The term "warfare" is far too humanocentric to apply to the Taldar. The conceptualization of the world in the senses of three dimensional races simply cannot comprehend the Taldar's goals, technology, perception and philosophies, and these are too limiting. If a Taldar artifact fell onto Earth, attempts to rig up energy sensing devices to the artifact might be as futile as an apeman procreating with a monolith in 2001 Space Odyessey.

"Warfare", is the closest analogy possible for the psuedohuman-like, mainstream three dimensional species (except Tier U "Xenos"), the "galactic club" to use. What little is known is that the Taldar's answer to warfare is against the Legion of the Deathmarch. This military cannot be compared to mortal three dimensional militaries, with the exception of the Taldar's own deployed weapons used to fight in three dimnesional space.

5D warfare Composition[edit | edit source]

Psuedo-warfare[edit | edit source]

Taldar warfare, isn't actually like a standard war at all. There is no "Fed, bred and led" philosophy. In the Taldar's home dimension, there are no "key points to strike". When Taldar engage in "warfare", it usually involves creating causal time loops or forcing an enemy into a region of space in which its consciousness is rapidally suppressed into an almost semi-sentient level. Like other Tier 0 godraces, the Taldar can recover more quickly than be destroyed, this is why the term psuedo-warfare is far too obscure (it often doesn't end with bloodshed or destruction because things are already fixed before they have been dealt with), it is a wonder why the Taldar would need to engage in anything like it.

"True, time weapons"
  • Timelike travel - To and from various quantum realities. See Chronoscopic consciousness.
  • Causaul loops, paradoxes and "tangent universes" - Used to "snare" other Tier 0 or highly godlike beings in a prison, or even eliminate entire realities not considered desirable.
    • Removing things from a desirable timeline - The easiest method. Used against stars (usually because they drag most other things with them) out of the desired timeline, and into an incomprehensible void of nothing.
    • Replacing things in spacetime - The Taldar can find a version of the star (or any target) from another timeline and replace the target with the weaker version, one that didn't work properly as a star. That, or fetch a dead/dying future version of the star, killing the planets too.
  • "Hammer of the gods" - One of the few artifacts captured and used by a three dimensional intelligence, the Delpha Coalition of Planets believe it is a weapon used by perhaps all of the Omnipotent Four. It compresses a Taldar, or similar being into the third dimension, where it becomes mortal. The DCP uses it against beings as powerful as the Taldar, most notably, Mac.
  • Fate - See below. Leads to physical warfare if such a weapon is used as death and destruction results.

Actual warfare[edit | edit source]

However, the Taldar are not gods in the truly omnipotent or immortal sense. If either the Taldar or the other force such as the Traffphyds uses Fate, the Taldar gets forced from the multi-timeline 5th dimension into a single prewritten timeline in which the Taldar or the other could die, and an entire universe can be caught up in this slab of prewritten spacetime. In this type of warfare, even the Taldar can die, and have been almost extincted several times.

"Holographic weapons"

The Taldar live in the fith dimension which acts as a sort of distant boundary surface for the physical information of matter and energy. The third dimension is a sort of projection like a hologram, and can only really follow a one dimensional direction of time. Because the Taldar reside in the fith dimension, if a weapon like "Fate" is used then they must resort to Holographic weaponry, that is, controlling the actual information of matter and energy. This can have serious physical affects on a universe that are noticible and seem almost godlike.

  • The most basic advanced offence against this dimension is to simply edit realspace; editing the information that holospace (5D) projects to realspace (3D) means the Taldar can twist anything. This can create black holes, galactic voids, inducing supernovae over hundreds of light years and much else.
  • Spacetime bowl - The Spacetime Bowl was used against the The Nanohorde when they reached quantum levels. By using mass manipulation from a higher dimension, large "bowls" as they are best described, in realspace were created. The Quantumhorde slipped down, where they became compressed in Bose-Einstein condensates at extremely low temperatures above absolute zero, basically, the quantum machines merged into a superatom, with so much mass they collapsed into black holes.
  • Ultra Mass Destruction- Using their spacetime bowl, if multiple Taldar combine their energies, they can make it cut through 3D realspace itself. This can, potentially, destroy a large part of the universe, or an entire universe if more than one are used. It cuts open a whole in the 3D realspace, which is a black hole, and makes them larger, making all fall through into a void of nothingness where nothing can survive. Incredibly tough beings can go to 2D space, where most will die of their 3D consciousness being crushed into 2D space.

Defence[edit | edit source]

The Vyro'Narza's main method of defense is to simply edit the realspace information projected from holospace to simply prevent it from hitting their fighters. of course, this is often not done to too high an extent, and the Vyro'Ralza can do the same thing and nullify the Taldar.

Aside from this, the Taldar's starship probes use non-phasic and Chronoscopic shielding, and the fighers mostly us Chronoscopic shielding.

The 3D Avatars[edit | edit source]

Methods[edit | edit source]

The fighters on the 5D plane and above are always Taldar themselves, and will be those who do their job as a Narza. The Taldar also have forces which fight on the 3D realms, against 3D Legion forces; thanks to The Box, the Vyro'Narza aren't allowed to use their full potential on mortals unless completely necessary. However, it is often thought that the fighters aren't 3d Taldar avatars, but 3D beings 'recruited' by the Vyro'Narza to fight for them, with their energy.

With the exception of vehicles, each Taldar soldier is equal, and carries an energy blade, extremely efficient defensive shielding and other devices. Their long range weapons are capable of defeating multiple mortal foes at once, or destroying/disabling vehicles. They lack need for soldier classes besides the leaders. They are extremely adept at Chronoscopic, some have described the troopers are hovering beings surrounded by Chronoscopic with swords and long range weapons.

Starships (Probes)[edit | edit source]

The 3D probes, which appear as starships, are huge 3D warships remotely controlled. They are designed to appear as similar to starships that mortals would use, as it lowers mortal suspicion. They are, however, much larger in quantity and size, and used to fight mortal legions, or, to fight when neccesary in realspace if forced to. If this occurs, the delicate three dimensional civilisations could be swept aside easily. There is, in fact, no one driving these, and they are controlled from the 5th dimension, by editing the realspace information from the 5th dimension, meaning the 3D projection of the 5D information can be changed. The Taldar could do this with anything, but their starships are the ones with the most direct control from the Taldar. To the Taldar, they are like RC cars.

The 3D probes are the same ships as the Vyronicia Fleet.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The original Taldar military was, for a Tier 0 empire underpowered. The old military was later used for the Unified Nation of Ottzello Multi-species army, but that was later removed, as Technobliterator was unsatisfied with it.
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