The greatest alliance of all time. Over 50 empires, which kept the Xhodocto at bay for many years.

- Queen Alestra X

The Onuris Alliance or commonly referred as the allies are the legendary alliance that fought the Xhodocto, and won. By the end of the War of Ages, over 50 official members (empires) nearly lost against the Xhodocto, but survived by the end. The picture above is the commanders of the major empires within the Onuris Alliance. The Alliance joined forces once again in the Second Coming. It is the precursor to the Seven Starr's Onuris.



The Onuris Alliance was formed little before its members moved to the Universe 66501, during the Tigris War. The founding members of the Alliance were the Cianju Alliance (Now called the Krassio Host), the Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets, in a very strong effort against the Ancient Congregation's struggle.

At first, the Cianju Alliance battled alone against the Congregation for years, but then another major empire known as Rambo Nation came from the south oute rims of the Tigris Galaxy, causing some major and minor conflicts against the two. The Cianju Alliance once believe Rambo Nation to be a threat and vice versa, and for a time they fought against each other. But eventually the constant Congregation raid and harassment made the two enemies to finally ally and get well.

The conflict continued across the galaxy, the Cianju Alliance and the Rambo Nation were stabbing lethal blows into key points of the Congregation's territory in the Tigris galaxy, but as soon as victory was in their hand, and the Congregation finally was about to be vanished, the Congregation leader race called the Xhodocto emerged in a bold move to destroy and conquer the Cianju Capitol, Civa Prime.

Rambo Nation called then for help as their acquaintances were well known in more than two galaxies, the RN made a call to a potent organization emerging in the Milky Way: The SSA. The Seven Starr Alliance is a massive organization composed of numerous empires and factions in one effort to bring down their opponents. The ones who answered the call were the DCP, who instantly brought forces (in small proportions at first) to the Tigris War, this caused to the Congregation's recent achievement to be wasted, as their forces turned on DCP and Rambo fleets, allowing the Cianju Alliance to recapture his hostage and beloved capitol.

Soon after this events, the three factions gathered and made a temporal alliance named the Onuris, with the sole purpose of fighting and destroy forever the rising evil from Tuuros galaxy. The Congregation made then their last blow as an organization before being disbanded. They summoned their dark god to defeat in one major battle the recently formed alliance.

Universe 66501Edit

As the Xhodocto summoned there Dark God, upon his summoning the Dark God unleashed the Scourge, destroying the Tigris Galaxy and many more part of the Universe. Yet, hope was not lost, as the Tigris Galaxy was consumed by an unending darkness and destruction, the Cianju Alliance, Rambo Nation, the DCP, Pondsisosa Federation and the Church of Spode managed to escape due to the black hole generators of the DCP and the Cianju aid.

The allies escaped to Universe 66501, a New Universe where the allies hoped to settle and rebuild there homes. Though danger loomed here too, as the Xhodocto knew where the allies went to, and they were not the only that excists in Universe 66501. The Sphagarzi, a very powerful evil had her home here, and joined forces with the Xhodocto, now known as The Deathmarch.

And the alliances were fractured, having lost eachother out of sight during the grand escape, the various empires settled themselves in the various galaxies found in the New Universe. The Cianju Alliance renamed themselves as the House of the Krassio and found a new home at Bor'iel Galaxy together with the DCP, Rambo Nation settled herself in the Ageastillia Galaxy and named themselves the Rambo Remnant Coalition of Allies, and the Church of Spode in the Anacrite Galaxy.

While the Sparghazi and Xhodocto relaunched there assaults on the alies, the Krassio and the DCP were fighting bravely, though without there former allies as they had lost eachother. Meanwhile both the DCP and the Radeon are trying to find a way home with, with use of spacetime weapons and Protectorate Pylons. To make matter worse, Kamik-Shi, the Xhodocto God merged the Inferno Realm with the New Universe, fracturing the alliance and killing billions of lives.

