Life is the most valuable thing in the universe, and therefore the most worth fighting for. That fact is self-evident. Thus, I don't need any evidence for protecting life beyond the fact that it simply is worth it.

- W'tze

So why does everyone think I'm so important? I'm just a scholar who seems to have a knack for being in the wrong places at the wrong times a lot. Y'know, I'm not that good myself, and all alone, truth is I probably won't last long. But, trough it all, I have had my friends to rely on, and I believe that's what makes us all, as a group, so great.

- W'tze

...And for the last time, I'm not handsome!

- W'tze

Early Life Edit

Being reworked

Nebulorian-Alpha War Edit

During the Nebulorian Wars, W'tze was recruited to fight alongside The Volver Empire and face the Nebulroain invasion force.

During the final battle, W'tze fought his brother Solid once more. However, Dark One arrivied, and fought against the powerfull Lord Ne'yon. While a draw, Ne'yon used the Spear of Apoclayse to destroy Dark's body, temporally killing him. Dark killed tox, thought, by entering his body, and killing him, taking over the corpse. W'tze barred witness as Glynn sacrificed himself for the Universe, killing Ne'yon and destroying the Omega Dimension from which he came.

Second Infectant War Edit

W'tze and his troops returned to the Volver to aid them against another treat: the Infectants. His first move in the war was to evacuate the Antroths from their infected homeworld, Farmia. Shortly after, his homeworld, Raptoranea, came under attack by the Hermicee Legion. The battle was long and bloody, but in the end, W'tze killed Hermicee Lord Faminarot FloodClaw, and used this opportunity to make the FloodClan's Botana Brood join the cause of the Waptoria by absorbing them into the Waptoria's groupmind. He then helped the Antroth's to reclaim Farmia from the Infectants, and promised to terraform it after the war was over.

During the final battle, W'tze met up with Barda and Ughandalore the Great. W'tze and his comrades blazed ahead, but Ugandalore the Great was caught off from his allies, and killed. W'tze tried to help, but Ugandalore told him that his "Life-times' journey" had come to an end, and theirs was just beginning. He and his other allies then managed to destroy the Infectant's leader, Hive Mind, ending the war. W'tze kept his promise, and helped terraform Farmia back to it's former state.

Enlightenment War Edit

After an assassination attempt by some Rogue Volver Knights, W'tze and his allies discovered a plot was being hatched to assassinate Brygon in order for the leaders of the rogues, Crimson, could take over. He and his allies successfully stopped Crimson and his knights, however Crimson was rescued by Solid before they could capture him.

Sometime later, W'tze aided in defending Ughandalore from an unified attack of Dead Watch, their allies the Alpha Cyber Collective, the Bachyeon, the Bio-Morphling Horde, the Unitech Citadel. The Unitech Citadel also brought their allies, the Ziskin and the rogue Volver with them. W'tze managed to reach Barda, Brygon and the rest of his friends, and lead various strikes against the invaders, while also watching the Enlightened Ones rise again. After the battle for Ughandalore was over, he would try to save his friend Oji'b, who was abducted by a Groxic pawn known as the Kashriinox Collective, along with an Waptoria colony. Though he managed to save Oji'b, the Kashriinox still got away with most of the colony's inhabitants. As the galaxy was relentlessly attacked by the Kashriinox, Alpha Cyber Collective, Bachyeons and Morphling Horde, W'tze did his best to stop them. He infiltrated an Kashriinox cruiser in order to learn the location of the Kashriinox base, and barely escaped. He, and his allies, infiltrated the Kashriinox Base, and fought the creator of the Alpha Grox, Kashi'rishas. Eventually, when Kashii'rishas was defeated for good, W'ze's allies decided to destroy the station in a nuclear blast, but W'tze opted to save the base, and purge the Groxic lifeforms on the station via an intense amount of radiation. The latter was chosen, and the technology found inside the base was used to counter the Grox attacks. With their creator dead, the Grox retreated, ending the war.

He then played a key role in the creation of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment.

The return of THEM Edit

The Great Deceiver Edit

Attero Dominatus Edit

Great Mirusian Conflicts Edit

Scelus Purification Edit

Hive Invasion Edit

The Hand of Retribution Edit

Dad, Kirta is a childhood friend. I'm going!

- Mikand'r to W'tze

I'm going too. I have to see Lorka. Tell him a couple of things...and apologize for my sudden leave years back.

