The Vyronicia Fleet is a fleet created by the Vyro'Narza, but not operated by them. As 5 dimensional infinite beings, the Vyro'Narza do not have any reason to operate them themselves, meaning that it is operated by their 3 dimensional descendents, such as the Blyro'Tralzica. Currently, the fleet is operated by the Unified Nation of Ottzello, 3D descendents of the Vyro'Narza. The fleet is comprised of artifacts of the ancient Taldar Empire.

The fleet is a highly powered fleet that makes frequen use of Chronoscopics in its weaponry and construction. Ships in the fleet are almost always capable of self-repair, and most of them utilise spacetime manipulation in weaponry, allowing for impressive and unpredictable results when used on foes. The fleet are also incredibly fast and difficult to outmanouvere.

Vyronicia starships are difficult to construct, as they require specific blueprints and specific nanoengineering, but they can still be mass produced by any civilization which has learnt the means to. Mass production, however, is still costly.



The Vyronicia Fleet originated during the period of the forgotten Taldar Empire. In an arms race with surrounding empires, the Taldar designed their fleet based on their speciality, which was 5D science and spacetime warping, and used many of the developments that would later become incorporated in the Chronoscopic aspects of the fleet. The fleet was regarded as impressive for its appearance and sizes at the time, and often won the ancient empire several wars with its surroundings.

Once the Taldar Empire was destroyed and transformed into the Vyro'Narza, relics of the Vyronicia Fleet were stored in the memories of the Taldar. They placed several of these artifacts around universes which they influenced, in an attempt to pass on the memory.

Blyro'Tralzica Days[]

Though the fleet is believed to have been used by many, the first who truly made use of the fleet in the Ottzello Galaxy and the known universe were the Blyro'Tralzica, an empire of cultists. The fleet was key to several victories during the Great Blyro War against the Blyro'Tralzorca and the Empire of the Kralgon, as it outmatched them in speed and power. The Kralgon could only defeat the fleet by outnumbering it.

During the end of the Blyro'Tralzica, schematics were kept around, but underutilised.

UNO Repurposing[]

Later on, the ships were repurposed by the Unified Nation of Ottzello, during the Second Borealis Galactic War, after a collaboration with the now-isolated Blyro'Tralzica. The Unified Nation made them the elite starships of its fleet.

List of Ships[]


Small ships that are only a few meters in length and width.

Name Task Size Weaponry Defences Description Image
Starfighter Defending bombers, elite ships 10m Chronoscopic beams, Dark Chronoscopic vortext missiles Moderate Gyronidium armor, low Chronoscopic shielding A nimble ship, the Starfighter is designed mostly at taking out enemy fighters and bombers, and for raids. Its weaponry is basic, as this is the most generic of the fighters. Capable of firing Chronoscopic beams and Dark Chronoscopic vortex missiles, it hunts out its prey, but in numbers can fight weaker targets.
Bomber Bombing larger targets 10m Dark Chronoscopic vortext missiles Moderate Gyronidium armor, Chronoscopic shielding Aimed at annihilating space cruisers and space stations, the Bomber is designed mostly at taking out enemy fighters and bombers, and for raids. Its weaponry includes vortex-inducing bombs made primarily from Chronoscopic powers, and is aimed to be highly destructive against larger targets. As small craft, the Bombers' priority is to annihilate large targets without being preyed upon.
Interceptor Elite starfighters 25m Chronoscopic beams, Dark Chronoscopic vortext missiles Strong Gyronidium armor, Chronoscopic shielding As the elite of the three, the Vyronicia Interceptor is the fastest and most powerful of the three. Functioning as a headhunter primarily, the Interceptor is capable of stealth and of brute force.


Name Task Size Weaponry Defences Description Image
Deathship Destroying huge targets 2000m Spacetime warping death ray Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding, strong Gyronidium armor Firing its huge cannons upon larger ships, the Deathship's sole purpose is to destroy in groups. Its spacetime warping weapon can have a number of effects, but it is mostly used after charging up for causing huge damage to one target.
For Tech.png
Annihilator Bolstering corvette lineup 2500m Monopole cannon, Dark Chronoscopic vortex-inducing missiles Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding, strong Gyronidium armor While larger than the other two, the Annihilator's role is less about impactful destruction. Annihilators are primarily used to ferry starfighters and destroy other ships of a similar size.
Deathbringer Stealth, multipurpose 1950m Spacetime lasers, vortex induction, omega weapon Spacetime/Dark Chronoscopic cloaking, strong armor The Deathbringer is the only Vyro'Ralza contribution to the fleet. A sleek, fast and incredibly potent stealth vessel, the Deathbringer silently destroys from afar, being undetectable in space and time through conventional means, and able to obliterate rivals using vortex induction to catastrophic and unpredictable effects.
Traffphyd Deathbringer.png
Technobliterator Spacetime warping, multipurpose 2000m Spacetime bowel, Chronoscopic beams, Dark Chronoscopic vortex-inducing missiles High Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding, strong Gyronidium armor The Technobliterator is the most prominent in the fleet, particularly due to its ability to warp space time and crush foes. This allows it to not only crush enemy ships by causing gravity to collapse on them and manipulating physics, but entire stars.


Name Task Size Weaponry Defences Description Image
Star Destroyer Multipurpose 4km Cosmic string weapon, Chronoscopic beam weapons, Dark Chronoscopic vortex inducing missiles Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding, strong Gyronidium armor With its main purpose being to annihilate all smaller targets, ferry smaller ships and focus down enemies' ships of a similar time, the Vyronicia variant of the popular Star Destroyer design uses cosmic strings to distort gravity and tear apart their foes.
Taldar star destroyer.png
Flagship Leading fleets 10km Masses of cannons and spacetime defectors High Vyronicia-Chronoscopic shielding, strong Gyronidium armor The Flagship is used not only to look impressive while decimating enemies, but to command huge operations from within it. Its firepower is unmatched in the Vyronicia Fleet.


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