The Volver have changed their beliefs over time. The Tribal beliefs were discarded once the Volver Empire rose, as these beliefs were unethical. Their new religion, which is widely accepted by the entire Empire, is considered to be more civil than the Tribal religion. However, some Volver are stuck to the old ways of the empire, such as most members of the Desaa and Agna clans.

The entirety of the Volver religion was almost compromised when Ada turned out to be a super being known as Xizothano Ada, and was part of a race of extra-dimensional aliens known as the Nyarqaeshu. Ada revealed that the Volver were created as mere science experiments and were to be used as deadly super soldiers. By this time in Volver society, most people had forgotten about Ada's role in their religion. Ada was now seen as a narcissistic warmonger. A war broke out known as The Return of THEM, spanning the entirety of the Milky Way and some parts of Mirus. He was later killed by the Volver and allies, though his affects on Volver beliefs were staggering.

Beliefs of the TribeEdit

The Volver Tribe had a basic system of beliefs, however this system was flawed. It wasn't a spiritual belief, more of a battle guide. The Tribe believed in battle prowess and savagery over all other things and worshiped Ada as their god. The Crimson Sons and Blood Knights follow this religion and often try to justify terrorist attacks with their beliefs.


  • Name - Ada
  • Role - Creation of all things, King of Gods

Ada, to the Volver Tribe, was seen as a benevolent being. He was worshiped for his creation of Ascon and the Volver race. To the Tribe, he was considered to be the one and only god. The tribe would often kill in the name of this god, beliving that they would bane his power and would be granted power.

Beliefs of the EmpireEdit

The Empire, after casting aside their belief in Ada as a god, gained a more refined and intelligent belief system. This religion formed around the last 300 years of the Tribe, as they realized that Ada would never lend them aid, and they even questioned his existence.

In this religion, The Volver believe in gods that control different aspects of their lives, such as emotion and weather. Some even consider Ada as the False God due to his abandonment of their people.


  • The Mellyrnra are a set of gods that the Volver and other followers of this religion worship.

  • Name - Draedan
  • Role - Leader of the Gods, Protector of the Volver

Draedan is considered to be the leader of the Volver Gods. He is worshipped for his leadership, and often considered to be the God of Leadership. In ancient lore, Draedan was the pupil of Ada. However after Ada abandoned him and the other gods, Draedan took it upon himself to lead the others and guide the Volver. He is a loving god to his people and a fair leader over the other gods. He took up the job of guiding the Volver on the path of survival and instructing the other gods in their duties. He is often depicted as a Dragon.

  • Name - Nissre
  • Role - Goddess of Lightning

Nissre is known to the Volver as the Goddess of Lightning. In ancient lore, she was the one who introduced electricity to the Volver and taught them how to harness it's power. She, along with her brother Iraksu are known as two of the Weather Gods as well. Another story from old Volver texts states that Nissre and Iraksu are childish deities, often playing tag with one another. Every time they would start playing, a thunderstorm would ensue. Nissre was always faster than Iraksu, so she's always on the run from him (lighting strikes before thunder booms) as they play this game in the clouds. She is often depicted as a young teenager with a lightning bolt in her hand.

  • Name - Iraksu
  • Role - God of Thunder

Iraksu is the Volver God of Thunder and also a Weather God. He and his sister, Nissre, occasionally play tag in the clouds, causing thunderstorms. In old Volver texts, Iraksu appeared before the Volver and introduced them to music. The Volver were said to have created drums to replicate the sound of thunder to scare foes, so Iraksu is often known as the God of Music. Iraksu is described to be a childish god, often playing tricks on the others with his sister. He is often depicted as a young teenager with a drum.

  • Name - Tirith
  • Role - God of the Sea, God of Water

Tirith is the Volver God of the Sea and God of Water. Since the Volver are an amphibious species, Tirith is often considered a high deity like Draedan. In old Volver texts, Ada created Tirith and told him and Metta to help create the world. The two gods were later imprisoned by Ada, as they has outlived their usefulness. Draedan released him after Ada's disappearance, so Tirith pledged loyalty to Draedan. Tirith is depicted as a kind middle-aged man, but is often thrown into a rage when Nissre and Iraksu begin their game of tag. He often stirs up high tides to reach the clouds to stop the two gods from disturbing his peace, though this sometimes can result in hurricanes.

  • Name - Metta
  • Role - Goddess of the Land, Goddess of Earth, Goddess of the Harvest

Metta plays many important roles in Volver religion. She is depicted as a beautiful woman harvesting crops. According to old Volver texts, Metta game to the Volver when their hunts became less and less successful. She taught them how to cultivate crops and blessed them with a harvest each year. She is also said to have been created by Ada to assist him and Tirith in creating the planet. She too was locked away after Ada no longer needed her or Tirith's services. Draedan freed her and Tirith after Ada disappeared, so she pledged loyalty to him.

  • Name - Nonda
  • Role - Goddess of Death

Nonda is the Volver Goddess of Death. She is depicted as a robed woman followed by a flock of black birds. She was Created by Ada to kill the other gods to insure his rule. However, Nonda despised Ada and felt pity upon the mortals and other gods. She refused this task and was imprisoned by Ada. Draedan released her after Ada's disappearance, so she pledged her loyalty to him. Nonda is a serious god who does not discriminate between good and evil. The Volver believe that for every person that is born, she has a bird. When that person is about to die, Nonda sends the person's bird to them to collect their soul. After the soul has been collected, she sends the bird to Athaan for judgement.

