Our kind has overcome and will continue to overcome. No god determines our fate. Only our actions do.


Founding and pre-historyEdit

The Volver Empire originated on planet Ascon. They started out as creatures known as the Volver and formed the Volver Tribe. After winning the First Ascon Civil War, there was no question as to which species ruled over Ascon. After the war, the Volver united under one banner and formed the Volver Valisharate. King Holreb, the first king of the Volver Valisharate, made an alliance with the Doopy High Chiefdom another powerful faction that they shared Ascon with. This alliance was short lived though, as the two nations became rivals, trying to outsmart each other with tech or eventually going as far as conquering territory. The Volver were incredibly smart, and out into the cosmos after discovering space flight. The Volver spread rapidly to different systems around their home star, while the Doopies struggled to get a rocket off the ground. By the time the Doopies created their first space colony, they had discovered that the Volver had already colonized at least 20 star systems.The Volver had once again proven their superiority as a space-faring species, and the leaders of the Doopy High Chiefdom decided to realign themselves with Volver interests, which made all Doopy territories Volver territories as well. This marked the formation of the true Volver Empire in 3022 BC.

Enslavement and Volver-Biskin WarEdit

King Holreb had ambitions of expanding the Volver Empire throughout the known galaxy. In 1637 BC, the Volver Empire encountered the Biskin Empire, a then galactic superpower that ruled the northeastern quadrant of Tyris Major. Their Leader, High-King Nano declared war on the Volver Empire with the intent of subjugating them. The war lasted roughly two years and ended with a Vovler defeat.

The Biskin enslaved the Volver after the war, resulting in the loss of countless Volver lives. After 17 years of suffering, two new Volver warriors appeared. Zirux, son of King Holreb, and his friend Noruuk broke the the Volver slaves out of cages and prisons and lead a full attack on the Biskin race. This was the begining of the Volver Rebellion. Zirux was able to kill High King Nano after a long battle, causing mass panic and internal strife within the large Empire. In the confusion, Zirux gathered his people and escaped the clutches of the Biskin.

Rule of ZiruxEdit

King Zirux was crowned king after returning to Ascon in 1612 BC. Zirux ruled with honor and did his best to keep his people happy. During his rule, the Volver Empire was able to develop advanced spacecraft that would make colonization much easier. With this, King Zirux expanded the Volver Empire quickly. First contact between the Soldarian Empire was made during this time, King Zirux and Emperor Pulporious III discussed how alike the Volver and Soldarian people were. The two leaders laid down a groundwork for an alliance, though nothing was set in stone besides a trade route.

Rule of GartoomEdit

After the death of Zirux in 612 BC, his son, King Gartoom was crowned king after proving himself in traditional combat against his peers. King Gartoom was the Volver who truly paved the way for what the empire is today. He instated many reforms and policies that would make life better for the citizens as an empire as a whole, and managed to finalize a trade deal with the Soldarian Empire via Emperor Pulporious IV and the newly discovered Helmore Galactic Conglomerate He also expanded the empire even further to over 3,000 controlled systems. Under his rule, the Volver enjoyed almost 700 years of unparalleled prosperity.

Battle of Minera and Vassalization of the HelmoreEdit

In 1272 AD, The Volver Empire received a distress call the Helmore Galactic Conglomerate, explaining that they were being invaded by the re-surging Biskin Empire. The Volver arrived on Minera led by the young Prince Glynn, who was able to drive the Biskin off the planet after a very intense battle.

War of Tyris MajorEdit

In the year 1275 AD, High King Ziskin, the new leader of the Biskin Empire and his horde of allies had returned to outright destroy the Volver Empire for their bast transgressions on his people.The Biskin had apparently allied with the Infectants Horde and the Antroth Empire in order to take over the entirety of Tyris Major.

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A Volver Bounty Hunter shows his skills in the Galactic War.

King Gartoom received word that King Ziskin had developed a weapon that could supposedly exterminate all life in a single arm of the galaxy. He ordered the allied forces of the Soldarian Empire and Volver Empire to find the weapon and destroy it. The weapon was later found and Chainbarr destroyed it by sacrificing himself. King Gartoom held a funeral service for him and built a statue in his honor.

As the war raged on, Prince Glynn and his squad defeated the Antroths, forcing them surrender. The Infectants were still at large and were planing to attack the Hyperon Grand Khanate in order to obtain more undead soldiers to bolster their ranks. While most of the allies forces were fighting on the Hyperon homeworld, Meju'Tin-7. King Gartoom allied with the Lavatufts, ruled by King Lavern. After the Battle of Meju'Tin-7, the allied forces attacked Floo, the homeworld of the Infectants. With both of their allies defeated and their king killed, the Biskin had no choice but to retreat into exile.

