After the USS Enterprise-A returned from their adventure in a possible future, the crew of the Enterprise once again under command of captain James Rambo embark on a new adventure to explore and meet new wonders within the Cyrandia Cluster!

The story will primary forcus itself on the adventures of the Enterprise and her crew, but can involve other events and plots as well.

Chapter 01: 06 AQFEdit

Month 11Edit


Enterprise trapped in a cage?

After returning from their adventure in a possible future for the Cyrandia Cluster, the crew of the USS Enterprise-A was happy to exit the wormhole and find theirselves once again within the Quadrant Galaxies! Now back in their own timeframe, captain James Rambo sat in his chair and smiled, finally the crew was back at the NX-region in Quadrant 82, close to the borders of the New Cyrannian Republic and Lianna-station. James pressed a button on his chair and opened the internal intercom of the Enterprise.

  • James: "To all stations, this is captain Rambo! I am please to announce that we are back again in our own timeframe. We will set course for the Rambo Capital at once for repairs and a debrief!"

James nodded to his ensign, Walter and the Enterprise impulse engines fired and the ship moved forward. After a few kilometers of movement the Enterprise suddenly was hit by a shockwave when a cloacked mine exploded- instead of severe damage to the ship, a massive energy web engulfed the Enterprise, disabling warp engines, long range communications and long range sensors.

  • James: "What in name of Artmyris is going on?"


Confrontation with Fiction:Azylkene

The captain of the Enterprise, James Rambo sat in his ready room, reading the various reports the departments gave. The strange web-substance seemed to be made of pure energy, with phaser power being unable to pierce them. At such close range, the tactical department advised against using photon torpedoes, as the shockwave could cause severe damage to the Enterprise. To make matters worse, the web also nullified ships functions like shieldings, long range communication and sensors. Suddenly the alarm of the door rang, indicating that someone wanted to enter the ready room of the captain.

  • James: "Enter".

As the door opened, James smiled as he saw his science officer, the young Jolene Adams entering.

  • Jolene: "Captain! I possibly have found a solution to our problem!"
  • James: "Hmm, really now? How so?"

Jolene gave her captain the data pad, containing a plan to use the ships deflector dish to force the energy web to disband. James nodded and smiled, it seemed this was a plan that could actually work without damaging his prized ship or risk the lives of his crew. James rose from his chair when suddenly a bright light appeared in front of Jolene and James! Emerging from the light- an insect armored creature emerged!

  • Azylkene: "Time traveller! Surrender now and the lives of your crew shall be spared! You shall be examined!"
  • Jolene: "W-what is that?"
  • James: "And if I refuse?"
  • Azylkene: "Who or what I am does not matter, all that matter is my task at hand. Humanoids seem to disagree, prepare for defeat!"

Before the strange creature could attack, the Enterprise was suddenly hit by a tremor. Holding on to the nearby chair, both Jolene and James looked eachother and wondered what was going on when the red alert alarm of the vessels suddenly rang.

  • Azelkyne: "What disurbance is this?"

With that said, the mysterious creature dissapeared again, allowing James and Jolene to head for the bridge.


A sudden turn of events

As James and Jolene entered the bridge, the screen indicated that the Enterprise was free of her Icolian web, though took damage to her upper saucer.

  • James: "What in Armyris name is going on? Did that blasted Icolian fire at us?"
  • Jolene: "No sir, reports indicate it was a ship above us that fired upon us, hull damage detected, no injuries though?"
  • Tash: "I am getting strange readings, not sure what they are sir!"

James frowned and pressed a button at his chair.

  • James: "Mr. Doohan, give me all the power you have. I want to attempt a warp jump to get us as closest to the nearest starbase!"
  • Doohan: "Warp drive is off-line, the wormhole did that!"

James slammed his fist, before able to give more orders the enemy ship decloacked, driving away the Icolian vessel and dissapearing again. Waiting for minutes, both the Icolian and mysterious ship did not appear again.

  • James: "Now can someone explain what happened? Who attacked us and where are they?"
  • Jolene: "Not sure sir, sensors indicate nothing is near us".

James nodded, and set at his chair again, smiling he gave the order to return to the Rambo Capital.


Return to the Capital!

