Incomprehensible. This is what the younglings of the present say when they see a small bit of our technology. The Vida'Rra are the most ancient life in this universe, and it's technology is rivaled only by the mightiest of the mightiest. They sacrificed their own beings to secure that life would go on for another day. Everyone has forgotten of their existence, but be sure of one thing: they haven't forgotten you.

- Vida'Rranlora

The Vida'Rra (in their language: Children of the Epoch) were a legendary race of angelic precursors who are presumed to have been among the very first inhabitants of this universe. Believed to have once been part of a group of lifeforms known as the Ultraterrestrials, they were among the most advanced civilizations in history and once had influence through most of the First Gigaquadrant, their Imperium lasting for five billion years before its fall.

Descendants of Quark-based lifeforms born moments after the Big Bang, the Vida'Rra were the first civilization to harness the power of the Dream Essence, which served as basis for their existence and society. One of the original heroic races of the Onuris Universe, the Vida'Rra have long since been rendered extinct, though their legacy lives on through their super-computer megaconstructs and descendant races which hold parts of their genetic structure, such as the Bonio.


The Vida'Rra have a complex history, divided into two different epochs of the universe.

The First Epoch[]

Quark life

The Vida'Rra evolved in a very different era of the universe, during the Quark epoch, between 10–12 seconds and 10–6 seconds after the Big Bang. It is a common misconception that earlier era's of reality were any less developed. At the time the universe contained high energy radiation, so hot that protons and neutrons would "melt". In the melting pot that was the universe, matter was instead a fluid of quarks and gluons, however, wherever defects in spacetime existed, there was gravitational attraction, and this lead to organized complexity. Although the epoch was fundamentally short in comparison to sentients of the cold stelliferous era, who's minds rely on slower processes of information, in the high energy environment of the superheated cosmos, entire evolutionary processes took place.

The Vida'Rra's perception, goals, technology and much else was completely alien to nearly all future civilizations in the colder, future universe. But the Vida'Rra at least built their own analogs of civilisation and technology. However, the Vida'Rra appeared right on the edge of the Quark epoch. The universe was already cooling off naturally due to entropy, but this process began to mysteriously accelerate, just like the universe was found to be accelerating in the future.

The acceleration was of course, caused by the Xhodocto themselves, in the form of demon plasma (see the Quest for Cosmospawn), a highly computational cloud of chaos. The Vida'Rra began to die horribly as the quarks and gluons of their own bodies began to combine into protons and neutrons, and eventually atomic nuclei. The Vida'Rra, knowing their doom created holograms, called the Vida'Rranlora, who were composed of decaying loops of cosmic string, common in the early universe. They waited...

The Birth of Stars[]

As solar radiation, with certain spectral lines which indicated metallicity began to be detected by the dormant Vida'Rranlora, as the solar energy was bending into a light cone around the cosmic strings, the Holograms activated and sought planets to create a second generation of Vida'Rra. While looking for the most suitable means of recreating their masters, the Vida'Rranlora discovered the Dream Energy through series of studies and learned to harness its power, creating physical bodies out of the Essence which would serve as new vessels for the Quark Life. This led to the birth of the Vida'Rra as they are known by the modern races of the universe, and their new link to the Dream Energy essence allowed them to fully master it and center their lives around it.

As stars were born and the Vida'Rra were given physical forms, they created their empire in the proto-Milky Way Galaxy which would become known as the Vida'Rra Imperium. While details about the Imperium are virtually non-existent, what is known about them is that the Vida'Rra and the Vida'Rranlora worked closely together, inhabiting countless young planets through the entirely of the galaxy, achieving feats such as incredibly advanced technology, megaconstructs which dwarved all alien objects in known space and full knowledge about Essence and its abilities through extensive research. Through the millenia of its existence, the Vida'Rra Imperium became home of countless young alien races who found themselves absorbed by the Vida'Rra, either peacefully or by being defeated in war against the precursors. While the Imperium thrived, the Vida'Rranlora created more of themselves and began spreading through the cosmos, positioning themselves in regions where galaxies were estimated to eventually form so that they could study them in the future.

