Chronoscopic Energy, often referred to by the Vyro'Narza and Vyro'Ralza name Gyronic, or Temporal Energy, is a pseudo-Essence and pseudo-holomatter (fifth-dimensional construct) that, by being deeply connected to the structure of spacetime, can be used to enhance an organism's power with regards to abilities associated with the manipulation of space and time. Chronoscopic Matter, as it is known, is specifically a form of mulidimensional holomatter, which contains and manipulates Chronoscopic Energy.

Sciences of Chronoscopic energies are important in spacetime manipulation technologies and the theories of Blyronism. The most common perception of Chronoscopic energies is as a way to communicate to - or manipulate - the holospace of the 5th dimension where Time is monitored.


The origin of Gyronic is completely mysterious. It is known that the Chronoscopic is the basis of the developments in Vyro'Narzan technology and society throughout their history.

Chronoscopic was first used in the Ottzello Galaxy, which had a high concentration of Chronoscopic Matter. It was first used by Ottzelloan races, and for a long time, was a basis of their technology. However, since Chronoscopic is difficult to come across and use in large quantities, the Unified Nation of Ottzello mostly rely on other technology.



The mechanism by which Chronoscopic works is described by Taldarologists and Blyronists using Holomatter Theory. The term "holomatter" is actually a misconception; the ideas were initially derived from the holographic principle and then developed into the current accepted idea.

The physical information of matter and energy is stored in the fifth dimension, but due to the geometry of this dimension, is it projected like a hologram or reflection into the third dimension, beamed from the edge of the universe. Chronoscopic Matter manipulates the source of the matter where it is bound at, that being the "holomatter" in the fifth dimension.

In part due to its connection with other Essence, Taldarologists have concluded that the Chronoscopic is very closely linked to consciousness. As far as beings such as the Taldar and Traffphyds are concerned, their consciousness is within the fabric of the boundary source, while the consciousness of three-dimensionsional beings is confined to its mere reflective forms. This means that the Taldar aren't particularly special; they simply have more degrees of freedom for their technology and perception. Because this has possibly existed for much longer than the physical universe, the Taldar may seem omnipotent, from their vantage point unconfined by causality.

Ultimately, although every sentient being can gain a taste of Chronoscopic, to see its truest form the consciousness must exist on a much higher dimension. Each dimension has extra degrees of freedom for its physics and metaphysics. The Taldar's Chronoscopic consciousness is five-dimensional, which they use as a vantage point to see all possible versions of the universe's time, and possibly all configurations of the laws of physics, and thereby act upon it.

It is thought that Chronoscopic is in some way has evolved a self-awareness, or is a frequency of consciousness which increases the perception of time beyond this one dimensional viewpoint; the godform Vyro'Nazdea exists as a result of the connection between Chronoscopic and Essence. Vyro'Nazdea is a cosmic mind which is the matrix of Chronoscopic and time. In some way it is similar to a superorganism such as a collective mind, an ant colony, living gaian planets and even the Technoosphere; the difference is composition, with Chronoscopic using quantum reality itself.

Chronoscopic consciousness transcends the third dimension that is bound to the nature of time and the perception of the beings that experience it (the linear path from past to future in one continous line). It is composed of threads of interconnected spacetime and quantum realities interwoven into the structure, almost like a neural network. The Taldar claim that they can access Chronoscopic by bringing their consciousness to the vibration level of Chronoscopic consciousness, giving them whole new perspectives on time which they can easily manipulate it.

Matrix of TimeEdit

The Taldar channel Chronoscopic through their bodies at a very quick rate, like the subtle bodies of Elemental esotericism.

The Taldar use their ability to keep track of time, and keep the timeline in check, as well as to avoid anomalies. Anomalies occur any time the space-time continuum is affected and damaged, thus causing patterns to repeat, or things to be pushed out of the space-time continuum; damaging the space time continuum means that holospace's information is affected. Chronoscopic was mastered and evolved by Vyro'Nazdea. It is used in Maintenance; the process of making time seamless and still moving, as time is extremely delicate since its destruction. This powerful energy is limitless; it multiplies itself in a way no 3 dimensional being can understand, sort of 'reproducing itself'.