After a week of travel, the Enterprise finally reached the Rambo Capital, the attack by the unknown vessel left the saucer of the Enterprise heavily damaged, on route the right warp naccelle began leaking plasma as well, making the travel a bit turbelent. Coming from behind the moon, the capital planet and space dock finally came in sight. Smiling, James gave his crew the order to contact the Spacedock for docking procedures. Nodding towards Tash Hannity, his communication officer she opened a channel.

  • James: "Spacedock control, this captain James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A, requesting permission to dock!"

Awaiting a reply, he was relieved to hear the familiar female voice of the dock operator.

  • Dock Control: "This is spacedock control, you have clearance to dock within Spacedock by using docking gate 1, once inside you are cleared for docking procedures at sector 05. Enterprise do you confirm?"
  • James: "Enteprise confirms, over."
  • Dock Control: "Welcome home Enterprise! Spacedock control out".

James returned to sit at his chair, dropping to one quarter impulse, the Enterprise was guided by an interstellar tug to the gates of Spacedock. To his surprise, the crew of the Enterprise saw a Kelvin-Class under repairs in one of the orbital docks, as well as the USS Excelsior passing by.

Once inside, the crew of the Enteprise, together with the maintance crew of the Spacedock began repairs while the senior bridge crew was preparing itself for their reports and debriefs.

month 12Edit

While the crew of the Enterprise prepares themselves for a relaunch into service, the First Gigaquadrant is plunged into the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts after an attack at Station Halcyon. This event led to the outbreak of the New Cyrandia Wars in the Cyrannus Galaxy, how events are turning out to be for Rambo Nation have yet to be seen.


Enterprise finishes repairs!

After three weeks of intensive repairs within Space Dock, the USS Enterprise-A was finally allowed to be tagged to a dry dock for finishing repairs and test runs. The vessel, under command of it's Quadrantia Humanoid captain, James Rambo is a modified and unique version of the long enduring and well recognised Constitution-Class in service of Rambo Command, the military organisation of Rambo Nation. The Enterprise recieved more decks in it's command bridge, had a larger engineer section and became better equipped for long range exploration missions. During it's extensive repairs, the crew of the Enterprise went on short leave, and at the second week of the 12th month of 06 AQF the crew was recalled as the Enterprise needed final test runs and was almost ready to be re-launched into active service once more.


James and Jolene surprise a sleeping Tania

Jolene Adams informed the captain of the USS Enterprise-A that the vessel was ready for it's return into service and ready to launch again. Pleased, captain James Rambo was pleased by this happy news. To recieve permission to leave dry dock to start their final test run and start their journey again, they needed permission from Rambo Command. To Jolene's surprise, he asked her to follow her to one of the crew quarters. Entering the quarter they found lieutenant junior grade Tania Samantha Lefler laying on her bed. Surprised by the sudden entrance, Tania was shocked to find her captain inside her quarters while she lied in her underwear atop her blankets.

  • Tania: "C-captain!"

James looked surprised as well but smiled.

  • James: "Tania, after you hard work during the latest night shift, and after showing your worth during recent adventures and our encounter with the Icolian, I want to ask something of you."

Tania swung her legs off the bed and sat at the edge of her bed, a surprised Jolene looked at James as well, well aware that the relation between Tania and James was a bit strained. A hesistant Tania placed her hands in her lap and hesistantly replied.

  • Tania: "W-what would that be captain?"
  • James: "Well, first it would require you change and put on your uniform again. After that, I want you to enter space dock and ask in honor of myself and the Enterprise that she is allowed to be send into active service again."
  • Tania: "Why should I do that sir?"
  • James: "Well, we need permission from the Marscalcus herself, and meeting her would give you the chance to meet with her and it would probably be good for your future carreer as well."

Tania eyes widenend, meeting the Marscalcus was a great honor within Rambo Nation and Rambo Command, after all the Marscalcus was the head of Rambo Command and the highest ranking Rambo Nation officer. Tania smiled and promised James that she would represent the Enterprise as best as she could.

This part is a cross-over with Right Behind You.

