Vulketh is a Vulrulan officer in service of the dreaded Regellis Star Empire, a brutal, cunning and dangerous officer who is utterly without mercy towards his prisoners.


Born within the borders of the Regellis Star Empire, he was trained and schooled as an officer onboard one of the many cruisers of the Star Empire.


Surrounding Ramikku and Corva!

Upon the incursions and warfare against the New Cyrannian Republic, he was assigned to serve under admiral Tai'Rex.

For his abilities and tendency and interests in science he was assigned the warden and commanding officer of the prison facility at Riphar-15JD, a former Rambo Nation research facility.

In the first month of 08 AQF, he had an encounter with the crew of the Falcon who managed to aid a prisoner in her escape. During the following chase, his ship was disabled and was forced to retreat back to Riphar, vowing revenge upon the Falcon and its crew.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Vulketh is a cruel and unpredictable Vulrulan, with a natural pride of overconfidence and supremacy over other Star Empire races, he believes all of the Cyrandia Cluster should bow to the might of the Star Empire. Without mercy for prisoners, he actually cares for his soldiers, guards and loves a great hunt. He is also quite paranoid and believes that if he makes a wrong move, he will die while eating or drinking something poisonous.



Blue faceI salute thee

  • Tai'Rexa great admiral, a true Regellis officer

Orange faceRiphar is waiting for you!

  • Claire Ramborun little girl, run!
  • Corvayou won’t last a minute as Rhipar, my dear
  • Tyroniuswithout the gun, what is left of you?



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