Chronoscopic means two things in Taldar language, "time" and "stream", and can therefore mean "timestream". Chronoscopic has the ability to manipulate time and achieve time travel, thus things such as travel to the past and future are possible. However, it also accesses things such as past events, so users of Chronoscopic can essentially see the past, but this is usually only possible with large amounts. While Chronoscopic is constantly ascending and becoming a greater energy thanks to Volzara, currently, a lot is required and it is impossible for one individual, even a Taldar, to actually alter time. While that can be done from Time Pods, a lot of stabilising and other processes need to be done in order to prevent anomalies.

Assimilating ChronoscopicEdit

Finding Chronoscopic
For non-Chronoscopic beings, the first stage is to find Chronoscopic Matter. This can either be a long and difficult process, or a quick and straightforward one. Chronoscopic can be found in Chronoscopic life, such as Chronoscopic planets or creatures, which are most abundant in Ottzello. In a planet, for example, beings who wish to utilize Chronoscopic can simply dig for it in the soil, and trap it in a test tube, or send it straight into machines. Once they have a sample, the Chronoscopic will replicate itself, creating a limitless source.
Obtaining its powers

With a source of Chronoscopic, the being can decide what to do with it. If the being wishes to use it to enhance their body and genes or utilize its power, the best way is to get it literally in their system. To do this, they can inject it into veins, drink it, or inject it into their muscles. This way, Chronoscopic will multiply and spread around the body, also enhancing their genes so that their children will contain the same enhancement. In this way, Chronoscopic modfies the body much like an endogenous retrovirus, but isn't harmful.

If they wish to utilize Chronoscopic as an energy source, it is a similar process; it must be inserted into a power core. From there, it will replicate and spread throughout the machinery. It will provide a limitless and powerful energy source, although it is difficult to control.

Once the Chronoscopic is inside the user, they can channel its powers as long as they know the technique. The Chronoscopic uses two body parts to channel it:

  • The mind: The mind decides what the body does, how it does that, and why it does that, so it does the same for the Chronoscopic; the stronger and more intelligent the mind, the greater it is at controlling the Chronoscopic.
  • The dominant eye of the user: While users can also channel it through their arms, their eye is just about the most important channeling organ. From the eye, the user can judge what to use, as can the Chronoscopic. Without the eye, important decisions cannot be made.

Chronoscopic takes quite some time to truly control, and extremely long to master; those who lack the energy or knowledge of it cannot use it to its full potential. Eventually, Chronoscopic will assimilate itself into the brain, and the brain can control Chronoscopic in the body. Depending on the user's mind, energy assimilation ability and genes, this could take several weeks or years. Prior to this, it is uncontrollable, activating when the user doesn't want it to or accidently when the user does. It could take quite some time to learn techniques to controlling it, which can be very variable. The user usually needs to seek advice from someone who could help in these situations.


The Secrets are several "override" codes written into the complex of Chronoscopic that can allow for much higher and much less restricted access. These are mostly codes written in for emergencies, and are known and protected by the Taldar. Codes have unknown effects and very unknown properties, but are known to allow their users to become godlike and to break timelines. An example was Gratz'kaoz, who became a demonic god after accessing the Secrets. His powers were capable of ripping holes in the fabrics of space and time, and could have destroyed the entire universe.

Secrets exist as codes, but can be accessed through certain points within space and time, often to allow the user accessing them to protect the universe for an unknown threat, or simply holes left open by oversight on the part of the Taldar. These holes are often reserved for handpicked individuals, or for the Taldar themselves to override situations in case of emergencies.

Dark ChronoscopicEdit

It would be unwise to underestimate the true power that is the dark spectrum.

