Greetings. All who fight for Good and Nature are welcome, but take care, there are giant dinosaurs in these jungles.
MouCyranAccords Peace through Order
The Waptoria Alliance of Species is a member of the Mou'Cyran Accords
"United in the hopes of a better future..."

All life is sacred - intertwined in the great web that binds all living things as one. We do not long for agression, but should you uproot the great web of nature by taking rather than giving, we will have no choice but to take recursory action.

- Web-Speaker Tr'eath

One of the mayor powers in the Mirus Galaxy, the Waptoria Alliance of Species are by and large creations of the Multus Esse. Though a great power in their own galaxy, the Waptoria are largely peaceful and incredible hard to provoke. Yet for all their general pacifism, the Waptoria Alliance of Species see themselves as the inheriors of one of the Multus' most memorable tasks - the cultivation, spread and protection of life and biomes within Mirus, all while carefully maintaining the greater ecological balance on the worlds they touch. To these causes the mayority of the Waptoria's resources are devoted, hence their pacifism when it comes to outside powers. Deliberately upsetting this balance power however is perhaps the only surefire way to upset the Waptoria, and once upset they quickly take action. With technology based around making as ecological little impact as possible, the Waptoria make excessive use of biotics, symbiotes and stealth, keeping a constant vigil on all worlds under their watch. Though most nations are well aware of the Waptoria's pacifism and no not intentionally provoke them, many have still have made the mistake to assume that those uncolonised worlds thriving with life near or in Waptoria space are theirs for the taking. The Waptoria are quick to rid them of such delusions, appearing as out of nowhere, driving off the exploiters out of the systems only not to pursue. For the destruction of their foes is not on the minds of the Waptoria Alliance of Species - only that the balance is nature is maintained forevermore.

Species Edit

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History Edit

Early History Edit

The Waptoria alliance originally consisted of three empires: the Raptoranean Empire, with consisted of the Raptoraneans and their Raptorian ancestors, the Euchada Republic, with consisted of the Euchada and the species they uplifted, namely the Runen and the Varacha, and finally, the Liev Gerontocracy, consisting of the Liev and most of the plant-like species in the Alliance. While the Raptoranean empire prospered, the Eucada Confederacy and the Liev Gerontocracy were locked in war with an invading Hermicee clan, called the VineClaw Clan, who had incredible amounts of Botana.

Formation Edit

After the Raptoranean Empire achieved wormhole travel, they found a wormhole and send an expeditionary force through it, arriving in the Mirus Galaxy. They met and allied with the Euchada Confederacy and the Liev Gerontocracy, and helped them to battle the VineClaw. Victory was shortliving however, as the three empires were soon overrun by whole broods of Botana. At the brink of extinction, the three empires decided to merge, and thus, the Waptoria Alliance of Species was officially formed. With research and tactics now shared, the VineClaw was slowly pushed back. Finally, with aid of the Mendel and the Orgaat, the VineClaw Hermicee were defeated, and pushed out the Waptoria sector.

Exploring the new home galaxy Edit

After expelling the last remains of the invaders out of "their" sector, the Waptoria Alliance quickly recovered. Then, they ventured out of the Waptoria Sector, and allied various empires, such as the Bio-Nation of the NOVA Alliance and the Federation of Glory (at that time the Ugandalorain and Volver Empires). Sortly after, a Waptoria anarchist group, called the Unitech Citadel, also rose to the scene

Age of Burning Dawn Edit

During this time, the Euchada would go on to create various new species, nurturing their evolution and overseeing their rise to sentience from afar. One of these species, the Runen, would develop strong psychic abilities, and by scrying their own past, found out about their Euchada-creators. After the leading Shamans would guide the tribes into a world-spanning ritual, a telepathic connection was made, and the Runen where welcomed into the Waptoria ages before the Euchada expected their would. The Runen would lend their telepathy to spread the empathic connection that already existed between the Raptoraneans to all other races. As the Age of Burning Dawn came to a close, the emphatic connection between all members had become so close it had become a true groupmind.

