A delegatory meeting by all of the Alliance members.

Magistrate - Preator, the Ugandalorian shuttle has entered orbit and they're requesting permission to beam down.
Preator - Let them land. Let's hope the negotiations go well.

Cadus Clett beams down onto the Meeting platform and a bodyguard steps between Clett and the Preator.

Preator - That won't be necessary, Commander.
Cadus Clett - Field Marshall Cadus Clett, at your service
Magistrate - Welcome Field Marshall. The others will be arriving at any moment.
Cadus Clett - Good. Happy to meet you.

The Phradox Grox Kings, Screeble Prince, Rhuiaden official, and multiple others beam down and take up positions around the table.

King Daggerox - I'm risking a lot being here, but I hope that these negotiations will bear fruitful.
Cadus Clett - We all do, Daggerox.
Samen - *Walks up to Cadus and smiles.* Welcome. I am the Namu delegate from the Perseus Sector. *Shakes hands.*
Cadus Clett - Welcome Delegate.
Rhuiaden - Let us begin shall we?
Magistrate - Yes, I agree. First of all, I would like to welcome you all on behalf of the Watchers Imperium.

There are mumbles of agreement and thanks.

Preator - Our purpose of calling you here was to discuss a meeting of truce and alliance.
Cadus Clett - Then let us continue, And hope peace and alliance can come.
Kuran Nel - And may I ask why you wish to form an alliance?
Magistrate - There has been a recent... negative turn of events in the Gigaquadrant.
Cadus Clett - Plus our leader, Ugandal the Dishonorable has been defeated and exiled. We're taking a more "knightly" view of ourselves now, thanks to Ugandalore the First.
Preator - A large, and deadly organization of aliens had emerged, calling itself, 'The Juggernaut'.
Daggerox - Also, the Grox Meta-Empire has begun waging war in the Andromeda and Plazith Galaxies.
Screeble Prince - Our inelligence agents have gathered that there is an alliance of six evil organizations bent on destruction of all sentient life that poses a threat to them.
King Daggerox - I agree with the Screeble. They are a threat to all of us.
Cadus Clett - We must work together if we want to beat them.
Rhuiaden - We are caught up in our own conflict and we cannot afford to lend any of our forces.
Samen - Our reports say that they call themselves the Katakti̱tés, and they control nearly 60% of the Plazith Galaxy.
Magistrate - All that we ask is a few ships and mutual support. Nothing too costly I hope.
Cadus Clett - I'll send my best commandos to sabotage, spy, and assassinate anything important to them. Preator - We appreciate your contributions. Commander?
Commander - From what we can tell, they have a very loose ranking system, and we have not yet seen any 'delegates' or 'dignitaries'. That we can identify, that is.
Cadus Clett - My spies will hack into their computers to try and find any information they can. Hopefully, they won't know we were there.
Commander - *Nods head.* I will send my best infiltrators to aid you and give you any information we have on their technology.
Cadus Clett - Good.
King Razorox - The Katakti̱tés is clearly far superior to us, and they apparently control at least part of another universe.
Samen - I hope this isn't too much to ask, but we require technological aid, because when we first faced them, they decimated our ships as if they were insects. Our shield technology is inferior, by far.
Cadus Clett - We have to consintrate on gathering information first, then consider our approach.
Magistrate - I agree. Brute force is simply not an option. We must take a more subtle approach.
Preator - I believe that, currently, my space in the Milky Way is in the most danger after the recent attacks on Whiprastus.
Cadus Clett - I'll send some troops and 3 of my newest cruiser designs to help you.
Samen - This is a matter of much concern, and the Preator and I would greatly appreciate any help to fending off the Juggernaut in our space.
Kuran Nel - We will lend military aid from our bases in Cyrannai.
Cadus Clett - I'll send whatever support i can, the 3 new Vengeance-class cruisers and about 3000 troops should do.
Magistrate - All help is greatly appreciated. There is one last matter of importance. *Nods at Preator.*
Preator - *Hologram activates showing a spaceship that begins to speak.*
Cadus Clett - What's this?
Transmission - Organics. Your extinction is imminent. All resistance will be in vain. Prepare yourselves for the arrival.
Preator - *Shuts off hologram and looks worried.* We received this recorded message yesterday.

Murmurs of consent and worry are heard all around.

Cadus Clett - *smiles* I enjoy the challenge.
King Daggerox - This troubles me greatly.
King Razorox - They seem to be totally confident in themselves. A trait that leads me to believe that they are correct.
Cadus Clett - Their confidence could be their undoing. We could gather information about them, then launch a sudden, unexpected attack on their least defended position. Samen - This may very well be, and the only thing that will give them an advantage, is our dis-unity. In order to defeat them, we must be totally united. The very survival of life as we know it depends on it.
Cadus Clett - Unity, they will try and break us, but we have to stay together.
Magistrate - *Shakes off troubled look.* We must return to our posts to ready ourselves. We estimate that they will arrive in a matter of weeks.
Cadus Clett - We will gather our knights and begin training harder for the time ahead.
Rhuiaden - I am afraid we cannot lend much assistance at this time. I am sorry.

All of the delegates except the Magistrate, Preator, Commander, and Cadus Clett beam up and depart.

Cadus Clett - I'll also begin a population increase law.
Magistrate - Your efforts are honorable. We thank you for your support and confidence. I believe that you and Samen had an impact on some of the less... courageous ones here.
Cadus Clett - Thank you. We Ugandals are trying our best.

Three Watchers delegates bow in respect simultaneously.

Preator - If you will please leave. *Looks up at the sky ponderingly.* We must prepare for the coming battle.
Cadus Clett - Let us leave, and prepare our brothers and sisters for war.

Cadus beams up and the Magistrate walks away to meditate.

Preator - I do not have much experience with war, Commander. I know that blood will be shed, and many innocent people will die. Commander - Don't worry sir. I will be by your side every step of the way. *Salutes and walks away.*

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