- Traffphyd Masters on Dark Chronoscopic

The Dark Chronoscopic is a form of Chronoscopic that is on the other end of a "spectrum" from beginning to end. On the spectrum towards the end, it is more Dark Chronoscopic Matter works using another form of Chronoscopic, similar to the "light" "beginning" Chronoscopic, but designed specifically to oppose it.

Dark Chronoscopic was adapted by the Traffphyds to the extent that it became the same as the Chronoscopic but with the opposite effect. It can do many things the Chronoscopic can't; its powers are more unnatural and it is also a time energy. Like the Chronoscopic, is constantly expanding. Its existence is necessary, as otherwise things such as intergalactic rifts and wormholes would have nothing to look after them. In the same way, if there was no Chronoscopic, then Dark Chronoscopic would eventually spread around and create too many, which would also would cause too many natural disasters.

The Dark Chronoscopic is necessary for keeping wormholes and other phenomena stable. Its powers are even less natural, making them more powerful. However, it can also lead to far more deadly side-effects. Dark Chronoscopic can be an excellent technological aid; it provides an extremely powerful and unlimited power supply, and can be extremely destructive.Furthermore, it can be used to create Dark Gyronidium, as well as a cloaking ability. However, it is very chaotic, and is dangerous to use.



Chronoscopic provides its users with typical Essence abilities such as telekinesis and extra-sensory perception at a scale comparable to that of a highly-trained individual who has become strong in Elemental techniques through natural means, along with the ability to combat other Essence usage. However, Chronoscopic's main purpose is to aid in spacetime manipulation.

What we have to remember that time is linked to space, so slowing or speeding up time will also affect space. I imagine that Taldar are able to have easy control of gravity from the fifth or higher dimensions (as gravity is likely to be extradimensional). Gravity, of course can warp and bend space as desired.

- Dr. Kenders

As a result of the effects of consciousness and perception on other Essence, Chronoscopic's innate purpose leads to the manifestation of powers that are intuitively associated with time in the mind of the user. This not only includes basic relativistic effects such as gravitomagnetism, time dilation and gravitational waves, but also leads to heightened precognition and retrocognition to an intuitive level, as well more sophisticated things that are collectively known as "changing time", although performing such acts to any significant degree is a feat generally restricted to Chronoscopic-based entities such as the Taldar and Traffphyds, and also weakens them if their Chronoscopic abilities are overused.

The exact mechanisms behind many forms of changing time (particularly changing the course of events, i.e. history) are unknown, with ideas ranging from moving between timelines in higher-dimensional space ("remote time-altering"), creating new timelines and repairing the damage to spacetime using Chronoscopic ("manual time-altering"), and either shaping holospace directly or moving the object to be affected, as well as changing anything that was ever affected by the object, to fit the desired new history ("unstable time-altering"). The latter two of those likely to lead to temporal paradoxes if done improperly, and unstable time-altering has the potential to be the most severe. Most Taldarologists believe that all of those options are within the capacity of the Taldar.

Another category of time-changing abilities involve "rewinding" time. The science behind this is more of a mystery, the most widely-accepted theory being that proposed by Dr. Kenders:

The Taldar might be able to do this by bending their worldline (a path in spacetime) into a loop, so they arrive before they depart. By using defects, such as a cosmic string, they could achieve this. Then they gather/build defects, or perhaps they use Chronoscopic tech to simulate this. Imagine the universe as a sheet; their defect technology would be pushing down on it from a higher dimension. That is power...

- Dr. Kenders

This would account for both "reversing" events such as the path of a moving object, as well as achieving time travel. This explains the "retry" power, which allows Taldar to live through an event in the immediate past of their worldline to change what happened.

As a passive ability, the Taldar are provided with "temporal immunity". This means that, were time to change or were time anomalies to happen, the Taldar are unaffected thanks to the Chronoscopic. In other words, anything that should cause a paradox to them doesn't, even though it may affect others, so they cannot be removed from time.