- S01-ID in response

*Sigh* You two really thought I wasn't going to get Barda out of wherever anyways?

- W'tze's response to both of them

One Final Reckoning Edit

Seems we've finally run out of time, huh, brother? Well, I've no regrets.

- W'tze to S01-ID, shorthy before the erasement of both

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

W'tze looks like an average Raptoranean, and has no scars due to his self-healing abilities. Like many Raptoraneans not born around the equator, W'tze posesses bright pink skin - though settling down in the tropics has given his skin the characteristic vast golden tan most often associated with Raptoraneans. W'tze posesses plain greenish-blue eyes -which others tend to find attractive much his his embarrassment- and and dark brown hair. Due to a mutation that is rare in Raptoraneans, his almost shoelder-length hair is sleek, and he generally does not keep in it shape, caring little for his general appearance. It should be noted that, unlike most Raptoraneans, he does not possess any sort of piral-tattoo on his body, though he does don the nose-and-gheeck face-paint pattern typical of his tribe.

W'tze prefers to wear rather casual clothing, most often a floral-patterned T-shirt, a Bermuda short, sandals, and sunglasses. In contrast, his long lovercoat is a camouflaged drab green, and he never goes without it. His organic bark-armor is likewise camoflages, and build for stealth rather than open combat.

Personality Edit

W'tze main characteristic is that he reacts differently around those whom he calls friends and around people he barely knows. Around strangers, he tends to be silent and rather asocial, observing rather than saying a lot. When with his friends, he opens up greatly and will, in fact, enjoy chatting, at least as long as no smal talk is involved. His friends are people he is willing to protect, often placing their goals above his own. However, loneliness is an alien concept to him, and he believes he can fully well carry on without friends, though he wishes not to. That said, W'tze is known to like silence and tends to stay away from busy places, quite the opposite from the rest of his species, who tend to love such places. He also has the tendency to downplay his own importance to the Waptoria, preferring, now, to stay away from official meetings, and really be unimportant, preferring nothing more that to simply live out his life, wherever that takes him.

W'tze is known to be very intrested is ecology, biology, archeology and philosophy, while absolutely detesting mathematics - and being absolutely horrid at it. While often seen as a warrior, he is first and foremost a truth-seeker and an avid reader, and will often read books on the evolution, culture, habits and history of his enemies' species to understand the way they act and think better, and to better deal with them. He also has written small and simple books on the evolution and history of allied and enemy civilizations, including the Antroth, the Mendel, the Nebulorians, the Volver and the (Drako)Dominatus. However, due to W'tze being somewhat afraid to stand in the spotlight too much, these are only published in a limited amount, and mainly distributed to his friends. This is slowly starting to change, however. W'tze is known to like books and calm music, and when not strolling in a forest, often can be found reading. Furthermore, he is also a bit of a artist and a writer, often spending his free time with writing, scetching and painting, being quite a good painter and stone-carver himself, though his writing skills are only medium. However, he is quite modest about these skills and unwilling to publically show off his works.

He tended to find his wife's habit of assimilating new languages by giving the native speaker a passionate kiss on their mouth (if they were male, course) a bit embarrasing, though he also liked the startled reaction of her "victims" shorty afterwards, with often caused him to smile.

Overall, W'tze is less emotional then other Raptoraneans, and can have difficulty desciding what to do when it comes to personal problems. He hates conflicts, and will try to solve it by diplomacy. He highly values compassion and will even try to understand his worst enemies. This has led him to gain respect for, and be respected back by certain beings others would consider eldritch, such a Wolframicht Stahl. When someone gravely agigates him however, he, like all Raptoraneans, is able to enter a form om battle-lust, known as "unleashing the Predator". In this state, he will often raise his left arm with his fist clenched. Over the years, this has become almost akin to his battle sign. To defeated enemies, his attitude can be best described as "silently cocky".

  • Favorite Color – Silver
  • Preferred Style – Casual clothing that can be used to obscure his features; oftentimes longcoats and/or hoodies
  • Favorite Foods – anything spicy he can get his hands upon; to a letter extend anything sour/bitter
  • Most Prized Possession – Paints and brushes; otherwise not much
  • Areas of Interest – The evolution, history and philosophy of other species, ecological systems
  • Dislikes – Anything too sweet, people who value cold logic over harmony and the well-being of others

Abilities Edit

W'tze has the same abilities like the rest of his species. This includes being able see far more of the electromagnetic spectrum than most creatures, having a more precise sense of hearing and smell, allowing him to recogniize people by these criteria only. Like them, he is also able to survive on sunlight only for a slight period of time, and has the ability to aborb memories of and assimilate the languages learned by someone via an extended period of touch, though he rarely uses said abilities. Being a Raptoranean, he automatically excretes subtle phenomores that others find smelling nice and attractive and is able to sense the emotions of those around him. Ironically, W'tze tends to care slightly less about hygiene than most.

