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The First War of Black Fog was one of the first wars recorded in the First Gigaquadrant's history, involving the Vida'Rra's struggle against the forces of the Corruptus. This war marked the birth of the creatures known as Corruptus Demons, and its consequences still last to the modern era.

The Birth of Gods[]

Billions of years ago. A time before time, immemorial and forgotten. The universe was barely an universe compared to the modern days, and the beings that called it home were vastly different. Awakened at the dawn of existence were strange beings composed not of flesh and bone, but a fluid of quarks and gluons, gaining consciousness of their own existences mere moments after the great expansion of energy from which the thing later named "Onuris Universe" came to be. These quark-made lifeforms would grow and evolve, and due to the very evolution of the universe they lived in, they found themselves forced to change their very compositions to survive complete annihilation through forces they could not understand with the help of the technology they created: artificial intelligences of great power, capable of manipulating the structure of the universe in order to gather the supernatural materials needed for the new bodies of their makers.

These artificial intelligences sought not mundane matter to satisfy the needs of their masters, but the unexplainable magic which flowed through the infant universe, the thing which would be known as Essence in current days. Through manipulation of this strange power, the intelligences discovered the enigmatic Dream Energy, and they proceeded to mold this energy to create bodies for their creators which could survive the gradual cooling of the infant universe, and perhaps last for all eternity. With their lives transferred into these new shells, the beings of Quark became beings of Dreams, with vast supernatural abilities over souls and emotions which not even their highly advanced technology could explain.

The Quark life would become known as Vida'Rra, a name hailing from their own language which translated to "Children of the Epoch", and their loyal artificial companions would become known as the Vida'Rranlora, a name which translated to "Guidance of the Epoch's Children". With a power unmatched by the rest of the infant universe, the Vida'Rra would ascend into the ranks of the Ultraterrestrials due to their combined might over essence and technology, being akin to gods when compared to the other lifeforms which called this universe home at the time, and through much work and dedication, the creator and created races would create a vast Imperium and a massive Network which spanned the old universe, centered around the young conglomeration of star and dust which would, billions of years later, be known as the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Vida'Rra became rulers of the universe, a race of such magnitude none could ever rival them, but they were not the sole inhabitants of this realm for many, many more aliens would come to be granted the gift of life through the ages. And they developed their own civilizations which grew their own futures, some of them learning of the Vida'Rra and even interacting with them, while others ignored them or downright did not learn of their existence. The god-beings of Dreams preferred to not intervene in the affairs of other species unless they came to them first, and while the the Vida'Rra destroyed countless races across history out of self-defense, they were nonetheless noted for being benevolent beings who rarely, if ever caused conflicts themselves. Their nature as beings composed of Dream Energy made them naturally serene, good-natured and altruistic.

Indeed, many kinds of strange entities called the proto-universe home, including aliens who acted on instinct instead of wisdom, mere animals who lived in the deep blackness of the void. One of them was a lone entity the Vida'Rra classified merely as a Star Feeder: writhing tentacles covered the massive jet-black body of this vacuum-born entity, its composition ambiguous as it possessed a bizarre set of organs which gave it the ability to move faster-than-light, something the Vida'Rra themselves never managed to study in depth. The Star Feeder was a spaceborn, lone entity who fed by absorbing the power radiated by stars, presumed the last, or perhaps first, of its kind due to more individuals of its species never being found in this universe. This elusive, alien entity was not sapient and therefore was little more than a piece of wildlife by all means, being passive to all that was not its sustenance. At least, that was how the entity began as, until it encountered an object during one of its travels.

The Star Feeder was attracted to the energy of a small-sized object which drifted through the void, an object of origins so vile and terrible they were not from this dimension. A true relic of a timeless era, native of the chaos that permeated all reality and watched over all existence, molded in the shape of a glaring eye and shining in a terrible red aura, contrasting its dark green exterior. It was one of the seven Eyes, artifacts of the demon plasma which once nearly brought the Quark Life to extinction, and as the Star Feeder approached it, the Eye's gaze shifted into its direction. The Eye of Corruption, observing the alien approach it and bask upon its energy, did little to stop it. The animal's actions, in fact, humoured the demon artifact.