Meeno Grox Wars Edit

Shortly after this, the Waptoria Alliance and Ughandorains were attacked by the newly-created Grox followers. They helped the Ughandorains to defend their homeworld, Ughandal, and drove the followers out. However, they returned after the Waptoria Alliance found a space station created by the Enlightened Ones. Calling the Ughandorians to aid them, the Waptoria Alliance fought against the followers, Dead Watch and Bio-Morphlings. Eventually, after the Meeno Grox themselves entered the battlefield, one final battle erupted, in with the station was destroyed. The meeno grox retreated, swearing to exterminate the Waptoria. The Waptoria alliance participated in the final battle of the New Grox Wars, and helped to defeat the Meta-Emperor. However, remnants of the Meta Empire weren't destroyed, such as the Meeno Grox, who joined the newly-formed Alpha Cyber Collective. The united Meeno-Alpha Grox forces then launched a massive invasion, with could only be stopped barely.

Nebulorain War Edit

The Waptoria Alliance, and UFG became aware that the legendary Nebulorains were real, and planned to overthrow the empires in the Milky Way. Not wanting this to become an universal-wide war, the three forces decided to act before the Nebulorains could make contact with major empires. However, they had already allied the Unitech Citadel and Dead watch. During this war, the Waptoria Alliance defended Volver worlds against Unitech attacks, while the others slowly destroyed the Nebulorain treat.

Second Infectant War Edit

The Waptoria Alliance were once again called by the UFG, this time because the Infectants had been revived. They immediately accepted the call, and moved in for aid. Their first move was to rescue the Antroth from their homeworld, Farmia, with was under attack of the Infectants and their allies. They later helped the Antroth to reclaim it, however, and became aware the Grox and their Bio-Morphling and Dead Watch allies were aiding the Infectants. Thus, they did everything they could to stop them. When the Infectants stroke at the main training centre of the UFG, they fought one last battle against the Infectants, defeating them forever.

Age of Enlightenment Edit

Enlightenment War Edit

After an assassination attempt on the w'tze, the Waptoria Alliance discovered a plan was being made by Volver renegades, Dead Watch and Unitech to conquer them and the UFG. They succeed in preventing this.

A while after this, Unitech, Dead Watch, the Morphling Horde and the Bachyeons attacked Ughandalore. Not being able to hold on this gigantic attack, the UFG called in their allies the NOVA, Waptoria Alliance and Brotherhood of Spode/UNoS. They fought hard, but could barely fend off wave after wave of undead, drones and synths. However, when Dead Watch accidentally re-awakened the Enlightened Ones, with joined the Federation side in defending the planet against the Collective and their pawns, the chances shifted in favor of the defenders. The Dead Watch tried to undo this by infiltrating the EO mothership and blowing it up, but were stopped by the Proditkar Movement, a group of EO separatists. They manipulated the Dead Watch and Unitech into fleeing the planet ad abandoning the Collective. The Morphlings, Collective and Bachyeons suddenly found themselves alone, and called in the Grox Followers to serve as a distraction, allowing them to retreat safely. After their masters made it to safety, the Followers retreated, ending the Battle for Ughandalore.

However, the Grox swore revenge, and had the Bachyeon, Followers and Kashriinox Collective attack the Federation and the Waptoria Alliance. The attacks continued for weeks, and as the Alliance could not fend them off at once, it drove them into desperation. However, salvation came when a Kashriinox Dreadnought was shot down near UFG space. After infiltrating it, the UFG and WAoS learned the location of the Kashriinox Base, used as a command center of the Collective. They, NOVA, UFG, the Spodists and the Enlightened Ones assaulted it, and eventually destroyed it, weakening the Grox severely and anding the War.

After this, the Federation, the Spodists, the NOVA and the WAoS joined together under the watchful eyes of the Ones in the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment.

