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Major Characters[]

United Republic of Cyrannus[]

Rambo Nation[]

Delpha Coalition of Planets[]

United Republic of Cyrannus[]

Part One – Departure[]

The Avenger leaving Cyroenia.

The ‘’Avenger’’ is a highly advanced Venator-class Star Destroyer constructed in the year 1 BTC by the Shipyards of Cyroenia for the Republic Fleet. At 1,540 meters long, it is a relatively large destroyer commanded by over three thousand officers. The ship was originally commanded by Fleet Admiral Cretecea, and was the flagship of the Fleet of Retribution; however Cretacea graciously passed it down to his favourite officer, Captain Helo Roslia, a veteran of the March of the Apocalypse.

Born on Caprico’an in 27 BTC, Helo Roslia is a very capable and experienced officer; he is wise beyond his years and has experienced a lot since the beginning of his military career. Probably the strangest thing about him is an apparition of a young woman that has been appearing to him since the end of the Intergalactic War. This apparition refers to herself only as Shelly Liada and appears as an attractive Libertus. She is often very forceful in her beliefs of a One God and claims to be a messenger of it.

Captain Roslia was overjoyed with his promotion to captain and Fleet Admiral Cretacea’s generous gift, the Avenger. Helo arrived at Cyroenia just as the huge battle that plagued it ended, the space above the planet was filled with debris and his shuttle had to slowly navigate across it in order to avoid an impact. Helo cursed the Confederacy under his breath, while trying to look oblivious to Shelly’s presence in the seat beside him. She was being unusually quiet, though looked rather amused.

What are you smiling about?’ Helo asked under his breath in order to avoid the attention of the pilot of the shuttle. ‘Wake up and smell the progress, Helo. I always knew you had leadership capabilities, this is a sure sign of the One’s love for you.’ Helo smiled nervously, he knew to never question Shelly’s religion.

Just as Helo was about to comment on Shelly’s statement, his attention was caught by a huge ship dock, housing over twelve Star Destroyers, one of which was destined for the exploration of unexplored space. The Avenger was newly cleaned and retrofitted for all the challenges that its designers expected her to face. Helo looked on in awe as the gigantic destroyer contacted the shuttle. This is Avenger Actual, you have permission to land in hanger bay four. said a female voice, Helo recognised it as a Libertus. Roger that, Avenger. the pilot said in confirmation. The small shuttle proceeded to land on the Star Destroyer, where a group of troopers greeted Helo and escorted him to the bridge. ‘Not too shabby’, Shelly says as Helo enters the bridge. The bridge crew all applauded the new officer of the ship, before he gives the command, ‘Engage hyperdrive!’

Part Two - It has Begun[]

The last thing Faus sees.

Before meeting up with Kilnok and Rambas in the Xanthra Quadrant, Helo was ordered by Fleet Command that he was first to seek out new life in the unexplored Cyranai Satellite Galaxy, a small system of 12 million stars, that is closest than any other galaxy, (even the Quadrants) to Cyrannus. Happy that he was making space travel history, Helo asked his Adelphi navigator to plot an immediate intergalactic wormhole jump to the southern edge of the Cyranai Galaxy.

Helo walked around his bridge as the vast hyperspace tunnels darted past the view screen. ‘Ah, the wonders of the One’s creation’, Shelly said as she marvelled at the bright blue tunnel before her. Just as Helo was about to respond under his breath (to avoid any crewmembers becoming suspicious), the ship dropped into normal space to reveal the newly documented galaxy. ‘Send out manned shuttles Alpha and Beta to record any signs of intelligent life’, Captain Roslia ordered his Trucinex communications officer. ‘Yes sir!’ He replied. Helo decided to return to his quarters and study the astrometrics of the region, while waiting for the two shuttles to return.

Meanwhile, Shuttle Alpha picked up an ancient communications beacon several light years from the Avenger’s position. Obeying the standing orders given to him by Captain Roslia, Lieutenant Faus, a Libertus decided to investigate. Eventually, he discovered an abandoned space station, which looked like it hasn’t been used in centuries. Checking his scanners, Faus discovered that the air inside the station was breathable. Letting his more reckless side get the better of him, Faus decided to dock with the station.

‘This place is so old and empty’, Faus muttered to himself, just as he entered a long room with a table in the center. On the table were several documents, which to Faus’ amazement, where printed in Cyrannus Basic! Before he had the chance to read across the documents, the station vibrated and stuttered. Startled, Faus tried to rush out of the room; however he was stopped, when a single female being entered the door from which Faus came through moments before! This was the last thing that Faus ever saw, the female picked him up by the neck and throw him across the room, before smiling as the station started to rock with explosions. ‘It has begun’, she said smiling, as she exited the room.

Part Three - The Bisistar[]

The Avenger makes contact with unknown ships, just before they open fire.

Two months after the disappearence of Lieutenant Faus, the Avenger was yet to pick up any signs of his shuttle, not any signs of any sentient civilizations. Captain Roslia decided to inform Republic Command that he intended to leave the Cyranai Galaxy and join Warlord Kilnok on his voyages. However, just as he was about to order his crew to form a wormhole three gigantic ships appeared directly in front of the Avenger. After a few moments, the Draken Security Officer reported that the ships were scanning them and after what seemed like an eternity the lead ship contacted the Avenger. Unidentified vessel, state your name and origin came a cold, female voice. Captain Roslia picked up his strength and replied, I am Captain Helo Roslia of the Star Destroyer, Avenger. We come from the Cyrannus Galaxy, from which your galaxy orbits. To whom am I speaking? Helo said. Cyrannus? The voice replied. Yes. It is our home galaxy. After a a few seconds, the unknown ship opened fire on the Avenger, which recieved heavy damage!

Get us out of here! Plot an imediate hyperspace jump! Yelled Roslia to his navigation officer as the entire ship began to convulse under the firepower of the enemy ship. I need time to plot in the coordinates sir, if not we could come out in the middle of a star! I don't care we need to get out of here, just fraking do it, Lieutenent! Cried the captain furiously. The ship then went to lightspeed, hurtling away from the unknown ships. However, the Avenger was severly damaged and until it was repaired, it was not going anywhere...

Part Four - Invasion[]

The Bisistar Attack

The Avenger was quickly falling apart, with each hyperspace jump back to Cyrannus (the Wormhole Generator was malfunctioning) large portions of the ship were falling apart. Captain Roslia was trying his utmost to keep the crew of the ship functioning in order to return to Cyrannus in peace. However, he was quickly becoming aggitated with the Messenger known as Shelly's constant appearences, telling him that the One would show him the way to safetly. He had no time for her preaching and sat on the captain's seat in annoyance.

However, the security officer reported that the two Bisistar ships were gaining on the Avenger. In fear, Roslia ordered the ship to engage it's hyperdrives, but it was too late. The ships began to flank the Avenger and open fire on its bow. The bridge was rocked with explosions and Roslia heared the hull begin to creek and give way. Shelly appeared to him once again, saying that if only he listened to the One, the way would be shown. Ignoring her, Roslia was just about to order the crew into the escape pods, the navigation officer told him that the intergalactic wormhole generator was finally repaired. Wasting no time, he ordered to escape.

