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This is an origins story: a war between two legendary bitter enemies, the Vyro'Narza and the Xhodocto. This will explain the Xhodocto sealing and the Taldar Extinction.

During the last days of the Great Struggle against the Dark God, the Taldar made a discovery while watching time; they saw an extremely powerful demonic beast eating up reality for lunch. They saw chaos in everything that they had grown to love from the mortal world. They saw pain, suffering... and they needed to act.

Another strange thing was this- a huge Xhodocto religious presence was showing in nearby realms. As a precaution, the Taldar struck the Xhodocto, hoping to disrupt the demons' ways. The Xhodocto, enraged, declared war on the Taldar.

The two came to the conclusion that they shall construct a new dimension. Each would create galaxies tha would benefit them; the Taldar created planets containing large amounts of Chronoscopic, while the Xhdocto constructed areas to perform the rituals. This would in fact benefit the Xhodocto with whatever scheme they were planning, but what the demons didn't realise was that it was also benefiting the Taldar in their plan to figure out how to prevent this, as well as making it easier for the Taldar to strike them. Over this dimension, a huge war would begin.

A huge war that would later pull in the Vi'Navitum... and although no one knew it, the war would decide the end of the struggle...

Beginning Edit

The Xhodocto's start within the war was cataclysmic and brutal. A large legion of Deathmarch Warriors approached a Taldar Citadel with numerous Wrath Bringers, and a Death Monolith. As the skies turned blood red with disasterous results, the Taldar had retaliated with the opposite. With every strike, the universe was being ripped apart with little regard. As the Taldar forces were making no advance, their powers were beginning to take form. However, Supreme Elite Xhodocto were praying at the Death Monolith. A massive flash of lightning, and a crimson beam of energy emitted from the Monolith. The Taldar were being destroyed at their own Citadel from the unholy powers of the Monolith. The survivors, unfortunately, attempted to kill the Xhodocto. Some Xhodocto grabbed the Taldar warriors with demonic energy, which the Taldar could not escape. The Xhodocto then devoured the souls of the Taldar.

Retaliation Edit

Suffering greatly, the Taldar did their thing; they removed they reversed the events and were now better prepared. They could not reverse devoured souls, however. So they created several planets and species during frozen time and these species created a massive defence around the Taldar. They were all brutal warriors, but were controlled by the Taldar. Then the Taldar activated their greatest weapons. Using up probably too much Chronoscopic, the Taldar launched their Galaxy Technobliterators, a spaceship powerful enough to instantly annihilate a galaxy in nanoseconds, by sending waves out killing each star. They did this to over half of their worlds, and also prepared greater strikes against the Xhodocto. With the tide turned by the cheating Taldar, the Xhodocto would have to strike harder, and faster. They would also need a way to prevent time from being altered by the Taldar.

Several battles take place in between

Fall of Forzona Edit

The Taldar readied a huge space fleet against the Xhodocto. Forzona was a huge planet created for manufacturing space ships. The Taldar churned out space ships at a huge rate, but and prepared their armada. However, unsuspectingly, the Xhodocto attacked. The unprepared space fleet fired back. The space stations turned on their lasers and fired. it wasn't long before the defenders realised one thing: their weapons weren't working.

The Taldar were tempted to surrender, but rather, they sent out desperate transmissions; warning about the Xhodocto being immune to mere laser fire and to move their star ship operations to other planets. Then, they self destructed. The entire planet blew itself up as soon as the Xhodocto landed. Many Taldar and Xhodocto had their bodies destroyed that day, and would take ages to recover them. However, this battle way actually a turning point; it made the Taldar realise that using Chronoscopic in their weaponry was the best way forward.

Battle of Nactirlna VII Edit

Nactirlna VII was a Xhodocto planet. The planet was a huge gathering point of the Xhodocto, who were preparing an invasion of the Taldar. But they wouldn't succeed...

Admiral Fizora (admiral being closest possible translation), a well renowned Taldar Commander famed for fighting Traffphyds, bravely led a huge fleet against the Xhodocto. Knowing that it was unlikely he would survive, he used his Chronoscopic powered ships to test; would they fail or would they succeed? And, as if by miracle, making a pre-emptive strike proved this. By manipulating time his ship had got close to the Xhodocto and strted firing their missiles. The Xhodocto were actually taken aback. The Taldar secretly feared the demonic power they knew was close. The Xhodocto weren't expecting these attacks, but were not scared to re+ aliate. Fizora told his troops to carry on fighting their hardest. Several Taldar ships were lost, and neither force knew who was winning or losing. But both were certain of one thing- the other's energy was powerful.

