A custom bottle of Vouivre.

Domaine de la Maison de la Vouivre, commonly known as Vouivre Wine, Lilywater, or more simply, Vouivre, is a brand of wine that originated from the Core Worlds region of the Xanthrus Spiral Galaxy. It is a major export of the Federation of the Core Worlds, as demand for the wine from other races and galaxies is very high. The wine was a typical Ravenrii wine for billions of years, after it was introduced into their culture by the Solarian Empire in the First Age. Though the Ravenrii typically regard it as a very mild drink, it has been known to be extremely strong and even addictive to other species. the wine was originally sold to the higher classes of intergalactic society, but its massive exportation later on allowed it to be drunk by the lower social levels.

Description[edit | edit source]

The wine is produced by every territory of the Core Federation, as its elaboration requires materials and processes only known to the Ravenrii. It was originally produced only in the Core Worlds regions of the galaxy, but as its exportation became possible it was produced by most Ravenrii domains. When sold in personal doses it is sold in a tall, narrow bottle of translucent turqoise Ryvean glass, decorated with several guilded layers and stickers declaring its planet of origin and seal of the Federation as proof of its originality. The wine itself is a purple dark blue, with constantly swirling colors.

The wine is considered mild by the Ravenrii and was often found in place of more conventional drinks, such as human water. When consumed by most alien races, however, it has been known to be quite strong, typically inducing an immediate state of concentrated and long-lasting euphoria. When the drink is abused, the creature might easily get "drunk", resulting in "pleasant" psychoactive effects, as if one were consuming happy pills or other psychoactive drugs.

History[edit | edit source]

the wine was first produced by the Solarian Empires in the First Age. While relations flourished as the Ravenrii hid their true nature during the early Age, the wine was eventually intergrated into Ravenrii culture, as one of the few physical foods that they enjoyed. It became the most common pleasure drink within their culture, and quickly expanded into others of the galaxy. With the destruction of the Solarian Empire after the Great War of Xanthrus in the Third Age and the burning of all of their settlements, the Ravenrii became the last beings in the galaxy who knew how to make it. It is usually thpought to be elaborated with the Vouivre lilies that grow in the Ravens' worlds, but the exact formula for its preparation has always remained unknown.

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