  • Name - Athaan
  • Role - God of Judgement

Athaan is the Volver God of Judgement. Every time a person is born, begins a log and records their various deeds throughout their life. Once the person dies, their soul is delivered to him via Nonda's soul birds. Once the soul is received, Athaan judges the person based on the deeds in his log. If the person is worthy, he spend a them to the afterlife where they can live the rest of their days in happiness. Those who are unworthy, are damned to either an eternity of agony or a second chance at life via reincarnation....depending the severity of their bad deeds.

  • Name - Corenne
  • Role - Goddess of Dawn

Corenne is the Volver God of Dawn. In old Volver texts, it is stated that she was one of the first gods created, even before Daedran himself. She along with Noste, the God of Dusk, control the balance of day and night. She is depicted as a shining woman with a white halo. Corenne is known as a loving goddess and does not get along well with her counterpart, Noste.

  • Name - Noste
  • Role - God of Dusk

Noste is the Volver God of Dusk. According to old Volver texts, Noste was created alongside Corenne, the Goddess of Dawn, as one of the first deities. He and Corenne share a love-hate relationship, though they acknowledge the fact that they cannot exist without one another. Noste is said to be a cold god, often having little pity on mortals. He is depicted as shining man with a black halo.


  • The Shianith'Unas are evil deities in the eyes of most followers. however, these "gods" are worshiped by groups such as the Crimson Suns and the Blood Knights, both being insurrectionist factions among the Volver Empire. However the Crimson Suns purely believe in Ada, while the Blood Knights have adopted the others.

According to the ancient texts, Ada, after abandoning the Volver in their time of need, was cast aside as their one true god and was replaced by the Mellyrnra. He was known to be cruel to his creations and was later considered a False God in the eyes of the Volver. For those who still worship him as God, Ada is seen as a divine being. Being the creator of all things. He is believed to have created the Mellyrnra to help him build Ascon, however he betrayed them after their work was done by sealing them away. Due to unknown reasons, Ada disappeared, leaving Draedan to take up the role of leadership.

  • Name - Ruthsa'Aha
  • Role - Goddess of Rage

Ruthsa'Aha is the goddess of rage and anger. She is known to despise the happy and prosperous and often alters aspects of their lives to anger them. It is said the Ruthsa'Aha feeds off of their negative energy. Those who embrace the power of rage however, are often granted great power in battle. According to old Volver texts, Ruthsa'Aha was once a Mellyrnra. She lost her this title due to her direct meddling in a mortal's affairs. Not only for meddling, but for enjoying the mortal's misfortune. Daedran and Athaan forced Ruthsa'Aha to denounce her title as a Mellyrnra, causing her to resent the others. Her rage was so great that she wished to spread her feelings to anyone she could, thus giving her the title, The Goddess of Rage. She is depicted as a woman with glowing red eyes, cloaked in flames.

  • Name - Sinsreia
  • Role - Goddess of Greed

Sinsreia is the goddess of greed. She is said to make people want things to a severe degree. She is often associated for influencing mortals to steal and cheat. Sinseria is depicted as a woman with a bottomless bag slung on her back, ready to take everything she desires.

  • Name - Kharssith
  • Role - God of Lust

Kharssith is known as the god of lust. He is depicted as a muscular man with a hole in his chest. Kharssith has been said to influence mortals to do various sexual acts towards each other; and he seems to care very little about the feelings of the mortals involved. Those who already have lust in their hearts are easy targets for Kharssith, as they are more easily swayed to follow his guidance. This can result in very different outcomes. Sometimes Kharssith can improve the mortal's relationship with the other, and often times he ruins relationships. Sometimes, Kharssith is said to be the cause of many involuntary sexual acts on both parties, as he can take the smallest mutual attraction and turn it into lust. It is unknown is Kharssith is trying to help the mortals or is just messing with them for his amusement, but he had been classified as a Shianith'Un (singular for Shianith'Unas) due to his behavior.

  • Name - Xundussara
  • Role - God of Destruction

Xundussara is the god of destruction. He is often seen as a powerful deity and is said to be more powerful than Draedan. Xundussara was once a Mellyrnra along with Sheltleth and Ruthsa'Aha. He was different due to his belief that the Mellyrnra should stay loyal to Ada. When the other Mellyrnra disagreed with him and told him to denounce Ada as his creator, he flew into a rage. He attacked the other Mellyrnra and caused serious damage to their temple. He was later defeated and banished from the temple. He was the first of the Shianith'Unas, being followed by other Mellyrnra after their banishment, such as Sheltleth and Ruthsa'Aha. Xundussara was charged by the mortals to be the cause of natural disasters and meteor strikes. He is easily the most powerful of the deities, save for Ada himself. Xundussra is depicted as a large imposing beast with large battle axes and red eyes.

  • Name - Sheltleth
  • Role - God of Chaos

Sheltleth is the god of chaos. He followed right behind Xundussara after he was banished, as he favored those who had power. He is thought to be the cause of war, riots, and diseases . It is believed that Sheltleth finds amusement in the confusion and violence of the mortals. He is depicted as a tall, slender man wielding a mace while sitting in a large chair. His brother and Mellyrnra counterpart is Quarth, the God of Order.

Adopted BeliefsEdit

Ugandal Gods Edit

The Ugandalorians. being close allies of the Volver, have meshed their religions together, in a way, representing their alliance and close relationship. The Volver have followed suit, and adopted many Ugandal gods into their religion.

  • Name - Zaraturai
  • Titles - Light Goddess, Great Spirit, Sun-goddess.
  • Goddess of - Unity, light, duty, destiny, family.

