A mortal like us think that becoming immortal fifth dimensional godlike being a good deal. But to the Taldar, their new reality actually make them slaves to time itself, as they lose much of their liberty. We very grateful to have such creators, but their story serves as warning for the power hungry.

- Tuolog

The Vyro'Narza, better known as the Taldar, are a mythical, godlike race of Essentials who are believed to operate behind the scenes of the omniverse, as the well known "controllers" of time, playing the part of watching over and maintaining it. Operating under the sympathetic and loving goddess Vyro'Nazdea and alongside the malevolent Vyro'Ralza, the Taldar are one of the most prominent and powerful godraces, as well as the most sympathetic with the plight of three dimensional mortals.

Collectively, the Taldar are a group mind, a hive mind where the individuals still retain some identity, and are beings of the holographic fifth dimension. They watch over the "projection" of the universe in three dimensional space from the fifth dimension from which it is projected. Myth has it, as the caretakers of time, the Taldar's main role is to smooth it out by preventing anomalous elements occurring in time and space that could disrupt the flow and continuum of time. Additionally, the Taldar are beings of a phenomena known as Chronoscopic, an Essence connected directly to the fifth dimension that allows those who use it limited manipulation of holospace, and therefore, limited manipulation of time.

Aside from keeping time, the Taldar are well known as the creators of Ottzello, and as the godrace behind the religion of Blyronism. They are known also for fighting under the vision of their creator, Volzara, to seek a future free from the Xhodocto's reign of terror, and are as such, closely associated with the Xol'Etra and Vi'Navitum who share this goal.

History Edit

Origins and archaic history Edit

In a now-destroyed universe, quadrillions of years before this universe, the Taldar Empire spanned across an entire galaxy as one of the most advanced races. Led by its emperor, Zargoth, it was among the first to theorise about the existence of holospace, or the fifth dimension, and its link to the flow of time. Many Ancient Taldar scientists, including Volzara, had learned how to manipulate this to travel through time, and change the course of history itself.

The Taldar Empire took advantage of this technology at once, and used it for what it believed to be a noble goal: to benefit the species. By travelling through the past, the Taldar Empire could undo many of its great mistakes, right the wrongs of history, and prevent disasters before they happened. However, when the Taldar Empire took medical technology to the past, it was given the idea to take all of its technology to the past, so that it could advance at a far greater rate. Not only that, but it could solidify its control over the galaxy, and become an unstoppable force. Before long, they wished not to merely become a hyperpower, but to transcend the third dimension and become a godlike race.

Their constant meddling with the fifth dimension, however, had caused space and time itself to shatter. Through their overzealous use of time travel, and their damage to the very delicate fifth dimension, the Taldar had brought the universe to a breaking point, that could cause it to be destroyed. This led to the intervention of the Xhodocto, as Krathazhrukhal himself arrived to scourge the universe to prevent the damage done from leaking across the multiverse.

Instead, the leading scientist Volzara, based on her research into the idea of making the Taldar a godlike race, returned to make an offer to Krathazhrukhal: the Taldar would instead become servants to the fifth dimension, forced to watch over it for eternity to prevent such tragedies from occurring in future, and fix the damage they had done. She would serve as Krathazhrukhal's personal servant away from them, while Zargoth would lead his species to achieve their new purpose. Krathazhrukhal initially agreed to this, but Zargoth protested: out of his love for Volzara, he pleaded that he instead be made Krathazhrukhal's servant, and Volzara take his place as their leader. The amused Krathazhrukhal agreed to this, as the Taldar became the Vyro'Narza, Volzara led them as Vyro'Nazdea, and Zargoth became his servant, Vyro'Ralzora.

War of the Ancients and hiding Edit

Volzara and the Vyro'Narza took well to their new roles, and created a realm, known as Sequencium. The Taldar themselves had little freedom as part of a group mind, and kept themselves preoccupied with their goal of watching time throughout. They were made up of an Essence known as Chronoscopic, fifth dimensional holomatter that allowed them to manipulate worldlines and timelines. As they went about repairing and watching over universes, they left much of this Chronoscopic Essence behind, and a limited number of mortals were able to make use of it to have very limited levels of manipulation themselves. The Vyro'Narza met other extradimensional Essentials, races with a similar purpose to them, including the Vi'Navitum and the Obvia'Atra (before they were annihilated), as well as a being known as Kraitoss.

The Taldar were unsatisfied with merely fixing time. Seeing the wrath of the Xhodocto, and the harm they caused upon mortals, made Volzara wish she could do more to protect them. Therefore, she, the Vi'Navtium and the Obvia'Atra attempted to oppose the Xhodocto's rule. They could not challenge the Xhodocto directly, but could challenge the Zhulultu and their other servants. The Taldar, as with other Essentials, created several of their own universes, and their own third dimensional progeny, which they would entrust with the Vyronicia Fleet that they had used prior to becoming a godrace themselves. Furthermore, they began to interact with the precursor races of several universes to attempt to steer them away from the influence of the Zhulultu. In this universe, they shared information with the Vida'Rranlora and the Kormacvar.