Like the rest of his race, he can fly by forcefuly expelling the energy of absorbed sunlight from his body, almost like a rocket. He often uses this to catch foes by surprise when they believe they have him cornered. He is more of a ground and tree dweller, however, and unlike some of his kind, rarely prefers to stay in the air for long.

When in predatory mode, flames tend to sprout from his wrists, and his hand-to-hand combat skills improve vastly. Other than that, however, he is a rather poor fighter, and mainly relies on teamwork and stealth, as both his strength, endurance and speed are medicore at best.

Equipment Edit

W'tze 's main weapon is an particle beam rifle, with is linked to his nervous system. It can switch between sniper and scout mode, and is also the place were W'tze 's Supression Swarms are stored. For defense, W'tze uses an combat knife laced with Botana poison. It should be noted that none of these weapons are lethal, and W'tze, due to his morals, does not prefer to kill his enemies. W'tze has also a cloaking device, allowing him to become invisible and which he even uses when simply walking around in busy cities so he won't be noticed.

Relations Edit

Relationship Edit

LoveRelationMy lights and life!

  • Petrang'y - I'll miss you...
  • Mikiang'y - To preserve diplomacy were others would grab for their weapons is an important trait. I'm proud beyond words you realize that like no one else.
  • Meridand'r - C'mon, granddaughter, chill down. Having an Ugandel dad does not justify running around in their dress code!..Just kidding.
  • S01-ID/Solid/W'tze - Clone? Brother? Me? It doesn't matter any longer.
  • Oji'b - Practically a part of the family.
  • Scavenger - We'll beat ourselves trough this.

Allies Edit

Green faceWell hello there! Nice to see you!

  • Averil Daxur - Well, Averil, you and I have things in common.
  • Si'daal - She reminds me of my wife...
  • Oskel - A true friend and comrade in arms.
  • Seerkar - Exellent bloke to be around with.
  • Kossi'Valicar - The Ones live! THE ONES LIVE!'
  • Ugandalore the Great - He was a great ruler.
  • Barda Clett - You are a good Ughandalore, Barda.
  • Takanuis Clett - Barda's son, he still has a lot to learn.
  • King Holreb - Rest well, my friend. Your descendants are doing great, by the way.
  • King Glynn - You will be remembered, grandson of Holreb...and my friend.
  • Brygon - You can do this, Brygon! You descended from Holreb and Glynn, after all!
  • Phase-Hunter - You're weird, but good to know.
  • Lavern - You will be avenged, my friend!

Friends Edit

Blue face Hello there.

  • Akanri Rozu - Hopefully things get better between us. You still scare to to hell though.
    • Ibari - As much as a fuzzball as her mother. Don't bite my thumb.
    • Niya - Your future...choose it well.
  • Kirta Clett - Barda's daughter. She smells of ozon.


Yellow face You're alright...I guess...

  • Forbila Clett - Barda's wife. A good fellah, but I don't want to be near her when she is angry...
  • King Zirux - So all the Volver kings were revived brainwashed by Ada? Well...that changes things.
  • King Gartoom - Wait...that zealous revived Volver king was Gartoom?'

Hostile Edit

Orange faceJust...go away.

  • Gridlock - I do not concider you to be my enemy, for there is still light in your dark body.
  • Queen Auriela - The Changelings deserve a so much better fate...
  • Zillafireous - Now...What happened to you my friend?
  • Crimson - Volver traitor, and sadist. Says enough.
  • Bisarko - You, sir, are a total idiot.
  • Wolframicht Stahl - I read your books, y'know? Interesting lecture, but it won't stop me from stopping you and your species.

Enemies Edit

Red face I don't like this...Please don't make me do this.