The return of THEM Edit

Age of Tyranny Edit

The Great Deciever Edit

Meanwhile, in the Milky Way, the Waptoria Alliance noticed various empires attacking each other seemingly without reason. At the start of this event, the Waptoria Alliance gained some colonies in the Katar Sector. They realized the nations of the Sector were at war with the nation known as the Hegemony, who invaded the Katar Sector with the aid of it's allies, the Duthidania. After observing the war for a while, the Waptoria Alliance decided to side with the Katarians, allying with the Scientific Combine of Nakeimato and the the Maracai Triumvirate while starting relations with the Miperiors and later the Aeoneonatrix Empires. They also allied the foreign Troodontid Empire, who like the Waptoria also wished to end the seemingly reasonless war, and aided in hit-and-run attacks against the Hegemony and it's allies. At the same time, they fought of the Imperium of War, who attacked both sides as they saw fit. Both sides eventally realized they were tricked into fighting each other, and that the whole war a plot between the Imperium of War and the Drakodominatus Tyranny. As such, the Waptoria Alliance called in the rest of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, while the Duthidania called in their own allies, the Cathonian Collective. After helping both sides to unite, the Alliance of Enlightenment fought against the Tyranny and it's allies the Khilai empire and the Imperium of War, defeating most of the Tyranny's Milky Way forces in one massive battle over the Tyranny's Milky Way capital.

The Great Katarian Fiasco Edit

Attero Dominatus Edit

Now the Tyranny treat in the Milky Way had been stopped, slaves were revolting against their former Tyranny masters. The Waptoria Alliance immediately started to help the former slaves.

Age of New Horizons Edit

A Web isolated Edit

New Alliances Edit

Exploration of Cyrandia Edit

Colonisation of Phradox Edit

Age of Conflict Edit

Aeoneonatrix Troubles Edit

War with Eldarisia Edit

Raptoranean Genocide

Coming of Eternal War Edit

Great Mirusian Conflicts Edit

Year One - Rebellion
Year Two - Invasion
Year Three - Xonexi
Year Four - Berserker Onslaught
Year Five - War's Fall

Age of Covenant Edit

Avalôtur Covenant Edit

Da Reckoning Edit

Scelus Purification Edit

Hive Invasion Edit

Neraida War Edit

Age of Triumvirate Edit

Claim of Thorns Edit

Marinus' Rebellion Edit

The Hand of Retribution Edit

Hegemony's Fall Edit

Second Age of Enlightenment Edit

Operation Phoenix Edit

Qliphoggr's Ascension Edit

Second Great Cyrannus War Edit

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

If there is one thing which characterises Waptorian culture, it is their mindfulness of and dedication to the ecology of the worlds they deem under their protection. Indeed, so important is this notion that the Waptoria only settle on a select number of worlds within their borders, which form their administrative capitals. The vast mayority of the worlds they claim as theirs are uncolonised, though where possible, most are home to at least some form of life. The Waptoria especially prefer to turn dead worlds into veritable paradises which they then seed, though they take care not to disrupt worlds on which life has already naturally developped and the twin processes of terraforming and seeding are thus only done after a great amount of deliberation. Contrary to popular belief, the biospheres of these world vary widely - though the Waptoria themselves prefer jungle, forest, mountain, and island worlds. The Waptoria prefer to adapt to the biomes and enviornments around them, rather than have these adapt to them. As a result, they lack true agricultular worlds and instead grow their food from a cellular level up. This is because Waptorian culture abhors death and suffering and tey thus prefer not to hunt or grow something only to slaughter it at a later date. Aside from that, though, the Waptoria have little to no resitrictions on exactly what they eat, as long as it is organic. Recources are mainly extracted from lifeless planets and shipped to inhabited ones, though there is some mining done on inhabited words as well to provide for the necessary resources in a pinch.

Ironically, given that the Waptoria do even remotely overhunt their worlds or excessively mine for resources, poaching is perhaps the most common crime on their world due to the sheer amount of poachable species and materials. The Waptoria are highly agressive towards poachers, and much iof their sophisticated intelligence network is geared towards preventing peaching and apprehending the poachers instead of spying on the populace or aliens. Together with their deication to not harm wildlife, even in times of war, and their utter apprehension of killing, theis makes the Waptoria commonly seen as "weak" by other warrior cultures, even though they are anything but.