Rule of GlynnEdit

King Gartoom passed away in 1370 AD, and after proving himself in traditional combat, King Glynn was crowned kingr of the now mighty Volver Empire. The damage caused by the previous war was great, and Volveria, the capital city of the Empire, was destroyed in one of the key battles. King Glynn decided to rebuild it, but more high tech and more defended. He named the city Gartoomia, in honor of his father.

Founding of the United Knights AllianceEdit

In 1373 AD, King Glynn proposed that the allied forces that fought in the War of Tyris Major should form a proper alliance. All off the leaders of the allied empires agreed and they formed the United Knights Alliance.
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Gartoomia, The new capital of Ascon.

The War of the PiratesEdit

King Glynn found out that his new allies, the Mendel Pact were in a fight against an army of pesky space pirates. He decided to help them and their allies in the fight. King Glynn sent a few troops to aid in the Mendel's war effort, which forged a partnership between the Volver and Mendel for years to come.

Nebulorian-Alpha WarEdit

In 2754 AD King Glynn received a transmission from the Helmore of Minera. Apparently they were being attacked by an impire unknown to the Volver. glynn agreed to help and sent his army to defend Minera. With the enemy fleet destroyed, Glynn called them back to Ascon.

Hours later, the Volver find something...unusual. They discover a strange vortex between the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. They send two scout ships to study it, but when those ships arrive, an Nebulorian ship exits the portal. The Volver contact the ship, but the Nebulorians suddenly cut the transmission. Before the Volver can react, the Nebulorians fire a green laser, with destroys the two Volver ships. Then, more Nebulorian ships exit the portal. The Nebulorian invasion has begun. Ship after ship was destroyed, countless Volvers died in brutal, fiery explosions. The Nebulorians had technology that not even Dr.Que could comprehend. Not soon after, the Nebulorians attacked Ascon. The battle was being lost and the Nebulorians continued to attack with overwhelming force. Glynn decided to use the Volver Laser, the Volver's most powerful weapon. It fired and destroyed the Nebulorian fleet.

King Glynn could not believe what had happened, the fabled Nebulorian Empire was actually real. The Volver as many other races had believed that the Nebulorians were a myth. Glynn, realizing this threat, contacted the Ugandalorians, hoping that they would help them fight these godly foes. During the call for help, the Nebulorians attack again, this time accompanied by the notorious Dead Watch. The Volver could not effectively defend themselves from both enemies at once. Then, the Ugandalorians as well as the Soldarians desend from the clouds, joined the Volver, and defeated the Nebulorian and Dead Watch fleets. Later on, the Waptoria alliance of Species, led by W'tze, decided to aid then in their battle against the Nebulorians.

King Glynn traveled to Farmia to gain support from Queen Si'sdaal, ruler of the Antroths. To his surprise, Si'daal and Oskel (the Antroth general) agreed to help him. Meanwhile, Barda and Averil got assistance from the Lavatufts.

Glynn and his allies heard that Bengo Flett had died at the hands of Ne'yon. Glynn, angered by this, vowed to avenge his death. He teamed up with Barda Clett and Ugandalore The Great of the Ugandalorian Empire to invade the east side of Ne'yon's hideout.

During the invasion, Glynn, Barda, and Ugandalore were blocked by Lorka Gredyc, a Dead Watch field marshal. Barda told Ugandalore to take the Volver and Ugandalorian troops to the Netherworld Temple, where Ne'yon was planing to release the False God. Ugandalore decided to listen to Barda and left with the troops. Glynn pointed out to Lorka that he was out numbered, two against one. Lorka then revealed that Ne'yon had revived King Ziskin, ruler of the once great Biskin Empire. Glynn was enraged. He attacked Ziskin, leaving Barda to fight Lorka. Glynn and Ziskin fought hard. It seemed as though Glynn would not win. His armor was cracked, his ribs broken, and his weapons systems were offline. Ziskin stood over him gloating. But as many people know, Glynn always has a trick up his sleeve. He quickly sets of a remote controlled shock wave from his shield, electrocuting Ziskin. He then jumped on Ziskin's back and jammed a grenade in his armor. The grenade explodes, blowing Ziskin to pieces. Glynn finally burns Ziskin's remains with a Lavatuft Flamethrower.

Glynn later rejoins Barda who was also victorious against Lorka. The two then head to the temple to meet up with Ugandalore, W'tze and their other allies.

Glynn and Barda arrive at the temple. Ugandalore was fighting Tox W'tze was fighting Solid, and their forces had arrived. Glynn left Barda to fight Ne'yon. Suddenly, the mystical being known as The Dark One appears and fights Ne'yon alongside the Waptoria Life Guardians and six Ugandalorian Commandos. The Guardians and Commandos are defeated, as well as Dark. Glynn rushes in and fights Ne'yon one on one.