As soon as the ship entered the wormhole, they reappeared near the shipyards of Charcati, in the Outer Rim of Cyrannus. However, before they could dock and repair the ship, an entire fleet of Bisistar City ships appeared over the planet, and within two minutes, the colony and the shipyard was destroyed. Before they could notice the Avenger, Roslia ordered the ship to return to the Core Worlds, hiding their hyperspace signature so that they couldn't be followed. He had dire news for High Command... the Bisistar have invaded the galaxy...

Delpha Coalition of Planets[]

Prologue - The Departure[]

As the dust began to settle in the newly claimed Commonwealth of Cyannia in the Cyrannus galaxy, Warlord Kilnok, his fleet of 50 Subjugators and a Gargantuan met with Vice Admiral Cretacious and Captain Rambas II to explore new territories. Much of the First Gigaquadrant was unexplored, but the DCP wanted to expand ever further. Kilnok was transferred to the new ship Iron Hammer. The nearest major unexplored territory was the Xanthrus galaxy. The DCP did have colonies there, but was eager to expand after the cessions in the Treaty of Galayru.

Part 1 - Xanthra Cluster[]

The three captains, and their fleets joined at Cryoenia, where they set off to their first destination, and that was Xanthrus. The cluster was so distant at well over 30 million light years it took the large fleets over a week to reach it. If the DCP had used shift, the speed would rise expotentially, but the DCP opted for hyperspace so they could travel with the Rambo and URC. As soon as it reached the edge of thw Xanthrus spiral, most of the colonization ships and research craft began to expand existing territories, strengthening the DCP and SSA's position. It would become the Sanctuary space for the DCP and SSA, and the DCP shall build other large fleets to aid their besieged colonies (the DCP by now was fighting the MSP/Vartekians/Imperial Remmant, Grox/CAS/Tralor and the Marinoxidiz/Iteok.

But other riches remained, such as the Niumbus and Lyra galaxies, inhabited by two massive and wealthy empires few had heard of. There was great technologies too to be uncovered. The three fleet commanders set off in their ships, bravely into Astrum Incognita...

Journey of peril - Anomalies[]

The colonies of the DCP that existed in the Xanthrus galaxy were only on the very edge of the Rim. For reasons yet to be discovered, the Xanthrus Cluster was riddled by spatial anomalies, massive gravitational waves created by colliding black holes big enough to tear systems apart and stranger still, rifts in time. The Raven'rii favoured this region, its near-impenetrable maelstrom cloaked much of their mysterious activities. But within the delphs of the galaxy's murky interior lyes incredible secrets and great treasures, including 3 ecumenopoleis of the Core Federation.

One of the known anomalies was a mysterious nebula, known as the Violet Ghost Nebula, often quoted as "sweeps throughout the galaxy's eastern arms once every age", it is unknown what causes the nebula's appearence and dissappearence. The DCP wondered whether it was related to a similar feature in the Milky Way center, known as the Paradox of Youth, a star forming region that occurs time to time around the Core, only to be chewed up and erupted into the abyss. Yet sweeps through indicates something else entirely. Warlord Kilnok, Admiral Horlin, Dr.Kenders and a crew of scientists were dispatched in the Iron Hammer to investigate. Using inertial dampners, Tachyon shift and frequent graviton sweeps Kilnok was hopeful that anomalies would be detected, but as Kenders warned, some appear randomely. But the nebula's location was seperated by over 3,500 light years of space.

  • The wear

It was not long before an anomaly had claimed its first victim. An expeditionary team of the Seven Starr Alliance was ensnared in a gravitational sinkhole. The anomaly was similar to that of a black hole, almost identical infact although this was caused by turbulent phenomena in subspace, and once inside space calms to a standstill (the light is still able to escape and spacetime is falling at the speed of light). Since the ship was not Tachyon shift or ghost capable, its mass would increase and time on board the ship would dilate in time, causing its crew once inside to fall fast into the future.

Luckily the Iron Hammer was within a range of 30 light years, which ghost phased above the sinkholes near-event horizon. As the crew looked blow they could see a dull grey light, as some of it was escaping (as young as it was when it had fallen in, as light has no mass), Dr.Kenders advised that that firing nearly all the negative mass on the ship aboard would decrease the total mass of the sink hole, flattening the the gravity well enough so the the ship in peril could fire its thusters at full force and escape. Using subspace superliminal communication Dr.Kenders tried to instruct the strickned vessel to direct full power to its thrusters, but unfortunatly the sink hole was stronger in subspace and the information wasn't being recieved...

Unfortunatly the commander of the falling vessel was in a panic, and accidently directed to the wrong angle, the ship spiralled into the sinkhole, it looked as if it had been gone for good. As the crew of the Iron Hammer watched helplessly the ship passed through the horizon, and appeared to slow down just above it like a black hole. It was over.

But then Kenders and his collegue Droon thought up a solution. The ship once in the gravity well was actually safe, the inside of such wells were cal,, however because space was moving at the speed of light into the sinkhole, the ship would be forced to time dilate to the future. It was estimated that at the distance x speed x mass covered, the ship would be stranded 25 years into the future, where it would be able to use its FTL to escape (space was calm inside). For the crew onboard however, hardly any time would have passed. So Kilnok ordered a cannister carrying the information needed should be dropped into the sinkhole as well. Content that hopefully the crew will free themselves back into normal time 25 years in the future, the Iron Hammer left. Despite the ghost phase, the Iron Hammer was still subject to some time dilation, and had travelled 6 minuites into the future.

  • Eubranchids

After the Iron Hammer's rescue, its exotic matter reserves was quite low, so Kilnok ordered the ship to stop by at a nearby star to refuel via the bussard collectors. The superheated hydrogen would be enough to kick the generators into working again. But as the ship was refueling, the ship detected an inhabited planet, scans revealed a very fertile world indeed.

The planet was fourth from its star, and its composition registered as quite a normal silicon crust, but the atmosphere was five times thinner than standard Grimbolsaurian worlds (absorbing more hgeat yet releasing it more quickly into space), yet the planet had a huge life signiture. Several sterlized probes were sent to investigate, meanwhile, on the planet...

Swaying slightly in the gentle warm wind of the west, the organism and it neighbors stretched out in the direction of the rising heat spread, recieving its life giving energy, and behan to generate what was lossed to the cold rise. Yet, as it watched from inside its transparent chamber, it could see another, smaller heat spread, yet it was far cooler than the daily rise. It was approaching, the heat spread had never done this before, suddenly a feeling of mutual nervousness spread throughout the community, and soon wall buuilders were strengthening the outer walls which thicker sap.

As the probe travelled over the surface, it was flying over a jungle-like forest of plant-like organisms. Yet as the probed zoomed up on one, it appeared to have giant cells, that reacted to the probe, thickening its walls. Other plant-like flora recieded into the ground.

The thing, much like the Grazers extended a long tebndril, that scraped through the protective membrane. How could this be possible, no grazer could tear through. Some of his neighbors began ti get submitted to their own fear.