Captain James Rambo, captain of the USS Enterprise-A sat in his ready room, tomorrow one of his junior officer, Tania Samantha Lefler was going to inform Rambo Command that the Enterprise was ready for new missions. James used this last free evening to due some study of space charts and some administration, both things he disliked. Suddenly his computer informed him that his daughter, Claire Rambo was calling. Happy to hear from her he answered her call.


James and Claire finally manage to talk to eachother again!

  • James: "Well if it isn't my little girl!"

To his surprise Claire looked rather sad, worried James asked what was going on.

  • Claire: "Dad, it is terrible! I lost my first Scion battle, my Pidarrow and Charzagon lost and now I do not know what to do!"
  • James: "W-what? Scions? Pidarrow? Start at the beginning!"

As such Claire told her father about her current adventures, leaving Aecor, travelling to Orbispira and Sanderhal to eventually arrive at Terra Prime and the discovery of the mysterious and loyal Scions. The two talked for hours and James got his daughter to smile again, ensuring her that a single setback is not the end, Claire promised to continue training and wondered why he was gone for so long. James told her about his adventure in a possible future, their return and upcoming new travels. Near the end of their conversation the two said their goodbyes, pleased that both managed to talk to eachother again after so long.

  • Claire: "Bye dad, hope to speak or see you soon again! Take care!"
  • James: "You too my little girl, bye bye!"

Stopping the transmission, James leaned back and smiled. Happy to learn his daughter was well and safe, he wondered how it was to train a Pidarrow and meet this little green mentor of her. Raising from his chair, James decided it was bed time.

At Terra Prime, Claire set up her tent and went to sleep as well, promising herself to train the following days and perhaps find another route towards the city. Knowing her dad was safe, Claire soon fell a sleep and dreamt of exploring space together with her Scions.

Tania Samantha Lefler, lieutenant junior grade onboard the USS Enterprise-A walked the halls of Rambo Command HQ to find the office of vice-admiral Ramcard, currently the highest officer of Rambo Command at the Rambo Capital. Finally arriving at the office, Tania was surprised to see both the admiral and her grandfather, Robert Jonathan Lefler. It appeared the Marscalcus was not present at the capital, making Ramcard the highest officer present. Tania didn't mind, meeting with a legend like vice-admiral Ramcard was even more perfect.


Tania meets with Ramcard and her grandfather

  • Robert: "Tania! My little pearl! What lovely to see you here!"
  • Tania: "Gramps!"

Ramcard coughed once, Tania looked confused before she understood what the vice-admiral meant.

  • 'Tania: "My apololagies admiral, good to see you Master of Economics, vice-admiral Ramcard I am here at request by James Rambo to recieve permission to leave for our scheduled exploration mission".

Ramcard nodded, and gave Tania the datapad containing the permission of the Enterprise to continue her journeys and leave dry dock. Smiling, Tania saluted both her grandfather and the vice-admiral before she left. After she was gone the Robert Jonathan Lefler asked the vice-admiral why he corrected his granddaughter.

  • Ramcard: "With all due respect Master of Economics, as long as she wears the uniform of Rambo Command, she is bound by principle to show you the proper respect. Chit-chat can be left for after duty hours".

The Master of Economics narrowed his eyes, but said nothing. The two continued to look at the recent data they recieved from the Milky Way Galaxy and the recent Neraida attack at the Allied Terran Republic and what it would cost the state if Rambo Command was willing to send relief aid in the form of the Olympic-Class hospital ships.



After talking to his daughter, Claire, the crew continue their journey towards the homeplanet of the Gaskhan to re-supply and meet the natives of the friendly traders. As the Enterprise entered high orbit, a shuttle left the shuttlebay headed for the surface, with captain James Rambo, ensign Tash Hannity and crewman Windsor. Wandering the markets, Tash and the captain searched for food and supplies, though wondered why there was such a high amount of cages animals, something the locals named Scions. Durning their walk through the city, they learned from the local that the nearby tribes of the Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel were invaded and conquered by the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies and the French Quadrant Colonies. Crossing over a bridge, they encountered a Scion trainer named Zhevar.

  • Zhevar: "Greetings humans, might you be interessted in buying Scions?"

Tash tried to use her communicator and translated what the Gashkan just said. Smiling James politely refused and signaled his crew that it was time to return to the shuttle, where their pilot Walter was waiting for them.

