Heheh. Inferior Civatron. Inferior Cianju. You shall suffer at the hands of The Congregation! Your cities will burn, your civilians shall rot, you - Master Kroc - shall be obliterated personally by me - the General of the Xhodocto - and no one shall remember you. If so, you shall be remembered as a being who begged for their life. You, hopefully, shall have accepted your fate, as the war of the ages is upon you!! Congregation! War is upon us!"
- The first words of the War, said by Draguros

Welcome to the main page of the War of ages. Xhodocto3546 and The Valader thank you for reading this page. Here are all the wars of which the war of ages are composed of, from here you can navigate trough them, hope you enjoy it.


You are probably about to enter the greatest war in the Fiction Universe, so enjoy, and you will soon see what we mean...


Tigris WarEdit

The battle is loose, two powerful empires collide in the Tigris Galaxy, what started with some small differences now became memories of the past as the Xhodocto; an ancient evil race leading an organization called the Congregation, faces at last their ultimate rival, a newly apparent influential and modern organization called Cianju Alliance, leaded by the powerful warrior race called Civatrons. The two factions clash, devastating the Galaxy with their huge and numerous battles over it, this causes more species to join the war and supporting each one's cause...(see more)

Ascension WarEdit

The Actual Universe were all creatures and empires were living is destroyed, the Xhodocto finally reached their goal, to awaken their dark god Kamik'Shi, yet the Cianju and their allies managed to escape the oblivion by opening dimensional rifts and escaping to another Universe, the Xhodocto cannot let their rivals live any second more and so they pursue, all the survivals reach an unknown Universe, the Xhodocto expand fast in this new and young Universe, while their enemies seek each other as they go separated...(see more)

Truce and Cold WarEdit

In the outgoing war between the Krassio and Allies against the Xhodocto, there is hope of truce, both sides see that this could be an endless war between one another, and more enemies rise against the different factions, everyone has good intentions, even the Xhodocto, but the distrust and hatred cannot be forgotten...(see more)

March of the Apocalypse Edit

Now that the Xhodocto have unlocked their power and now hostile once more, they have called upon their gods to reign destruction upon the universe! Now the only thing standing in their way is the blade of bearing, Kroc and the Krassio. Will the alliance ever hope to survive the Xhodocto this time?...(see more)

Descension Edit

As the Xhodocto have now engulfed reality with Hell, the Onuris Alliance now must descend in to the Ninth Circle of Hell and defeat Kamik'Shi. However, they must pass through the elite forces of Hell and survive, descend through the nine circles and finish the war. This is the final stretch for the Alliance...victory or eternal damnation...(See more)

Prequel warsEdit

Darkest Time WarsEdit

In the Eighth known Time War between the Vyro'Ralza and Vyro'Narza, the war heated up. When the Dark God himself chooses to intervene, things get rough...(see more)

The War of the AncientsEdit

The ancient and powerful Taldar have come face to face with their complete opposite, the demonic and equally powerful Xhodocto. As a horrific competition of power, their conflict has taken place in another dimension where there is no end. Who will win? Extradimensional beings, or the demons of Hell?...(see more)

The Rift and Chaos WarEdit

In their unstoppable campaign of destruction, the Xhodocto arrived at a new Universe to set their rampaging genocide, an Universe they named 11377. Yet, a new opposition was found in this Universe, the Dacean Ecumene, a powerful Universal empire spawning the Universe. As the two powerful races encounter, war breaks out. Follow the summarized war between the hyper-advanced Dacean and the ever-lasting Xhodocto...(see more)

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Here you will learn the different events that occurred in the many wars.

The Onuris AllianceEdit

The legendary alliance that is in conflict with the Xhodocto.

Second Coming Edit

How the Xhodocto returned to the universe, brought back by the massive New Congregation, or Cult of the Deathmarch. This time, however, the Xhodocto have returned with full Tier 0 glory, and in the Revelation they have become ethereal entities. It seems, the days may be numbered for the universe...

The Quest for Cosmospawn Edit

On a daring expedition to near the birth of time to discover the meaning of life, some Cephalodians stumble upon discoveries which unviel a new nature to the Xhodocto, an ancient intelligence and hints to the great the game of fate that will decide all that is to come...



The Tigris War was the first collaborative fictional war in the Fiction Universe.

This, along with Seven Starr Alliance, helped set the foundations for the Fiction Universe

War of the Ancients, which is now a prequel, was originally a very different concept. When the original Taldar arrived, they were an 'instantly omnipotent' race; one that lacked detail and made unfair claims that they were more powerful. Xhodocto3546 and Technobliterator decided they'd use the war to settle this issue. Due to controversy the Taldar caused, the war was cancelled after the first 2 sections, but the page was left up. Later, through an MSN discussion, Technobliterator had an idea to use it to explain Verezuon's sealing of Kamik'Shi, which Xhodocto3546 approved of, and helped Technobliterator write up the war.

Though the name 'War of Ages' was coined by The Valader, fictionally it may have been coined by Khazurhal Draguros.

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