As the probe inserted its instrument into the plant, it detected smaller heat signitures inside, that were in motion, a whole cluster of organims were living inside. Was were they using the plnt as a home or did they have a symbiotic relationship?

The temperature inside the colony was now dropping, and several of the organisms neighbors were too close the opening, and they were succumbing to the cold rise.

As the probe scanned the colony, it discovered it had a neurological system. Was it an animal? But it also photosynthesized and cllected water and natrients from the soil. But as the probe continued its scanning it found that in fact the plant was a colony of animal-like organisms. The cells inside were in fact eusocial organims who had built a colony that they can control (like coral and Man O' War false-jelly fish). It was more like a sky skraper than anything else. In fact the entire jungle was a living city of eusocial organisms. Soon it was realized that they created these to conserve heat that was easily lossed from the planet's thin atmosphere, and that by puncturing the "stem" they had caused harmed it. The probe moved back, but as it watched the "tower" rebuilt itself. Never had such an ecosystem been discovered before, an entire world of colonies. However, the Iron Hammer was ready to press on and it called back all its probes.

Unlike any grazer the organism had seen before, the thing left as quickly as it appeared. The breach was being sealed and he decided to help clean up the mess to his shared home.

  • Gut contact

The Iron Hammer was now a 1,360 light years from the Violate Ghost Nebula. As it was announced by one of the astronavigators, Kilnok considered how mere this distance was to the DCP. However, he remembered that to a civilization with very limited FTL or none at all, such a distance was inaccessible. It struck a memory, one from seven senturies before, when the Grimbolsaurians were only beginning to explore space, and Kilnok reflected how much had occured both in his life and the lives of his people, perhaps as much as twelve to fourteen generations of them, give or take considering how lifespan had increased each half-century. Kilnok should not have seen most of that, but earlier in his life he was able to acces the secrets of old lifespans...

Suddenly, a short-range signal had been detected from a nearby star system. They had wandered into the territory of a civilization, and the Iron Hammer intercepted exactly where it was coming from. The planet was orbiting a good distance from an O-type star, and scans revealed that it had a civilization. It wasn't long before ships from the surface moved into investigate. They scanned the Iron Hammer, but made no moves. Kilnok sent several incoming communication windows, however, no reply was made...

The ships held their positions, they were no harm to the Iron Hammer. Meanwhile, some of the crew scanned the planets ecosystem, which was very strange indeed, it lived mostly underground, detected via emissions from cave and fissure outlets, but some extremely UV resistent life stood on the surface, basking in the ultraviolet sun.

Admiral Horlin and all Jarzo onboard were struck by digestive problems. He had recently eaten, but was complaining of pains in his bowels, and when the medical team checked him, they discovered he had no healthy bacteria in his stomach, not a trace, and he was suffering from not being able to break down his food easily. It was easily solved, however, it became obvious that the mysterious civilization was more intersted in the bacteria carried in the stomach carried by Jarzo, and had teleported them away. Their biodeversity and ecosystem was so unlike the crew's, that they had no interest in the sapients on board, as they simply did not recorgnise them.

The Iron Hammer left the system before more bowel movements would begin...

  • Violet ghost nebula

In the last 1000 light years, there was a dramatic increase in anomalies. As the Iron Hammer searched for inhabited systems along the way, they found every system sterile, of course, they could not rule out the possibility of Truly Alien life. The nebulosity was getting thicker and thicker, and so were the gravimetric shears, making sensor readings difficult. The crew decided to speed up the ship instead of slow down, the faster in shift the less physical the ship became, and so the less susceptible to dangers. But as the tachyons lost ever more mass, the ship's speed increased expotentially until they hit the location of the so called nebula. Kilnok ordered full stop, and has soon as the tachyonic field was dispersed the ship made a complete standstill, and no g force was felt.

There was no sign of any nebula. As the legend goes it sweeps by once every eon. There was in fact, no trace of any evidence that the nebula existed. What the nebula only temporary? Where did it go and was it a metaphor? The Iron hammer began to explore surrounding star systems in search for its evidence. At a conference held later, Kilnok believed they were hasing spacer tales. Horlin pointed out they turn out to be true sometimes, like the Grox signals that led to the long war between the two factions centuries before. But Kilnok believed there was more to see in the galaxy, and that the trip hadn't been a complete failure. The Iron hammer began to leave the region, but then a signal was detected behind the ship. The Iron Hammer followed pursuit, and before them a violet glow began to appear out of no where. Obviously they were dealing with some intelligence. "Scan the cloud", commaded Kilnok. The command screen turned green. There was no sign of any anomalies or rifts which it could have passed through, then suddenly, the nebula ensnared the ship the the crew blacked out.

Kilnok woke to find himself in a great, desolate battlefield, reminiscent of the War of Ages. He could hear the sounds of battle in the distance, and looked over a hill top to see the armies of Onuris and pre-revelation Xhodocto fighting each other. He readied his weapon, crafted by the Krassio themselves capable of gunning down one of the monsters. In his scope he saw his friends, allies and crew he served with both living and dead fighting in the middle, some dying. Kilnok realized he was in astral plane, another realm of perception, a vibration of consciousness as real as the normal one, well, in his reality, and not a lucid dream. He astroprojected there before. Astral planes often have meanings, and he must find it, yet to stick to its rules. Seeing Horlin getting grabbed in the Xhodocto's claws was enough, he fired a powerful shot, turning the Xhodocto into shards of frozen nexidium. Five Xhodocto advanced on him, he fired more shots, this time the Xhodocto deflected each one, and Horlin was crushed. Kilnok knew Horlin was not really, killed, rarely do two beings enter the same plane unless telepathically linked, unless indeed they were. Kilnok drew is sword, lighter than air yet stronger than Xhodocto skin, Kilnok was skilled enough to slice each one. Then he saw Kenders trapped, Kilnok charged but the Yoburt's small body was squashed underfoot. Kilnok was seeing a pettern taking place, no matter how hard he fought, he could not save his friends. There was a massive explosion, he lost grip of sword which floated away. As he watched, the sword struck the sky and shattered it, and from this hole descended a godly being, violet in colour and gigantic, yet as it descended it began to shrink until it became his size, everything around him blurred away like an oil painting.

Kilnok was no stranger to meeting strange races.
"Greetings, this is Warlord Kilnok of the Delpha Coalition of Planets."
**Long pause**
**In a childs voice** "You are my friend now"
"This is good to know, but where are my crew, and i want to be back on my ship to speak to you."
"My friend to play with forever and ever"
Kilnok's leg was dragged like he was a toy. "Let go of me", "No silly, its a game!" replied the being. Kilnok now found himself on a checkered table, there was hot tea set in front of him, faintly Earth-like, meaning it was insipid, Grimbolsaurians prefer to add zink rather than sugar. They were not alone at the teaparty, his crew were there, slumped like soft toys. "What have you done to them!", Kilnok declared sharply, the being chuckled. "Look, I don't like this tea, its time for me to go", Kilnok stood up, and the being's face turned like a temper tantrum. Kilnok was grabbed and forced to sit, he realized he was this creature's toy, he will have to play along. What plane was he in now? "That hurt, now, why am I here?", Kilnok was bleeding slightly. "Aww, have you got to a boo boo?", the childish being started singing "Nar, nar, nar" like a siren, and produced a first aid kit, fake one of course. "You haven't explained why I'm here, why are you?". "Because I've been naughty, grounded to my garden, it gets lonely, so I get friends", the being pionted and to Kilnok's horror, the "toys" were those of captains lost in the nebula, broken like toys and obviously dead. "What happened to them?" questioned Kilnok, "They were mean and didn't play along, silly!", the being chuckled again. Kilnok realized how much danger he was in, the only way out was to play along...