During the following battles the Sparghazi were defeated by the DCP and the Krassio, while the Remant tried to hold her ground against the Ageastillia Order of Light and send explorers to find there former allies. While Draguros is continuing his assualts with a massive army, the allies refound eacother and launched a massive assault at a main industrial hub of the Xhodocto, where Admiral Kilnok was almost executed, but escaped just in time and the battle was one of the first major victories for the allies. The Xhodocto retaliated with sending Androids to combat the allies forces, to there big mistake! The androids were being slaughtered and meant that the allies could now search for the perimeters of the Xhodocto hold territories.

The DCP found a way home and joined at last with the DCP that remained in the Normal Universe, and sended reinforcements to battle the Xhodocto in Universe 66501. The Rambo Remnant began trading with DCP in order to get technology to return to Quadrant 82 to see what is left from their home-galaxy, though this was not well received by the members natives of Universe 66501. Though they did succeed and found out there home universe was saved by there Gods, as were others. The Remnant then began evacuating Universe 66501 and send a large battlefleet to aid the remaining forces there. Meanwhile the House of Krassio keeps the pressure in Xhodocto space and the Xhodocto killed the Grox king, stole the Staff of Death and forced the Grox to also relocate to Universe 66501.

As the allies (The Cianju, DCP, Rambo and Church of Spode) were locked in a monumental battle over a planet with strange crystalline power sources, the Xhodocto stood down there weapons in the heat of the battle. The Xhodocto had entered the "Rise Year of the Rising Sun" and the Xhodocto left the system and the planets they occupied. The allies were shocked and in disarray, the DCP shouted in outrage and surprise thinking that the Xhodocto ran in fear, and that it "ruined the glory of battle", while the Church of Spode praised Spode in their belief that Spode had vanquished them. The Cianju thought it was a trick and continued to fight, even when the Xhodocto didn't fire back and the Rambo believed that the Xhodocto were decieving them.

But a greater surprise awaited the allies, as the entered there "Year of the Rising Sun" they called for a truce. Which most of the allies respected and accepted, being tired of the enless battles. Now the Xhodocto, strangely enough, were aiding their former enemies! The allies made use of this truce and rebuilded and tried to recover from the hard battles, and many of them returned to there former homes, which were not destroyed by the seemingly Scourge.

Yet, all could only wonder, are the Xhodocto decieving us?

Truce with XhodoctoEdit

The War was presumably over, replaced by a truce proposed by the Deathmarch itself, by Kamik Shi himself! At first the Onuris allies proceeded with caution, but then diplomatic organizations inside the Onuris-such as the URC-convinced the others into accepting the peace treaty. The Khazurhal offered to start healing the galaxy in order to pay what they have caused. The Allies couldn't be more amazed by this.

With the main conflict gone, many empires returned to their own business, even got to battle another wars. The Krassio entered the Iluvii realm to face a threat inside the illusive realm, the DCP entered in a civil war state, the Rambo Nation and URC were cleaning the mess caused by the Imperial Alliance and later on the Cognatus. As for the Alliance's lethal enemy, the Xhodocto retreated from the contested areas as a sign of good will.

A new era started, but... could Light and Dark truly coexist? As time passed, the Xhodocto started to show again in the different places they once invaded, at first as a friendly rival, but what the Onuris didn't knew was that there was another plan behind...

The Xhodocto's returnEdit

The Xhodocto attacked again in one savage strike against the Onuris members, successfully stabbing them from the back, the surprise attack led to many casualties in the Onuris side, along with the only one to ever defeat the Xhodocto forever: Master Kroc. The Xhodocto invaded approximately half the Universe in percentage, transforming it into a living, nightmarish hell.

The Onuris responded by sending yet again their joint armies to match the Xhodocto numbers, but the damage dealt was so great that at first they had trouble to get on their feet again. With their last hope of defeating the Xhodocto down, the Onuris couldn't do much but wait for their slow defeat and final victory of the Xhodocto.

It was then when new members, powerful and ancient came to the Onuris aid; The Taldar, the Ravenrii and the Krass. These taught the other members how to get back Master Kroc so he could fulfill his purpose. The Alliance prepared then a strategy, the armies of the Onuris split in two, one led by the Ravenrii and Taldar would enter the Xhodocto domains known as the Inferno Realm in order to open a way for Kroc's return. The other half, led by the Krass and the Krassio, would stay and hold the frontline at its full.