This battle was a turning point for the Taldar; they realised that the Xhodocto could be defeated if they were quick enough. But with Time on their side, who could stop the? Yes, Admiral Fizora returned victorious. His victory made the Taldar more powerful in that galaxy; and his later efforts to "liberate" the galaxy were successful. After this, Admiral Fizora was promoted to Grand Admiral, but the Xhodocto would learn from their failings, and losing this galaxy would teach them how best to defeat the time beings...

Council of Taldari Edit

Taldari is the name Taldar give to their main planets in each universe they inhabit. In this particular zone, they were debating war tactic. Several battles had been lost and won by the beings of time. It was now clear that they were facing a new enemy; one that could easily have destroyed them if it weren't for their ability to partially restore themselves afterwards.

The Taldar came to the conclusion to invite their allies, the Verezaph, in the war. With the Raev Imperium defeated, only the Verzaph could help them.

However, neither were sure what was going on. The religious presence in the area puzzled the Taldar ad Verezaph; things were unclear. Could Angazhar be up to something? And if so... what?

Cataclysm Edit

The Xhodocto knew that they were facing their annihilation at this point. The alliance between the Taldar and the Verezaph was just too much for the demons. Angazhar knew that the final solution rested in their being. He knew that the only way to defeat what was considered omnipotent was that they had to be truly omnipotent. He knew how, but where to find that solution was difficult.

A monolith that was constructed at a time that even Angazhar forgot. It rested faintly in his memory. With its activation the Xhodocto could achieve absolution. They could achieve something that not even the forces of two immortals could comrpehend. Angazhar's memory did not fail him. He remembered the location of it exactly. He stripped the terrain of the planet to the core to reveal the planet sized construct hidden. He landed on the monolith. The glyphs that decorated it lit up with Angazhar's presence.

More Xhodocto came. By the millions, they encirced the monolith. They chanted continuously, for hours on end. Until the Monolith glowed hectically. It glowed red, the spacetime around it blurring.

The Verezaph started to feel weak. They felt that life was draining from their bodies. Life was being sapped by the Xhodocto. Until the monolith activated. The Xhodocto achieved their absolution.

The Verezaph felt afraid. They felt that their power went to zero instantly. The Xhodocto arrived. Their appearance defining the apex of their power. The Verezaph did not stand a chance. They were massacred on the spot with little time for help. The other Verezaph realised that the Xhodocto's apex was unreachable even to them. They couldn't destroy them even if they had all the help in the universe. They had to ascend to a higher being as well to counter the Xhodocto, or the omniverse was lost. Forever.

Desperate Struggle Edit

The Taldar were desperate at this point. Their greatest allies, the Verezaph, seemed doomed to fall. rand Admiral Fizora, one of the bravest Taldar alive, led a huge fleet against the Xhodocto. His plan was to tear through the Xhodocto's fleet, right past them, denying billions of Xhodocto the ability to ascend further. He knew himself he would likely die, but he still did so.

His fleet went right past the Xhodocto. Cannons blazing, the crew through everything they had at the Xhodocto. millions of Taldar were killed, to return somewhere else, but they knew the had given up a lifetime to prevent omniversal destruction. But then, Fizora did something unnexpected- he turned his ship towards the Xhodocto.

"Fire!" Fizora called. And suddenly, his flagship fired a huge weapon- the Ender. With the Chronoscopic capacity to remove an entire dimension from time, it easily destroyed several Xhodocto forms ad disrupted their ships. The rest of the fleet continued to fire.

In desperation, Fizora turned around. He had to move the ship before they were all destroyed. His ship was looking critical. With many crew members near dead, it was looking grim. But yet, he quickly activated the ultra speeder.

"MOVE!" He yelled to his fleet. And the Taldar were off, fleeing to a different part of the realm. The Taldar had done well to delay the innevitable; they had bought the Verezaph time to ascend. Many failed to make it out, and would return. Other souls were even devoured. But they gave up themselves for a great cause.

The Salvation of the Doomed Edit

Scores of corpses of Vi'Navitum and Vyro'Narza scattered the ground. Their skin was dull from the loss of their essences, and what stood amongst them were the Xhodocto. The Exo-Realm was dying, breaking into the meta-physics of this universe. It couldn't contain the Xhodocto's being nor comprehend it.

