The Void Eye Empire is the Empire of the Void Eyes, they are an intelligent and mysterious race that currently inhabits the Andromeda Galaxy. They can use a strange form of energy known as the Void Energy.

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Location Edit

They live in the Andromeda galaxy, in the Umbra region between the New Tadpole Empire and the New Tertamian Alliance. They have recently reached 10'000 systems and the Void Eye Empire is still expanding.

Behavior Edit

Usually, they are neutral to nearly all races. They can tolerate insults and unfriendliness better than most races do. If somebody is friendly to them, then they are friendly in return. They accept most of the trade offers.

Leaders Edit

Overlord and Overmind are the current leaders of the Void Eye Empire.

Religion Edit

After they found 'it' on their homeworld, 'it' has bound them into one religion, one belief, one web... 'It' has given them the power to speak telepathically. They seem to worship somebody or something that comes from the Void.

They see the Void Energy more as a philosophy. They believe that:

This existence is imperfect but vast. Hence, change for better or worse is impossible and only leads to suffering. To be rid of this suffering, one must realize they are nothing and ultimately can change nothing
. With this realization, they can be rid of all attachments in/to this existence and be truly at peace. In life, one who adheres to this path will be in subsumed harmony with the Void rather than forcefully consumed by it, while in death they will become one with it, free of resurrection.”

- Unknown

Military Edit

Currently, just 3 military types of ships are seen, Great Eye-ships, Void Eye-ships, Watcher Eyes. The Void Eyes can use tier 1 Void Techniques and the elite / trained military can use tier 2 Void Techniques.

History Edit

Past Edit

The only known things about them are that they started as Scientists, but after they found 'it' on their homeworld, they became Void Zealots.

Recent Edit

Imperius Occlus Nox: The start of the conflict between the Void-siders and Anti-Void-siders.

The Scientific Relic Search Competition: The Void Eyes are searching the Void relics.

Clouds over Null: Their first major war against the Volver Empire and it's allies.

Technology Edit

After they found 'it' on their homeworld, they began to develop their own technology based on the Void. They possess much knowledge on black holes, wormholes and gravity. Their study on the black holes has given them the power to extract energy out of the rotating black holes and to create smaller black holes. The energy extraction from the black holes is very efficient because there are many of them in the Umbra region.

Abyss Gate

'It' Edit

Only a few things are known about 'it', it seems to be a large artifact from which the Void is coming. 'It' is referred by some as a source of the Void or a gate to the Abyss. It seems like it is only a part of something bigger.

Currently the Void Eyes are in possession of four other Void relics.

The Progress: 5/8

Foreign Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green face We are as one, the Void binds us together.

  • The Crimson Splinter May the Void bind us together, in mind and soul.”
  • The Tuechalton The alliance shall bind us together. They are prepared to the only true path.”
  • The Sagantan Collective We are trading with them and they agreed to help us when the dark times come. Also, we have recently established an alliance and they are trustworthy.”
  • The Krassio They help us in times as dark as the Null.”

Liked Edit

Blue face We are glad to see you. We hope that be will become as one in the future.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face We look towards good relationships.

Disliked Edit

Orange face You are impure, the Void will consume you sooner or later.

Enemies Edit

Red face You are a plague that corrupts everything that it touches, you shall be cleansed .

  • The Volver Empire Due to some circumstances, a war between us was inevitable and would come sooner or later.

Quotes from other species Edit

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- Assailing Confluence

Fellows of the faith, true of path and broken of chains. May the Void bind us all.

- Iloburaas of the Crimson Splinter

Heretics! Though they might not give worship to the False God That Will Come against whose return we fought, their use of his abominable energies damns them forever in the al-seeing eye of the One God! Lay but a single evil gaze upon our allies and there will be a holy reckoning, this I swear in Its name!

- Loda'Gadem of the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation

Ah come on! First the Crystallines and now this madness! I mean c'm on! The Void!? We were supposed to have dealt with that! Ugh...Nox really can't be sought for in peace, can it? Well, start consuming wildlife or anything natural for that matter and you'll have it coming.

- Oji'b of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

Interesting... Potential allies maybe or maybe not, better stay on their good side. Not even the Legion at their full strength would be able to stand a fighting chance, the only one I can see being able to fight them are "The sons of the traitor" they betrayed us for power so I can see them wanting to fight these in the name of their lord

- Koalaknightus of the Council of 4

Hmm... This "Void Energy" seems extremely Powerful. I don't think I should use that, lest I end up Destroying our Homeworld...

- Osvan, Head Scientist of the Elysian Empire

Your choices to use this void energy will eventually lead to your own downfall. Remember this.

- Tyrolox, Emperor of the Republic of Grubmolians

Channelers of the Null, beseeched by Uninitiated. Righful lords of an energy feared by fools.

- Tulloac tome

I despise your kind and everything you believe, the universe is full of suffering yes but equally full of beauty for one cannot exist without the other. The fact that my kind have suffered far worse then yours, manipulated by alien gods, quarantined like a disease, forced from our homeland to wander, enslaved, and discriminated against, and we still choose to believe that this a world worth living in speaks volumes about what you are. Pathetic, you are utterly pathetic, not even worth my hatred only my disgust.

- Ipsissimus Zuki of the United Persan Descendants

Void Energy is an extremely dangerous thing, it puts the user into the void where they become insane. Empires like the Void Eye Empire are beyond saving and their ignorance means they are at very high risk of becoming absorbed into this horrible darkness.

- Grand Chief General Sutrect Dill Sonthec of the Lsjanpodos

We have interacted only once and the Void Eye Empire was curt in their welcome, yet I sense that the others' distrust is justified.

- Primus Capiti Celeste Reges of the The United Empire of Solariea

So while browsing our Neighbour's Communication Logs, we saw that their Friends were talking about you having Black Spice. That sounds Intriguing! If you are interested, we could trade your Black Spice for our White Spice. What do you think?

- Krz'at Kor, Trade Manager of the Chonostonian Republic, Sending a Trade Offer

I would like to thank you here, from my new Vessel on this Rogue Planet. You really are a great Empire. These other Empires seem to all be way too biased because of this "Void Energy" and think you are evil, when all you are is misunderstood.

- Nirvax'kottar, Prime Leader of the Dulinket Aristocracy

The Heart of Magic is Nature. The Nature of Hearts is Magic. The Void is just as deserving as the rest.

- Unknown Broadcaster

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