War of Black Fog[]

The Vida'Rra Imperium thrived for estimated two billion years before the birth of the entity known as Shu'rimrodir, the demon god of the Corruptus, who waged war against the Vida'Rra for the sake of taking over the Milky Way Galaxy in the event known as War of Black Fog. Shu'rimrodir and his demons possessed mastery over Nightmare Energy, the Dream Energy's polar opposite, and therefore the demons were capable of causing immense damage to the Vida'Rra Imperium in a short timespan. The war between the children of the Quark life and the demons of nightmares laid waste on the young Milky Way Galaxy, causing tremendous damage to its structure which would take millions, some even billions of years to recover. The Vida'Rra's allied races, not composed of Dream Energy, were either exterminated or brainwashed into servitude by the Corruptus.

At this point in time, the Vida'Rra were contacted by the Essential God Sonhadromerith, who agreed to help them defeat the Corruptus by imprisoning Shu'rimrodir into his home dimension, the Realm of Dreams. The deity is said to have used several billion Vida'Rra souls in the creation of a perfect weapon against the nightmares, who took the form of a celestial Vida'Rra demigod named Rhigeo Fuerq (in their language: Reborn Hope), who would proceed to lead his people into war against the Corruptus again, their efforts eventually bringing the demon legions to their knees, with Shu'rimrodir being finally defeated and imprisoned at Sonhadromerith's dimension. With their leader gone, the Corruptus fell into disarray and the Vida'Rra won the war, where they proceeded to experience a Golden Age in their Imperium, which slowly recovered its losses.

The Final Sleep[]

The Vida'Rra Imperium would last for several more billion years following the defeat of the Corruptus, though it eventually started falling into obscurity and losing its influence as more and more races and galaxies formed across the universe. The Vida'Rra could feel Shu'rimrodir's influence in the Realm of Dreams and were convinced that the demon would eventually manage to escape his bondings and return to this universe, desiring revenge against it. As they realized this, the Vida'Rra and the Vida'Rranlora worked together once more to work on the project known as Final Sleep: all Vida'Rra were to be put in slumber inside Vida'Rranlora databases, where their bodies would be kept in suspended animation until Shu'rimrodir's return when they would be reawakened at full power to combat him once more.

The Final Sleep was ensued and the Vida'Rra were put to slumber by their hologram servants, who also made effort to hide all evidence of their creators' existence from the Milky Way Galaxy for the purpose of keeping the young races of the galaxy unaware of the Corruptus. However, complications happened in the Final Sleep once the Vida'Rranlora discovered the Vida'Rra's Essence-made bodies were beginning to deteriorate and fade away from disuse, and the holograms no longer had the resources to rebuild their creators from scratch once again. The Vida'Rra began dying out one after the other, causing the Vida'Rranlora to panic and be forced to take drastic measures to at least save part of their creators.

The Vida'Rranlora decided to devolve the Vida'Rra into carbon-based organisms of pre-industrial intellect, and then scattered them through the cosmos to evolve by themselves as completely new species. When these creatures emerged on their new worlds, they had no memory of the Vida'Rra or the Vida'Rranlora, but still had their genetic material on their DNA structures and the potential of using the Dream Energy essence. The only species in modernity known to have inherited the Vida'Rra's genetics are the Bonio, who evolved at the Milky Way Galaxy.



As the Quark Life, the Vida'Rra were considered indescribable. Their Dream Energy bodies were naturally amorphous and capable of taking any shape the Vida'Rra desired, though they were commonly seen as taking the form of immense avians with four arms, a pair of legs and immense feathered wings. This avian body shape was usually armored by what appeared to be bony planes through their limbs, and their heads possessed immense, imposing horns. Their bodies were completely composed of Dream Energy, meaning they did not possess organs like other creatures do. The Vida'Rra were genderless beings and could allegedly mate with any other lifeform to create Dream Energy-enhanced offspring.