James had to inform Rambo Command of the local war that occurred without the Rambo knowing it.

After being done at the surface of Gaskhan, James Rambo decided that it was time to return to the Enterprise and depart the Gaskhan planet again. Leaving the canyon towards the upper city, located at the cliffs James wondered how the Gaskhan were able to build such a thriving city at such a desolate planet. Though is opinion of the Gaskhan was mixed, he didn't really trust them as they also executed slavery upon those Scions.


Encountering Mortikran at Gaskhan

Reaching their landing plattform, where their shuttle stood they were suddenly confronted by the dreaded Mortikran! crewman Windsor drew his weapon while Tash Hannity got out of the way. James stepped forward and looked horrified at the body of Walter, smashed against the side of their shuttle.

  • Mortikran: "Well well captain, the father of my dear arc enemy Claire. A pleasure to meet with you!"
  • James: "That is not mutual, Mortikran."

The massive Mortalitas smiled and shrugged, turning he prepared to leave but was stopped by James.

  • James: "Why did you kill him Mortirkan, he was a friend and fine officer."

Mortikran never turned, and simply replied.

  • Mortikran: "He stood in my way captain, and he is my warning to your superiors. Do not follow me into the Unclaimed Territories or I will destroy you all. My Infernal is superior to most what you can throw against me."

Looking behind, Mortikran showed his teeth to the humanoid captain and jumped down the plattform, vanishing the crowds of Gaskhan.

Captain James Rambo sad in his quarters, two days after the death of Walter and his encounter with the dreaded Mortikran, informing Rambo Command about the fate of those Quadrantia Heer Stekeveel, James was ordered to remain in orbit of the planet Gaskhan and await a new pilot. Tired, he looked at Sunshine, his parrot from Yudumarth when he suddenly saw the Miranda-Class USS Majestic' coming in his view. Moment later, someone requested permission to enter his quarters, turning out to be noble captain Ramniels Ramcelsior.


James meets Ramniels and Idris

  • Ramniels: "Captain Rambo, a pleasure to see you, though I wish it was under better circumstances."

James smiled and nodded, shaking the hand of the Rambo Serindia officer and captain of the Majestic. Ramniels looked at the computer screen of James and raised an eyebrow.

  • Ramniels: "Hmpf, see you got the report as well about this "Rihanae Pact"". They seem to have border conflict with the New Cyrannian Republic and president Apaltar has taken a resolution to counter their attacks."
  • James: "Yes, a dangerous development, not much do we know about them, their strenght nor their vessels. Presumably, these Regellis have cloacking devices. B-but how do you know about those attacks?"

Ramniels smiled, explaining that Rambo Intelligence learned of this information by people within the New Republic, the same way the New Republic learns about Rambo Nation matters. Further more he said he was send to take the body of Walter to Javan and then patrol the area between Rambo Prime and Lianna-station. Ramniels placed his hand on James shoulder, explaining that he brought him his new pilot as well. Surprised James asked who he was, chuckling Ramniels explained that it was a she. Upon entering, James noticed the female had a purple skin, blue hair and bright yellow eyes. James wasn't sure if he ever saw someone like them.


Idris first shameful moment onboard the Enterprise

After Ramniels left, the crew of the Enterprise prepared to travel to their next destination. With all senior crewmembers at the bridge, except for Mr. Doohan, Idris was nervous at her first day onboard.

  • James: "Helm, plot a course at impulse for the planet Chavelli".

Idris complied and set in a course. With all departments confirming they stood ready, James gave the order to go to warp 2. As Idris pressed the control they hear the engines powering up before turning down again. Surprised James asked Idris what was going on as Mr. Doohan confirmed that there were no problems with the warp engine.

  • James: "Ensign Idris, did you leave the parking break on?"

Taken a back Idris began stammering and confessed she was unsure what was the problem.

  • Jolene Adams: "Did you release the ship's external inertial dampener ensign?"

Sighting, Idris pressed some more buttons at her console.

  • Idris: "Ready for warpdrive sir."
  • James: "Well, let's go then."

With that said the Enterprise headed for warp and continued it's voyages.