The Waptoria believe that there is an inherent balance to the ecosystem of each world and that they themselves are in essence no different from any other froms of life. As such, their notion of a "galactic biosphere" strongly influences their foreign policy and they take care not to disrupt it unless one proves to be the galactic equivalent of an invasive species. Even then, the Waptoria attempt to integrate the invaders into the galactic web first, only taking to force beyond their borders once this has failed.

Society Edit

All citizens of the Waporia Alliance are mentally connected to each other by means of an emphatic groupmind, which allows them to feel each other's emotions as easily as smell or sight. Members of the Waptoria prefer to share all memories and thoughts with each other. They are completely honest with each other about their thoughts and their reasons for those thoughts. As a consequence, there is a great amount of understanding amongst the members of the Waptoria Alliance. While Waptorians can hide their thoughts, they not wish to do so, even those that do not follow the norm, with their reasoning for differing thoughts being completely undstood. The groupmind is only strongly used for governmental fuctions, which requires consensus as per Waptorian basic law, for the diplomatic and ecologic corps, and for the military. In all other aspects, is still very much akin to the emphatic connection it once was.

Rather that there are planets with only one species on it, the Waptoria Alliance has multiple species living together, and hybrids are accepted, and sometimes even encouraged. Other then this, immigrants are also accepted into the alliance, as everyone can join them, as long as they treat nature well, and fight for the Good. The cities of the Waptoria Alliance are located in tropical rainforest and the plants grow at a rapid rate so the main energy supply is Bio-Fuel. It is the the law for normal citizens who, if they can, to produce Bio-Fuel every day. This keeps the Waptoria Alliance running regularly.

Jazz, Reggae and Psychedelic Music are the most popular music types the Waptoria Alliance.

Government Edit

The Waptoria is not a single unified government but a vast interlocking array of various species and administrative zones, referred to as "Nodes", represented by a Node-Orator. The Waptoria Alliance of Species as a whole is referred to as "the Web" by it's members and is prepresented on the galactic and intergalactic stages by a Web-Speaker. To prevent friction between species, the Node-Orators and Web-Speakers are genetically engineered organisms created specifically for their fuctions. They serve as lynchpins for the groupmind that ties the whole Alliance together and serve to give voice by it. Since the groupmind is based on consensus, with each citizen having an equal amount of influence, unhappiness with the system is rare. Of course, no system is perfect and there are inviolable limitations: no member can ever have more influence than any other (though those most knowledgable on a sertain subject may cast their influence first), and nothing can be done to make the Waptoria anything less directly democratic or ecological. These tenets form some of the core beliefs of the Waptoria and are almost universally agreed on by it's citizens.

Another restriction is that the Node-Orators and Web-Speaker spend most of their time in deep meditation, listening to the groupmind, and can therefore themselves not actually covern. To this end they have a set of representatives underneat them which do this work for them. These representatives are directly elected by the people with no middlemen in between as he Waptoria see this as blighting the process.

On a galactic scale, the Waptoria most commonly allign themselves with green and communist movements, though they reject those of authoritarian strain due to their preference for direct democracy. They are of course known as vocal supporters of ecological awareness, species' rights and are important backers of various galactic terraforming projects which, according to their opponents, they use to spread their influence.

Religion Edit

The most known of the Waptoria's believes is their striving for the philosophical concept they call the Greater Good. This belief in the Greater Good makes the Waptoria a peaceful empire when possible, asking if others will join their cause voluntarily instead of fighting. The Waptoria's central motivating ideal is that everyone in their empire regardless of their species will work for the collective betterment of nature and every living being, an almost mystical philosophy they call the Greater Good.

The Waptoria Alliance share a close bond with nature, referring to it as "The Mother of all" or the "Lifemother"and it is the mission of all to protect and aid their mother. As such, they worship a goddess, Mother Nature or the Lifemother, with is the incarnation of nature and life in all it's forms and the balance that connects them all.

Technology Edit

The Waptoria, due to it's goals, mainly focusses on terraforming technology and is the leading power in Mirus in this field, far surpassing all others. They tend to sell this technology quite cheaply to others, though they only give their more advanced and popent technologies to those whom they feel their can trust to use it justly.

