Gyronidium (symbol Gy) is a rare Taldar metal used in all Taldar Technology. The substance is solidified Chronoscopic. Gold in colour, it is a mystrious metal and, similar to Nexidium, is a decreasingly debatable topic among Taldarologists.


Gyronidium is an indestructible 5th dimensional metal used in all Taldar technology, from small ultra-phones to large space stations. It's indestructibility and inability to melt is a hugely debatable topic. Made mostly of solid Chronoscopic, it makes up part (or perhaps most) of Taldar forms. It is practically indestructible. Furthermore, it doesn't need to be alloyed to be light yet stuff incredibly hard an strong.


Gyronidium cannot be boiled or melted. So, to change the metal's state of matter, Chronoscopic manipulation is required. Taldar can use Chronoscopic to change it's shape and size, as well as convert it into more Chronoscopic. This is done by Vyronicia Drones in the process of construction.


There are many ways Taldar produce this metal. They can make it out of Chronoscopic, but there is another method. Using highly advanced technology and Chronoscopic, they can turn the particles of one metal to match Gyronidium particles. This is the reason Taldar do not use any other metal.

For mortals, it can be mined from some planets that the Taldar have created, but it is incredibly rare.


There is one theory that Gyronidium is, in fact, solid Chronoscopic. It has been suggested that the Chronoscopic Taldar use is gas and liquid state of matter. However, it has also been suggested that Chronoscopic crystal is solid Chronoscopic.

There is another theory that Gyronidium is merely alloyed with 3D metals to actually work in this way, but there is no proof of this.

Dark GyronidiumEdit

A variant of this is Dark Gyronidium. The same as Gyronidium, it is solidified Dark Chronoscopic and shares the same properties. It is purple, red and black in colour, but is also mysteriously deadly.

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