The Enterprise soared through space. Their sensors had picked up signs of civilization in several systems. Finding this opportunity exciting, they changed course to find what was there; Little did they know at the time, they where sailing straight for Drodoian space. Whether they would come to regret their choice or not would hinge on their actions in the next few minutes.

The captain of the Enterprise, James Rambo sat in his ready room, drinking a warm cup of Chuchulias Coffee, waiting for the bridge to signal him when they arrived at their new point of heading. A small beep interrupted him mid-sip, startling him slightly but he recognised the sound. He listened in;

"Sir, three ships are pursuing us. One is a fairly large battleship, the other two seem to be corvettes. Recommend immediate stop." lieutenant Jolene Adams reported through the intercom, somewhat uneasy.

James placed his cup of coffee on his desk, stood up, and briskly walked into the bridge;

"Ensign Changecloack, what is their range?" James commanded. The young and fresh Carnthedain Elf replied in a nervous voice, it was her first alien contact.

"Uhm... About half a light-year, sir. Closing fast."

James raised his eyebrows, signaling to Hannity to raise the shields and slow their heading. As the Enterprise slowed their speed the alien flotilla did so as well, and ensign Tash Hannity reported from her station;

"Ships have dropped out of hyperspace. They're approaching and hailing us.

James replied as the channel opened;

"This is captain James Rambo of the Rambo Nation starship USS Enterprise-A"

The ships came onto the screen. The screen was dominated by one, large dagger-shaped vessel closely resembling the dreaded Imperial Star Destroyer. The resemblance made James shudder. It was a dark grey with blue accents, and flanked by two smaller vessels of similar coloration. A few crewmembers looked to eachother with nervous glances; Was it the Empire?

Thankfully, no. At last, a captain; A Drodo; Came onto the screen.

"I am Captain Tirek of the Imperial Drodo Mounted Police." He spoke in a terse, no-nonsense way that came naturally from years of catching smugglers and pirates. Upon closer inspection, he took up most of the screen; The spacious bridge behind him taken up by his form on the camera. He wore a distinctly Drodoian uniform; A navy blue tunic and tie, with white trousers and cavalry boots. An officer's sword hung from his waist; Which would have been quite an anachronism had it not been for his species. His peaked cap seemed to accentuate his tired and jaded features and look.

"What is your business on sovereign Drodo land?" He continued in his undiplomatic manner.

James took a moment, slightly offended and surprised by the man's demeanour, but wary not to say anything brash. He replied in all friendliness that they were on a exploration mission, that they noticed signs of civilization and as that they wanted to investigate.

"We did not intend to trespass your borders without permission. We unaware that we already crossed your borders." He concluded. Tirek gave a skeptical look. He had seen a lot in his years of policing; Including would-be explorers. He gave a look to his first officer, who was off-screen at the moment. The officer nodded, and the old Drodo captain looked back;

"We'll escort you to the Capital."

"T-the capital sir?" James was unsure. It sounded rather enigmatic; His blunder wouldn't go without a price however, as Tirek raised an eyebrow, and responded;

"New Arcadia. Its the capital world of this colony." His look stiffened. He continued;

"Why so nervous? You don't have any contraband, do you...?" He was motioning off-screen at this point, shouting orders in a language that couldn't be understood by James' translators. Sensors where showing the Drodoian ship's shields raise, and weapons come online. James thought fast, and responded;

"No! No, of course not." The Drodoian ship started to shut down again. Tired sighed, and nodded.

"Hmph. Very well then. Come with us." Tirek motioned for his side of the stream to be cut off. James' viewscreen went dark, and the Drodo ships started to turn about. James ordered Idris to power up the engines, and he started his way to the Drodoian Colonial capital of New Arcadia.


Night shift at the change of the year!

Slowly travelling towards their goal, the last day of 06 AQF was a regulair night shift like any others it seemed. Tania Samantha Lefler and Codoberia released the day shift and set up the systems for the night, dampening internal lights and slowing back to impulse to have less noise of the engines, the Enterprise begana routine travel towards the planet Chavelli when their operation "officer" arrived at the brige.

To their surprise it turned out to be a Libertus known as Alessandra Zoe Cretacea.

