This page will describe what is known of the capabilities of Taldar. Vyro'Narza "technology" is Kardashev Scale V, meaning it is capable of fully manipulating matter and energy, including the continuum that lies beyond, such as dark energy and is within the bounds of Tier 0 godtech (see the Chronoscopic reactor). There are many Vyro'Narza artifacts which show capabilities of the Taldar, but do not have any specific name or cannot be classified as anything in particular.

Understanding spacetime on their level[]

The Spacetime bowel is an example of their power over the 3rd dimension.

Holographic manipulation - mastery of matter and energy
The Taldar inhabit a higher dimension, the fith dimension, giving them much higher dagrees of freedom in their region of spacetime. First of all, the fith dimension is often known as Holographic space (the Holographic principle), where matter and energy is quantified as "bits" of information, on a boundary. This projects itself into the 3rd dimension as the familiar strucures of the universe. The Taldar can "edit" matter and energy by harnessing its projection from the fith dimension, allowing them to influence star formation, create black holes, change the density of space by using huge mass and gravitatonal disturbances, from using dark matter in higher dimensions.


Their second major power, is that in the fith dimension, they can easily stretch over various quantum realities (Many Worlds Interpretation). The Taldar can easily be immune to the outcomes in one just one timeline, and they can carefully select which one to choose from, this is known as Time Watching. Chronoscopic is one of their unique senses on observing the multiple histories of universes. If Taldar willed, they could prevent entire multi-universe histories from ever existing, and rule an multiverse this way. However, not only is this against the Taldar's teachings and purpose, but it would be prevented by the Traffphyds.

Chronoscopic powers

The majority of the Vyro'Narza's capability draws from their of Chronoscopic, and has ability to perfectly control the flow of spacetime. Time is extremely delicate, this means Taldar can perfectly manipulate time to their will, observing all possible timelines as well as simulating them. They can dictate the laws of Time, and have to account for every inch in time from their Time Pods (a 3D projection of 5D time control). If it is not accounted for, an anomaly will occur, and Taldar will have to pause time, rewind to when the anomaly occured, and fix it. They also have the ability to dictate motion, age and many other factors. It is the Vyro'Narza which makes this all seamless and exact as it nurses the timeline; each and every move is calculated with mathematical precision by the Taldar so as to ensure everything fits perfectly, and mortals do not notice a thing. So, for example, if a ship was travelling at extreme speeds, then Taldar would slow time down, but ensure the ship travelled at the same speed compared to others. Other time manipulation includes warping spacetime, time travel and ability to nudge things out of the space-time continuum (with Chronoscopic).

5D position

To gain a clear understand, watch the embedded video on 3D to 2D:


Being that the Taldar are in the 5th dimension (their 3D forms are remotely controlled in the 5th), they have an even greater overview of the 3rd dimension than the 3rd dimension does over the 2nd.

Transuniversal travel[]


The Taldar are also capable of altering reality in universes. From their time pods, they can use Chronoscopic and the Chronoscopic spawn energies (found in Chronoscopic organisms) to alter the laws of reality, as well as bend forces (such as gravity and electromagnetic force) to their will. The reason for this is unknown, although reports suggest it was used in war. An example of this was during the Quantumhorde crisis; the Taldar used gravitational manipulation (mixed with Dark Chronoscopic to speed up the process and Chronoscopic to stabilize the process) to create a bowel in space time, a sort of vortex. The ship that does this is the Technobliterator-class.

Gravitational Communication

Taldar also have information based on gravity, and can use gravity for communication. About gravitational communication and other tech. Now, gravity waves, are ripples in spacetime that propagate at the speed of light. When they pass through things, those objects gets larger and smaller, but on a tiny scale (unless the waves are monstrous). However, as the Taldar are advanced enough, the Taldar can gather information based on gravity. Once more, gravity would go too and from extra dimensions, which opens up the possibility for interuniversal communication, information based on gravity which is not easy for most civilisations to detect. However, using gravity can affect space time. But due to force senses from Chronoscopic, they can use gravity to sing, talk and communicate. This is how they communicate with 3D beings. This is used for telecommunication and hidden messages.

Fecund Universes

Taldar can also create other universes. They usually put together several particles (Chronoscopic particles) and making them 'explode', in the same way as the Big Bang theory. They can also fill this space by creating planets, star and other astronomical entities out of Chronoscopic spawn. Another way the Taldar have described their creation of universes is by using their black hole (Dark Chronoscopic is capable of creating Black holes). The Taldar will create a black whole where it won't cause any harm (usually in Vyronia), connect it to an unfilled region of space (how they make this region remains another thing that no one has discovered). There, they spin it around so quickly, that when it collapses, it drives an expansion of space time on the other side, which is joined by the ring of singularity (the interior of the black hole). This is called a White Hole.

Mastery of Matter

The Taldar can master matter by warping spacetime to move particles around, and place/throw them wherever they will; from a 5d being this is as simple as chopping a chip in half. This is used by the Vyronicia Drone. A simple way to explain this is human scientist Antony Garrett Lisi's E8 theory:

<youtube> xHw9zcCvRQ </youtube>

Also, using Klein-Gordon equations, the Taldar could potentially create what is known to mortals as Klein-Gordon fields, capable of changing the state of spacetime, changing all particles.


