A glorious realm is Vyronica. Such a beautiful dimension, where you do infact reside, but do not always experience.

- An old writing on the Chronoscopic Realm
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The Sequencium realm, Vyro'Nazdea's realm, is a mysterious, higher dimension, possibly the Fifth dimension. It is where Souls of the Taldar and Traffphyds are found. The realm is made of purely a higher form of Chronoscopic, and has been described as a "Taldar Paradise".

The 5 dimensional realm is of an enormous scale that dwarfs billions of others. It's size, however, corresponds to the population of Taldar, meaning it can never be so big it can't fit everyone in. There is another half of this realm for the Traffphyds, although that half cannot be seen by mortals at all, and nothing is known of it.

Role Edit

Souls Edit

The real forms of the Taldar, their souls (aka their consciousness'), exist here, where physical information is stored, and all thoughts are made. So, essentially, the forms of the Taldar are like projected holograms; they move, feel pain and talk but do not think.

The projection of the Taldar's souls enter bodies to control them. In this why, they can switch to another form (as long as it is made of Chronoscopic) to control it. In the realm, the souls are contained in devices that look like computers, but are completely natural. From here the Taldar thinks and contains memories.

The Souls Area is a place underground, where all the souls are found. There is little activity to mortals, but in fact, what happens there is extremely complex, too difficult for mortals to understand.

'Job' system Edit

Taldar and Traffphyds, when doing work, are each assigned to a Universe; they are assigned to a group of around a billion (depending on the size of the universe and necessity of Taldar) others working at that universe. From there, they do jobs like Time watching, which is mandatory for their first job. But after that, they can work for a company of their choice, such as a military company. When the Scourge occurs to that universe, the Taldar are given a vacation in their realm, where they simply enjoy a happy lifestyle.

Braneography Edit

Braneology Edit

The realm may, in fact, be in a higher plane of reality, but it has most control over Chronoscopic holomatter and holospace, which it is thought to be made of. This makes it unknown as to what the time watchers' and the realms' brane is; it is thought to be a 5D realm and the Vyro'Narza to be 5D, but it is possible that the 5D realm and the Vyro'Narza are a front for those from a higher plane.

Vyronia (Narza area) Edit

Vyronia is a fifth dimensional realm, or holographic space. The realm, as it appears to mortals, is a huge, networked, bustling metropolis. All around, what can be seen is Gold and Green from the enormous sky scrapers. The entire city is networked by large tubes, which transport Chronoscopic and trains for transport (although Taldar could just teleport around). There are many things here for Taldar to enjoy; events, luxurious lifestyle, sports and entertainment. They all really pay off for the Taldar's hard work Time watching (or another of their jobs).

Taldar can enjoy their life here in the city above the Souls area in their forms during their vacation after the scourge on the universe they were working in. While they can enjoy lives and short vacations in universes, only in this realm can they fully experience lifestyle.

Ralzacia (Ralza area) Edit

Ralzacia is the Vyro'Ralza's realm. Unlike Vyronia, it is completely invisible to mortals; with Vyronia, they display something that beings from a lower dimension interpret as something they can relate to, while Vyro'Ralza don't. This is often seen as the lower part of the realm, where is in fact, there is no true sense of direction in a 5D realm. The two areas do not clash in a fight, as it is against all rules for Vyro'Narza and Vyro'Ralza to use Sequencium as a warzone. It is presumed that this area is identical to the Vyronica area, just with influence from the Legion of the Deathmarch.

Highest Point Edit

At the very centre of the realm, there is a huge sky scraper known as the Highest Point. Here is where the 5 deities of Taldar philosophy reside; Vyro'Nazdea, The Beginning, The Journey, The Course and The End. This is where Vyro'Narza and Vyro'Ralza direct their prayers (or messages) to, hoping they will be answered.

Greetings, young, three dimensional mortals!
The Traffphyds will obliterate all...
Bow to the might of the Traffphyds...
Time: a living, breathing thing.
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