Violet ReaperEdit

The Violet Reaper was the largest and most active disease in Ramvelkys Galaxy.


Starting at the end of 3 ARW, it started slowly in Strewus Zone of the UVF, in the center of Ramvelkys Galaxy. It was a minor problem. No cure was found, but because the number of people infected with the disease was extremely minute, no extra care was taken. This became a large mistake.

In the next 3 months, the amount of people infected quintipled. Doctors in the area scrambled to find a cure, knowing that even if they found a solution, it would be difficult to issue the cure to all of the sick. By the end of 4 ARW, nearly 290 billion were infected by the disease. No disease could be found, and the Veatrex Senate decided to quarantine the entire center of Ramvelkys Galaxy with Syplasma shields. Doctors with adequate protection inspected civilians and all who were proclaimed healthy were evacuated from the area. Other doctors were sent to inspect the infected and study the disease, while helping the sick.

The disease somehow breached the Syplasma defenses by being carried by some patients who were deemed healthy. While 80% of the infected were quarantined, one fifth of the sick escaped the barricade of Syplasma and gave the disease to others. Extreme amounts of money was raised and issued to the doctors and scientists. Two months into 5 ARW, an adequate cure was found, and an attempt to distribute the solution was made. Soon there were large drops in the numbers of infected.

Now, the disease is still out there, but fewer than one hundred thousands have it. It has been estimated that around 810 billion had the disease at one point, and 780 billion died from it.


The Violet Reaper had many recognizable symptoms. When the victim first gets the disease, the pupils enlarge and the teeth turn a light green. When the condition gets worse, the skin/scales of the victim turn light purple while dark purple spots appear on their arms.

At the same time the spots appear, the victim regurgitates a bluish liquid. When the spots have been on the victim for roughly 3 hours, the victim usually dies.

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