Annother thing the Waptoria are notable for is their success in genetic splicing. Though slightly less adanced than their terraforming tachnology, this branch allows the Waptoria to heavily influence the evolution of almost any lifeform they desire and also allows them to create their own organism to suit almost any task imaginable. Indeed, all Waptorian technology is created from such living, highly specialised, and largely complex sets of interlocking symbiotes which they call "Biotics". This technology ranges from everyday items to even the soldiers, verhicles and military equipent of the Waptoria. Furthermore, most technology can establish direct communication with the user by means of interacting nerve endings. The devices thus work by means of the owner mentally sending commands to it, though the devices can object by projecting their own emotions and memories and a consensus must hence be reached. This for exemple prevents a Waptorian soldier, verhicle or weapon from firing outside of hostile situations, for they possess minds of their own that are purposefully pacifistic. It also creates a great sense of attachment from users to their equipment and vice-versa, preventing a trow-away culture from taking hold.

However this also means that the Waptoria have regresssed enormously when it comes to metallurgy and their fields of cybernatics and robotics are not well developped at all.


From equipment to the actual soldiers, the Waptorian military is, as stated above, entirely made up of organic Biotics that symbiotically interface with one another to operate. Since organic technology is generally less durable then it's non-organic equivalemnt, the Waptoria greatly prefer stealth, long-range combat and guerilia warfare. They furthermore prefer isolated engagements that take their enemies by surprise and only rarely will commit themselves to the field of battle in bulk.

Aside from soldiers, verhicles and equipment, infiltrators form a vital element of the Waptorian militray strategy, working behind the scenes to discourage potential enemies from waging war or relaliating. These shapeshifters have the ability to split off identical copies of themselves, which stay in a state of topor intil they transfer their own consciousness to it when caught.

All Waptorian equipment s strictly non-lethal for it is the Waptorian belief that to take a life is the gravest sin imaginable. In wartime, the Waptoria hence end up with a great amount of captives, which are send to re-education camps until the war is concluded.


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Member States Edit

Colony Just as a tree has many branches, many Webs make up the greater one.

Pacts Edit

Sword&Shield With them and within them, we have found symbiosis!

  • Scientific Combine of Nakeimato (shared ideologies, open borders, trade routes, joint exploration, defensive pact, extensive collaboration, shared strategic recources, lasting friendship) - A close ally as there ever was one, and fellow protectors of wildlife as well. Though we had to leave them by outside decree, our links shall never be broken.
  • United Councils of Xiliaan (shared ideologies, open borders, trade routes, joint exploration, defensive pact, extensive collaboration, shared stractegic recources, lasting friendship) - Another very close ally that is quite like us. Should they desire colonies in Mirus or bio-sanctuaries to watch over, we shall deliver.
  • Sacred Vanara Empire (shared ideologies, open borders, trade routes, joint exploration, defensive pact, mayor collaboration, shared stractegic recources, lasting friendship) - In some parts we differ as day and night. In others we stand exactly alike.
  • Federation of Glory (simmilar ideologies, open borders, trade routes, joint exploration, defensive pact, mayor collaboration, shared strategic recources, lasting friendship) - They have our eternal respect.
  • Mendel Pact (simmilar ideologies, open borders, trade routes, joint exploration, defensive pact, mayor collaboration, stared strategic recources, lasting friendship) - True brothers and sisters in peace and war.
  • Troodontid Empire (defensive pact, open borders, trade routes, extensive collaboration, lasting friendship) - It appears we are one of the few to be welcomed as equals by this empire, for which we are grateful.
  • Algolurn Popular Republic (shared ideologies, open borders, trade routes, joint exploration, defensive pact, mayor collaboration, shared strategic recources, lasting friendship) - When all hope seemed lost, the Algolurn sheltered those people of us that were expelled during the Great Katarian Fiasco, helping then reunite with our thought-webs in the end. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Allies Edit

Green face These empires respect nature and all its beauty. Symbiosis is on it's way!