  • Grox Meta-Emperor - Leader of the Meta-Grox. Stay imprisoned, for now, and forever.
  • Eternal-Mind - You're just as bad as the Meta-Emperor. So get imprisoned as well.
  • Tox Cano - You got what you deserved.
    • Lorka Gredyc - To have no compassion with your adversaries speaks madness. You have no compassion, and that shall be your undoing.
  • Dormuncka - You've killed enough innocent souls, you insane freak.
  • Xizothano Ada - Your actions killed thousands, and for that, you have payed the price.
    • Lord Ne'yon - If I ever see your face again...
    • Infectant Hive-Mind - You and your scourge have been put down. Finally.
    • Omega - Well, Nebulorian-Infectant mix, I've just one ting to tell you: Rot in oblivion.
  • The Dark One - If you are darkness, then I will purge you in the light of justice.
    • Toracrix - Bane of the Waptoria Sector, you must be purged from this realm!
    • Galorain - Creepy little Grux, eh?
    • Makatus - Your "Scorner" won't save you, genocidial freak!
  • Imperator Caligustus - Your plans to create eternal war must be stopped at all costs!
  • Nizawhz Dietzhen - Gladly this Dominatus is now put down.
  • Meshuggah Metallicus - I know Dominatus have bipolar personalities, but you...You are just flipping insane!
  • Corpulus Obesson - You, your Titans and your masters have ravaged enough Waptoria worlds!

Quotes Edit

Quotes from himself Edit

I don't see myself as a warrior, but rather as a scholar of some sorts, trying to protect his friends. And I've been also been a rogue agent, just for the record.

The things nature comes up with are simply amazing. It has creativity we will never have.

Subjugating the nature on a planet is pointless. If any too grave mistake happens, it will fix it...and take most of the planet's other lifeforms with it.

The universe is full of mysteries, and deep down, we hope we never find them all.

None is truly unfailable. Now matter how strong we are, no matter how stong we get, we all have our flaws. But that's what makes us people so interseting.

Man fears the darkness, so he scapes away the edges with fire. I consider myself that fire...And I must admit I fear the absolute dark. Shadows...Not so much.

You won't harm my friends. Never.

I'm from many places. Lots of different places.

Ah. Humans. When I look back at them, I suddenly remeber why like to be a Raptoranean again so much.

Quotes from others Edit

Add your own!

Add Your Own!

I thank you for your support. Continue to lead. And make sure my son doesn't cause too much trouble.

- King Glynn

I'm happy to be of service mate. As long as ya pay of course.

- Averil Daxur

Heh, he's another one of my puny friends, but he has a good heart and personality. This one I'll TRY not to step on.

- King Lavern

I thank him for staying a true ally and keeping his word.

- Queen Si'daal

We have fought alongside each other in many great battles. He his an honorable ally to have.

- Oskel Leton

My dad was right about him, W'tze is a true ally. Even after the betrayal of my knights, W'tze still trusted me and my loyal subjects.

- King Brygon

Though you seem to have survived this long, you will soon die. And I would love to be the one to kill you.

- Lord Ne'yon

We are your destiny...Do not...Do not...RESIST!

- Overseer Terrox

Our pasts strangely mirror each other, being bounty hunters of a benign nature, with some exceptions. Yet, our differences are what truly forge our empires into one metal, for we are not allies, but I feels, two family members that have finally reconnected, as our creators intended, and that these differences in our pasts are what make our friendship stronger. If ever you are threatened, then I shall stand with you, and I know you would do the same for me.

- Barda Clett

You were willing to put your trust in us on several occasions, where most would not be so inclined, thank you.

- Seerkar

A shame. You are blind to so many things, little raptor.

- Kradik

You owe me for saving your ass from the Scelus. But worry not. You have all the time in the world to pay me back...

- Dread of the Scythe of Glory

My friend lives? And is now my enemy? Where did we go wrong?

- Scavenger

We could have been friends once. Let us hope it is not too late for that.

- Glacier

Foolish worshiper of the Multus. Who will you pray to when we destroy them all?

- Krill of Níl An Tsíocháin Inghlactha

Your forces of nature will fall to those of forceful advancement.

- Anthrax

He's alright, I suppose. I've never had much dealing with him.

- Iyoka Quista

Notes and trivia Edit

  • W'tze is an in-game representation of Ecoraptor, with some parts of his personality being based off him. His dark side of his personality is based of the personality of Liquid Snake.
  • His blaze form if inspired by the pokemon Blaziken, since Ecoraptor always turns out to be a Torchic when he played the Mystery Dungeon games.
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