Evry tiem I cloz my eyez, I wak up feelin' ANGRY!!

- Vlar'Eedecci

Vlar'Eedecci, is a Mirusian Loron Tyrant, whose full title is 'Ead-Hunta Rage-Screama, Demon-Gutta, Ghost-basher, Dakka-master, Olympy-Smacka, DA ULTIMATE. Vlar'Eedecci arose long ago on a forgotten planet in Mirus, taking command of the various Loron warbands there that were fighting both Federation Troops and a Brotherhood Warband. No one knows were he came from, but Vlar'Eedecci organized and commanded the forces of the Loron to victory, and made Orcolos his capital and beginnings of a might empire.

Since then, Vlar'Eedecci has lead numerous assaults upon the enemies of the Loron, from the Mendel Pact, to The Zarbania Powers to countless other empires, killing, looting and pillaging, while screaming in aboslute rage at everything. While his boyz respect him, many are understandably terrified of their Boss, as he seethes in open rage at everything around him, and though he rarely attacks his own troops, unless they step out of line, when he does punish them, it is a terrifying sight to witness.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Vlar'Eedecci's early life is completely unknown to the Loron on Orcolos. He merely appeared one day, bigger then any Loron they had seen before, covered in scars, his right eye blind and non-functioning, dressed in a suit of armor, with cybernetic implants, bling and skulls to show his bossiness. Vlar'Eedecci took command, slaughtering the many minor Loron chieftains and bosses that opposed him, and gained control over them. From here, he fought the Tibrixian Warband there, and their raging berserkers, while also clashing with a regiment of the Federation and it's troopers. Weeks stretched on, as they battled across the world, millions dead on each side, before the Federation were routed from the world.

After, Vlar'Eedecci clashed with the Brotherhood Warband, before killing their Lord in battle, and mounting his head upon his armor. Vlar'Eedecci, there after, took command of the Loron and the world, and turned it into his capital, erecting massive camps, cities and construction zones, and made it the capital of his great empire, seeking to crave out a segment of the galaxy for himself. Though easily enraged and angered, Vlar'Eedecci remains a powerful foe, always able to come out on top over his many, many, many foes, and always having a backup plan to escape and get out of trouble real quick.

He's recently, after Da Reckoning, lead a number of daring assaults on the UAE, and has become one of Griim'gagor's most trusted Bosses, the two seemingly coordinating some master plan to finally conquer the galaxy for themselves.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Vlar'Eedecci is noted for, above all else, being aboslutely "Fukken Bonkaz", as his boyz put it. Though an intelligent leader (For a Loron) and capable of coordinating raids, strategies and complex escape routes, Vlar'Eedecci seems to constantly simmer with barely contained rage, glaring and even growling at his boyz when they say something stupid. Unlike, say, Gratz'kaoz, Vlar'Eedecci is capable of some form of trust and companionship with others, his subordinates, Jukir'Maffa and Stupid providing him with muscle and advise. His rage is singularly focused on his foes, and only takes hi rage out on his boys when they do something to piss him off, such as trying to dethrone him.

Vlar'Eedecci also respects those higher in position and power then him, such as Griim'gagor, or those equal to him, such as the Abomination-Loron named Nyog'sothep. While he will tease the former, and often belittle the latter, he's willing to hear them out and coordinate with them, and respects their combat abilities.

Vlar'Eedecci is also surprisingly eloquent when it comes to insults, able to spit out personalized insults directed at every race, and often playing at their weaknesses and strengths for his benefit.

Appearance Edit

Vlar'Eedecci seems to be the veteran of a whole bunch of campaigns from long ago. His body is covered in scars, and his right arm has been converted into a gigantic claw, he calls "DA BIG CRUSHA", which is so massive he drags it along the ground near him. His other hand is organic, but often covered by his Big Gun, he named "MASTA BLASTA", which fires everything from bullets to bolts of electricity. His right eye is now completely cybernetic, and when he first showed up on Orcolos, it was blind and completely useless, even partially rotting off his head.

Abilities Edit

Vlar'Eedecci is a surprisingly competent strategist and leader, able to lead daring raids deep into his foes, often without warning or anyone knowing he's coming. Likewise, he's known for his ability to plan out escape routs for himself and his most important lads, rarely being taken by surprise. Vlar'Eedecci is also one of the most capable fighters in battle, able to overpower most foes, even without his cybernetic arm.

Equipment Edit

Though he has Masta Blasta with him at all times, Vlar'Eedecci usually only needs his cybernetic armor, bling and numerous spikes where he mounts the skulls of his foes upon.

Relations Edit

Green face Homies Edit

I wont rip ya head off.

  • Nyog'Sothep - Tuff as hell..
  • Griim'gagor - Dis doodes da boss fer a reason.
  • Gor'Brakith - Ye killed a lot a' Wankaz. Iz killed moar.

Blue face Servants Edit

don't mak me angry.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Let me pik a spike for ya head.

Red face Disliked Edit


Red face Enemies Edit


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Notes Edit

  • Vlar'Eedecci is named after the Rap group Jodeci, with his quote on the top a play on the opening lines of one of their most famous songs "Freek'n You".
  • Vlar'Eedecci is based partially on Gorgutz 'Eadhunta, and on personalized Orc Warbosses from playthroughs of Warhammer Total War.
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