Five cups of tea later, Kilnok was getting bored. "How about we play a game?" asked Kilnok, "A game of hide and seek". The child, whatever it was, clapped its hands with excitement, "Too much caffiene" thought Kilnok. "Okay! But no running away", Kilnok nodded his head half smiling. As soon as Kilnok got the chance to hide, he activated his cloak. "That was...Easy." However, Kilnok had underestimated his captor, who began to glow more and his cleak fizzled out. The child shreaked with rage and chucked Kilnok against a wall, and continued to smash him against it, Kilnok instinctively fought back, he didn't care how young this being was, in the interests of his own life and struck his blade, which passed through the beings body. "Uh oh". "PLAY NICELY" screamed the being, "Or what? I don't think YOU ARE" shouted Kilnok with as much verocity, or "I will run away again!", this had hit something, and the kid began to cry. "So why are you playing if you are grounded, rather spoilt aren't you?", "Your a toy, your supposed to talk, unless you have a power cell!" The being looked straight through Kilnok, seeing the very functions that keep him alive. "Wait, if you put me out you can't talk to anyone!" The child's face changed again, "How about, we have a picnic with the others?". "Okay, I suppose"...

The scene was, macarbre. The dead captains were arranged on a table, slumped and almost toy-like. The being brought out fake food, it was not evn real. "Eat", it demanded. Kilnok pretended to. "You know, where I come from, toys are a lot more exciting", "Oh yeah. What do they do?" "They can cause explosions and kill". "Kill? What is that?", the being questioned. "The only way, is for you to let me go to my ship and show you" Kilnok replied. The child got up, and tripped over a stone pateo, it indeed felt some pain, and Kilnok realized that things could still harm this being in its own realm, even if stuff from his didn't. But then, what was he thinking, obviously there was no mallice, this mighty being, perhaps is but a child and in its real does not experience mortals and feels of others. Kilnok formulated a better plan, that was of a puzzle. This child despite its intelligence had been spoonfed everything it wanted to learn, and probably didn't have much practical experience, so Kilnok replicated a simple rupix-like cube. The being at first merely glanced at it "Its a new toy, work out how to play with it", the being lossed attention, and focused all its abilities on solving the puzzle, obviously with lack of experience. Like children often do, the new toy replaced the old one, and the realm began to fade away.

Kilnok woke up, along with the other crew, all had stories of a similar being, in Horlin's, Kilnok was one of the slumped toys at the tea party. Kilnok believed that it was merely the child of a powerful race, who had been grounded, in the universe time for millions of years, and out of lonelyness the being captured wandering starships. The ship was surrounded by the thick nebula. "Lets just get out of here!" Kilnok snapped, "don't even bother coordinates!", and the Iron Hammer plunged deep into the galaxy...

Deep dive[]

The Iron Hammer was now deep within the seemingly volatile galaxy, it was a wonder how the CoreFed managed navigation.

  • Threads of timespace

As the Iron Hammer wandered ever deeper, ever further, they detected a massive gravitational echo 500 light years starboard. The gravity waves were so powerful it had knocked stars out of the galaxy, akin to something like a supermassive black hole, yet they were only known to exist in the center of galaxies or in mergers. The Iron Hammer went to investigate...

Soon sensors were detecting a massive anomaly in the readings. There was one, very, every long line, stretching for thousands of light years, and it was completely flat and completely one dimensional. Surrounding this line was a massive gravitational distortion, contorting light and splitting the galactic view behind it into two. Yet, despite this, the sinkhole of gravity was not like a black hole, although it had as much mass, one would have to get very close to be pulled in.
"Sir, what had beholded in front of us, can only be a cosmic string."--Dr.Varanashi
"Can you give me justification on your assessement?"--Warlord Kilnok
"Well, the object is as thin as one femtometer. Its gravitational cut off is like that formed by a conical singularity."--Dr.Varanashi
"Isn't the DCP's science board looking for a cosmic string"?--Captain Horlin
"Yes, they actually observing one up close has great importance for our cosmological models, and fragments are being researched for an unprecidented power source. We had better alert Dr.Kenders."--Warlord Kilnok
"Then what are we waiting for! In the DCP's name!"--Captain Horlin
The Iron Hammer was now several Astronomical Units from the cosmic string. "Sir, I have detected another strand, we seem to be imbertween them!", said Varanashi. "I wouldn't be so abrupt to go too close the strings Warlord." Kenders said suddenly. "We might be too late, the cosmic strings are sweeping by each other, best move away" said Varanashi. The Iron Hammer moved to a safer distance.

The Iron Hammer scanned the strings, they were very hot, causing electromagnetism and the weak force to combine, much like the early stage of the universe. For cosmic strings are frozen defects in spacetime, crystallized artifacts left over from when the universe transitioned. However, the crew didn't realize, that the cosmic string is actually two lines, one, the spacelike string was the one they were observing, but there was another, a timelike string. A one dimensional road back and fourth through time, travelling one way down it would result in time travel, and this string was extremely old.

"The two cosmic strings seem to be looped together. In theory, when two sweep by each other, they create a time loop. If we passed imbertween, we would "arrive before we depart". This of course will result in a paradox, I suggest we just travel over the top during our data collecting." warned Dr.Kenders. So the ship began to travel along one of the strings, avoiding the paradoxical time loop. But strange things began to occur, the space between the stars seemed to register as getting warmer, and the density of free hydrogen increased. "Hmm, this is odd, the space wasn't like this before on our charts." Dr.Varanashi said, but then Kenders said rather worriedly "I have made a big mistake". "How so Kenders, you hardly ever do?" asked Horlin, but Kilnok realized that when Kenders was wrong, it was a big issue. "Kenders, please explain"...
"I have made a critical error, I forget about the timelike horizon of the cosmic string, as we travel down it we are descending into the past. This is a problem, because, although we can travel back up to the time we departed, it will be a different quantum future."--Kenders
"Ughh, What do you suggest we do now we are stranded in time!"--Kilnok
"We...Do nothing."--Kenders
Kilnok retreaed to his room, and began to drink sim-blood ale, and listened to the Band of Ages, especially the track The Guy Who Likes Democracy. He would never see his friend again, lossed in time. Kilnok pondered how it was his fault, for meddling with nature and its complexity far greater than anyone could grasp. "Served me right", he kept playing it over and over. He let Horlin take command. It was decided that they would soon turn the ship around and hope if the future they emerge in is similar enough. Meanwhile, Kenders was having sonocleanse, even this was making his ears sweat. Kenders then realized a crucial way of getting home, and teleported out of his shower still undrest!