  • Tania: "Uh, petty officer why are you at the bridge at the night shift?"
  • Zoe: "Lieutenant, the night shift operation officer has turned sick, and as we are with few officers in our department, they send me to take over this night shift, permission to come at the bridge sir?"

Tania and Codoberia looked at eachother and smiled.

  • Tania: "Sure! Be welcome! And call me Tania, this is Codoberia and we are the night shift personnel that is always present! Tell me, with this routine travel did you ever see the movie a "Planet to Far"? It is about a movie during the Second Galactic War and recently came out at the Holonet!".

Zoe smiled, ever since the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat she felt herself a bit unsure as being a "Cyrannian". Pleased she took her seat while setting the course at the helm station, meanwhile Codoberia brought some snacks and Tania brought up a bottle of bubbles to celebrate the coming change of the year. It seemed a night shift at the change of the year didn't seem so bad after all!


The Enterprise travels safely into 07 AQF!

Chapter 02Edit

=Month 01Edit

While the planet Koerband fell prey to the Viral Outbreak, homeworld of many a crewmember of the Enterprise, they remain ignorant of it as they do not maintain constant contact with Rambo Command, made difficult in the Unclaimed Territories due to the interference by a sudden spacial cloud that is jamming all long range communication. The crew of the Enterprise continue their exploration mission with a good mood, unaware of the dangers of the Unclaimed Territories!


New mysteries arrive with the sudden space cloud!

As the Enterprise travelled towards the homeplanet of the Chavelli, her science officer, lieutenant Jolene Adams picked up something miraculous on her sensors. At a nearby asteroid, the sensors indicated a rare material was to be found at the lone floating asteroid. Intrigued, captain James Rambo decided to investigate the matter for himself, and ordered Jolene to go with him. Donning there space suites, both travelled towards the asteroid while the Enterprise remained nearby.

  • James: "This is magnificent, look at these golden materials";

James replied in wonder. Jolene herself noticed something as well;

  • Jolene: "Sir, they seem to resemble something, look at these marking carved in them!"
  • James: "Hm, I wonder what it means?"

James replied, curious about the matter. Suddenly behind them, a massive green light erupted and illuminated nearby space, a massive spacial cloud engulfed light years around them. Surprised, James and Jolene decided to return to the ship as the sensors in their suite went wild.

Arriving at the bridge, James looked in wonder at the view screen.

  • James: "W-what am I seeing here?"

Enterprise travelling through the green space cloud

The captain asked, unsure what was to be seen and how to interpreted it.

  • Idris: "Unknown sir, but sensors and navigational sensors are not functioning properly, we lost all long range communication signals as well!"

Idris Changecloack replied, the Enterprise her new and inexperienced conn officer. Taking his captain’s chair, he asked for his science officer opinion.

  • Jolene: "I-i don’t know sir"

Jolene responded unsure;

  • Jolene: "Everything seems to be in order, just that a certain part of space turned into one massive green colored spacial cloud, leaving our sensors a bit confused and apperantly we lost long range communication signals."

James nodded and gave the order to continue their journey to the planet Chavelli as soon as possible, he didn’t want to spend too much time near something he didn’t understand and perhaps the Chavelli knew what happened, they were considered a wise and cunning species. As the Enterprise was leaving the area, James couldn’t shake the feeling that something was watching them, or even worse hunting them without to be seen. Perhaps he was just getting paranoid, but his guts told him something was wrong here. Space didn’t turn into green cloud without reason.


Quashowan Return!

From their bridge onboard their Quashowan dreadnought, the Quashowan watch officer looked at its view screen. The dark illuminated room came alive when the computer turned on, giving a low green glow.

  • Quashowan: "Computer, identify unknown ship"

The Quashowan voice sounded cold and mechanical, the terminal checked it’s database but responded that is was unable to identify it with their current data. It then asked permission to hack into the Quadrantia wide channel known as the Quadrantia HoloNet to search for it. The watch officer entered its security clearance and the computer began downloading all available data and information from the Holonet. It than gave its answer within 30 seconds, identifying the vessels as a Rambo Nation Constitution-Class, prefix USS Enterprise-A.

Analyzing the data, the watch officer gave its next order:

  • Quashowan: "Continue following the vessel, keep the shadow cloak activated, we wants to know more about the current time. After 4000 years imprisonment inside the pocket dimension a new dawn awaits for us,a dawn of conquering!"


