No one of our race is as grand as Warlord Vouinas. He brought the Zua-Zaoi to glory once, and even after being cast down, he rose from the ashes and now brings us even more glory and victory. To stand before him is to sign your own death sentence, and he has his whole race behind him. And with good reason, too.

- Right-Admiral Zeia of the New Zua-Zaoi Empire

Vouinas, widely known as the Dark Warlord is the current leader of the Zua-Zaoi and one of the Vanguards of Shu'wokerama, one of the demon gods of the Corruptus. The leader of the previous empire before his defeat at the hands of the Narix, he was rescued by the demons of nightmare and turned into a warrior of immense power who proceeded to unify his race under his rule once again. A tactical genius and highly commendable general, Vouinas brings total military domination in the name of the Corruptus, often leaving little if any survivors on his wake.

Vouinas's skills in commanding armies have made him infamous across the stars, and many civilizations have come to fear him and his might. Pledging allegiance to the Dominion of the Xhodocto, Vouinas ensures that the will of Shu'wokerama is done at all times for while he greatly values his freedom, he will forever be in debt to the merciful, demonic god who broke him from an eternity of suffering.


Early History[]

Vouinas was born on Croth as next in line of a long history of Zua-Zaoi warlords. Vouinas received genetic altering so he could be bigger, stronger, and more intelligent than a normal Zua-Zaoi. He spent all his childhood being taught the way of the Zua-Zaoi warrior until it was his time to become the supreme warlord of his people. Vouinas becoming the supreme warlord of the Zua-Zaoi was at first not accepted very well by the public, most noticeably the other older warlords, and a few warlords attempted to kill him during his first week as leader of the Zua-Zaoi but they all failed. The last attempt to remove Vouinas from power came when ten of the most influential warlords in the Zua-Zaoi empire came together with some of their most loyal soldiers to form a coup against Vouinas. Once Vouinas got wind of the plot to overthrow him he was furious and went out to punish the treacherous warlords. Vouinas quickly silenced the other warlords and those loyal to them making it clear that he would not accept treason. After that event things settled down politically and Vouians led the Zua-Zaoi to many victories in the field of war. For the next few hundred years the Zua-Zaoi experienced a new age of power and wealth under Vouinas it has never known until the Narix War.

The Zua-Zaoi warred with the Narix Empire for seven years before the Narix at last bested the Zua-Zaoi by achieved several major victories. Vouianas was hunted by the Narix and eventually captured and imprisoned on a small lava world for one thousand years. Vouinas was 'awake' during his whole imprisonment, able to feel the slow passage of time and to think about the flaws he made during the Narix War and to improve his tactics.

Joining the Corruptus[]

During the event known as the Recruitment, Shu'wokerama appeared to Vouinas, interested in his knowledge and experience of war. Vouinas traded away his soul for his freedom, and Shu'wokerama destroyed his prison and empowered him in Nightmare Energy. Vouinas became a proud servant of the demon but still had notable independence. Vouinas made his first move by reuniting his people in the Zua-Zaoi Reunification. Dealing with five enemy warlords of the largest Zua-Zaoi remnants, with a combination of brute force and diplomacy, Vouinas restored the Zua-Zaoi empire of old, now at the hands of the Corruptus.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

Vouinas, along with the rest of Shu'wokerama's servants, played a fundamental role in the formation of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, where he aided in uniting the demon armies of the defunct Congregation, Mali'Nar and Xi'Arazulha together under the direct rule of the Xhodocto. When the Third Xhodocto War began, Vouinas began spreading Zua-Zaoi across Dominion worlds so they could enforce them, and following the destruction of megaconstruct Draynia, attacked the team responsable for it. Despite his tremendous strength, Vouinas was defeated by Hachiman, Sarec, Lemmo, Agent Nu and Agent Mu. He taunted the victorious team as he revealed the nature of the Inferovirus to them and left before Sarec could finish him off.

Vouinas, alongside the other servants, later joined forces with the now-corrupted Arsac to assault on the Grand Cathedral of the Grand Inquisition, where he helped slay the Inner Circle and obtain information about the Reliquaries, with the main objective of discovering the Inquisition's secrets and finding the location of the Xhodocto Eye Terastia. When Kithworto's team attempted to reach Anazopyrosi, Vouinas and all other servants of Shu'wokerama tried to stop them, but were eventually defeated in combat and forced to retreat.



Thanks to his descension, Vouinas is strikingly different from other Zua-Zaoi in physical terms. He is over three times larger than other members of his race and possesses a sickly green tone to his body, which is consumed by mutations and deformities. His former clear blue eyes became blood red and his wings have become pointed and considerably larger. Vouinas' Corruptus Heart is hidden away by armor at all times, and he is often seen wearing typical military attire appropriated for a being of his size.


Vouinas is described as a patriot of sorts, having a genuine love for his people and striving for their success. Like all Zua-Zaoi, he is also comfortable with conflict and his descension has given him a great liking for bloodshed, enjoying pulverizing lesser beings under his foot to prove his point. Vouinas is demanding of his troops and leads them like a typical drill sergeant, though nothing is greater than his devotion to Shu'wokerama, making use of all of his assets to ensure the will of his master. Despite his monstrous appearance, many Zua-Zaoi with direct contact with Vouinas describe him as extremely charismatic and eloquent.


Out of Shu'wokerama's Seven Vanguards, Vouinas sports the greatest physical strength, managing to surpass even Arrtkar Crowart at the cost of not being as proficient with essence as the others. Vouinas's blows are hard enough to break through the bodies of other demons, and like all Corruptus entities, he can shapeshift and create tentacle-like tendrils out of his flesh. As a veteran general, he is also incredibly skilled in leading armies, the very trait which attracted Shu'wokerama to him in the first place. Many Zua-Zaoi consider Vouinas a military genius and with good reason, for it is extremely unlikely for him to commit mistakes in a battlefield unless caught by surprise.



Green face.pngI am forever in your grasp. I will do as you ask.


Blue face.pngYou will aid me in my quest for conquest!

  • Cairaovén - Not the most welcoming lady. Baha.
  • Mahedore - Bah. My armies are grander than yours.
  • Mordathai - A superior intellect is required for any victory.
  • Mar-Júun - Stealth does have its upsides.
  • Murangon Nal - A valiant warrior, though obviously not as much as me.
  • Geltastra - Feh. Preaching only slows men down.
  • Varugr - Being a demon doesn't excuse you of being a disgusting geezer.
  • Siaokono Tylstatkyo - You're an awfully more polite than any other Mahanayan I've met so far.
  • High Inquisitor Arsac - You're pretty weird. But you're tough and loyal to the cause, so you're okay on my book.
  • Commandant Kolger - You adore that tail-mouthed freak too much, Gros.


Yellow face.pngWhat do you wish from me?

  • N/A


Red face.pngYou die. Now!

  • Hachiman - You have Dream Energy? Your death will be very sweet to me
  • Sarec - How dare you lay a finger on me, you aberration.
  • Agent Nu - I am much stronger than you'll ever be!
  • Agent Mu - Not even death can put me down!


Beneath the brawn and muscles resides potent tact and a noble cause; beyond the power is a man. To have the Dark Warlord as my ally - as my friend - is an honour almost unmatched. Should he serve as my front, I would gladly embody his rear.

- Mordathai

Formalities and a noble heart lead to a path unremembered by ungrateful mortalkind. Those who command fear and death with hands bloodied and torn are those whose names will be forever spoken; remember, Warlord, that we were chosen not to serve... but to be served.

- Varugr




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