They are...well, they are a failsafe. If we were to fall, they would be awakened, to cleanse our destructors off the universe, and then would seek a way to revive us.

- W'tze

Early history[]

The first Life Guardians were extremely beautiful female soldiers created to form the highest unit in the Waptoria Alliance. They gained elementalist abilities, and were very good with their powers, outmatching most other units when it comes to essence. They had a flaw in their creation, with allowed them to attract a male extremely easily, and knock him out with the power of their minds. During the final battle of the Second Infectant War, the ship carrying them was destroyed by Hive-Mind, killing everyone aboard. The brains of the original unit were recovered, and transplanted into Bio-Chieftains, whose bodies started to change in order to adapt better to the powers given to them. Physically, they also became more feminine in appearance. Biomass was taken from these Chieftains, and used to create "offspring", namely 100 elemental Bio-troopers who now serve under their chieftain's command as elite units. Strangely enough, the offspring's elemental power differs from that of their chieftain. Each Elemental Chieftain and it's offspring forms it's own tribe and hivemind within the Waptoria. Each tribe also had different tactics and a different approach to enemies.


  • Smoke - Connected to Fire - Able to see trough smokescreens
  • Fire - Connected to Smoke - Resistance to heat
  • Water - Connected to Acid - Able to breath underwater
  • Acid - Connected to Water - Used is not hared by acid
  • Ice - Connected to Crystals - Resistance to cold
  • Crystals - Connected to Ice - Increased endurance
  • Rock - Connected to Earth - Increased leg power
  • Earth - Connected to Rock - Increased vision when underground
  • Metal - Connected to magnetism - Increased strength
  • Magnetism - Connected to Metal - Able to guide metals
  • Electricity - Connected to Plasma - Resistance to electricity
  • Plasma - Connected to Electricity - User cannot be paralyzed
  • Air - Connected to Gravity - Increased climbing power
  • Gravity - Connected to Air - User can jump and fall faster/slower



  • Most ruthless tribe


  • Most individually focussed tribe


  • Most solitary tribe


  • Most determined tribe


  • Most passive tribe


  • Most unpredictable tribe


  • Most tactical tribe


The Matriarch of Fire, Chieftain of the Smoketribe[]

The Matriarch of Acid, Chieftain of the Watertribe[]

The Matriarch of Crystals, Chieftain of the Icetribe[]

The Matriarch of Earth, Chieftain of the Rocktribe[]

The Matriarch of Magnetism, Chieftain of the Metaltribe[]

The Matriarch of Plamsa, Chieftain of the Eletribe[]

The Matriarch of Gravity, Chieftain of the Airtribe[]


  • The first unit was inspired by the Beauty and the Beast unit.
    • The current versions are inspired by the Bohrok and the Bohrok-Kal.