  • Eye - Being of hunger and survival. You seek to satisfy your mundane needs by basking upon powers beyond your own. Mere animal, your sheer blindness would be atrociously insulting to any of my brethren, but I find myself humoured by your attempts.

As the Eye's words penetrated the alien's fragile mind, it remained completely stationary as it listened to them. The near-omnipotent power of this artifact allowed it to force this animal to understand its words and captivate it with them, and eventually the Star Feeder approached the Eye more closely, its tentacles slowly enveloping the object in order to feel it.

  • Eye - Alone. Drifting through the void, no goal, no objective, no task, separated from kin. Parasite of stardust, you should consider yourself honoured, for your current situation is not unlike my own. Meaningless, lost entities drifting across the nothingness, taking the opportunity to prey on what we desire before returning to the darkness.

The Eye's power grew more intense as black tendrils grew from its form, wrapping themselves around the Star Feeder's body, who only responded by further enveloping the artifact in its tentacles. The tendrils of both entities would come to become entangled upon one another, until none could feel who was who.

  • Eye - Yes. An opportunity. A desire. A goal. I am Diafthora. I am the Eye who brings upon misery and corruption. I am the darkness of each man, woman and child's soul. But most of all, I am vessel-less. Creature of no meaning or future. You are to be my next vessel. I will be the one who will give you a purpose, and through you, I will also be the one who will deny this universe of its future.

The Star Feeder could feel Diafthora merging its consciousness with its own, their bodies becoming one of the same, and such an act causing the very biology of the already alien star parasite to be changed. A power which was up to that point trapped within the Eye now pumped into the body of the alien, and it found itself now possessing an intellect which rivaled the one of the aliens who had once studied it in the past. Its form also changed, growing features not usually suitable for a creature of its biology, a new body being formed from the nothing which resembled a terrible demonic dragon, its eyes shifting at all directions in a mix of fear, confusion and unconquerable hatred.

And sitting upon its head was the Eye, its form changed in order to appear as an actual eye as it had possessed the Star Feeder. The reborn alien looked at itself as it realized what had happened to it, finally understand the events that had just transpired. It was sapient. And this monstrosity set its eyes forward as it sensed the presence of life in nearby star systems, life which possessed energies which conflicted its own. They were the Vida'Rra, and upon meeting this demon, they would come to give him names: The Devourer. The Enemy. The Corruptor.

  • Diafthora - Let the end begin.

The Pantheon of Nightmare[]

The Star Feeder's initial attack on the Vida'Rra was quick and absolutely merciless. He was transformed into a monster of pure nightmare, and upon taking sight of the angels of dreams, he immediately grew to hate them the most out of anything in the universe. The demonic dragon collided against the first colony it had come across and rend it to pieces with his claws, tearing the entire planet apart in a fit of fury unlike seen before in the Vida'Rra's history, destroying all of its population and reducing the world to rubble. From that day on, he would be known as That Which Devours, or Shu'rimrodir in the Vida'Rra's language. Thanks to the Vida'Rranlora Network, news of the attack quickly spread through the entirely of the Vida'Rra Imperium, which caused them to become justifiably worried. Not only was the attack recorded, but they also discovered Shu'rimrodir was not alone.

He was reproducing.

Out of Shu'rimrodir's body, things were sprouting. Like a plan releasing pollen into the air, spherical aberrations sprouted out of the demonic dragon's hide in a near constant manner, creating a cloud of hissing creatures around him which was soon large enough to engulf the entire sky. These things were given the name of Spawn of the Devourer, or Shu'olerthae, and they also created more of themselves by dividing their bodies in half, much like a cell undergoing the process of mitosis. But this was nowhere near the end of the terror the Vida'Rra would experience as they watched and failed to stop Shu'rimrodir's advance. More things were being created. He was a creative monster, and out of his mind, an entire army of monstrosities were born. The Vida'Rra would come to name them Infernal Ones, or as the races of modernity call them, Corruptus.