  • United Federation of Species (simmilar ideologies, open borders, joint exploration, defensive pact, lasting frienship) - In the Great Katarian Fiasco, they vouched for us. Though we were ultimately still expelled, we nevertheless thank them for what they did.
  • Ectobiomality (shared ideologies, open borders, minor collaboration, shared strategic recources, open borders) - Their actions to perserve life will be remembered for eternity.
  • NOVA Alliance (partially simmilar ideologies, open borders, defensive pact, shared strategic recources, lasting frienship) - We will help the Bio-Nation in whatever they need. That now counts for the Tech-Nation, too.
  • Sago Kingdom (simmilar ideologies, open borders, joint exploration, defensive pact) - Their tribal ways of living are quite like those of some of our species.
  • Maracai Triumvirate (cultural exchange, open borders, joint exploration, defensive pact) - Another tribal empire that has our respect. We are truly sorry we had to leave them.
  • Mardvaeli Republic (cultural exchange, open borders, defensive pact, lasting frienship) - Valued allies of the Andromeda galaxy.

Friendly Edit

Blue face Brothers in our fight for nature. We have reached an understanding!

  • The Zarbania Powers (restricted cultural exchange, restricted borders, peace treaty, non-agression pact) - It is useless to quarrel forever.
  • Minstrel Enclave (cultural exchange, open borders, peace treaty, non-agression pact) - As it turns out, they are quite friendly. And are quite the story-singers.
  • Duthidania (restricted trade, restricted borders, peace treaty, non-agression pact) - Their attitude can still be distressing at times, but we have forgiven them none the less.
  • Cathonians (restricted cultural exchange, open borders, peace treaty, non-agression pact) - We are glad we have reconsiliated after our first clash with the Hegemony.
  • Clacleaure Empire (cultural exchange, open borders, trade routes) - They are a bit weird, to say the least. However, Minno are indeed great pets!
  • Centapedus Empire (trade route) - This empire shown that united, you are strong.
  • Xonexi Allies - Ultimately, not as bad as they first seemed. Especially once they started to seek peace.
    • Draconid Imperium (cultural exchange, peace treaty, non-agression pact) - We still respect you no matter what happened.
    • French Empire (peace treaty, non-agression pact) - Despite all that happened, the French have shown themselves to be a people open to peace. We welcome such actions.
    • Farengeto Trade Coalition (trade route, non-agression pact) - After the Great Katarian Fiasco, there was a great deal of distrust between us, but relations have luckily been salvaged.
  • Eldarisian Empire (partially simmilar ideologies, preservation of lost cultures, old animosity, peace treaty, warming relationships) - Once, you sought to destroy us over a lie that was not us. Now, you have come to accept that this lie truly was a lie, and have finally ley go of you teh hatred you once held. Thus we can also see you with clarity for the first time - an empire that truly loves nature.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face Relations can go both ways with these beings. A deeper understanding is nessecary.

  • Delpha Coalition of Planets (N/A) - Their reforms are promising.
  • Tybusen Intergalactic Federation (restricted borders, peace treaty, non-agression pact) - We will watch. We will see. We will judge only in time.
  • Miperiors Empire (trade route) - They still stand with the Aeoneonatrix. After the Great Katarian Fiasco, we do not know where we stand with them.
  • Amphibibot Collective (N/A) - They forever stand with the Miperiors. If that means they stand with the Aeoneonatrix is uncertain.
  • Drodo Empire (N/A) - We thought of them as friends. The Great Katarian Fiasco did prove us wrong, though relations have once again been normalised.
  • Ciniade Coalition of Sentients (N/A) - Why they chose to ally the Citadel of Sepients we do not know. Ultimately, the answer might elude us forver.
  • Khilai empire (former cultural animosity) - Former allies of the Dominatus, but they have proven to be manipulated, and most importantly, redeemable.

Unfriendly Edit

Orange face If these beings have not wronged nature, then they at least have wonged us. Yet, symbiosis is still possible if an understanding is reached.