The Vida'Rra were described as being humble creatures who saw themselves as the universe's caretakers. They were naturally empathic and extremely caring even for strangers, with this friendly behaviour being possibly tied to their nature as Dream Energy beings. Because of their power and benevolence, the Vida'Rra were seen akin to angels by younger races, though they allegedly did not enjoy being worshipped as deities. The Vida'Rra had a high regard for art, culture and especially order, being described as very righteous by nature.


The naturally amorphous Vida'Rra were capable of shapeshifting into anything they could desire. All of their forms possessed immense Dream Energy potential, allowing them to use powers such as physical enhancement, launching Essence projectiles and telekinesis. The Vida'Rra were biologically immortal, meaning they did not die of old age, with such a thing as an elderly Vida'Rra being considered impossible to achieve. Their connection to Dream Energy meant that they could keep track of the Realm of Dreams and most important, Shu'rimrodir's influence in it.


Rhigeo Fuerq.png

I am all.'

  • Name - Rhigeo Fuerq
  • Affiliation - Vida'Rra Imperium
  • Status - Deceased

Rhigeo Fuerq (Vida'Rra language: Reborn Hope) was an amalgam of several billion Vida'Rra souls infused into one single entity by the Essential God Sonhadromerith, created to serve as the perfect warrior against the legions of the Corruptus. He was responsible for defeating the Nightmare Gods, encasing them in dream essence prisons which would keep them contained until the events of the Second War of Black Fog.

Following the end of the War of Black Fog, Rhigeo lived on until the end of the Vida'Rra Imperium, where he participated in the Final Sleep and was eventually turned into a Bonio by the Vida'Rranlora. His demigodly essence, escaping his hibernating soul, would develop self-awareness and become Laminoula'Fuerq, while his Bonio descendants would inherit a small fraction of the power he once wielded. His final descendant is Herquie.


The dark fog will consume everything who tries to oppose it.

Arrtkar Crowart is a demonic Vida'Rra who serves Shu'wokerama. During the early days of the War of Black Fog, Arrtkar used to serve the Vida'Rra Imperium as a sage and advisor for its leaders, until his cowardice caused him to surrender to Shu'wokerama and pledge allegiance to him in exchange of being spared by the Corruptus. The nightmare demon accepted Arrtkar's offer, turning him into a misshapen abomination completely loyal to Shu'rimrodir.

Arrtkar is a cruel, cold and calculating creature, having no regrets of betraying his people and later aiding in destroying them during the war. His loyalty to Shu'wokerama is absolute, and all the millenia serving under him have made him indoctrinated into never ever questioning his orders. Arrtkar is fully aware of the destruction he causes and is completely content with it, believing all who do not serve his master are unworthy of the gift of life.


I will have my revenge.

Felaanith Crowart was Arrtkar's brother and a notable Vida'Rra sage. When Shu'rimrodir rose and stormed the Vida'Rra's worlds, Felaanith was one of the first to stand against the new threat. However, when he suspected that Arrtkar had turned to their enemies' side and told that to Vida'Rra sages, everyone believed that he merely wanted to blacken his brother's name to take his place, and so he was exiled. Then, in exile, he became aware that Arrtkar betrayed their people and Vida'Rra are now extinct. He has sworn to vengeance.

Joining Venhokwe Divin-Ra into her search for ancient power, he managed to ascend into an Isio'Nar. With new powers, he waited for the opportunity of annihilating Shu'rimrodir for destroying his home. He had this opportunity during the Second War, when he led the Isio'Nar against the Corruptus' forces. Felaanith was later killed during the Recruitment by Arrtkar and Divin-Ra.



I have much respect for the Vida'Rra. They have guided and improved the existence of many. Truly, they were selfless beings.

- Libraé

Our old allies. A respectable race for their era, and they would have an impact on many future generations to come.

- Vyro'Narza

They knew of a darkness. A different darkness, but darkness nonetheless. Gods of the universe that sought to protect it and its innumerable children from the mobile oblivion. I can only be reminded of the sacrifices I have made, which surely by comparison are made miniscule in the face of theirs.

- Zarkhator Prime


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