Enterprise in orbit of Chavelli

As the Enterprise entered orbit of the homeworld of the Chavelli, James couldn't shake the feeling that something was odd. The purple planet looked mysterious and dangerous, James knew it wasn't going to be easy. The Chavelli were a mysterious species with ties to the former Cognatus Remnant. As he awaited permission to speak with a representative of theirs, he noticed that the Chavelli had a powerful fleet, consisting out of former Cognatus classes like the CCS Class Battlecruisers and Cognatus Light Frigates. No wonder the Goverment wanted to open peaceful negotiations with the Chavelli, once they were enemies after all during the Intergalactic War, six years ago in 01 AQF.

Permission was granted and James took his friend, doctor Bob Chioaik and his communications officer, ensign Tash Hannity, who had experience with diplomatic talks with the Andormaru during their explorations of Quadrant 21. None the less she seemed nervous at best, when they exited their shuttle James decided to ask her.

  • James: "Ensign, are you ready for the meeting?"

Tash and Bob looked surprised at their captain. Bob shook his head in disagreement, knowing that the girl was already nervous.

  • Tash: "Y-yes captain, I am just nervous as I never met a Chavelli before and describtions about them are vague at best, and sometimes creepy."

James smiled, that made two of them. Not many ever had a meeting with the mysterious Chavelli, though he remembered that now a days various Chavelli lived within the New Cyrannian Republic as well. He was disturbed in his thoughts when a lone Chavelli, accompanied by an Abrazulam, a Scion. The Chavelli introduced himself as Valchi, with his Abrazulam using his powers to translate his speech to that of Basic Quadrantia.


Diplomatic talks with the Chavelli

  • Valchi: "Greetings noble people of Rambo Nation. Welcome to Chavelli!"
  • James: "Thank you Diplomat Valchi, I am honored to meet you and your people. At behalf of my goverment we hope to open peaceful negotiations with eachother, to better known eachother cultures."
  • Valchi: "Your presence is appreciated, sadly at the moment we have other matters to attend that require our immediate attention. We hope to see your kin in future times."

That being said the diplomat turned and walked away, leaving a surprised Tash, Bob and James behind. James wanted to approach the diplomat but before able to make two steps forward, the Abrazulam used its psychic powers to halt the captains advance.

  • Tash: "I am affraid that was a warning sir."

The Abrazulam released James and turned his back towards the trio, sighting James looked at Bob who simply shrugged his shoulders.

  • Bob: "Perhaps we should discuss further matters with the senior crew? We are here at their invitation and now they turn us down?"
  • Tash: "Pretty useless coming here right?"

James and Bob shot an annoyed look at Tash, who lowered her head in shame. It was time to return to the Enterprise it seemed as Rambo Command informed to wait in orbit until the Chavelli were ready.


Recording of a Hecatoncheir-Class destroyed by a Quashowan Dreadnought near Aecor

Onboard the Angforst, vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral and the Chavelli diplomat Valchi, together with fleet-captain Mjärt and various Chavelli commanders were in discussion.

With the Enterprise still in orbit of Chavelli, awaiting diplomatic talks Valchi and Ramtainus were in intense conversations about what happened earlier on, hours ago. A patrolling Rambo Nation Hecatoncheir-Class near Aecor, armed to the teeth, with shield raised and a large regiment of troopers onboard was destroyed by a single volley of an unidentified ship. Nearby Chavelli ships responded to the emergency transmission and managed to identify the ship as something from ancient legends, the dreadnought responsible belongs to the mythical and dangerous Quashowan.

  • Valchi: "These Quashowan are known in our legends as destroyers, they will start with us for sure vice-admiral".

Ramtainus raised an eyebrow.

  • Ramtainus: "Why would that be?"

A tactical conversation

Valchi explained that the Chavelli once encountered a damaged dreadnought of them as well many years ago, it took their entire fleet to destroy and prevent them from destroying their home planet, Chavelli. The Chavelli commanders explained none knew how they actually looked, only that their dreadnought means the end of many and is a sight to fear.