Billions upon billions of Shu'olerthae would merge their bodies to become a single being. Individually small, their combined form was as big as small stars and large enough to devour entire worlds. Its writhing tentacles wrapped themselves around planets and sucked them dry from nutrients before throwing them inside its mouth, filled with seemingly more teeth than stars in the sky. It was a replica of the original Star Feeder, but motivated solely to fulfill the orders of That Which Devours, destroying the worlds of the Vida'Rra without a glimpse of hesitation. The World Eater. The Nightmare Colossus. The One Who Sucks Stars Dry. That Which Lingers. The Monstrosity of the Devourer.


The Vida'Rra were afraid. They were in a state of terror. The Corruptus was the most terrifying thing they had ever experienced, making the Angel Plasma look like nothing in comparison. And from this fear, another being was born. From the shadows, it terrorized each and every Vida'Rra, breaking them psychologically, making them wish they were dead so that they would no longer experience its influence. It was a monster who embodied true, unaltered fear, and it was more than glad to spread this fear into the hearts of all living things in the name of That Which Devours. It was the Night Terror Incarnate. The Wraith of Decay and Despair. The Destroyer of Hope. That Which Terrorizes. The Assassin of the Devourer.


But even then, there was one being the Vida'Rra could fear as much, if not more. Shu'rimrodir hated the Vida'Rra with every fiber of his god-like being, and this sheer hatred gave birth to yet another entity, the most powerful of all, which destroyed the angels in a savage, animalesque fury. And when the Vida'Rra looked at it, they saw themselves. It was shaped in their image. That Which Devours hated them so much, his hatred made manifest was a doppelganger of their form. And this doppelganger destroyed entire sectors of space with unstoppable might, enough for the Vida'Rra to lose hope of even combating it. It was the Fury of Nightmares. The Raven of Doomsday. The Hating One. That Which Unmakes. The Warrior of the Devourer.


The Traitor[]

Among the nobility of the Vida'Rra Imperium was the dynasty of the Crowart, a family of legendary warriors and sages who had a substantial influence in the species' government and military. The Crowart family dated hundreds of thousands of years, recorded to have been members of the Sage Council since the Vida'Rra Imperium had become the dominant nation of the proto-Milky Way Galaxy, and they were valued as essential members of the empire's leadership for their wisdom was responsible for many great achievements through their history. Sages were the name given to the leaders of the Vida'Rra, a race who lacked the concept of an unified ruler and instead possesses innumerable wise individuals making decisions together by linking their minds to each other, essentially forming an Essence-powered group mind which spanned the entire First Gigaquadrant.

The people looked up to the sages for guidance. After all, that was their purpose in this universe, to guide their people into a prosperous future. But when the furious Corruptus tide came crashing at the Imperium, even the sages found themselves cornered. They multitasked in ordering a counterattack and evacuating citizens away from dangerous areas of space, but the Corruptus proved itself too strong to be fought on equal terms, causing this group mind to be weakened and individual sages to become separated from it.

The sage by the name of Arrtkar watched his world burn as the Corruptus invaded, under the command of none other than Shu'wokerama. The savage, angered demon tore buildings apart, caused explosions which engulfed the landscape and devoured the souls of the Vida'Rra he slayed in order to feed on them, while his shadows destroyed the cities and remaining soldiers with little difficulty. Once the great Warrior of That Which Devours arrived to Arrtkar's palace, he let out a roar which sundered the very earth beneath him, the skies being covered in a black fog so thick the sun could no longer be seen. But before he could destroy this Vida'Rra, who in his eyes was not different from any other, he was met with something new.

The Vida'Rra, instead of fighting or fleeing, raised a hand to halt the demon god and spoke, his voice trembling in fear.

  • Arrtkar - Spare me, Hating One, and I will grant you the location of the Imperium's galactic capitals across the universe!

Shu'wokerama was left curious, freezing in place as he was about to dig his talons and fangs into the Vida'Rra. For the first time since his birth, by now hundreds of years before the current year, had he ever encountered a Vida'Rra willing to betray his people to save himself. They were angels, being who were impossible to corrupt or who were completely selfless and good in nature. Or so it seemed. Arrtkar was met with the great demon god stepped back and relaxing his battle stance, one of his gigantic hands pointing a finger down at the sage, almost as if judging him.