The Vi'Navitum suffered greatly. Their energies were sapped from their being as a whole. To level their power, they needed to find the right source to do so. Of course they knew what. Their Realm was the ultimate source of life, and bringing it to the physical plane of existence should parallel the Xhodocto's power.

They brought the realm to the fabrics of the Exo-Realm. Their energies felt replenished, and stronger than before. Their skin glowed intensely, and their eyes were crystal. They were ready to combat the Xhodocto.

The End Draws Near Edit

The time to strike was now.

With all they had, the Taldar & Verezaph prepared to make one final strike.

Angazhar was arriving soon, and surrounding him was one of the greatest gathering of Xhodocto ever seen.

But if the Xhdoocto were now more powerful than ever, what more could Angazhar want? It was unclear. But whatever it was, the allies would kill Angazhar. They would cause as much damage to the Xhodocto as they possibly could, and both sides knew neither could totally destroy the other.

Fizora of the Taldar, Ni'Vermyriat Myr-Na'Mal'La of the Verezaph mustered the sinle largest force any race would ever create in the next few trillion years.

Trillions of ships of a number beyond count were headed straight for Angazhar's force.

"Scouts," Fizora called, "Go onward. Cloak yourselves from time, and check out what's going on! The Xhodocto aren't part of time, so we cannot see it that way..."

Four Interceptors went ahead. They got to a point where they could zoom in and see what the gathering was doing. And what they saw...

Trillions of Xhodocto chanting. Chants in the Ancient Shadow Tongue. Chants that made one sound...

"Kha -mik'tzhi... Kha -mik'tzhi..."

Kha -mik'tzhi. Open Giver of Doom. Kamik'Shi.

"Is it possible..." several Taldar muttered. They saw Angazhar walk forward. As if the head of this ceremony... he said one thing:

"Kha -mik'tzhi tcho'tza -yta!"

Ancient shadow tongue again. 'Come to me Kamik'Shi'.

"Holy Vyro'Nazdea!" It was the first time anyone had described Volzara as holy. "Could they be planning to... summon Kamik'Shi from his slumber? Does... that explain the corpses & souls nearby?

"So..." Fizora said. He had just heard the news. "...the Xhodocto are waking up their sleepin god before the Ravenrii return? Oh my... We're on to something big."

Kha -mik'tzhi tcho'tza -yta Edit

"How much longer?!" Angazhar demanded, too excited to be aware his every move was being watched.

"Not long, o great khazurhal. The Supreme God shall come..."

"Oh soon... I shall be up there with the Descendant Gods... and I shall be worshipped more than ever before... I have proven him worthy. I... shall... become..."

And at that point, everything shook. It all happened so suddenly. A booming voice came...

"What have I been awaken for? And with a fresh supply of souls too..." It was Kamik'Shi.

"Oh great god of darkness... it is I, Kharzurhal Angazhar. I wish to become one of the Descendant Gods... I wish to become higher than my bretheren. If it is your will..."

"Ok then. Quickly... quietly... attack!" Fizora said.

A few trillion ships fired their most powerful weapons, destroying many Xhodocto structures, and billions of Xhodocto bodies were obliterated. "Let's hope we're not too late..."

Kamik'Shi turned his attenion.

"Verezaph?! TALDAR?!" Kamik'Shi yelled. Then suddenly he noticed one person in the crowd... "GAAH! After trillions of years of conflict with you and your friend Kraitoss, and your sister Volzara... you dare plan to assassinate me?! Well, you're walking into a death trap."

Angazhar felt something he had never felt before- fear. He would surely be punished for this...

"I am sorry... O Great God. I did not intend for these fools to intrude..."

"Sorry? I finally get to crush these pests myself! Angazhar, you are at no fault here. It is these pests for intruding on our greatest triumph!"

Kamik'Shi was sounding extremely forgiving of Angazhar, perhaps due to his services, or Kamik'Shi's mood. It was lucky that Kamik'Shi didn't blame Angazhar for what was about to happen a few billion years later...

"Fire!" Fizora called. The greatest cannons of al the ships fired. Every ship was throwing all it had at the Xhodocto, Verezaph and Taldar alike.

"We need to make a path..." Ni'Vermyriat Myr-Na'Mal'La said. "Fizora! Get your ship to distrcact the Xhodocto through the middle while I send my forces to cut around the side! We need to get to the xhodocto structure, and defeat Kamik'Shi!

"But..." Fizora said. "How can we hope to stand up to the God of Darkness?"