  • Ramtainus: "So, we have a powerful enemy right? Glad that I have brought Angforst with me. Mjärt, it is vital that the USS Zalera travels to the Rambo Capital and inform Rambo Command of my decision to engage this cruiser with the Angforst and a fleet. Your presence will not be required anymore near Aecor."
  • Mjärt: "B-but sir? I-"
  • Ramtainus: "I will be taking matters in my own hands, diplomat Valchi, lend me some ship, together yours and my dreadnoughts and the Angforst will take care of this wretched dreadnought."

The Chavelli nodded, glad that the “powerful” crusaders of Rambo Nation were going to help them.

Three hours after the meeting


Quashowan reigns supreme!

Ramtainus crawled over the floor of the bridge of Angforst, wondering how things went so wrong. As the Angforst approached the Quashowan dreadnought, flanked by the fleet he opened a channel to first try a diplomatic solution. The dreadnought never answered and instead opened fire, instantly destroying his escorting Preator-class, the Tormentor in a bright flash of fire and explosions. Powering up the massive cannon of the Angforst-station, Ramtainus ordered the fleet to engage.

Ordering to open fire, the entire fleet began firing at the lone dreadnought, impacting its shields the dreadnought never gave way. It fired six pure beams of energy from its “tentacles” directly at Angforst, though the shields were at one hundred percent, the station was rocked by implosion. Creating a massive anomaly, the massive station buckled apart while the weapon was overloading due to the anomaly.

Another six beams destroyed the escorting fleet, moment after the Angforst lit the entire system in a blinding light when large parts of it exploded and the massive station broke apart.

  • Ramtainus: "That wasn’t supposed to happ-……………."


Valchi informs James and Lothíriel onboard the Enterprise

Hours after the devastating battle, the Chavelli diplomat Valchi met with captain James Rambo of the Enterprise and captain Lothíriel Avery of the medical vessel USS Pasteur in orbit of Chavelli, informing them about the loss of contact with the fleet. Valchi, concerned about theri fate offered to accompany them to investigate the matter.

James remained silent, studying the data he had to admit he was in fact also concerned. He feared the vice-admiral had made a mistake, a costly one for Rambo Command and Rambo Nation.

  • Valchi: "I suggest we leave in haste."


Enterprise, Pasteur and the Chavelli search for survivors

Half an hour after the decision to investigate the loss of contact with the fleet, the Enterprise, USS Pasteur and a CSS-battle cruiser arrived at the battlefield. All were shocked at the sight in front of them, there was no sign of the Angforst, a Miranda-Class and a Dreadnought-Class were burning in space, while various CSS-battle cruiser belonging to the Chavelli were all in shambles, the wreckages did in fact contain survivors.

Evading debris, the three vessels began transporting the survivors, often in bad shape to their medical bays for medical aid. After three hours of salvaging the injured, survivors and bodies the three came together again in the personal quarters of the captain of the USS Enterprise-A.

  • Valchi: "This is terrible, an entire fleet destroyed, even your prized Angforst.

Avery looked at James and Valchi, sighting she was unsure how to report the incident to Rambo Command, with so many injured survivors to both sides the Pasteur would be ground at Chavelli for a while. James looked concetrated, with a small smile on his face as he watched his parrot, that draw attention from all who sat at his chair.


James informs Valchi and Avery of Rambo Command's plan

  • James: "I have informed Rambo Command of the current situation, they tasked you Avery to aid the Chavelli in any way you can, while we shall remain here as well until your hospital ship has bed frees again for more patients. It seems we shall remain at Chavelli for the rest of the month."

Valchi thanked the two Rambo officers and was relieved to hear that both Rambo vessels would remain near Chavelli until all wounded were treated. While Avery left to return to her own vessel, Valchi approached James.

  • Valchi: "I am grateful for your aid and remaining at Chavelli, but you are aware that we lost track of that mysterious dreadnought?"

James sighted, nodding he replied:

  • James: "That is troubling me as well diplomat."

Month 02Edit

With the Angforst destroyed, a new threat in the form of the Quashowan the troubles for Rambo Nation are far from over. With the start of the second month Rambo Nation faces new troubles, with the theft of the Infernal and the beginning of the Excelsior Endeavors show the return of the Lizardian.

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