The Demons defeatedEdit

The Group formerly led by the Ravenrii and Taldar faced many difficulties, to many that both species withdrew from the battlefield (The Taldar forces actually sacrificed themselves to weaken the Xhodocto forces, bringing them down closer to the level of the Onuris). The Onuris Armada passed under the command of the DCP, whom valiantly stroke the main citadel of the Inferno Realm, where Kamik'Shi resided. After a noble sacrifice of the DCP Warlord Kilnok to revive Master Kroc (trapping himself in the Netherplane). The Allies launched a final assault forth against the Xhodocto citadel.

Back on the frontline, the Krass and Krassio suffered many casualties as the Xhodocto raging forces attacked savagely against them. But suddenly all the forces of the Xhodocto there withdrew, returning to defend their precious citadel. Krassio Sage, The Valader, ordered a full scale assault on the Xhodocto's boundaries, facing little opposition until they arrived at the pinnacle of the battle in the Inferno Realm's core. The DCP and the allies were highly outnumbered by the Xhodocto.

It was then when Master Kroc rushed into the Top of the citadel and faced Kamik'Shi himself, leading a Titanic battle that reckoned the entire battlefield and some say the Universe itself. Master Kroc stabbed Kamik Shi and sealed him inside the powerful sword called Ilambil Katarn. The Xhodocto vanished miraculously. The Onuris forces screamed in Victory as they were just about to be slaughtered. The Xhodocto were no more, and the Onuris had fulfilled their purpose.

The Cult of the DeathmarchEdit

Not long ago, a cultist organization called the Cult of the Deathmarch (more an organized mercenary faction) attacked the planet Mirenton, the Delpha Colation of Planets' capitol and where the Ilambil Katarn, and therefore Kamik'Shi, resided. Their mission was to bring it back to the new Khazurhal, Angazhar. The Onuris were caught by surprise and lost the battle of Mirenton. When the Xhodocto officially returned the Onuris allies were summoned back to the front, expecting another Great War, but since their awakening the Xhodocto are rather igniting other evil races to flourish instead of battling the Onuris openly. Even though there is a front between the Onuris and the Xhodocto, no major battles are made, but little skirmishes instead.

It was around this time that the Alliance's Laws were passed and approved by all members, and that the Alliance grew closer and stronger.

During the Annihilation, the Onuris was, sadly, destroyed. However, it was revived, in the form of the SSA Onuris Military.


The Onuris characteristics are variable, but the one most important is the strong union all this races have between one another.


Hugely variable. Most members of the Alliance are muscular and strong from battles with the demons, while others are less strong but more intelligent. For example, the Grimbolsaurians are extremely tough from combat as well as hugely strong. Others, like the Civatron, are strong from hugely powerful energies.

It is difficult to define the physiology, due to the fact of thousands of species rallying on the Onuris Banner.

An overall evaluation of the physiology was performed by the Taldar. They confirmed that, while species under the Onuris Banner were so many in number, there was a way to categorize physiology in the alliance by classes; 1, 2 & 3. Class 3 Physiology were species who contributed more through intelligence and science, trading or diplomacy than as soldiers. They have a weaker physique than most members. In the military, they mostly work in vehicles and starships but it's very rare that a Class 3 species will have individuals on the physiology level of Class 1. Examples: Several URC members, several Rambo Nation members, others

Class 2 are more well-rounded species. Their physiology isn't as high as those in class 1, but they are still fairly strong beings, stronger than most humans. Their jobs are ranged, from trading, intellect & diplomacy to soldiers. As soldiers, they mostly use ranged weapons, are back of the line or work in vehicles. It's not uncommon for individuals to become as strong as, Class 1, however. Examples : Jarzo & several DCP members, TAE Asgord, Lequians & other DSB members, Libertus, Rambo Serindia, Shka'Tun

Class 1 are the toughest of the toughest species. In general, they are the strongest beings of the universe. While several individuals of these will species take more diplomatic, scientific or economic jobs, in general they are the greatest soldiers, who have a chance of surviving against the touhest foes. Examples: Grimbolsaurian, Vartekian, Loron

Class 0 are the beings who don't fit. These are the Ravenrii and Taldar, and other Tier 0/High Tier 1 members of the Onuris Alliance. The most notable examples are the Civatron, and the Krassio.