The two fight a long hard battle. Averil jumps in to shield Glynn from a fire ball that Ne'yon blasted. Glynn became angered, and attacked Ne'yon with a flurry of slashes from his sword. Apparently, Glynn's sword (which used to belong to his grandfather, ) was Ne'yon's only weakness. Ne'yon was powerless against the sword and decided to activate the Spear of Apocalypse, a weapon that could destroy the entire universe. Glynn and the others were helpless against it. Glynn told everyone to evacuate the planet. He knew what he had to do.

Glynn decided to destroy the weapon by attacking it's power cell. Though in the process, it would explode. Ne'yon told Glynn that if he did destroy it, the explosion would still destroy the universe. Glynn hopped into a Nebulorian tank and towed the Spear of Apocalypse into the Omega Dimension and detonated it. The explosion destroyed the entire Omega-Universe. Debris flew through the portal back into the Alpha Dimension. Along with the debris, flew Glynn's sword and helmet. He was no where to be found.

Rule of BrygonEdit

In 2758 AD, King Brygon was made the new ruler after his father's disappearance. King Brygon decided to pick up where his father left off and continue to keep the Volver Empire going. His inexperience, mixed heritage, and nontraditional ascent to the throne made him quite unpopular at first, though his people soon came to respect him more than even his father.

United Federation of GloryEdit

After the coronation of Brygon, the Volver Empire joined the Unified Federation of Glory (UFG) as honored allies. This linked the United Knights Alliance with the Unified Federation of Glory, creating a powerful alliance.

The Second Infectant WarEdit

In 2760 AD, during a short conversation with Noruuk, the Infectant Scourge had been revived. They are led by Omega, the Infectant son Fiction:Lord Ne'yon. Brygon fought alongside Noruuk and defeated Omega, though Omega was able to escape.

He then contacted the Soldarian Empire for assistance. The Soldarians were attacked by the Infectants soon after and were defeated.

The Antroth Empire and the Waptoria Alliance of Species joined the Volver efforts against the Infectants. In an epic battle, Hive Mind, the true leader of the Infectants, devoured Omega and became the size of a planet. Th final battle was won when Brygon and his allies managed to defeat Hive Mind and the Bio-Morphling, Dead Watch, and Grox fleets. He lost his adviser, Noruuk during the second battle with Omega. Ugandalore the Great, a close friend of his father's, died as well.

Second Ascon Civil WarEdit

One morning in 2770 AD, Brygon was attacked by one of his trusted knights, Reathee Desaa now known as "Crimson". Brygon was able to fend him off and returned to his castle. He arrived the next day on the planet of Ugandalore to discuss his encounter with the Unified Federation of Glory. He later found out that the leaders of the UFG had been attacked by his knights the day before. They believed that Brygon was a traitor. He quickly told them that he was also attacked. Their only conclusion was that some knights had rebelled against the Volver and UFG. The UFG capital was then attacked by the rebels and as partially destroyed. Brygon and his friends managed to halt the attack. But this attack was only a diversion. Brygon returned to Ascon only to find that in his absence, Crimson had taken over the empire. His castle was damaged in the previous battle. Brygon and the UFG forces beamed down and engaged Crimson's army. The battle was being lost quickly. The Loyal Volver and UFG forces were dwindling. Suddenly, a Volver Knight clad in black armor appeared and defeated the entire army with no trouble at all. Meanwhile, Brygon was engaged in combat with Crimson. Crimson defeated Brygon using his stolen Nebulorian Battle Armor and Sword. Before he could deal the final blow, the dark knight entered the castle and defeated Crimson with ease. Crimson managed to escape, with his Unitech allies. The war was over, and the Volver Castle was rebuilt.

Enlightenment WarEdit

Formation of the Unified Alliance of EnlightenmentEdit

Return of THEMEdit

In 2779 AD, Xizothano Ada, leader of a God Race known as the Nyarqaeshu, had entered the galaxy, attempting to claim it for himself. Brygon and his allies in the UAE rallied and took on this new threat. Ada, however, had revived Brygon's past foes, such as Crimson, Omega, and The Infectant Hivemind. With this, Lord Ne'yon had been revived as well the man responsible for King Glynn's death. The Infectants and the Nebulorians, Lord Ne'yon's race, were revived as well. The UAE forces were severely unprepared to handle these many threats and were forced to work alongside King Ziskin of the Biskin Empire, sworn enemies of the Volver Empire, and the Unitech Citadel of Sentients, enemies of the Waptoria Alliance. This temporary alliance allowed the UAE to storm their way to Ada's domain.

King Brygon was then forced to fight King, later revealed to be King Glynn himself. Ada had revived the old Volver Kings and forced them to become his "Pieces". King Brygon fought alongside Barda Clett, managing to defeat his father, freeing him from Ada's control. King Glynn teamed up with King Brygon and Ugandalore the Un-Touchable, meeting with the other leaders in an attempt to take on Ada.