Meanwhile, Zargoth, as a Xhodocto servant, created his own race, the Vyro'Ralza, also known as the Traffphyds, based on the dark spectrum of holomatter known as Dark Chronoscopic. The Traffphyds would serve the Xhodocto more directly, and unlike the Taldar, felt no sympathy for mortal life, or any feeling at all. Therefore, in Zargoth's eyes, they could be more objective in their point of view. They would seek to undermine Volzara's efforts to liberate the omniverse of the Xhodocto.

Eventually, the Zhulultu clashed properly with Kraitoss, the Vi'Navitum and the Vyro'Narza in the War of the Ancients, a long and brutal conflict spanning an entire multiverse, obliterating many universes along the way. Every side sustained heavy casualties, and thus, mostly faded away, with the few surviving Taldar returning to stay focused on watching over spacetime. Meanwhile, Kraitoss created a race known as the Krass in this universe, the universe that was the final battleground of the War of the Ancients. The Taldar in turn created their own galaxy, the Ottzello Galaxy, with the hopes that their third dimensional would one day serve a higher purpose.

Return and mortal discovery Edit

Millions of years after the date of the War of the Ancients in this universe, the first interaction that had ever been had with the Vyro'Narza came during the Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello, when the Galot Republic and the Delpha Coalition of Planets obtained several Taldar artifacts before a Taldar known as the Taldar Elder spoke to them, the one who had created the Loron and the Norol but exiled himself due to their failure. Following this, the Taldar later provided indirect aid throughout the War of Ages, before finally being involved once the universe was briefly plunged into Inferno.

The Taldar remained silent after that point, until the Second War of Black Fog, in which the Taldar Elder played a small role helping the allies defeat the Corruptus. The Taldar then appeared to mortals during the Annihilation. At this point, the Taldar were responsible for helping the Ottzello Galaxy survive by moving it temporarily to the Milky Way Galaxy, while preparing the Ottzello Sector in the Borealis Galaxy. Finally, the Taldar intervened during Da Blak Kroozade, to try and prevent Zargoth from using Gratz'kaoz from tearing apart the fabrics of spacetime.

The Taldar continue to watch over mortals, and will protect them from the influence of the Xhodocto wherever they can.

Characteristics Edit

Capabilities Edit


A Taldar's awareness awareness extends across the universal wavefunction; whenever they look at any particle of matter they see probability waves of its branching timelines in the past and future. They see this as a spacetime map.

Within their role of watching over space and time, the Taldar are supposed to have a role mostly behind the scenes, and if they are correctly fulfilling their role, three dimensional mortals will not notice them at all. Furthermore, due to laws made with the other Essentials, the Taldar cannot directly intervene in a universe, for doing so permits another Essential to also intervene, and the clash could destroy the universe. Nonetheless, the full extent of the Taldar's capabilities makes them godlike, as from the fifth dimension, they have omniscience and practical omnipotence.

As fifth dimensional (holospace) beings, the Taldar have an even greater overview of the third dimension (realspace) than the third dimension has over the second. They have a far higher degree of freedom and a total immunity to the laws of physics governing the third dimension entirely. They are capable of perceiving all moments of the universal wavefunction within time simultaneously, rather than sequentially, and can stretch over various quantum realities (akin to the many-worlds interpretation) without becoming entangled into them.

Spacetime bowl

The "spacetime bowel", an example of their power over the thirdrd dimension.

As the fifth dimension contains the holomatter from which the third dimension is projected, the Taldar are capable of altering "bits" of information within that holomatter to effectively harness its projection from the fifth dimension, which can include influencing star formations, changing the density of space, or even creating black holes. An example of this is the "spacetime bowel", in which the Taldar create a gravitational bowel within the fifth dimension that can crush third dimensional space and create a hole larger than a black hole, effectively crushing huge amounts of space, and if they chose to, entire galaxies within seconds. Another example is, by altering information in holomatter and using the Klein–Gordon equation, the Taldar are capable of creating Klein–Gordon fields which can change the state of spacetime entirely to their will.

The Taldar are capable of creating and destroying entire universes by weaving together information for them in holospace. By placing enough holomatter information to plant the seeds from which evolution can naturally occur in a universe, they can create entire universes full of alien civilisations and wild phenomena, or even create a universe governed by laws entirely different to this one.

Physiology Edit

The fifth dimensional forms of the Taldar transcend matter, and there is no distinction between their awareness and their "form". It would also be impossible to visualise their structure in only three dimensions.

However, in order to appear within the third dimension, the Taldar present compressed bodies of their awareness in the form of three dimensional avatars, which are projections of information beamed from a fifth dimension surface. These forms are also made of Chronoscopic Essence, and typically appear as glowing gold and green 3.7 metre tall humanoids surrounded by glowing energy. Their form has been described by three dimensional beings as magnificent, though they can bend it to their will.