Zaraturai is the central goddess of the Ugandalorians, called the weaver, and responcible for "weaving" the Ugandalorians and their creators into what they are now. Responcible for creating the Ugandalorians' creators, then gifting them with elemental energy, Zaraturai has various forms throughout mythology, though her most common is a female Ugandalorian-like warrior, in gold and white armor, with piercing blue eyes.

In mythology, it is said that the Ugandalorians toiled in darkness, fighting each other for power, until Zaraturai and her brother where born of the nothing, and caste out emptiness, creating new life. It was said the 2 blessed the Ugandals with elemental power, just like they had done for the Ugandal's creators. Then, Zaraturai and her brother took on the mantle of protecting the Ugandals.

Zaraturai adopted the status as Goddess of the Sun and light, and protector of families, while Terikadax and his warriors began creating new wildlife, protecting both royal siblings, and Terikadax, became ruler of the night and shadows. The 2 embraced this role for thousands of years. However, during their battles with the God of nothingness, Terikadax became the unfortunate host for a shard of The Nothing's remains. This plated a seed that would fester his jealous and rage, until it reached a boiling.

However, as Zaraturai became more honored among the Ugandalorians, Terikadax began to feel overshadowed. Blinded by jealousy, and corrupted by darker powers, he inherited what mythology simply calls, the Helm of Shadow, and sought to destroy his sister, bring the Ugandals under his rule, and create a new, dark order, ruled by shadow. She exiled him from the realm of the gods, though he was not defeated.

Zaraturai is said to constantly be at war with her brother, their forces constantly clashing in the realm unseen, the place the gods inhabit.

The Volver believe that Zarataurai and Draedan married. The two and their following gods helped the two races bond and basically become one. There is popular belief that King Brygon is a demigod of some sort because of them. Zarataurai's role in Volver culture revolves around life and life giving.

  • Name - Terikadax
  • Titles - God of Shadow, the Envious one, the Dark One.
  • God of - Disunity, shadow, distrust, night

Terikadax, the mythical interpretation of Terikalinra, is the Ugandalorian God of Night, darkness, disunity, destruction, and general unpleasantness. Originally born from nothing, like his elder sister, Terikadax and his elder sibling would take upon the task of destroying the Lord of the Abyss that threatened their people, and bring onto them, a new paradise. However, as the two ruled, each took on a different role. Zaraturai became goddess of light and the sun, while Terikadax managed the creation of new animal life destroyed by their war, and took on stewardship of the night and shadows. In fact, Shadows usually, even today, do not have negative connotations, despite Terikadax's fall from light.

But, as stated, Terikadax did indeed grow jealous of his sister and power she held. In a bold move, he attempted to caste a spell over his sister, so she would fall into a deep slumber. He would then be free to unleash his shadows, and eternal night. However, this did not go as planed, and he was banished. However, Terikadax planed for this, and continued to wage war with his servants and "chaos" champions.

Terikadax is the epitome of evil in Ugandal society, and feared for his lust for power, and his manipulative ways. While Ugandalorians believe only Zaraturai can change your destiny, but only by guiding you to a new one, they fear Lord Terikadax for his abilities to directly alter one's destiny, something that has earned him the title, Changer of Paths.

Terikadax takes on many forms during his life. When uncorrupted, he is usually a dark blue armored Ugandalorian, and not to different from his sister. He usually can be seen carrying a pike, and a cape fashioned from stars. When corrupted, he has many forms. One is a large dragon-like beast, with massive claws, and teeth and pure black flesh. Another, is as a whirling vortex of body parts and energy, surrounding a disembodied head. The last, is a pure black Ugandalorian, with serpentine eyes, venomous fangs, and slightly rotted flesh. He has 2, eagle-like wings, and a cape fashioned from skin. Another common form is a massive shadow with simply 2 glowing red eyes.

His most common look in Ugandalorian religion, is a massive, reptilian beast, in rusted armor, with pure red eyes. Spikes adorn the shoulders, and his belt is decorated from the skulls of lesser immortals and gods, which he collected to gain their knowledge. He commonly can be seen carrying a massive staff, with 2 curved blades on it.

In Volver texts, Terikadax is depicted as a monstrous beast. It is said that he, Ada, and Zaraturai are siblings, being born from nothing. He is not known to have much influence on Volver culture, however he is indeed feared.

  • Name - Artohorka
  • Titles - The Forger.
  • God of - Order, creation.

Artohorka is the God of order and creation, and among the oldest Gods of Ugandalore in existence. An ancient being, Artohorka and his brother Randoriix exsisted before Zaraturai and her brother, and gave the Ugandal creators their elemental powers. Artohorka and his brother fought against the first evil of their universe, the Lord of Nothing, Master Kiress, as he is called, and kept his ruinous powers at bay. However, their eternal battle was not successful, as Randoriix made the mistake of looking into the third eye of Kiress, and feel to his "possession". Having to face such powers alone, Artohorka fought, but failed to keep Ugandalore safe, and it feel to shadow. When Zaraturai and Terikadax where born, the elder god helped the 2 fight off Lord Kiress.

After the great war, Artohorka helped Terikadax and his servants create the first life forms on Ugandalore, and Artohorka helped give the Ugandalorians laws and codes to keep their society in order, as well as fighting off his brother, Randoriix, who had no become a god of Chaos. It is said, that after Terikadax's betrayal, Artohorka and his followers permeantly left this realm, and established an Island-fortress in the heavens, called Artaka. For those who work hard in life, and do their duty to the Great Spirit, Artaka is their destiny, where they can live in peace for eternity.