Horlin was in the process of turning the ship the other way, back to some future. "STOP!" shouted Kenders, Horlin was taken aback by this order.
'"I have orders to turn the ship around"--Horlin
"That maybe so but I override it under section UUAE4 subsection B5i!"
"Look, w are still partially connected to our timeline, we are entangled with it. If we simply leave the cosmic string we will be teleported back to our departure, but if we turn around we will seal our fate. Spacetime outside is three dimensional."--Kenders
"I hope you are right, my old friend."--Horlin
"Think about it this way, here is our chance to be free, while if we do it the other way we are sure to wind up in a wrong quantum reality."--Kenders "Go ahead, do it."--Horlin
Nothing spectacular occured, the ship simply left the vicinity. But when the crew looked on, the sjy was back to normal. Kilnok was now in the command center. "Which one of you saved us?", Kenders was about to answer when he noticed everyone was looking beyond him. He folloewed their gaze. They saw their earlier ship fly down the cosmic string, and vanishing. "Timeline restored" Kilnok released a sigh of relief.

The Iron Hammer was on its way back the nearest DCP colony, where it would plan its next voyage. The Xanthrus galaxy was indeed a very exotic place, full of discoveries and riches exploration teams were discovering. Yet was full of dangerous anomalies, suggesting something deeper to investigate. The cosmic strings will be revisited, fragments could outweigh a terrestrial planet, and energies from the early universe was being transmitted forwards in time, the cosmic stringf was a potential power source. But with an object so old, it indicated the Xanthrus galaxy may hold important secrets about the early history of the universe. Cosmic strings are believed to stretch across the universe, where they looped they caused slight distortions in matter causing them to coaggulate into galactic clusters. Not only do they have space and timelike horizons, they have a superhorizon, stretching to higher dimensions as well...

Part 2 - Sana and Forma galaxy[]

The Iron Hammer was now within range of the Forma and Sana, two galaxies spiralling into each others embrace. The ship turned up at one of the remote DCP outposts just outside Forma, the larger of the two, monitoring a red supergiant on the edge of death, so bloated Kilnok could see the galaxyscape behind it oddly transparent disc, a chaotic tangle of stars and colliding superheated galaxies. The station itself was within part of the supergiants atmosphere, and was not far from a large, dark convection cell not unlike a storm, however, the density was several thousands that of Mirenton's atmosphere. The Iron Hammer was now in very unknown territories, the ancient Ilkwia Eropsii cluster. Once at the outpost, at a safe distance obviously. The sister galaxies were slowly merging.

The Iron Hammer docked with the Eropsii outpost. It was a small, rather shabby deep space colony, and quite obscure. It was one of the 15 DCP colonies in the merging galaxy. Kilnok and Horlin were taken to the command center to catch up with the latest news from the DCP's exploration, where they met Gregai Ragor, a female Flitt.
"As you can see, we are monitoring the activities of this supergiant, it is on the edge of death, and despite our breadth across several galaxies, this is a rare oppotunity." - Gregai
Gregain now walked beyond the monitoring room to a cooling plant, "We are having some problems with life support, we would lke your aid if we can get any." asked Gregai.
"Fine, buit can you tell me of the races here?" - Kilnok
"Of course. As is well known, Ilkwia Eropsii cluster is full of mysteries. We have found artifacts that seem to correlate to the First One's technology in the Milky Way, although there are things that we believe to be more profound, of Xyanxian origin, and possibly others left by the Baryonic Lords, the Xe-, no. We now call them the Naucean." -Gregai
"This is an interesting connection." -Horlin
"Furthermore, I'm sure you know that the Sporemaster Alliance has some interesting members, including the very old Guardians of Times Gate, Omega, Lost Ones and the Astrolights. We were opening relations with the alliance up and until recently, but they have descended into a massive war, and I mean massive. We have lost contact with the alliance. But there is two more races." -Gregai
"We call them, the Forgetful's. The Forgetful Ones are two massively ancient empires, of an age long before the Sporemaster Alliance. The two live in either galaxy, their true age is unknown, but tales of old indicate that they inhabited the Forma galaxy before its collision with Sana, at least according to legend. But it would explain the two have been at war for so long, a conflict so ancient either races had forgotten why they were fighting, yet have an instinctive hatred for one another. Constant war caused them to evolve and their cultures to change so much they had forgotten why they were fighting, and even their names. Either of the Forgotful Ones have abundant resources and the extremes of navigating the galaxy is a reason why one has never toppled the other, and how a mixture of a many-millenia war and post-scarcity had inhibited advancement. The two refuse contact with most of other races." -Gregai
"So you want us to study them?" -Kilnok
"Yes, the two races have been at war with each other so long they have evolved into the special niche. By researching their evolution, it could shed light on our evolutionary path. Also, it seems races like the Xyanxians, Naucean and First Ones were more influential on the universe than previously thought, possibly close technologically to the Omniptent Four."-Gregai
After helping with repairs, the crew left the outpost. Gregai had warned them that space travel was difficult in this galaxy, but after exloring the Xanthrus galaxy this one was like smooth sailing, or so they thought...

Shortly after the Iron Hammer left the shroud of the supergiant, it was joined by a fleet of ships which turned out to be the DCP. They were an order of knights who's task was really to to uncover ancient relics of technology left by high tier empires. They were the Crusaders of Mirenton, and have existed since the Grox Resistance, uncovering alien technologies.

  • Boiling ice

Gregai pointed the flotilla of ships to several locations where life had been discovered. In one, life signs had been detected on planet with a superdense atmosphere. It was not a gas giant, but its surface temperature was estimated to be over the boiling point of water. Probes were sent to the surface, whether they discovered superheated ice beneath a greenhouse gas atmosphere. The planet left a trail of hydrogen behind it, as water vapour was sent into the high atmosphere where it was split into oxygen and hydrogen. It was what the DCP called a ruined planet, there was evidence of civilization that once existed, by means either naturally or artificially, the planet plummeted in a runaway greenhouse effect before its civilization could react in time. The world may well have been a water world, but its heavy atmosphere had compacted the superheated water under such weight it had reached metastability and became a solid. But life itself had not perished, as the probes studied, they accidently lifted some ice which instantly sublimated into gaseous vapour. There were burrows under that ice.

The life was unusual, they were endoliths, yet lived in ice, so they were hydroliths. Yet, ice was land to these. Autotrophs collected carbon from the atmosphere. As they diued carbon waste was collected in burrows by millions of other life forms. Deeper still, the carbon waste's density increased. Excess water vapour split in the atmosphere and carbon was beind drawn beneath the ice. It might take hundreds of millions, even over billion years, but life, perhaps, was restoring the worlds original splender. One day there would be a cooler, thinner atmosphere again, the ice would melt and dry land would return...

Sporemaster Alliance[]

As Kilnok and exploratory ships were in the process of charting the Sana and Forma galaxy, they got a call from the Sporemaster Alliance. They were re-opening communications, and luckily, be peaceful intentions. The Iron Hammer was orbiting sone of the supermassive black holes at the time in the merging galaxy. It was the first merging galaxy other than minor dwarfs merging with the Milly Way the DCP was physically observing. More ships arrived for diplomatic talks however, and soon the mysterious races and their histories were about to be revealed, and they had a lot to say...