Due to the following reasons, Chronoscopic is a very useful asset in any technology. One is that it is constantly replenishing and essentially infinite, making it a limitless source of powerful. Another is that it is very powerful and energetic, yet still controllable, making capable of powerful any machine for an unlimited time. Furthermore, due to time power, it can speed up devices and their functionality, making them operate faster than they would otherwise.

Biological organismsEdit

Chronoscopic spawn life is a 'life force' found in all Vyro'Narza (and other) created chronoscopic life forms, or chronoscopicspawn. Found in all Chronoscopic organisms, notably the Ottzelloans. The build up of Chronoscopic Matter in Chronoscopic life is closer to the build up of Chronoscopic holomatter in holospace (5D space) than the matter of carbon life forms. This means their "G-DNA" is very Chronoscopic-like, and the 3D projection's interpretation is that it has Chronoscopic in it. The 3D projection appears similar to P-DNA.

Each of the Essence energies makes up part of Chronoscopic organic life, as the holomatter build up has ties to Essence, giving it more connection. They are present in all Chronoscopic organisms, although Chronoscopic is far more prominent, and the other energies are tough to learn. Each energy makes up the beings; they are made of Chaos through Chaos Energy, their bodies are mostly made of solid Chronoscopic through Chronoscopic, and their minds are helped by Psionic through Psionic Energy. They have some of these powers from the energy, but need extensive training, and some aren't compatible. Essentially, all organisms, planets and stars are made of an Essence compound, but with Chronoscopic-centred atoms making up most of it.

Similar to P-DNA, a Chronoscopic "G-DNA" exists, being very different to DNA of all other anatomy, containing Chronoscopic holomatter fused with cells, which set it aside from any other DNA. It is used in all Chronoscopic life forms, and was present in the original Taldar. G-DNA gives any user a default EP (Essence Points, see Stats) of 95.

There is also the "Chronoscopic Gene" (referred to by some as the "Holy Gene"), which is a weird, indescribable gene present only when added in by genetic modification, that gives an indescribably connection to the 5th dimension holospace. It makes them consequently much more adept at Chronoscopic, and was a requirement of all Blyro'Tralzica members.


Fifth DimensionalEdit

The Taldar could still exist in even higher dimensions, but I think the fifth being their home fits them quite well. The reason why is not just because its more plausible, but if it follows that, it is easier to explain. My idea comes from the Holographic principle. We, are really living our lives in the fith dimension, ourselves are "encoded" into this dimension on a 2D surface wrapped around the fith. Matter and energy, are both essentially the same thing, and can be described as physical information. However, we only percieve a 3D world because we are projected into this dimension.

The second reason why I think they could live in the fith, is even stranger. We view time, as one instance to the next in the 3rd spacetime dimension, in the fourth, it is like a long road and in the fith, the Taldar would be able to look at different possible future timelines which could rise from their moment (they could influence what future they want by simply viewing the fith dimension). This is my idea of how they time edit time, and their sense of Chronoscopic. We view time through a tiny window, so we only see instances, the Taldar have a much larger window in which they can simply pick and choose which universe is better suited. The only problem is, would be changing time in the past, but perhaps they have a different mechanism.

So, the fith dimension could be their home, but maybe they can explore even higher dimensions. By changing past events, they would have to fold into the sixth dimension, go back in time and then change it. Instead of creating nasty paradoxes, simply a new timeline is formed which they can enter. The DCP, is now embarking in exploring the fourth dimension, however, this means they can only cross different universes entirely, not ones with different timelines conneected to each other.''

- WormulWormulon Talk to me 17:50, October 28, 2010 (UTC)


  • I have to thank Wormulon for his info on how Chronoscopic comes from virtual energy!
  • Believe it or not, while Chronoscopic was created after Psionic Energy and Demonic Energy (which were the first 2, making Chronoscopic the third energy on the wiki), Technobliterator had no idea either existed when it was created!
  • During a time in which Taldar fiction was under development, Chronoscopic was the fiction's saving grace, and so the Taldar fiction was based around it


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