Volerx Ateeshe is a male Cogsangui and the son of Han'Ateeshe and is the first Cogsangui ever to join the Rambo Academy. During the Academy he overcame his status as an outcast and proved himself to be a capable Rambo officer with a close relation to fellow classmate Jenna Lenissa Rambo and Sia.

During his second Academy year he served onboard the USS Harakaze upon its relocation to the Argoroth Sector in the Endless Space.


Volerx was born in 2801 in what turned out to be the last decade of Rambo Nation. Raised by his mother while his father was serving Rambo Command as a captain of the Caradhras-Class, USS Caradhras. Eager to follow his father's footsteps he trained during his youth to become a warrior and entered the Rambo Academy in january 2819 (21 AQF).

Academy Years[]

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First Year on the Academy

On the 5th of january 2819 Volerx met his fellow cadets on the Academy, his first encounter with Cadet Jimmy James Rambo turned into folly when the Chinawkya teased him about him being a Cogsangui and wearing a Rambo uniform.

Saving Jenna from a Cordata while on fieldtrip at Noldágorel

He was soon corrected by commander Tash Hannity, their teacher for the first semester and their mentor. In the first few months, though enjoying classes and the lessons Volerx felt an outcast and had little friends besides Sia, with whom he often ate his lunches.

In may the class went to a fieldtrip at Noldágorel, exporing the Aldárae Order temple and studying the flora and fauna. On a particular raining day the class had to follow sport lessons that turned into a running hike of 6 km. Volerx felt happy, he loved running and was soon in the lead and being complimented by their sport instructor. On their way back, with only 2 clicks to go one of his class mates, Jenna Lenissa Rambo slipped and fell down a cliff, soon confroted by a startled and angered Cordrata Scion. Wasting no time Volerx jumped after her and grabbed the horns of the Cordata and calmed the creature that soon went its own way. Taking Jenna in his arms, he brought her back to the camp where she recieved medical aid.

Internship onboard the USS Constitution

Afterwards, studying private in the temple Jenna approached him and thanked him for his efforts. Formally introducing herself to him he said aloud he already knew her name not recognising the friendly gesture. He then turned his attention to the lessons about the Gorge and the subsequent political fall-out with France. To finish the semester, all Cadets including Volerx who passed all exams were allowed to go on internships onboard Rambo Starships. Volerx was assigned to the USS Constitution, a Constitution-Class under command of captain Ramickon Ramglover. Meeting the captain on the bridge he introduced himself and while the captain escorted him to the engine room, he met petty officer Alessandra Zoe Cretacea and both soon forgot the captain was still there. His internship turned out to be splendid, learning a lot about ship systems and workings. Afterwards he returned to the capital to enjoy a small holiday before the second year started.

Second Year on the Academy

Butterfly-class awaits a test flight

After the holidays, Volerx returned to the Academy and followed another semester. During the first semester in October 2819 (21 AQF) Rambo Nation was subjugated by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. His time on the Academy continued with relative ease though at the start of his second internship in January 2820 the Imperial overseers refused a Cogsangui to serve onboard a vessel. Instead he was assigned as the personal yeoman of commander Tash Hannity, his own mentor. Dissapointed, Volerx joined her classes and spend most of his time studying in the library of the Academy. Pondering to resign his commision, commander Hannity summoned him to an orbital drydock in orbit of the Capital where she apologised for the current situation. To make his day, Volerx and Tash were to make a test flight on one of the two new prototypes of the Butterfly-Class, with Volerx as its pilot. By the end of March 2820 he met Jenna again who returned a few days earlier from her internship though failed to see through her jokes about staying awake at night in anticipation of seeing her. It seemed he still had some difficulties with the concept of humor and jokes.

Harakaze Exploits[]

The crew of Harakaze try to get a clear picture of the damage when something lurks behind them, May 2820

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Much to his delight, he was given the helm to perform a test flight with the other Butterfly-class as well, the USS Harakaze. In May 2820 he was ordered by Tash to take the Harakaze into the Metruia Nebula to investigate the dissapearance of the Imperial Arquitens-Class light cruiser, Unfortunate. During its search Volerx piloted the vessel when it was hit by a displacement wave that relocated the Harakaze to the Argoroth Sector in the Endless Space. Upon arriving, he helped Jenna back to her feet when the ship was entangled by an Argoton space entity. Giving the suggestion for heating up the engines to maximum power allowed them to escape destruction and end up as meal.

Crew of the Harakaze meets Corbar on Gorga III, August 2820

In June Volerx accompanied commander Hannity and crewman Velinde Autumnlight while piloting one of their shuttles heading for Gorgorthrond. Upon arriving Volerx felt unnerved with the slave girls and their exotic dancing. Much to his surprise a brute called Gorzask recognised them as Rambo while they rescued Lassa Evaana Penaeli form slavery.

In August he joined another away mission upon arriving at Gorga III where the located the crashed Unfortunate and the stranded Corbar. Piloting the shuttle and providing cover fire he used the shuttle's transporter to beam the Imperials to safety who were under siege by Gorgorians. Returning to the Harakaze he learned of the fate and passing of commander Hannity, feeling sad and wanting to mourn he was ordered by his friend, the now commander Jenna Rambo to return to his duties at the helm and get them away from Gorga III.

Personality and Traits[]

Volerx is a proud and powerful Cogsangui, keen to study and train to keep himself in balance he enjoys the finer things in life. Eager to prove the Cogsangui are not all zealots he is actually quite friendly and loves walking in parks and reading. Though kind in nature, Volerx is fierce in battle. Training in personal combat and the use of vibro-swords like all his kin he is a deadly warrior with a keen sight for enemy weaknesses.

He enjoys running as well and values his friendship with Jenna and Sia a lot.

After the relocation to the Argoroth Sector in the Endless Space, Volerx feels quilty for not being able to pilot the vessel out of harms way in the Metruia Nebula and feels partly responsible for their situation.

Volerx AteesheCadetLarge.png Volerx in his Rambo Command Academy Cadet Uniform.
A sleek, tight-fitting flightsuit only worn by Cadets. The uniform signals their position as Cadets and Students. Most the suit is colored black, with a white shoulders and high neck colar with red lines running along.

The uniform displays a Rambo Nation comm badge in the form of the Rambo Nation insigna. It is normally located above the left breast. The new and more darker uniform reflects an increased military alertness.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy

USS Constitution

USS Butterfly

USS Harakaze

Student Officer 2819 - Ongoing:

2819 June

2820 January - March

2820 April - ongoing


USS Constitution



Blue face.pngHonorable persons!


Orange face.pngFear the wrath of the Cogsangui!



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