Artohorka is commonly seen as a Ugandalorian with ancient, almost fragile looking white and silver armor, gold eyes, and traditional robes of a Ugandal Deacon. His face is covered by a magical helm allowing him to see the path his creations would take. Artohorka is often depicted carrying a mighty staff, covered by a full spectrum of various colored lights, and at it's center, those worthy, could look into the staff to gain some of Artohorka's blessing.

To the Volver, Artohorka is considered to be a partner of Quarth, as Quarth shaped the Order of the Volver worlds. It is said that the two are almost always in agreement with one another.

  • Name - Hoorangir
  • Titles - Ruinous God, Hand of Ruin
  • God of - War, ruin, advancement, guardianship, growth.

Hoorangiir is an important God among the Ugandalorians, and a mortal enemy of Arootsuum. Hoorangiir represents growth and change in Ugandal society, representing that a nation cannot remain idle, and constantly forces the Clans to adopt new ideals and ways of thinking into their life, while still loyal to the traditions of family and bloodline. He was also seen as a god of war, destroying those who remained ideal for too long.

Hoorangiir is said to have been created by Zaraturai to protect her kingdom, as well as her subjects. Accepting his task, Hoorangiir resolved to "evolve" society based off change and progress, but while remembering old traditions. As such, Hoorangiir had to struggle constantly with judging races, wondering if they where remembering their traditions enough, or advancing too quickly, or not enough.

During his guardianship of the Ugandalorians, a tribe of them escaped his notice, and decided to remain sloth and lazy. They instead gave into carnal desires of sex and parties. With this, the dark energies of the god, Terikadax, took shape and feed off these desires, becoming the Lord of Indulgence, Arootsuum. Arootsuum feed off their desires and lust, but his meal was cut short when Hoorangiir destroyed the rogue tribe with a volcanic eruption. Arootsuum escaped, and traveled the universe, seeking other cultures to feed off of, or bribe. Hoorangiir, as such, made himself Arootsuum's mortal enemy.

Due to his rivalry with Arootsuum, the 2 are said to be locked in an eternal war.

Later, it is said, that Hoorangiir began to question his aggression, and, as such, went to the deserts to meditate and conquer his aggression. Meditating through sand storm and heat, Hoorangiir was bribed constantly by Terikadax to join his side, however, Hoorangiir remained vigilant, and resisted the dark god's temptations. However, the inner demons within Hoorangiir took shape into a darker, more twisted version of the Ruinous god, known Korhosh, a being of mindless destruction and anarchy.

Hoorangiir is often depicted in traditional, tribal armor, with spikes coming from his shoulders and a traditional chieftain's cape. His common weapon was a halberd.

Note that Hoorangiir, while a god of devastation and war, is not one who supports mindless action. War should always be fought for Family and culture, or for the right reasons, and not for bloodshed and destruction, like his rival Korhosh.

The Volver view Hoorangiir as a god of war, rather than devastation. They believe that he is the good counterpart of Ruthsa'Aha, as they both appear to grant power to mortals.

  • Name - Randoriix
  • Titles - The Great Manipulator.
  • God of - Chaos, discord, mischief, disorder.

Randoriix is the god of chaos, discord, and manipulation, and the brother of Artohorka. Fighting alongside his brother in an endless war against Lord Kiress, to keep the world from being overrun with nothingness and the abyss. However, During one of their many battles, Randoriix, as he was about to push the Death-God back again, looked into his third eye and was twisted beyond reginition. Turned insane, Randoriix would disappear to sew chaos among races for his own amusement.

As such, Artohorka and he often battle, being forces of order and chaos respectively. However, despite being twisted now, and insane, Randoriix still has a place among the gods, more or less. Commonly, Randoriix is charged with running an island fortress like his brother, however, this one is built to punish. Much like what he dreams of plunging the universe into, Randoriix's realm, of Karizahn, makes little sense. The island's landscape is constantly changing to suite it's creator's needs, and the hottest fires are as cold as frost, the ice can burn hotter then hellfire, and the tiniest whisper can be louder then a monster's roar.

Randoriix does little for any grand plan or scheme, and merely lives for the now. Constantly, much like his state of mind, Randoriix shifts reality and his own body to suite his needs.

Commonly, Randoriix appears as a serpentine beast, with a mix-matched green and purple body, and 2 curved horns. One of his eyes is pure red, with no pupil, and it is said looking into this eye can cause insanity. Randoriix is commonly portrayed carrying flaming chains, covered in spikes.

Randoriix is often seen as a counterpart to Sheltleth. He is often depicted as having relations with Sheltleth, but, due to both causing chaos and discord, their relations change, with both sometimes becoming parent to the other, siblings, comrades, or enemies, whenever it suits them.

  • Name - Udo Tarrack
  • Titles - The Discordant, Bastard of Chaos.
  • God of - Fickle fortunes, changing tides, change in general, but in a negative sense.

Udo Taraak is the God of Fickle fortunes, and represents how the fortune of battle can change for one's favor. The son of Randoriix, Udo Taraak shared his father's dislike for order and that sort of thing, but became more of a battlefield force. Able to alter battles and their outcome to suit his needs, Udo Taraak commonly alters battles to suit his needs.

Udo Taraak commonly offers to help the other Gods with their battles against each other, however, he only does so when they are desperate, as they don't trust him, due to changing sides for more money, power, or simply because he feels like it. As such, Udo Taraak is hated for his attitude, yet respected for his combat abilities by the other gods.

Udo Taraak commonly dresses in traditional armor, but with a florid, mix-matched appearance that changes as he walks in a technicolored display. Ugandalorians commonly customize their armor similarly to gain his blessings and to avoid his wrath on the field of battle.