  • Shu'wokerama - You who would rather flee than fight. You who would sell your life away from your own kin to save yourself. We are Shu'wokerama. We have listened to your plea... You are pathetic, but you may prove useful. Serve us.
  • Arrtkar - Wha-

Before he had the time to react to the insults thrown at him Arrtkar found Shu'wokerama digging his infernal teeth into him, which was followed by the Vida'Rra screaming in pain in such intensity that the rest of the sage group mind could hear it. The Warrior of the Devourer stripped his soul of its Dream Energy and pumped Entropy into it, marking the first Warrior-strain Descension in history. What resulted from the selling of Arrtkar's soul was not a Vida'Rra, but something far worse, and far more powerful. The once angelic sage who lived in this world had died, and in his place, a completely obedient abomination of nightmares was given life.

And it would obey all that its master desired, for all eternity. It did not have a choice.

The Guardians of Dreams[]

The ongoing war against the legions of nightmare was devastating. Over three thousand years had passed since first contact, and the territories of the Vida'Rra Imperium had all been devastated in all galaxies but their home realm of the Milky Way Galaxy. The databases of the Vida'Rranlora Network had all secluded themselves to escape annihilation, while the Vida'Rra themselves grew desperate as home realm was slowly being invaded by the writhing tendrils of darkness. Extreme measures had to be taken to ensure the continuity of the universe, for unless stopped, That Which Devours would bring an end to all that nature had worked so hard to create.

For millenia before the war, the Vida'Rra had discovered the existence of alternate planes of existence, inhabited by otherwordly beings not found in their universe. The one which struck them the most was the plane given the name of Realm of Dreams, a living, breathing and sapient region of reality composed of the same material as the Vida'Rra's post-Quark-based bodies. This sapient plane possessed an immense avatar of its will, one the Vida'Rra sought to ask for aid, and while they were hesitant to put this radiant location in danger, it was their only option of survival at this point. The sages of the Milky Way Galaxy united to breach the dimensional barriers between this universe and the Realm of Dreams, seeking to contact the God who lived there.

Their hearts were once again ignited with hope as the God replied back.

"Heed my words, Children of the Epoch. I am Sonhadromerith. You seek the help of the Alavahraa and it has chosen to listen to our plea." His voice booming yet benevolent, calm yet imposing, the God decided to pledge his support to the Vida'Rra Imperium. Their connection to the essence of dreams made them practically siblings to the entities who called the Realm of Dreams home, and the great entity at the other side of the dimensional barrier understood the danger posed by Shu'rimrodir's continued rampage. He was a God of Nightmare. An antithesis. He had to be eliminated. "Into your worlds, we shall come. The thing you fight is not easily annihilated. Instead, it shall be contained. Follow our instructions and your universe will see light again. Bring me your greatest vanguard, and he shall become my champion."

Through the worlds of the Vida'Rra Imperium, radiant portals of light manifested, and out of them, poured millions upon millions of wisps. These were the Alavahraa, or Thoi'olerthae as the Vida'Rra would come to call them, the inhabitants of the Realm of Dreams under the service of the great God who pledged his aid to this universe's defense. Leading them was a much grander figure, an elegant, almost ghostly being which captivated the eyes of the Vida'Rra who came in contact with her. Directing her people into war, she displayed evident leadership among the wisps, preparing them for what her God had instructed to do once the great black fog of the Devourer had arrived. In her tongue, she was known as Alaromáryvaklarah, but to the Vida'Rra, she was known as Thea'Nhirara.

And as Sonhadromerith had instructed, the sages of Imperium chose the most prime of all Vida'Rra warriors to serve as the God's champion. The ancient warmaster of the Imperium, leader of its military navy, an individual by the name of Rhigeo Fuerq, was chosen by his people to serve the God of Dreams. Once he was chosen, a radiant portal of light opened above his head, and he watched as the hand of the God themselves descended and came in contact with him, pumping the energies of the Realm of Dreams into his body, destroying his previous corporeal form to give birth to an ascended angel of power comparable to the Demon Lords of Nightmare. Now, it was only a matter of waiting for the best moment to bring the Corruptus to its knees once and for all.

