as he is speaking to himself, several scout ships travel through the wormhole, and to the planet Whiprastus to analyze and strike fear into the population, and no pathetic lifeforms would be able to get in his way...

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