The Void Eye Empire gave us the Void Tech, and we will be forever grateful for that! It allowed we the JGrox to develop the Void Shamanism, that have the best and avoid the worst of the Voidism! Harmonize the Void is the least we can do to atone for the sins of our ancestors!

- JGrox, Voidmaster of JCompany Essence JDivision and the Void Shamans

The Void Shamanism is a religion born in the JSector on 2815, due to the influence of the JCompany and the Void Eye Empire.

The religion was supported by the JCompany Void JDivision until 2848, and by the JCompany Essence JDivision from 2848 onwards.


On 2815, when the Void Eye Empire started trade Void Tech with the JCompany, the JGrox empire became fascinated with such technology. They attempted to became Void Zealots, however their convertion was denied.

The JGrox empire interpreted this deny as a sign, and developed their own philosophy around the Void: the Void Shamanism. Void Shamans can be considered "Tier 0 Void enthusiasts", that denies themselves the usage of Void Offensive Techniques, under the explanation that Offensive Techniques "violates the harmony between the Nothing and the Everything". Void Shamanism can also be considered a moderated version of Voidism.

Ever since, Holy JGrox reinvented himself into a Voidmaster, and founded the JCompany Void JDivision, to conduct studies of everything involving Void with the company support, including Void Tech and the development of products derived from black spice - such as JChocolate - and Void spice - intended for comsumption by Void users.

On 2845, however, after a trade deal with the Waptoria Alliance of Species, some changes were made in the Void JDivision, as a gesture of good will by JCompany:

  • All Void-related technologies and products were removed from JCompany's JEmporium;
  • The Void JDivision stopped the production of products derived from Void, such as Void spice.

The impact of such decisions were minimazed by the fact that no JClient consumed any Void-related technologies and products produced by the Void JDivision until then. The Void technologies produced are consumed by Void Shamans only, and the production intended for comsumption by Void users never made its way to the intended consumers (Void Shamans, unlike Void Zealots, are not Void users, because Void Shamans deals indirectly with Void energy using Void tech).

The Waptoria Alliance of Species, despite the intolerancy of Voisism from some of their allies, such as the Varslan, simpatized and were intrigued by the way Void Shamans used Voidist relics as meditational focus. The Alliance donated some thought-provoking Nebulorian meditational texts to the Void JDivision.

The study of such texts revealed many things to the Void Shamans, such as:

  • The meditational techniques of the Nebulorians were pretty similar to the way the JGrox also do. Until that moment, it was believed that the Void Shamanism developed by the JGrox was an unique phenomenom, that existed only in JSector.
  • Voidist meditational techniques seem to induce an extreme loss in stress and a great gain of calmness, apparently caused by overcoming one's fear of loneliness and the end of all things. This could be useful in an often-stressful corporate work enviornment, such as JCompany, and also to people affected by tragedies, such as the JGrox.
  • Nebulorians have a history of causing great catastrophes in their galaxy, similar to the race the JGrox Void Shamans were descendant from: the Grox.

The study of texts made Voidmaster JGrox fear that the Void Shamans would repeat the history of catastrophes of the Nebulorians. Or even if they doesn't, that the mistakes of the Nebulorians may be used to justify reprisals against Void Shamans the same way mistakes of the Grox were used to justify reprisals against the JGrox in the past.

Voidmaster JGrox decided then, on the quest of his people to Harmonize the Void, it was needed to give a bigger focus in study the Void history. The Voidmaster knew that studying the History was a way to prevent the mistakes of the past to be repeated in the present. The texts were delivered to the Void JLibrary, to be preserved and available for study to anybody, and the Void Shamans to started advertsing campaigns alongside the Culture JDivision, to clarify the usage of Void tech made by the Void Shamans, to remember the errors of Voidists in the past, to how do not repeat the same errors in the present.

On 2851, the JCompany was contacted by the Goddess of the Void Ara Maya, entity previously publicly warned to be either insane or malevolent by NP-L2-ASI01. Ara Maya accused JCompany from "have partaken" of her "boon", but "not yet accepted the truth". Voidmaster JGrox then asked Tycoon JOmnivore to respond Ara Maya in name of the JCompany, saying it was important to the Void Shamans. The Tycoon accepted, and the Voidmaster contacted the Goddess explaining the situation: the history of the JGrox, their history with the Void, and why they created the Void Shamanism instead of follow the Void Zealotry of Ara Maya's followers (the JGrox asked to become Void Zealots at first, but were denied. In other words, they "didn't reject the truth, the truth rejected" them), and the Void Shamans' objective to harmonize the Void.

Ara Maya responded back to JCompany, confirming that she (and her "children" and "proxies") initially "did not take notice of" the JGrox, nor paid them any mind, because she didn't wanted to "humor the chattering of worms". However, since she admired their devotion to the Void, and their achievements "even in the face of nations who would see you eradicated", she promised to spare them from her wrath. Ara Maya also responded that "the only way for there to be harmony is for the truth to spread to others in this patchwork", and that try the pacify the Void is an error, because she "shall not kneel before fools that perpetuate the mistake", and the Voidmaster "should not kneel before them either". She also promised the Void Shamans may learn the truth if they prove themselves useful to her will.

Despite the fact that Ara Maya spent much of the time passively roasting Voidmaster JGrox, the Voidmaster thanked her for sparing their people from her wrath, and from giving them a chance to serve the Goddess. The Voidmaster's response caused some criticism inside and outside JSector, but was ultimately praised by the JCompany, specially by the Tycoon JOmnivore, that called the event "an important lesson of humbleness".

From this event forward, the Void Shamans started to worship not just the Void, but Ara Maya as well, hoping that, one day, they "may be worthy of the truth".



Green face.pngMay we harmonize through the Void!

  • JCompany: “We are fully supported by them through the Essence JDivision.
  • JMTV: “They broadcasts our messages in exchange of sponsorship.
  • Void Eye Empire: “At first we were confused when our convertion was denied, but now we understand! This denial gave us a chance to create a new JWay to understand the Void! Also, we trade the Void Tech needed for our rituals.
  • Ara Maya: “The Goddess spared our people from her wrath, and give us a chance to serve! We pray that, one day, we may be worthy of the truth!


Blue face.pngWe accept you as a friend!


Yellow face.pngNice to meet you.

  • Vanara Houses: “They dislike Void users, and that dislike may generate some reprisal against us if we are not careful.
  • Volver Empire: “They dislike Void users, and that dislike may generate some reprisal against us if we are not careful.


Orange face.pngPlease stop your aggressions before it's too late!

  • N/A


Red face.pngYou disturbe the harmony!

  • N/A


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