The Alliance are very potent at using energies, in particular Psionic Energy, due to the Krassio teaching the alliance usage of this energy. Creatures such as the Libertus are very adapt at using Psionic. Other members, such as the Taldar, use their own energies like Chronoscopic.

Besides energy usage, the majority of the alliance have very potent technology, developed from warring the demons. But all the alliance have their own unique abilities that serve well their purpose of fighting evil.


The Onuris Alliance are, on majority, a warrior society. There are several territories the Alliance shares, normally during dark times in wars against the Xhodocto. These societies are close and packed together, where the Onuris must share what they have to survive.

Besides from this, it is variable; some Alliance empires have war like societies, others are peaceful.


You don't need powers to be a hero

- Warlord Kilnok of the Delpha Coalition of Planets

The Onuris Alliance have the strongest military in the universe, and one of the strongest in the multiverse. As the Onuris is full of incredibly strong empires, some have battled each other before, their military is full of nearly invincible soldiers, and very potent technologies.

Perhaps, there are supernatural beings, such as the Krassio in the Onuris side, but not always soldiers and warriors from the Onuris carry powerful energies, some just have the will to fight. Beings that even if they do not possess any kind of power, sense the oppression from the DeathMarch, and feel the need to join the cause. These soldiers coming from species under Tier levels are willing to stand alongside their powerful companions in all their missions, for this, the Onuris leaders have empowered the military with high technology, armor and weapons in order to fight the powerful Xhodocto.

Though the numbers of powerful races are significant in the fight, the other species conforming the Onuris military are the greatest population in the armies of the Alliance. The military is composed by millions, if not billions of warriors choosing to give their lives for the Universe's daily facing of doom. These soldiers/troopers/warriors are given great admiration and respect across the Universe, many infants wish to be like them... sort of (given the fact that their survivability chances are not the best).



All the Onuris Battalions are outfitted with the same color, in order to distinguish them when in battle and easily recognize the non-members in order to protect them. Here are some of the outfits. If you are part of the Alliance and you want your species to have a Onuris creature outfit, paint it and add it here;

  • A Juvan Krassio with the colors of the Onuris
  • A Onuris DCP Grimbolsaurian knight
  • Rambo Cold Weather Onuris outfit
  • Onuris Lequian.

Note that the Onuris Military colors are Black, light blue and brown.


Many members, such as the United Republic of Cyrannus, the Federation of the Core Worlds and the Delpha Coalition of Planets, have extremely advanced starships. Due to technology sharing, the Onuris Alliance Navy has extremely powerful warships, which have probably proved to be one of the main things that stopped the Xhodocto, in their genocidal campaigns.

The Onuris fleet is quite a variation of all types of battlecruisers designed by the most powerful species, these carry strong shielding and powerful weapons to stand the demonic energies of the Xhodocto. Space battles are the most common fray in the War of Ages, massive fleets engaged across the cosmos without pity and mercy, destroying each other for centuries. There are major space structures designed to station these fleets, and these were potent nominees for targets during the great War.


The Onuris Alliance use very potent devices, sometimes revolving around energies such as Psionic energy. Onuris' devices are mostly used for faster healing, protection against Demonic energies and other means of survivability; the Xhodocto are incredibly powerful and nearly impossible to defeat.

The Onuris fleet and military both utilize incredibly powerful armour, a lot of which is alloyed with essences, to make them harder, stronger and better defence against Chaos Energy. The ships also carry incredibly strong shielding, designed by Onuris' most clever and advanced scientists, with additional support from the Omnipotent Four.

Weapons Edit

The weapons weilded by the Onuris Alliance are highly specialized for fighting the Xhodocto and other demonic beings. Since many Tier 1 and 2 civilizations are members, many advanced weapons have been merged.