  • Great Library

As the DCP ships were exploring the Sporemaster Alliance (at least where permitted), the Iron Hammer was contacted by one of their members, the Omega, a curious species of sentient beings said to be as old as the universe itself, however, speculations on existing before the universe remained a mystery. The Omega invited them to the Great Library, a vast databank of all the knowledge of the Omega.

The megastructure was one of the largest the DCP had encountered, built over the ages of the universe. As the ship docked with the Great Library, the ship scanned that it was in fact slowly growing at an imperceptable rate. The structure was however, built of a vast network of scaffolding, built, or grown, layer upon layer. Vast structures so vast even at great distance were easily seen were nestled through the web of the library, vast cities and nature reserves when Kilnok and his crew stepped out. They were nealy within the structure, and the atmospheric density was nearly a vacuum, however, scans from deep inside revealed thick bubbles and films of air pockets that had congregated naturally within the labyrith. As Kilnok re-adjusted his cybernetic eye, forms began to take shape. One such approached, a giant multi-faced dodecahedron. It spoke, with every mouth, echoing through the labyrinth. The voice, which it had chosen Kilnok considered, was intelligent, yet, slightly down looking on the tiny beings below it.
I am Penta-Ourugon, I am your guide in the Great Library. -Penta-Ourugon
Greetings, Penta-Ourugon. My name is Kilnok, the tall guy is a Jarzo. -Kilnok
We know of your races, we know of your adventures. Penta-Ourugon-
The Library. It is the font of all the knowledge of the Omega. Billions of years of it. It not only houses all of our knowledge, but it incredibly effective at graviphotonic computing.
And for billions of years, this datum has been storing data of the cosmological history. -Ashan-Over
Correct. -Penta-Ourugon
The Omega directed them onto a shuttle that transversed the structure, it was as large as several astronomical units, but the webwork of growing material's density was not much above liquid water. They passed several worldlets and small short-lived fusion stars that kept the worlds lit, no larger than the transport they had been taken on. Now, another Omega, Penta-Flouronic came with them. Now it spoke.
The Library is not unlike a computing network in purpose, however, the Library works on different principles. Software is easily corrupted, wetware must be maintained and is unreliable over long time scales, resulting in disasterious neuronic cancers. Even nanoware, as your civilization has found, can spring into its own life. Instead, the technology of the Library is simple. The material you see is crystalline. Its hardware. It is technology civilizations even less advanced than you have, but on this grand scale. -Penta-Flouronic
And what material is crystallized? -Ashan-Over
Astroligium, it is what we need to grow as well. -Penta-Ourugon
So, you are basically feeding this great crystal ro maintain its growth. -Ashan-Over
Yes. -Penta-Flouronic
Is there any competition between your races needs and the Library? -Kilnok
Astroligium is a rare comodity. Deeply routed in our past, wars were fought over astroligium. Whether it should go to sustaining the Great Library, or whether it should be used as our life source. -Penta-Ourugon
So, you are slaves to your "grand machine"? Is it more important than your existence? -Kilnok
We discovered a way to slow down the issue. We feed the bodies of our dead. Their knowledge is absorbed into the Library as well. Marvellous, one day, even I will be submitted to the knowledge of the ancients. -Penta-Ourugon
Very poetic. But it must end eventually. -Ashan-Over
We have discovered something however. That situation need not ever arise. -Penta-Flouronic
How come? -Kilnok
When you know the motion of every particle, every object in the universe and see its trail through space and time, you can predict its outcome. I know, it goes against everything your quantum physicians say, and they are right. Nothing can be predicted without some variable, some uncertainty. There is possibly an infinite number of futures, but every time we look to our great Library, we see the numbers, thinning, drastically. The end time is coming soon Kilnok. -Penta-Flouronic
The great crystal ball. -Kilnok
That is a good analogy. -Penta-Ourugon
Kilnok and the crew were taken back to the Iron Hammer. The Iron Hammer had since grown 0.5 the width of a proton since they had left, something Penta-Ourugon somehow noticed. They finally talked about the Technoosphere merging with the Great Library, but the Omega simply spoke one of their famous riddles. Penta-Flouronic told them that their next trip should be the Time Galaxy.

  • Guardians of Times Gate

Times Gate, from a distance.

Stories from travellers of the two galaxies spoke of more which were touched by the alliance. One such galaxy was the Time Galaxy, a galaxy consisting of 5000 stars spread over 300,000 light years.
This isn't really what I would consider a galaxy, its spread far too thinly. -Kilnok
Yet, the entire expanse is oxygen in its third state of ionization (O III). -Horlin
This galaxy does have a huge gravitational well, corresponding to dark matter. -Kenders
You look troubled Kilnok. -Ashan-Over
The Omega are not the only ones to fortelling destruction you know. Advanced races, like the First Ones and Daleks have left this space and time. Then there was the mysterious entity, Wormulon and the spore Cultists. -Kilnok
The Iron Hammer past over the plane of the galaxy, despite being 50 light years thick, in comparison to the width of the galaxy, it was razor thin in the perceptions of creatures who had not evolved to understand such sizes. Everywhere the Iron Hammer went there were remnants of the galaxies previous existence, dead planets from forgotten stars, and occasional heliopause pocket in the green gas, where a star is still burning. Sir, these previous coudn't have vanished too long ago. It is still glowing, though much of the nebulae are plentary nebula's and supernova remnants. Kilnok, something happened here. Said Horlin.

Ashan-Over screamed. Mist entered the bridge. Life support status? Ordered Kilnok, The life support is fully operational replied the onboard computer. The mist congealed into a Taldar. I know your face, you are Mac. Said Kilnok, And Titanozor has spoken of your exploits. He replied. Our reputations preceed us. Kilnok stated. Mac revealed that he was Penta-Flouronic all along. He had guided the Iron Hammer here, because he believed Times Gate to be a relic of the Taldar.

The ship was steered to within roughly 48ly from the Core, there was a ring of stars. Mac said there was trillions of ships - The Guardians, all the same, bird-like in design. There were nearly as many dead ships, TIAF ships here and there there, Bunsen exploration vessels thah had been captured. Not wanting to join the ranks, Mac created a time slip around the ship, cloaking them from the fleet. Kilnok also turned on all shields, cloaks and the ghost phase, just to be sure. Ships of all sizes, shapes, classes and races built up the vast graveyard.

The ship reached Times Gate itself. It had the appearence of a black hole, but internally, was something far different, it was more like a null space. Ships of the guardians were flying to and from the object. Mac said it was safe to enter, so they did.