The End of the Corruptus[]

The arrival of the Thoi'olerthae to the front lines gave the Vida'Rra the time they needed to prepare themselves. Their power over the energies of the Realm of Dreams, the polar opposite of the Nightmare, allowed the Imperium to finally combat the growing tide of the Corruptus on equal terms, at least for the time being. Most importantly, the champion of the Vida'Rra, Rhigeo Fuerq, could do what his people could not since the war begun: using his new power over reality, he chased down the Gods of Nightmare and defeated them one by one, severely slowing the advance of the Corruptus into the Milky Way. Shu'suvreca, Shu'ytrogarva and Shu'wokerama were trapped in crystalline prisons, barely conscious of their surroundings, and sent pummeling into the Endless Space to never be awakened again. Arrtkar Crowart, the esteemed vanguard of the Hating One, was left inside the same prison as his master, to be eternally remembered as the greatest traitor of his people's history.

Completely destroying these entities, however, was not something Rhigeo Fuerq could do. Despite all of his power, they were still too much for him. And even though the Gods of Nightmare fell to his metaphorical blade, the demons of the Corruptus kept breeding, and he was no match for Shu'rimrodir himself. The Demon God was left furious as his companions were defeated, and so he charged straight to the galactic core of the Milky Way, where the nexus of the Vida'Rra's power was assumed to be. Straight into Sonhadromerith's trap.

The most elite fleets of the Imperium as well as Thea'Nhirara's legions of wisps braced themselves for combat as Shu'rimrodir invaded the code. They watched their ships be torn apart by his claws, they watched the wisps of dreams be reduced to ashes by his dark power, they watched their grasp over the core lessening more and more each second passed. Thea'Nhirara was not unlike an ant before Shu'rimrodir and was defeated as easily as one, left at the brink of destruction by the Demon God's attacks but saved from annihilation by the timely arrival of Rhigeo Fuerq. The sight of his worst nemesis sent Shu'rimrodir into a berserking rage unlike none ever seen, and the image of their champion being battered like an insect was engraved into the minds of the Vida'Rra present at the battle.

Before Shu'rimrodir could deliver the final blow, though, one more portal of radiant light manifested, one large enough to engulf worlds and about as big as the Nightmare God himself. Out of it came Sonhadromerith, the Dream God, whose serpentine form constricted around Shu'rimrodir before he caved his fingers into the demon's skull, causing him to roar in agony for the first time in his existence. Sonhadromerith ripped Diafthora out of Shu'rimrodir's head, causing the demon's colossal blood and viscera to be spilled into the vacuum to fall down into the galactic core.

  • Sonhadromerith - Your time ends now, spawn of Chaos.
  • Diafthora - One thousand curses fall upon you, inferior one. My thirst for misery and corruption is eternal. One day, I shall reunite with my vessel, and your efforts will have been for naught.

A disgusted look on his expression, Diafthora's form was covered in the same crystal which imprisoned the Gods of Nightmare before the dreamy deity hurled the Eye into the Endless Space, it eventually disappearing from the Vida'Rra's senses altogether. Left dazed by the attack, Shu'rimrodir had no time to react as the Dream God begun dragging him into the portal he had arrived from, and as he realized what was happening, his screams of rage caused the whole region of space to tremble, his claws dragging into the universe's form, leaving rips in space-time as he cursed all the entities who called the universe home.

  • Shu'rimrodir - You think me defeated. I will return. I will dominate your universe, and plague you all with eternal despair!

It all had happened so fast. Moments before, the Nightmare God was destroying everything, left completely unopposed, shrugging off the most powerful gunfire the Vida'Rra's vessels as well as their most powerful warrior.

And now, him and all the demons at his proximity were gone as the portal closed. Through the Milky Way, the Corruptus demons left imprisoned into either the crystals or the portal vanished as their link to their master was severed altogether.

The sages of the Vida'Rra communicated to their people, instructing them to stand down. The war had come to an end.

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