The Volver see Udo Taraak as a trickster. They don't typically think about him much, bud tend to blame things on him when things turn sour.

  • Name - Trencormaa
  • Titles - Unsightly one, Sleeping God, Yeg.
  • God of - Maintenance, Guidance

Trencormaa is the God placed in charge of protecting Ugandalore the planet, and maintaining balance in the universe. While he was created by Zaraturai, Trencormaa's body was corrupted by Terakadax, causing him to become a most hideous god. Trencormaa, however remained a force of good, despite his corruption, but had to retreat to the bowels of the planet to avoid being seen by others, and driving them insane.

While within his self-imposed exile, Trencormaa battled with Terikadax and his forces to keep the Ugandals safe. However, these battles lead to Trencormaa almost destroying the planet, and he went into a coma, to avoid harming the planet or it's people any longer. However, even when asleep, his great telepathic power protects all those worthy from Terikadax's wrath.

Trencormaa is the god of guidance and maintenance. It is said that in times of need, he will help guide loyal followers of Zaraturai to the light, and help keep them from falling toe the dark powers of Terikadax and other ruinous gods.

Trencormaa, due to his corruption, resembles a gigantic mass of tentacles, with a skull like head, and empty eye-sockets. Trencormaa's hands are thin and bony, and his body is constantly shifting about.

Trencormaa is the mortal enemy of the God of rot and decay, Norklair.

Trencormaa is seen by the Volver to be a sibling of Draedan, as they are both depicted as great protectors. His form is very different to the Volver. They describe him to also be a dragon with green scales.

  • Name - Arootsum
  • Titles - Prince of Indulgence, The stagnating Hand
  • God of - Pleasures, hedonism, stagnation, idleness, laziness.

Arootsuum is the Ugandalorian god of stagnation, and considered their worst enemy. A being constantly trying to get the clans to retain old traditions, sit about and get lazy, and otherwise destroy themselves. Arootsuum is the mortal enemy of Hoorangiir, and the 2 are engaged in an eternal war.

Arootsuum was born when a clan of Ugandalorians renounced their culture, and decided to live for pleasures and lust, not for honor and family. Their lifestyle, combined with exposure to Terikadax's energies helped produce the horrid Lord of Indulgences, Arootsuum. Immediately and enemy of Hoorangiir, god of change and energy, the Ruinous god destroyed the Lord of Pleasures' food source, and forced the immature god to flee and seek out other cultures to feed on, or bribe with hedonism. Hoorangiir is then forced to destroy these cultures to keep Arootsuum from gaining strength.

While Arootsuum is seen as a God of stagnation and idleness, he is also a god of pleasures and carnal desires, feeding off others desires, especially when they actually experience them.

Arootsuum is commonly seen as a Ugandalorian in fancy robes and clothing, bedecked in jewels and various gem stones, and usually caries a sword

In Volver texts, Kharssith is seen as the Brother of Arootsuum, due to being very similar to the Prince of Indulgence. The 2 often work together to make people act out their deepest, most twisted sexual urges, or the 2 Gods' own, for enjoyment. Children produced from these wild flings are said to be cursed to become servants of the 2 gods.

  • Name - Norklair
  • Titles - Great Unclean One
  • God of - Rot, Corruption, decay

Morklair is the dark god of decay, rot and corruption, and seen as one of the oldest enemies of civilization. It is said Norklair has existed as long as sentient races have, existing just to watch his plagues and diseases corrupt society. This is another reason Ugandal society seems always on the move, as they wish to avoid Norklair's rot, the imminent downfall that occurs to empires too large.

Norklair is said to have come to being when species began to develop. As more and more where born, the creature became bigger, more bloated, and filled with rot, and began unleashing disease after disease on species across the galaxy. However, Terikadax defeated the God of rot, and slowed the progression of his plagues to a near halt. After the latter's corruption, Norklair decided to forgive the dark god, as Terikadax's plans promised the end of many empires, an opportunity for Norklair to release his rot on many new races.

Commonly, he clashes with the sleeping God, Yeg-Trencoorma, as Trencoorma represents guidance and protection, where's Norklair destroys all in his wake. Norklair also has a love-hate relationship with Hoorangiir, commonly being aware of empires that are becoming stagnant and weak, and Hoorangiir must sometimes ask The Unclean one to help him locate them.

Norklair commonly appears as a large, bloated, mass of flesh, with no bone at all. Many of his organs are exposed and flop out of his bloated gut, and tenetalces surround his mouth, giving him a squid like look. Norklair is said to be as ugly as Trencoorma, and his appearance can mortals to suffer eye rot, and to insane.

The Volver see Norklair as a comrade of Sheltleth, as they are both known to cause disease. However, due to his grotesque form and pure depiction of rotting flesh, the Volver and a few other races blame Norklair for the Infectant Horde. The say that Norklair helped Ada create the Infectant Virus.

  • Name - Korhosh
  • Titles - Head Hunter, The Collector
  • God of - Mindless war and bloodshed.

Korhosh is seen as the god of mindless bloodshed and war, and the "son" of Hoorangiir. When Hoorangiir himself went to the desert to make peace with himself and calm his demons, Terikadax appeared to him and tried to bribe him over and over, however, Hoorangiir refused. However, Hoorangiir was not perfect, and his inner demons feed off Terikadax's energies to become Korhosh, tore his way from Hoorangiir's head. The 2 gods clashed, before Korhosh disappeared mysteriously.