Inside. There was nothing, except a feeling. Almost manic. The presence knew they were there, and every defense issued was deactivated. Suddenly a huge fleet looked down on them, and there was the Guardian himself. Even Mac was confused. The Guardian tood before them. What an excellent addition to my collection. Kilnok said, Well, it is a pleasure, but first, can you explain yourself? The Guardian replied, How rude of me not to introduce myself. I guard the gate. It is outside space and time, transcending the universe. It is the gap between reality and unreality. Join me and you will be granted with immortality. Kilnok, We, find the concept of the unchanging, well, boring. Oh? Say that to the trillions of Guardians. Now Mac spoke, I will not allow this, we are very similar yet very different. You are outside time, I am the apex. We cancel each other out, if you attempt to collect us, it will be mutual. Time Gate simply said Fair do's.

Activating all defenses, the Iron Hammer went into full speed out of Times Gate. But they were being followed. A fleet so thick it blotted out the green nebula chased them, firing weapons powered up for billions of years. Luckily due to the ghost phase, they penetrated through the ship, some hitting planets causing them to vapourise instantly. Kilnok ordered nothing to be fired back, and soon the ship was beyond Time galaxy's rim.

  • The peace of the lost - part 1

The founding members of the alliance, the Lost Ones, were a society of machines that had been created in a different universe. The Iron Hammer docked to a large space station, the Norredisl Large, a spherical ship with a ring shaped frame. The northen pole was transparent, and housed ecosystems of every empire in the Sporemaster Alliance.

The crew were greeted by a Diplomatic form. The machine scanned the crew's neurobiological systems in order to communicate in the best possible way.
We expecting your arrival.
This is good news. What shall we call you?
You may call me what you please.
Umm, Star Sailor, after my old ship.
So, Star Sailor, what purpose does the Lost Ones want with us?
We need your help. Against our foe, the Astrolights.
You do realize, we are on a diplomatic mission?
Ah. We are not asking you to fight for us, in fact the Astrolight will not be harmed.
Tell me more...
Our story stretches across eight universes, however, despite surving all of them, our experience of time is not like yours, we do not measure the distance in time from present to past as an extreme as most species do, thus, it is as if they only just happened. We were created by a race we have forgotten due to the Astrolights, glitching our databanks from jumping universes. We share about the same technology level, for this reason we have not advanced much beyond. Stay with me Kilnok, I will skip most of the story, to our 6th universe, Tantio.
And what types of universe are these?
They are not the same universes you are thinking of. They are the "quilted universe". The universe expanded rapidally during inflation. They are connected by spacetime, like bubblerap, but each region is a googleplex apart. Some have more density than others, making their age vary.
In each universe, we learned a new emotion. In Tantio, we learned to have mercy. The Astrolights met us. They disrupted our machinery, they hated technology, believing it to become their end. The universe's 42 races (a reason why we never understood), were kept in a low technological state because of them. In order to defend ourselves we fought a war that left only one last Astrolight, which we kept alive for the rest of our journey.
Could you describe them a bit more?
They live on the surface of stars. They evolved between the electromagnetic reactions between a planet and its star. Yes, they should be impossible, but tell that to the last Astrolight.
Believe me, we have found a met many things that should be impossible to our small minds.
A while ago, you would have been able to speak to our Astrolight. But it escaped, during our civil war. They hop from star to star, and replicate like viruses inside. They cause stars to die as they reproduce.
That is scarily similar to a race of dark matter beings we know of...
Luckily there were never many. But if they reproduce, a tell tail sign is a dying star.
One of our colonies is within the photosphere of a red giant.
We know. We do not want to harm it, but we should not let her replicate, or our galaxy is in danger.

  • The peace of the lost - part 2

A fleet of Lost One and DCP ships congregated to the Eropsii outpost, skimming the photosphere of the bloated supergiant. It had been confirmed, an Astrolight was in the star, and was replicating itself. The mission was to destroy its replicated Astrolights while containing the main Astrolight in electromagnetic fields.

The Astrolight children would parasitise the star, gorging on its stellar matter and building it into their own bodies. The colonists of Eropsii came up with a solution, the W/Z boson disruptor. The weapon disrupts the weak force in stars by inserting Q solitons, which would starve the young Astrolights early in their development, halting their growth. The plan was containment, bot destruction.

But they got it wrong. The density of the Q-ball solitons was stronger than the inward pull of gravity. The star died in a supernova, luckily for the colonists and the fleet they were at a safe distance. The extreme electromegantic stesses created, at least according to the Lost Ones, was too much for the young Astrolights to bare. However, a glimpss of the adult Astrolight was seen, and it was very, very angry at the death of its children...

The Iron Hammer continued to explore the Sporemaster Alliance. The Descolda Esparioa sent it down in the wrong direction for a luagh, into the space of the Sap Hive Mind, the most isolynist of the alliance. The Alumini were seen, who say they only use magic. Other DCP ships encountered the Nanite Swarm and helped them on their quest for bio-nanotechnological perfection.

Forgetful races[]

The Forgetful Ones are two massively ancient empires, of an age long before the Sporemaster Alliance. The two live in either galaxy, their true age is unknown, but tales of old indicate that they inhabited the Forma galaxy before its collision with Sana, at least according to legend. But it would explain the two have been at war for so long, a conflict so ancient either races had forgotten why they were fighting, yet have an instinctive hatred for one another. Constant war caused them to evolve and their cultures to change so much they had forgotten why they were fighting, and even their names. Either of the Forgotful Ones have abundant resources and the extremes of navigating the galaxy is a reason why one has never toppled the other, and how a mixture of a many-millenia war and post-scarcity had inhibited advancement. The two refuse contact with most of other races.

  • Eternal Return

Rambo Nation[]

Vice-Admiral Rambas exploration mission in Xanthrus[]

Rambas was furious, as the Quadrantia Disorder and the Great Cyrannus War were raging on, he was assigned to exploration duty with the Avanger. He just returned from the Battle of Cyroenia and now he was to go to the unknown regions, meeting with the DCP and URC there. He resupplied at Ramaprica, the capital of the Rambo Nation colonies in the Cyrannus Galaxy and headed for the Xanthrus Galaxy.

However, arriving there he did not encounter Kilnok or Helio, instead he saw no one and asked his communication officer if they were at the right location. The hel, officer looked surprised and hesitated to tell the Vice-Admiral, but did so none the less. He told Rambas he had no clue where they were as sensors were spinning and they even lost communications with Rambo Command.

Rambas sat heavily in his chair and sighter, what a great start for an exploration mission crossed his mind............

Time-loop trouble!

Rambas was annoyed, he surely had missed his rendevouz-point with the captains of the URC and DCP. With sensors spinning out of control Rambas II and his crew had no idea where they were, only knew they were in the Xanthrus Galaxy. The only thing they noticed was a large nebula and a black hole nearby, for the rest there was complete silence. Even on long range sensors and communication.

Rambas shook his head, and went to his office, he promised his crew they would continue there search in the morning, as they just left the battle of Cyroenia and re-supplied at Ramaprica, the crew had not rested for quite some while now. Yet, at 02:00 am Rambas was awakened by the alarm of the USS Caprica. He dressed himself and went straight to the bridge where the evening lieutenant awaited the Vice-Admiral, he was a tactical officer and belonged to race of the Dagian, and Rambas was actually quite fond of the Dagian Lieutenant, though not at this moment.