The Taldar make up a group mind, which is similar to a hive mind with the exception that each Taldar has a small amount of individuality. When Taldar are grouped together, their Essence potential grows exponentially, and Taldar are typically found in groups of three or seven. Taldar communicate normally through very slight gravity waveforms to pass information to one another, as well as to send soundwaves to mortals so that they may interpret the Taldar. Taldar who have been cut off from the group mind, normally through self-imposed exile, are severely weaker and have much less contact with the others, and Taldar who have been severed from the group mind and compressed in the third dimension simply become stronger mortals.

The Taldar forms have no sexual dimorphism, as there are no sexes and the Taldar simply "reproduce" by designing new holomatter that will form an awareness of its own. Although Volzara is distinctly recognised as female, due to being the mother of the Taldar, the Taldar themselves are genderless, and can normally be interpreted as either. The majority of scientists and historians have referred to all the Taldar as female, due to their connection with Volzara and the fact that Taldar refer to all their deities bar Zargoth as female, though individuals such as the Taldar Elder have been referred to as male.

Philosophy Edit

The Taldar follow a set of beliefs that determine their responsibilities, as well as the various figureheads that they follow.

The Taldar philosophy declares that time is the most powerful ruling concept over the universe, of which ultimately, all things within the third dimension fall mercy to. Everything is temporary, and must have a beginning, go through its own journey, before reaching its own inevitable end. With these truths known, the Taldar know that they have no place interfering with time itself, for all events occur naturally.

They also believe that mortal life is precious precisely because it is temporary. As a mortal life only has a short existence compared to that of the Taldar, and have the liberty to achieve many great things that the servants of time cannot, the Taldar feel a responsibility to protect them from outside harm, and to ensure they can therefore live out their fulfilment of their lives. It is the responsibility of a Taldar therefore to keep the spacetime continuum flowing for their sake.

The Taldar have worship Vyro'Nazdea as their Supreme Goddess, but adhere to four other deities: the Beginning, the Journey, the Course and the End. These four deities are symbolic the four stages that all matter in the third dimension goes through: it must have a beginning, it must go through its own journey, before the course of time inevitably takes it, and it finally reaches its end. They also fear Vyro'Ralzora, the Dark God who is but a necessary evil, and destroys those who seek to tamper with the fifth dimension.

Several mortals, particularly from Ottzello, follow a similar set of beliefs to this, known as Blyronism. Volzara is universally recognized as a goddess throughout the Borealis Galaxy, though worship of her is uncommon outside the Ottzello Sector.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Green face "There are many beings we shall co-operate with."

Connections Edit

Green face "We shall keep in contact."

Neutral Edit

Blue face "All things begin, and all things end."

Enemies Edit

Orange face "One day, we shall end them."

  • Vyro'Ralza - We may coexist with you, but you are fundamentally wrong in who you serve.
  • Xhodocto - The greatest tyranny of all must one day end.
  • Xi'Arazulha - For your crimes against our progeny, you shall face consequences.
  • The Corruptus - Your crimes against this galaxy, and our progeny, have made you something we shall seek to bring an end to.

Quotes Edit

The greatest deities of all Ottzello's history. We are truly honoured to call them our creators.

- Valzaria


- Fre'kloar

Too blinded by their sentiments are they to see that their path is misguided.

- Zargoth

Struggle, and struggle again; ignorance is the paramount reason of this amusing existence of yours.

- Angazhar

Formidable? Yes. A thorn in the side of my struggle, to be sure. Nevertheless, as ignorant as any other opponent of the Great Presence. The so-called 'gods' of these dimensions are no more intelligent as a spec of dust before the unknown, and their war against the unknown is absolute folly.

- Lord Zhuleshxi

I am grateful for the aid the Vyro'Narza have provided to our galaxy, though I've always found it odd how beings like them are actually true and not mere fairy tales.

- Vekaron

The progeny of time now only exists to succumb to the Nightmare. There is no empathy to be had for mortals; only war and conquest.

- Murangon Nal

We shall feed on your people's essence. Our hate goes beyond the boundaries of time.

- Shu'wokerama

Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This fiction has gone several overhauls. Originally, it was created as an instantly overpowered empire, immediately prompting a rewrite. It was later reworked into a precursor race and as one of the Essentials.
  • The Taldar's model, that constitutes their three dimensional avatar, was created by Xho, while Technobliterator created the fiction.
  • The Taldar were originally simply created as a generic godlike precursor race to rival the Xhodocto. When they were written, the focus was on their manipulation of time, inspired partly by the Zoni from Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, and various hard science fiction.
  • At one point, the Taldar had over 80 pages and related subpages, in an attempt to make them as detailed as possible. This was toned down heavily and reduce to fewer than five, as the creator believed that the subpages were unnecessary and would quickly go out of date.
  • Wormulon and Ghelae have contributed heavily to the science fiction explanations of the Taldar's abilities.
  • Special thanks go to Xho, OluapPlayer, and TheImperios for their major help with creating designs. The Valader uploaded the current main page pic.

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