Brygon and his friends fought against Ada, only barely wounding him. Ada later achieved what he called his God Form. He had gained unrivaled power and almost killed King Brygon and his allies. King Brygon later discovered that he was the so called "chosen one", known as the INDEX, that Ada had planned to recruit to his side. The king refused to join Ada. Luckily, Dr. Que, a leading Volver scientist, had developed a weapon called the Deity Pulse. The weapon was mounted on the Ascon Warship, protected by the UAE's allied fleet that had just arrived in Ada's dimension. The pulse was fired, stunning Ada, allowing the fleet to open fire. Ada was defeated, though he was later absorbed by The Dark One, allowing Ada to avoid death. The Dark One expelled the UAE and it's allies from the dimension, sparing their lives.

After the war, Brygon was granted the ability to harness Void Energy, a powerful and very dangerous form of energy, by his father. This was King Glynn's last gift to him before he returned to the afterlife. Brygon was unsure how to use the essence, however he knew that it would prove useful in the future.

Great DeceiverEdit


Aterro DominatusEdit


Gigaquadrantic ConflictsEdit


Volver Reunification WarEdit


Clouds Over NullEdit


Empire StatisticsEdit


The Volver Empire are known mostly as honorable knights and defenders of justice. Among their allied nations they are seen as legendary warriors who fight with courage and honor. After fighting in numerous wars against impressive odds, the Volver have earned their reputation as the most powerful Empire in Tyris Major, as well as one of the most powerful members of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment.

Volver as a SpeciesEdit

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There are currently about 150 billion Volver Imperial Soldiers in active duty, 22.5 billion of which are enlisted as infantry units, while the rest are enlisted in the navy or other personnel. The Volver Military is also a major part of the part of the Grand Legion of Tyris Major.

Armor and WeaponsEdit


The Volver government is ran by the King and his Council. There are eight council members, each from different subspecies and social class of Volver. The council members represent their subspecies and or the interests of the social classes. They are elected by their community or appointed by the King if no election takes place. The King or Queen rules through monarchy. The longest line of kings come from the Ta'raron Clan, who are still in the seat of power today.

Underneath the Council, is the senate, where there are 80 members. Two from each province, subspecies, planet owned by the Volver, and social class. They are all elected as well to represent their communities. The Senate presents and votes on laws or acts. If the vote goes through, then the Council must vote. If the Council agrees, then the King or Queen must decide if the law passes or not. Even if the vote is unanimous, the King/Queen can vote against, overruling the entire Senate and Council. This however, has never happened.


Main Article: Fiction:Volver Empire/Language

The main Languages that the Volver speak are Asconian, English, Simlish, and Ugandalorian.



Green face

Ugandalorian Empire- You stood by our side through many battles, you are our trusted allies.

Federation of Glory- We are very similar.

Waptoria Alliance of Species- We share a common foe. Therefore we shall work together to defeat them.

NOVA Alliance- You have gone trough many disasters, and survived. You have our respect.

Lavern, King of the Lavatufts- Though your people have a fiery temper, you are honorable as allies and in battle.

Felion- Toughest cats we know.

Doopies- Our people share a long history with them. Our alliance is strong.


Blue face

Soldarian Empire- Honorable warriors and good friends of ours.

Antroth Empire- They have shown us that even evil can change it's ways. Once our enemies, now our allies.


Yellow face

Speak stranger.


Orange face

SEP- What you did to those Soldarian children was horrible!


Red face

The Infectants- Disgusting creatures! They spread disease everywhere they go!

The Grox- Like most Empires, we hated the Grox because other empires did. But soon we got into a terrible war.

The Biskin- What they did to our kind is UNFORGIVABLE!!!!

Nebulorians- Your reign of fear in this universe has come to an end you fools!

Quotes from othersEdit

We were once mortal enemies. We were acting as if we were uncivilized creatures. But we have seen the error of our ways and will fight by your side forever.

- Antroth Empire

Woah! You guys were heating up the battle field! You guys are totally awesome!

- King Lavern of the Lavatufts

Foolish, as the rest of the galaxy, will soon be infected. All who fail to see the light will be infected!

- The Infectants

Good will prevail over evil. Together, we will bring justice to this universe!

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

I like this empire. Most have a big head and a big gun. These guys, they think good and act good, and truly deserve our friendship.

- Barda Clett

Anyone who is allied with the False Ugandalore's group, are my enemies, and truly dead!

- Tox Cano of the Dead Watch

You all have ruined our plans for the last time!!

- Biskin Empire

True warriors who never back down! They have our respect.

- Soldarian Empire

While our contact with one another has been little, we find them none the less to be strong, capable warriors worthy of our respect.

- Empress Besta of the Vanara Empire
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