The USS Merced meets the USS Merced

"Why did you awake me and alerted the ship Lieutenant" Rambas demanded. The Dagain turned, and simply pointed his finger to the bridge window. Rambas eyes widened, they were inside the green nebula now. An male Amphibiahria crewman and female yeoman Feolhviaeri with bags under eyes because of the nightshift looked feared. They didn't knew what was going on and indicated that the ship hasn't moved a single meter. They thought the nebula simply swallowed them. Rambas looked troubled, there weren't any nebula's in the Quadrant Galaxies, nor in the Cyrannus Galaxy for that matter that moved positions.

As of a sudden the ship was rocked by an explosion as a electric charge hit the right engine of the USS Caprica. The female Feolhviaeri hang onto the Vice-Admiral while the rest of the nightshift crew went to there stations. The yeoman looked shy with blushes on her cheeks, the Vice-Admmiral simply smiled, he knew it was her first outer space mission and she came aboard when re-supplying at Ramaprica. Rambas looked firm and ordered to raise the shields and charge the engines to leave the nebula. The Dagian Lieutenant, in charge of the nightshift rose from his station and looked affraid, a rarity for him. Rambas looked outside again, and thought he went insane.

The V1 version of the USS Merced was coming straight at them and was hit by an electric charge and exploded. With the shields still down his own USS Merced took heavy damage and immedate the warp core was hit by an electric charge and overloaded. Rambas could only shout to evacuate the ship but it was too late. The USS Merced exploded and was lost with all hands........................................................

Captain Rambas awoke at 02:00 am, he had a bad dream and seeminly the alarm of the ship went off. He sighted, the Dagian Lieutenant in charge of the nightshift had awakend him, while he needed his rest and he didn't like to be awakened in the middle of the night. Rambas left his bed and changed his cloathes and prepared to go to the brige.

Under Attack

The USS Caprica opening fire at the unknown dagger like ships

Rambas awoke, he was glad the anomaly and event did not destroy the ship, yet somehow he slept badly and had wierd dreams about the destruction of the USS Caprica. Luckily contact with Rambo Nation was re-established. It seemed the ship was somehow trapped in a loop, as they had vanished from radar and contact with Rambo Command.

Now, travelling for many days there were still no signs of Warlord Kilnok or the Avenger and Rambas grew worried. He feared the worse. When the USS Caprica reached the edges of the nebula 3 ships appeared on radar. The Dagian tactical officer called Rambas to the bridge. On the viewscreen three blue dagger like ships advanced towards the USS Caprica. Rambam his female yeoman Feolhviaeri, with bags under eyes because she had also slept badly, gave the Vice-Admiral a mobile database, indicating that the dagger like ships were encountered before. Rambas eyes widened, it was of the same design which destroyed the USS Eagle of Captain Ramikku.

"Raise the shields, red alert" Rambas voiced sounded over the intercom. Within seconds the entire ship was ready for battle. Rambas sat in his chair, opening his tactical screen he nodded to his Dagian tactical officer. The dagger like ships began surrounding the USS Caprica and began opening fire. Rambam raised his hand, a sign to the Dagian officer to fire a volley of 4 photon torpedos and firing phasers at the nearest ship!

Luck came to Rambam and his crew when one of the ships was being drawn into a sudden opened black hole, forcing the other dagger like ship to aboard the attack. Yet the black hole released an electric charge straight to the left warp nacelle, incapicating it. The Feolhviaeri yeamon smiled, the Vice-Admiral really was a great captain in her eyes. The Dagian officer informed Rambas that the ships had aboarded their attack and left. Meanwhile the USS Caprica exited the nebula, and began repairing the damage and scanning the area for the Avenger and sign of Warlord Kilnok.

Game Over?

The USS Caprica needed repairs for a week before it could resume her duties. After days of travelling, the crew didn't pick up any signals of the allies nor did they encounter any form of life in the strange nebula. Further more, as they headed deeper into the nebula again, with sensors tracking there position and frequent contact with Rambo Command, the mission seemed to be quiet. Rambas didn't like this quietness, though he was confident in his night shift crew, again consisting out of a Venatioa Lieutenant Commander (second in command), a Dagian Lieutenant Junior Grade Tactical Officer, a Chuchulias Lieutenant Junior Grade navigator, a Kloppig Ensign science division, his female yeoman Feolhviaeri, with bags under eyes and which Rambas grew fond of and an Amphibiahria crewman.

USS Caprica vs Grox Sphere

Sensors picked up a sudden hyperspace/transwarp signature. Surprise Rambas ordered the Chuchulias navigator to follow the trail, meanwhile the Lieutenant Commander Whitharia entered the brige, the chief medical officer of the USS Caprica brought drinks and snacks to the bridge, as he couldn't sleep he wanted to do a favor to his crew. Rambas smiled, he had a fine crew.

Suddenly the Dagian officer raised the alarm, as sensors went wild and communications were jammed, a massive spherical object appeared in the mists of the nebula. Though Rambas didn't knew the design, the building style and warp signature were identified by the computer's database as Grox from Quadrant 82. "Raise the alarm, all crew tactical stations. Raise the shields and prepare for battle!" Rambas yelled over the intercom. The Dagian officer reported he was ready and Rambas gave the sign to fire. As the Chuchulias navigator did evasive manouvres the Dagian officer opened fire, and the Grox sphere was hit by photon torpedoes and blue phasers. The sphere fired a single beam back, crippeling the USS Caprica, destroying her left naccelle and breaching the hull.

As systems were drained by a green beam from the sphere, Rambas noticed systems were failing and he looked in despair around him. His Dagian officer was wounded, the Chuchulias officer was panicking, his Lieutenant Commander was also wounded, blood coming from his abdomen. His Feolvhiaeri yeoman gasped for air, as her right lung was penetrated by a piece of metal. His Kloppig science ensign was dead and the doctor was nowhere to be seen.

The sphere closed in, and Rambas wondered if this was the end of his mission..................


USS Caprica escapes the Sphere

Suddenly Rambas awoke with confusion in his head, he still saw the sphere moving in, but as for him it seeminly lasted for an eternity. As Rambas, and his recenlty awakened Dagian officer checked the sensors arrays it seemed the ship was once again trapped in a time loop for over two months. Confused he looked around, and saw that his Chuchilias navigator also came to his positives, while the Whitharia Liueenant Commander (the doctor) aided the wounded Feolvhiaeri yeoman and it seemed he already treated the Venatioa Liuetenant Commander.

Rambas looked grim and told his navigator to move away from the sphere. Suddenly the ship rocketed with trembles as the time bubble resisted the sudden move of events. Though the time loop was already weakening it collapsed and the USS Caprica and the Grox Sphere were released from the loop. Yet with the collapse a sudden anamoly hit the sphere, destroying her in an instance, allowing the USS Caprica to escape.

Rambas made contact with Rambo Command and told them about his events and the sudden appearance of the Grox. The new he recieved back were even worse, the Grox and CAS managed to take over (almost all) of the mid colonial sector and Rambas was ordered to return to Rambo space, where the USS Caprica was to recieve an upgrade and return to the frontlines to combat the Confederate threat.

New explorations?[]

Coming soon