Korhosh often, like Hoorangiir, supports war. However, this war is not fought for glory of the clan and family, or to protect one's life and ways, but merely for more and more death. Korhosh personifies everything the Ugandals do not seek as warriors. It is said Korhosh will appear during battles to fight the strongest warriors, before taking their heads, and souls, to empower himself. Ugandals believe they received this power from Korhosh, as a gift in case they followed him on the path of bloodshed.

Korhosh is often seen as a gigantic, red-skinned, armored warrior, with needle-like teeth, and a flaming sword. Korhosh commonly has a belt filled with swords and skulls that he has collected from other warriors.

The Volver do not have many views on this god, as they do not support mindless bloodshed. The perceive Korhosh to be a false god.

  • Name - Tctassh
  • Titles - The Great Changer, The Unseen force.
  • God of - Mutation, shape-shifting, manipulation.

Tctassh is the God of unproductive change and mutation. He is seen as a manipulator and a god of shapeshifting. Tctaash was born from the effects of Randoriix and Arootsum teaming up, and trying to have Zaraturai become Randoriix's mate. While their combined powers could do little against the sovereign goddess, their thoughts converged to create Tctassh, the Great Changer. Where's Ugandals support change, as long as certain traditions are held, Tctaash represents changing everything, and disregarding ancestors and their sacrifice. Tctaash is also seen as a god of mutation, commonly causing deformities among populations.

Tctassh often is at odds with the God Hoorangiir and Artohorka, as well Terikadax, but is seen as an ally of Udo Tarrack and Randoriix.

Tctassh has no true form, most being a mass of bodies, with large jaws coming out of the side of it's head, it's left separating into 2 limbs, distorted faces in it's chest, and a mouth in it's stomach. Tctassh, unlike other Dark Gods, is not willing to get involved directly with mortals, and commonly mutates one, before moving onto the other.

The Volver also do not like this god. Respect for their ancestors and customs are very sacred to them. The Volver do not mention Tctassh much.

  • Name - Azona
  • Titles - She who thirsts
  • Goddess of - Nightmares, patron of Changelings.

Azona is the Goddess responsible for nightmares, and creates them by feeding off peoples' dreams, and corrupting them into nightmares in the process. Azona is held with deep apathy, seen as a potential killer in Ugandal society, as they believe if they do not dream properly for too long, they will lose the Elemental power in their bodies and die off as a result.

Despite his corruption, Terikadax still fights Azona, as he wishes to rule mortals, not destroy them.

Azona is described as being a massive, round, sun-like object, with a single decayed eye, and surrounded by tentacles.

The Volver believe that Azona is the mate of Noste, as both of them are depicted to be associated with darkness. Once Noste takes over for the night, Azona follows him, feeding off of the nightmares of mortals.

Raptoranean Gods Edit

  • Name - Xa'hal
  • Titles - The godess of sunlight, mother of the Raptoraneans
  • God of - Sunlight, Warmth, Tenderness, Marriage

Xa'hal is the Raptoranean sun godess, and their most important one. The most important Godess due to the fact that the Raptoraneans live on sunlight, she is said to be an Raptoranean female made of light, with elf-like wings, and her hair being made out of an beautiful solar flare.

She was said to be the first Raptoranean to have ever existed, but with an mutation that allowed her to absorb much more sunlight than others. Once she flew too close to a sun, this caused her to absorb so much energy that she ascended into what she is now. Since then, it is said that she watches over the Raptoranean people like a caring mother. However, she still had a mortal boyfriend, but was unable to visit him, believing that she would accidentally destroy Raptoranea with her power if she did so. This love, however, coupled with her immense beauty, eventually lead to the birth of Saa'nesh, the godess of lust, love, and desire. After a while, her daughter became more and more important to the Raptoraneans, and her power grew as this happened. After a while though, she became more and more reckless, and started to indulge herself in the more deparved kinds of pleasures. Fearing her daughter to be corrupted to exess, Xa'hal forefully absorbed these negative traits, it is said, and was reduced to the being known as Rei'lith.

With her powers weakerned severely, she was now able to travel to Raptoranea without danger, and imprisoned herself here, watching over her "children".

  • Name - Rei'lith
  • Titles - The protector
  • God of - Guidance, protection, fate

Rei'lith is what Xa'hal became after sacrificing herself to save her daughter, Saa'nesh, from falling into an existance of depraved desire and exess. With her power weakened to the extent that she could enter Raptoranea without posing danger to her "children", the Raptoraneans, Rei'lith crafted a massive spherical object in with she imprisoned herself. From her body, she started to leak an amber-colored liquid with extreme fertile proporties, the liquid speading trough Raptoranea and turing it into the fertile jungle it is now.

After protecing and watching over the Raptoraneans for many millenia, it is said that Rei'lith felt the desire to be with them personally. Devolving her body even further, she created an avatar of herself that would simply become known as the silent, observing girl known as Rei'th. It is said that Rei'th and the Raptoranean leader, W'tze, have met many times in the past, though the exact circumstances in with this happened remain unknown.

Before her degradation, Rei'lith appeared just as Xa'hal, but her hair and body made out of white liquid instead of light and solar plasma, while having butterly-like wings made out of thin membrane of light. After her degradation, she now appears as a somewhat formless mass of ooze that vaguely takes on the form of an seemingly pregnant, genderless Raptoranean. Her avatar, Rei'th, is said to be an female Raptoranean teenager with pale skin, sleek lavender hair and whine-red eyes, compared to the seemingly tanned pinkish-orange skin, the curly auburn hair and the bright green eyes Raptoraneans normally have.