"We can't. But I know someone who can..." Verezuon arrived. The light of Vi'Naherza smashed the Verezaph and Taldar alike in the face. They all gasped. Verezuon provided hope for them- he could fight Kamik'Shi.

The End Has Come Edit

Destroyed Taldar & Verezaph ships lay everywhere.

Explosions shined brighter than the stars.

Heroes became mere memories.

They had cut a path to Kamik. And the entire fleet went forward. It was so chaotic no one could tel who was winning, and since the Xhodocto aren't part of time, the Taldar weren't sure either.

An explosion. ship was down... one of the largest. In front was the Dark God himself. Could he have? He had...

Ni'Vermyriat Myr-Na'Mal'La was destroyed, his soul consumed. As Kamik let out an evil laugh, Verezuon charged ahead.

Al ships were on full speed.

"Verezuon!" Fizora called. "Go ahead. I will wait here and command my ships."

"But... you mightn't make it out.."

"It's important you survive, not me. If Ni'Vermyriat Myr-Na'Mal'La died, it's only fair I do too. All ships! Return from whence you came! Now would be a great day to die."

Starships from everywhere in the omniverse returned from battles with mortals. Several brought Grox attackers with them. But they all knew one thing- fighting against Xhodocto was better than watching mortals fight them out of selfishness. After ensurin they had erased all mortal memory of the Taldar... they turned on the Legion of the Deathmarch.

Verezuon pressed onward, and heard the explosion signalling Grand Admial Fizora's final service. Then, he faced the great god, Kamik'Shi. Kamk'Shi, shortly after facing an unknown opponent whom he had failed to kill, turned around.

"So then... finally come to face me?"

The Dark God Edit

It was all over. Both sides were nearly destroyed, but the Xhodocto were winning. It all counted on what Verezuon did next.

It was him who made the first move.

He lashed out at Kamik'Shi, with a blade known as the Ilambil Katarn. Kamik roared, and punched Verzuon. He brought out his own blade.

Corpses lay everywhere. Only the greatest of great heroes remained standing. Xhodocto's bodies were defeated quickly and souls went on to be recycled. But then, Kamik'Shi and verezuon brawled. Kamik lept up to attack Verzuon.

The two grabbed swords. Kamik started by laying two aggresive blows to Verezuon. Verezuon retaliated, breaking Kamik's block, and hurting Kamik back. Kamik then resisted Verezuon's blows. Kamik then punched Verezuon and grabbed him. He strangled him, then lifting him up in the air.

"So then... it's all down to this. You die... I kill you, and it's all over. Right? Now.. di-" As Kamik'Shi was abou to strike Verezuon, he was hit.

It was Fizora.

He hadn't died, just escaped in time to fire all his energy at Kamik'Shi. Kamik was slightly taken aback enough for Verezuon to be free- someone as powerful and heroic as Fizora would have substantial amounts of Chronoscopic energy. That gave Verezuon an idea...

Using all of his energy, he made one choice. And suddenly lights glowed from him. Strange shapes appeared in the air,. they surrounded him, and spread over the entire omniverse. The Taldar had all hidden. They came out from hiding... and saw nothing. The Verezaph and Xhodocto were gone. And they knew what happened.

Verezuon and all the Verezaph had used the last of their energies to seal the Xhodocto and Kamik'Shi away. Yes. It was finally over.

Aftermath Edit

The Taldar arose. They wandered the realm in which they had fought. They all attended a meeting at the Taldari Council.

The Taldar came to the conclusion that they would hide from existence. They made it look as if they were extinct, as they almost were after the war. Only 5% of Taldar which had existed before were here now. They would make mortals believed they had died out, while secretly still Time watching and recovering in Sequencium.

They made up several tales, told here. Their legacy, they decided, would carry on in their 3D creations, the Ottzello galaxy.

Seeing the fall of the great Verezuon, Kraitoss, in great moment of solitude, came to one conclusion. He saw, using an abandoned Taldar device he'd found, that one day, Veo Path, his own creation, would defeat the Dark God. use the Psionic energy to create the Krass. His greatest creation so far, the Krass were mortals, which used Psionic Energy in their DNA.

It was Kraitoss who was the unknown opponent to face Kamik'Shi just before Verezuon had done so. He hdad learnt many skills from this that he would teach to Veo, his pupil.

Kraitoss picked up one last thing from battle. It was the Xhodocto Bane, Verezuon's blade. The sword contained great power, which would later be required to defeat the Dark God once more...
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