  • Katar Sector Alliance - as a whole - First, you kick us out of your home sector based on mere assumptions, then, you take territory claimed by us? And all without even bothering to negotiate!? Learn your place.
    • United Free Peoples Coalition (closed borders, embargo, betrayed us, collapsed) - The double-faced traitors have gotten what they deserved.
    • Sindar Dominion (opposing ideologies, closed borders, embargo, enslavement of others, betrayed us) - The Coalition is gone. The Aeoneonatrix have left. The Drodo have been placated. The Sindar are all that remains to block our return to Katar, and they shall not remain for long.
      • Yellow faceOttali Concord (cultural animosity, closed borders, enslavement of others) - We will leave these ones to the Algolurn to fix. We have had no quarrels with the Ottali as of yet, but the totalitarian direction their ideology is taking is dangerous nevertheless, unsurprising given their Sindar masters.
  • Hermicee Legion (cultural animosity, disregarding neutrality, attacked us, diplomatic refusal) - Dumb crab-things...
  • Krill Swarm (disregarding neutrality) - One of the more intriguing lifeforms we have come across - so much so that we and the Dominatus were in agreement on the matter for once. Sadly, they react with utmost hostility to anything nearby, thus preventing symbiosis.
  • Crystalline Hive (disregarding neutrality, slightly continued hostilities) - Pests is all what you are. You could make good soldiers once we symbiosis is archieved though.
  • Excation Empire (closed borders) - You are diminshed to such an extent that you are no longer a threat.

Enemies Edit

Red face These beings have wronged us or nature to such an extent that symbiosis is deemed questionable. Yet a slimmer of hope remains.

  • Gigapedus Dominion (cultural animosity, closed borders, embargo, enslavement of others, disregarding neutrality, diplomatic refusal, continued hostilities) - We are alike in some facts, but we do not like your ideals one bit.
  • Void Eye Empire (opposing ideologies, closed borders, embargo) - The Void consumes, it is said. It is true: we witnessed so first-hand. And we shall not tolerate a repeat of it's hunger.
  • The Hegemony (cultural animosity, closed borders, embargo, disregarding neutrality, betrayed us) - You attacked our allies, saw the errors of your ways, allied us, betrayed us. You swing between hot and cold, however, your murder of those who cannot defend themselves is not easily forgotten.
  • Orange face/Red faceAeoneonatrix Empire (opposing ideologies, closed borders, cultural enslavement of others) - No longer can we call you allies, for you have become as blinded by your religion as the Eldarisians! Your so-called "protectorates" shall be freed! For the proletariat, for the races that trusted you, for the races you now abuse! We shall lead the revolution!

Blights Edit

Crossed Swords Plants die and creatures go extinct wherever these foes of nature walk. They are blights and nothing more. Symbiosis is sadly deemed impossible.

  • Unitech Citadel of Sapients (opposing ideologies, closed borders, embargo, constant attacks, diplomatic refusal, at war) - You destroy everything we stand for!
  • Meta Grox (opposing ideologies, closed borders, enslavement, disregarding neutrality, attacked us, diplomatic refusal, defeated) - Cybernetic Evil wanting to destoy all life! Happily their power is now reduced.
  • Alpha Cyber Collective (opposing ideologies, closed borders, enslavement, disregarding neutrality, attacked us, diplomatic refusal, at war) - The Meta Grox have been broken. These ones have not.
  • Tarmealox Hierarchy (opposing ideologies, closed borders, embargo, disregarding neutrality, attacked us, diplomatic refusal, at war) - Now what!? The Grox have followers?
    • Cult of Attzerry (heavy cultural animosity, closed borders, embargo, disregarding neutrality, diplomatic refusal, at war) - Misguided by the Grox followers into serving the Grox 'gods'. They must be healed.
  • Leviathan Hivemind (heavy cultural animosity, closed borders, enslavement, disregarding neutrality, attacked us, diplomatic refusal, at war) - What are you things!?
  • Imperium of War (opposing ideologies, closed borders, embargo, enslavement, disregarding neutrality, attacked us, diplomatic refusal, destroyed) - Trying to create enternal war? That can't be tolerated!
  • Drakodominatus Tyranny (opposing ideologies, closed borders, embargo, enslavement, disregarding neutrality, betrayed us, attacked us, diplomatic refusal, destroyed) - Your own actions will doom your race! Nay, it already has doomed it.