  • Name - Saa'nesh
  • Titles - Princess of Pleasures, Godess of Love, Godess of Lust, the Unifier
  • God of - Love, Lust, Infatuation, Romance, Beauty, Nudity, Pleasures, Hedonism

Saa'nesh is the Raptoranean godess of love, lust, and pleasures, and the daughter of Xa'hal. Born as an personification of her mother's own beauty and love, Saa'nesh quickly gained as much followers as her mother, and with it, great power. However, it was too much for her to bear, and she started to become a godess of hedonism as well, indulging herself in ever more depraved pleasures. Her mother, worried about this, forcefully neutralized these negative traits, but sacrificed most of her power for it in return, becoming known as Rei'lith.

Saa'nesh herself would stay an godess of lust ad pleasures, but instead used this to the positive. An shapeshifter to some extent, it is said that she appears to those that have not yet found their one true partner as as extremely beautiful vesion of their future husband/wife, meaning that she can appear both as a male and female. To those who have already found true love, and to her followers as well, Saa'nesh appears in her true from, an extremely beautiful female Raptoranean adolecent, with a soft, hoarse voice ringing of a thousand subtle pleasures. Furthermore, she has large, angelic wings as well, and is completely nude, representing the Raptoraneans utter ignorance of nudity.

  • Name - Shi'nesh
  • Titles - Prince of Pain, the Great Agonizer
  • God of - Exess, Obsession, Despair, Pain, Mayhem

Shi'nesh is the only remaining piece of the corruption formerly found in Saa'nesh' heart. It compressed into a sharp shard and forced itself out of Saa'neshes body when her mother, Xa'hal, was not paying attention. Being cast away out of the system, the shard, fuelled by the pain following all broken relationships, it eventually gained a consciousness of it's own, that would name itself Shi'nesh.

Shi'nesh is all what is bad in a Raptoranean's soul. With their enhanced senses and their extreme emotions, their can easily turn to exess as a way of self-statisfaction. When this happens, their is a chance that they are shoved down the path of indulgences eventually leads to highly degrading sexual practices and sadomasocistic obsession with pain. It is said that then their souls are claimed by Shi'nesh.

While he is the only turuly negative god in the Raptoranean's pantheon, he is not worshipped, and as such not considered a part of it.

Si'nesh is said to be an androginous Raptoranean, elegant yet terrifying to look at. Draped around his body, Si'nesh wears thorned vines in an crude reflection of the blosomming vines worn by Saa'nesh as her only "clothing". The wounds created into Si'nesh' flesh by these thorns are said to drip with foul narcotics that indulge excuisite pain unpon anyone that comes into contact with it.

The corruption within the soul of Saa'nes, and the creation of Si'nesh as a result, are believed to be the work of Terikadax, Arootsum, and the Volver God Kharssith. This is due to Terikadax being the corruptor of all things good, and Si'nesh being very similar to the Prince of Indulgence. It is said that Si'nesh, Arootsum and Kharssith often work together to make people act out their deepest, most twisted sexual urges, or the 3 Gods' own, for enjoyment. Children produced from these wild flings are said to be cursed to become servants of the 3 gods.

  • Name - Nur'tax
  • Titles - The Bilious Caring One, The Father of Flies
  • God of - Decay, Rot, Reincarnation, New life, Growth, Balance

At first glance, Nur'tax appears to be a paradoxal god. This is because he is not only the Raptoranean god of rot and decay, but also their god of growth and new life, causing many too see him as a god of balance and reincarnation.

Nur'Tax represens the fact that death should not be feared, and rather embraced with open arms, for new life will always spout from the foetid grave. After all, decay is only one part of the cycle of life, without with no new life could prosper. Upon the decay of the living untold numbers of bacteria, viruses, insects and other carrion-feeders thrive. All life feeds upon other life to exist, and from every plague, new generations grow, stronger and more virile than those who came before. There is life in a pestilent death as much as there is regeneration spawned from decay. While a god said pestilent death, Nur'tax, for certain is also a vibrant god of life and laughter. Ever jovial in his work, he is said to care greatly for his followers, and constenly gifts them with ever more plagues to become resilient to.

Nur'tax is said to take on the form of a bloated, rotten humanoid, moss and bark decorating his skin, fungi growing on on his back, bilious flesh-friuts hanging from his exposed insestines, and surrounded by clouds of flies and other carrion-feeders that he generousely let feed from his bloated body. The face of Nur'tax is decayed in such a way that he always seems, and is, smiling, and his eyes twinkle with humour. Nur'tax is known to laugh a lot, and by doing so, sends pathogenic bile deep ito the mortal unverse.

  • Name - Tzeent'chak
  • Titles - The Great Chneger, the Arch-Revolutionist, the Gazer of Dreams
  • God of - Change, Chance, Evolution, Knowledge, History, Liberation, Wonder, Mischief

Tzeent'chak is the Raptoranean god of Change, Chance and Liberation. It is said that he listens to the hopes and dreams of every living being in the universe, impleting them into his grand shemes Everyone dreams of prosperity, freedom and a better tomorrow. It is unknown what the ultimate outcome of Tzeent'chak's plan is, but it is believed that it will conclude in a massive, multiversal evolution, after witch the denizens of the multiverse will long last be truly free.