  • One of Onuris' weapons, the Xhodocto Bane, was used to save Master Kroc, as well as to defeat Kamik'Shi.
  • Another god-device given to the Onuris was an ability to freeze over Inferno Realm.

Before the Xhodocto Revelation, Onuris had several weapons that could destroy a Xhodocto's physical but not ethereal body:

  • Psionic blasters - Turned Xhodocto into shards of frozen nexidium, which quickly decays into lighter elements.
  • Flyblades - Despite their ability to pierce Xhodocto skin, they were lighter-than-air and could float away if let go. They have an ethereal glow that surrounds them, which is related to psionic energy, as such, they were invented by the Krassio.
  • Antimatter artillary weapons - Artillary that fires antimatter projectiles, housing an antimatter generator that ignites upon reaching its target. There is no gamma-ray exposure from inside the vehicle.


The following statements must be followed in detail for all members, we are united to fight an evil seeking to destroy our Universe, and all the multiverse. As a force of good, we must abide to the restrictions others may want to put into us.

On MilitaryEdit

The military laws were given by both the Host and the DCP.

  • The Onuris military may liberate a world/system/galaxy, but may not colonize it if the inhabitants deny it.
  • Onuris Military operatives may not establish permanent ground HQs on already inhabited worlds. Yet the military may leave a capital ship as supplier.
  • Onuris Military agents (soldiers, warriors, technicians, medics etc...) shall wear the Alliance uniform colors and outfit when joining forces and battling threats to the common good.
  • The Alliance military's main goal is to free the occupied systems by the Deathmarch, yet the Onuris members may unite to defend themselves from another threat.
  • Military is not superior to non-members, the military is there to serve other species and help. We are not Xhodocto, we do not seek to be superiors to others, but to preserve others.
  • Military shall protect innocent people a.k.a. civilians.

On DiplomaticEdit

The diplomatic laws were given by both the URC and RN.

  • The Onuris Alliance is not an Universal organization seeking to rule over all the Multiverse. The Onuris shall not prevent wars between members, and if the case, the Onuris members may split to support different sides.
  • If the Cult of the Deathmarch, ruled by the Xhodocto or commonly known as Xhodocto attacks any of the members, such conflict between the Onuris shall stop (momentarily) and all military forces shall be taken to face the COD.
  • Sharing technology with another powerful empires may be possible inside the Onuris only if such sharing is for the benefit of both empires in the war against the COD.
  • Onuris diplomatic agents shall rarely convince other species to join. Its up to every single creature in the Universe to decide if they are going to fight evil or not, and the Alliance should not manipulate other politicians for their own advantage, any attempt of such will be punished with de-commission from duty and will be called to the rear.

On EssenceEdit

The essence laws were given by the Taldar, and agreed upon by the Omnipotent Four.

  • Essence is extremely dangerous, and so major uses of Essence must be discussed with the entire Alliance, in particular with the highest knowledge and authority of Essence (a member of the Omnipotent Four, or an individual with approved mastery and license of the Essence).
  • Emergency uses must also be used upon contact. If the Taldar have approved this (after judging Taldar and deciding there's no other alternate), it will be permitted. If not, the emergency will not be used.
  • Chronoscopic uses for time editing are strictly not permitted, with some exceptions.
  • Essence practice must have been fully approved by those with acceptable authority and knowledge, normally a member of the Omnipotent Four, or an approved individual.
  • Individuals who wish to be 'Essence Sages' must have undergone tests by the Taldar, Verezaph, Ravenrii and other Sages. These Sages have authority and knowledge required for a couple of the laws listed above. Normal uses by individuals are permitted with an Onuris Alliance Essence license, which must have also been approved following tests.
  • Individuals without an official Onuris Alliance Essence license who utilise any form of Essence will be charged with illegal usage, unless they can prove they have good reason, which means they will be given a pardon but forced to rain to gain a license.



  • The Onuris Alliance are the only known mortals to have defeated the Xhodocto and prevented a scourge. They are also the only mortals to have survived one.
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These are the official listed members of the Alliance, though there are many who join at the last moment, these were the major participants in the struggle against the Xhodocto. Please add your empire and your username if you are (or want to be) part of this alliance.


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