Quotes Edit

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The Galaxy should be thankful for Waptoria to exists: Their presence has only brought salvation for the People.

- Comrade Commander Vlad Kolkoze of the Supreme Council of the Popular Republic

Justice and good will prevail over evil, and we will do it together!

- King Brygon of the Volver Empire

This is an interesting society, their love for the nature is something difficult to find...Anyway, that does not make them less in our eyes, on the contrary.

- Supremme Senator Aranelia Brinal, of the USF

We are similar in many regards. Organic tech, for instance. Still chaos can be dangeruos. True freedom and security comes through balanace. But hey their good allies to have, so whatever.

- Empress Besta of the Vanara Empire

The Waptoria have a strange way of calming the storms within races. First the Raptoraneans themselves, when they turned down their martial prowess for the sake of peace, the the Ugandalorians, when my people thought the galaxy was ours for the taking, then the Vanara, when they believed no one would want them. Seemingly, what they lack in a warlike nature, they certainly make up for it with the ability to speak with any warrior and turn him into an artist.

- Barda Clett

Know this, Waptoria, though you are not the most militant of our creations, your destiny is no less important. It is through your guidance and aid that the others of your kin, and the many races from outside our reach, may attain a higher stature in life and fulfill their destiny. And, in the end, you shall fulfill your own.

- Kossi'Valicar of the Multus Esse

You are the prey, my Zarbanians, the hunters. Submit.

- Gridlock of the Zarbania Powers

People accuse me of hating nature. Shoot, I love nature! I love because other people love it, which means it's profitable! I think when I raze their seettlements, I'll put giant zoos in their place as tourist attractions! And there's nothing you Hippie Alliance of Weirdoes can do to stop me!

- Zarveltyr

Foolish ecologists, we will purge your precious nature from the universe.

- Krad of the Vanara Singularity

Dead on time, as always.

- Krasna Vostok, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Popular Republic after the Battle of Julius-5 .

We will never forgive the crime they have committed against my brethren. May the Exiled One have no mercy upon their pitiful souls.

- Kadnig Zelekè, the King of the Hive Of Mirus

Finally! Someone who doesn't destroy their planet with fabrics and Co2!

- Leader of the High Counsel Thraak II of the Greatosaurian Empire

We predators cannot be symbiotes in the same way they would perhaps desire, but the Waptoria do not vilify us for this. They understand that all elements are necessary for the natural order of things to progress harmoniously.

- Empress Auvia of the Sacred Vanara Empire

You'd be surprised at the various signals you can pick up when you try. Many signals we have intercepted coming through our space mention this... 'Waptorian Alliance of Species' in an almost constant positive light. Few enemies, and many allies - and it really seems hard to piss them off, wow. I certainly wish to mest their leaders. Perhaps the civilizations from beyond the frontier may be even grander than we suspected.

- Director Shlan'ak Phur'an off the Vogrik Directorate

We knew many empires would become unfriendly to us due to the use of the Void Energy, but we didn't know that this would happen that fast.

- Overlord of the Void Eye Empire.

They are far more than deserving of just respect. They are deserving of gratitude.

- Emperor Ipliq on WAS

Normality is a paved Road: It's comfortable to walk, but no Flowers grow. You stray from it just to let the Flowers grow. I commend that.

- Unknown Broadcaster

Trivia Edit

  • Themes:
  • Many of the Watoria's Bio-Soldiers were inspired by both the Lizardmen, Forest Goblins, Savage Orcs, Tyranids and the Deamons of Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch from Warhammer.
    • Others were inspired by those of the Yuuzhan Vong from Star Wars.
      • Yet others were inspired by the Necromorphs of Dead Space, as well as the Skirmishers, Lekgolo and the Flood from Halo.
  • The Waptoria's Seeker Swarms were inspired by those of the Collectors from Mass Effect.
  • Their belief in the Greater Good was inspired by beliefs of the Tau from Warhammer40K.