Tzeent'chak is also the god of evolution, guiding the universe to ever greater complexity, to the point that it woukd be incomprehenisble. He is also the god of history, and is said to carefully record evrything that happened in the past, for he believes that in the past events, one can see the furure events yet to come. After all, all history repeats itself in some form or another. Seen as the giver of helpfull mutations, the works of Tzeent'chak are often met with wonder and awe, and the Raptoraneans believe he has inspired many to build their greatest libaries and the most complex of their buildings. However, Tzeent'chak also has a mischievous side to him, and at times, will toy with mortals for his own amusement, especiallty those mortals that are enemies of his worshippers. At worst, to enemies, Tzeent'chak projects so much visions of their anchestor's mistakes and of raw chaos into their minds that they snap and are driven insane. Those individuals are then further mutated by him to masses of gangling limbs, eyes, mouths and organs as a further punishment. Yet Tzeent'chak is not a punishing god, and will never mutate his own followers. If he does, he will evolve them into something more complex and grant them greater understanding of the universe in return.

Being a representaion of change, Tzeent'chak has no true form, but is said is said to mostly look an ever-changing mass of fluid, withnhis face in the middle, and warious lesser faces drifting trough the outer veil of his body. As he speaks, these faces repeat his words with subtle but important differences, or give away prophetic oracles. The air around iTzeent'chak weaves like liquid smoke about his head, forming subtle and interwoven patterns. Forms of places and people appear in the smoke as Tzeent'chak gazes into their hopes and dreams and ponders about their futures and destinies, for the better if they are his followers, for the worse if they conservative opposers of change. Those who appear there will often find their minds or bodies mutating into new forms, for none that gain the particular attention of Tzeent'chak remain untouched.

Vanara Deities Edit

Note that while they have accepted most Vanara Deities "God" does not seem to be represented.

Fare Ones Edit

Fare Ones are the beings responsible for much of the creation involving the Vanara. They are however, in a sense, mortal and can be destroyed though this is very hard to do. They are also believed to be almost beyond the understanding of others.

Mithralar is the supreme Fare One of the Vanara religion. He created the three trinities who created the mothers. He is described as a shadowy being, with horns, and glowing red eyes. It is said that Mithralar believes that race must prove themselves worthy of their place in the universe through survival and believed it could be achieved through three different ways and so created the three trinities to create other races, one for each way of survival in order to prove which was the true path to survival.

The three Trinities are a three groups of three being responsible for creating the mothers. Each one adheres to a different philosophy of survival and create the mothers so that they could create a race that adhered to each.


The Divid are the creators of Ava. They believed that survival is achieved through a balance of loyalty to ones group and loyalty to ones self. They are described as canine-like dragons.


Orstrali are the creators of Anag. They believed the survival is achieved by complete and total loyalty to ones self. They are described as almost shapeless, erratic beings made of crystal.


Alush are the creators of Leless. The believe that survival is achieved through complete loyalty to the group with no thought for ones self. They are depicted as angelic, winged humanoids made of red liquid.

The mothers are the creators of the races, one for each philosophy of survival. Each mother and their race follows the survival philosophy of the trinity that created them.


The mother of the Vanara. She appears as a giant demonic being, with blue, brown, and white skin, green and red eyes, horns, blue hair, and her abdomen, left arm, and right eye are bandaged. She is said to be fiery and independent, yet extremely protective and caring about her children. It is said that Ava created the Vanara home world (before it was destroyed) from parts of her body (the reason for the bandages). From the skin of her left arm she created the sky, the skin of her abdomen was used to make the ground, her intestines were made into rivers, her stomach and liver two great oceans, bones of her arm a vast mountain rang, her right eye was placed in the sky as the sun, and from her blood were born the Vanara.


The mother of "the neutral ones". She appears as a giant made of light. She is vain and believes herself to be invincible. She regards her children as perfect, but only uses them to achieve her own ends.


The mother of "the enemy of the Vanara". She appears as many beings merged into one, with a purple mask-like face, and wings, forcing madness upon those who gaze at her. She is said to be emotionless, uncaring, and would destroy her children should they fail her.

The Beasts Edit

The guardian of the Vanara. She is described as a large, blue, winged creature (possibly made of metal). She is also served by winged beings named Zangreal. Her personality is described as loving, but when enraged she is cruel, unsympathetic, and spiteful.

Tachi is massive eight-headed beast, said to come from space and was given form by the sin of the Vanara. Tachi is said to have no personality what so ever and is simply a mindless killing machine.

The Lord of Darkness born from the shadowy head of Tachi. Ouni is described as a large living shadow. He is said to normally be mysterious, manipulative, and cunning, but when angered becomes an almost unstoppable engine of destruction.

The Beast of the Earth born from the stone head of Tachi. Giri is described as a limbless, deformed creature. He is said to be completely and totally emotionless.

The Water Creature born from the bleeding head of Tachi. Ur-Yi is described as a aquatic creature with mosasaur-like jaws and teeth, and beautiful, ray-like fins. She is said to be freedom loving and outgoing.

The Space Monster born from the young head of Tachi. Qual is described as a massive humanoid creature, with a mask-like face, long claws, and the ability to split into two beings. He is said to be wise and carefree, but possessive of beings he forms a bond with.

The Time Being born from the old head of Tachi. Warjeth is described as a tentacled, bug-like creature. She is said to be cold, calculating, and totally focussed on her tasks.

The Air Serpent born from the winged head of Tachi. Kari is described as a flying creature made of eyes. She is said to be an erratic, unpredictable being.

The Light Master born from the shining head of Tachi. Viz is described as a ring of light. She is said to be judgmental and merciless.

The Void Horror born from the tail of Tachi. Githra is actually said to be multiple white grotesque beings, that merge into a giant glowing bird like creature. It is said to be evil beyond all compare.

The Fire Dragon born from the burning head of Tachi. Jura is described as a massive beast, powerful enough to destroy a planet. Jura's personality is unknown.

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