The Taldar are capable of many other things, such as streaming universal data (see here)(not to the extent of the Big Collective Consciousness). Also, the Taldar can edit what is known as the Planck constant, meaning the speed of light can be altered (not that was relevant to them with their mastery of time), but since this is fundamental to matter, the Taldar can use this for enjoyment (in the universes they created) or for military purposes.


It is common knowledge that the Taldar can simply remove their enemies from time, but Taldar prefer to wage war, especially on those who aren't as affected by time and cannot be completely removed.

  • The most basic advanced offence against this dimension is to simply edit realspace; editing the information that holospace (5D) projects to realspace (3D) means the Taldar can twist anything
  • One Taldari Guardsman can destroy much more by:
    • Causing a worhmole- For Dark Chronoscopic, using the spacetime bowl, this is incredibly easy to do.
    • Spacetime bowl- Similar to the one that'll crack stars open, spacetime bowls could, infact, destroy much more, especially when Taldar combine their energies to incredibly devastating effects.
    • Supernovas- From their 5D position, Taldar can simply drag supernovas and stars - the same way we drag and dop on a computer with a mouse- to positions that can be devastating; even slightly moving a star's orbit could destroy ecosystems in seconds, and dragging a supernova around the galaxy could burn it. Dragging nebulae isn't as effect; all it could do is choke the entire planet, which isn't as devastating. Since a Taldar doesn't have to do this from his/her 3D form, they are often done before Taldar even attack the galaxy, sometimes as pre-emptive attacks.
    • Ultra Mass Destruction- Using their spacetime bowl, if multiple Taldar combine their energies, they can make it cut through 3D realspace itself. This can, potentially, destroy a large part of the universe, or an entire universe if more than one are used. It cuts open a whole in the 3D realspace, which is a black hole, and makes them larger, making all fall through into a void of nothingness where nothing can survive. Incredibly tough beings can go to 2D space, where most will die of their 3D consciousness being crushed into 2D space.
    • Besides this, the only known Taldar method is to get their starships to make even shorter work.
  • Taldar could potentially pause time and do as much damage as possible, meaning the galaxy is all but destroyed in a nanosecond.
  • With no limits, a Taldar could remove an entire galaxy or universe from time using similar methods, but would need at least 14 Taldar to combine their energies. However, Taldar normally won't simply remove an entire universe without afterwards simply because it's against their teachings. However when facing foes such as the Xhodocto, this is a common tactic.
  • Take into account that the Taldarologists' research only covers as much as the 3rd dimension.


Most of the known Taldar capabilities is mere trinkets compared to their real power.


Here is a brief summary of Taldar's capabilities (note that many of these powers are ones the Taldar cannot perform, due to teachings against and unfairness on mortals), it will list their abilities without describing their full power-

  • Extended abilities in spacetime
    • The ability to arrive before events
    • Command over Time, motion and mobility
    • Multi-Universe (multiple history travel- time travel to them is just navigating through timelines)
    • Ability to nudge things out of time (from a tiny pin to an entire multiverse)
    • Taldar can also create Time bubbles with Chronoscopic, which sets it outside time and (if the Taldar will) outside the universe
  • Informational power (with matter and energy being editable)
    • Warping spacetime (using heavy masses such as dark matter and energy)
    • Changing laws of reality to their will
    • Information tech based on gravity
  • Altering the density in space
  • Manipulating matter and particles to their will and moving their position/throwing them about, used as their weakest weapon in military and for building (incredibly quick, as long as a few nanoseconds + Chronoscopic making time irrelevant), moving objects, changing their shape, etc, to the extent they can change the state of spacetime itself
  • Military
    • Ability to create spacetime bowels which can cause devastating effects
    • Create wormholes in seconds
    • Remove the opponent from time (in multiple ways, and multiple outcomes)
    • Essentially, in the weakest Taldar military, 14 could destroy the universe
  • Other things: streaming universal data,
Less complex

For those who aren't so good at science or find this confusing, here is a summary of Taldar time pods:

Taldar are nursing the timeline from Time Pods. However, if someone fails to work prperly, it'll all fail. So, for example, when the holidays are over, or a Taldar is late to work/slacks off, then to us...

  1. "What the... didn't I just eat this?"
  2. Rattling...
  3. CRASH
  4. BANG
  7. BOOM
  9. Comet crashes nearby
  10. "Why am I a baby? Why am I in space... no, right next to mars? Why am I going all over the place?"

A voice comes: "Sorry, we are having some technical difficulties. Please stand by." It's the Taldar informing everyone that they screwed up; they will fix it (they just will, or an AI will) then remove everyone's memory- no one will notice a thing.


  • Technobliterator had Wormulon's help with the majority of writing this!
  • The universal creation is based of Fecund Universe theory (thanks to wormulon for this). The Holographic Principle, Informational physics, study of Dark matter and energy have also contributed to making the Taldar more detailed, with Wormulon's help. So was the idea of gravitational communication. The rest and core ideas of the Taldar was by Technobliterator.
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