The Volver Valisharate, also known as the Volver Tribe was founded by the first Volver Valishar/Chieftain Unorr Desaa. He founded a city named Desaa, and for the next hundred years, the tribe thrived and managed to build more villages in their territory. Eventually, the Volver became territorial brutes, killing anyone who trespassed into their territory. This reputation made them the most feared tribe on the planet. Some other tribes tried to stand up to the Volver, but were defeated.

As time passed the Volver began mining for more materials to forge weapons. They were able to use iron and thus created steel weaponry. This gave them the advantage over the other tribes. As a species, the Volver retained their evolutionary adaptions such as the ability to spit deadly poisons from their tails, survive under water by absorbing oxygen through their skin, large antlers for ramming and intimidation, a large singular eye with enhanced vision, large wings to fly and the ability to jump high, and their great strength. Unfortunately, the Volver Tribe lacked any form of academic education, thus making them war crazy brutes.

Chief Jorim Leads the TribeEdit

One Volver by the name of Jorim, now head of the Ta'raron Clan, became the new chief by proving his strength in combat. The other Volver respected him and believed that he was a demigod. Jorim led the tribe with great confidence and was known to be an undefeatable opponent. While mining one day, Jorim came across a hard metal. He excavated it and cleaned it off in his hut. With it, he was able to create battle armor that only he could wear. The metal's properties were very strange, it seemed to drain the energy of any non-Volver. He dubbed this metal as ᏌᎮᏪᎲᏬᏏᏱᎭᎷ (A-for-ee-uhm), known today as Alphorium, and believed it was a gift given to him by the Volver Gods to conquer the planet.

Ascon Civil WarEdit

Jorim heard word of a large tribe that was deemed very powerful. He thought of them as a great challenge and decided to start a war. Unfortunately, the tribe had the same plans for the Volver. They sent in their soldiers, armed with firearms and laid waste to a Volver Village. Jorim was enraged and gathered the Volver Braves in order to fight against this tribe. The arrived at their enemy's village only to find that it was a large city. Their enemies were far more advanced than they were and quickly engaged them. Jorim was forced to retreat with his remaining men. Meanwhile, his son, Holreb attacked a smaller city and was able to capture it. Jorim returned to the Village awaiting his son's return.

Death of JorimEdit

Jorim was recovering from his wounds, when suddenly a tank from their enemies was sent to destroy the Volver. It fired upon the villages, killing hundreds of Volver. Jorim was killed in the battle, having been assassinated by one of the enemy soldiers.

One day after taking down a large city, Holreb and his warriors returned to the village. The village was completely ruined. Holreb searched for survivors. There were many Volver that survived, but some were unlucky. Jorim was found dead, his neck slit. Holreb was horrified. He vowed to end the existence of his father's murderers. He forged a sword out of his father's Alphorium Armor and added it to his arsenal.

Alliance with the DoopiesEdit

The Doopy Tribe, also known as the Doopies, were a dimwitted, but strong race. Holreb allied with them and lead feircome attacks on the other civilizations. Their sheer numbers and strength overwhelmed the enemy's technology.

Final StrikeEdit

Holreb managed to face off against Gor'gaan, leader of their enemies, the R'thaar. They fought each other ruthlessly until Holreb dealt a final blow to Gor'gaan's neck. He fell dead, leaving the Volver and Doopies the rulers of the planet.


Holreb decided it was time to make the Volver Tribe into something more. Over the course of hundreds of years, Holreb was able to build a large city and many other cities to reflect the Volver's strength. As their technology became more advanced, the need to be violent brutes vanished and they become honorable knights and distinguished diplomats. This was looked badly upon older Volver and Volver who wanted to stay true to their ancestral ways, but was later accepted. The Volver stayed allied with the Doopy Tribe, now known as the Doopy Republic. Holreb read up on government and politics and formed the Volver Empire. The Empire grew stronger than their Doopy allies and eventually took the entire planet as their own. In the process, they absorbed the Doopy Rebublic into the Empire without even starting a war. The Volver Tribe of Brutes was no more.


  • The Volver Tribe remains an important part of Volver History
  • The warriors known as the Volver Braves were the ancestors of the Volver Knights
  • Many of the original Volver Clans still thrive today.
  • The Alphorium Sword that Holreb forged was passed on through his clan.
  • Sometimes, the Volver of today are still referred to as brutes.



The Vover Tribe is full of proud warriors who deem themselves as superior fighters in comparison to other races. The tend to worry about their own kind rather than others and are disgusted at the thought of alliances. They live in family groups called Clans. The eldest, or rather the most powerful and skilled, member of the clan is known as the Clan Leader. Each Clan has their own unique fighting style and training regiment which is passed on for future generations. Every one hundred years, the Clan Leaders gather to prove who is the strongest among them. Who ever wins against all of the leaders is then crowned as Chief of the Volver Tribe. The Chief's family, usually his eldest son, will be the next chief when he resigns ore dies. If the clan remains undefeated, they are known as monarchs, staying in control of the clan through their blood line.

Notable ClansEdit

  • Desaa (ᏐᏣᏎᏌᏌ )- The first monarchical Clan in the tribe. They were removed from power when Jorim bested Kalaas Desaa in combat. Reathee Desaa is a descendant of this clan.
  • Rumta'ee (ᏏᎭᎷᏘᏌ'ᏣᏣ)- The ancestral clan of Noruuk and Shaank Rumta'ee
  • Ta'raron (TᎦ'ᎿᎦᎿᏯN)- A monarchial Clan who still retains power to this day. Jorim became chief, later to pass the position on to Holreb. Holreb became King of the Volver Empire, thus passing on the title of king to his son, Zirux. Zirux passed on the title to Gartoom, then Gartoom to Glynnorious. With the death of Glynnorious, his son, Brygon became the current king.
  • Sa'laota (ᏎᏌ'ᎮᏌᏬᏘᏌ)- A Warrior Clan known for their great prowess in battle. To this day, their descendants are the best of the Volver Knights such as Kabaa Sa'laota.


Before the formation of the Empire and their belief in Spode, the Volver Tribe believed in gods known as the ᏌᏣᏫᏬᏬᏲᏌᏏᏣᏞᏌ (Ae-woo-ya-re-va) or 'Ones Who Will Return. They believed that these gods, or rather, the leader of these gods, created them and everything on the planet (as they were not aware of the existence of other life in the universe). They prayed to them and wanted them to grant the Volver Clans strength, as they all wanted to lead the tribe.


The Volver Tribe were known as remorseless, violent brutes. They were deemed unintelligent by other races, yet they were feared. To this day, the Volver are referred to as brutes, which is regarded as a highly offensive term to call a Volver of the Empire.

Weaponry and TechnologyEdit

The Volver Tribe had limited technology. Their best innovations were the discovery of fire and using steel instead of stone to forge weapons. With the discovery of Alphorium, their leader would wear Alphorium armor that protected him from even tank missiles. Other than this, they had no other way of defending themselves against firearms and machines.


Quotes from ThemEdit

  • Fight! Kill!

  • Seeing blood of enemy. Good feeling.

  • The Ones Who Will Come are on their way foolish nonbeliever!

  • Steel beats stone...Volver beats all!

Quotes from OthersEdit

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