“We are the solution to the core of your problems”

The Vexo Club is a major and well known club within the Space in Between and surrounding sectors- centered at the planet Lareg. Primary based upon the entertainment of people, the Vexo Club actually consists out of various establishments and features a well known logo, a well curved human female in a seductive manner with glowing red lights. It is located within the pleasure district of Lareg City on Lareg, the planet of joy and pleasure.


The Vexo Club falls directly under the control of its CEO, a figure who is not well known and rather remains unknown. The Vexo Club consists out of the following profitable establishments:

Vexo Club Diner, Brothel and Motel

  • Vexo Club Casino
    The Vexo Club Casino is the most profitable and well known establishment of the Vexo Club, here visitors can visit the many gambling machines, pay a visit to the black jack and roulette well spending large amounts of money. The casino is also often suspected of money laundering and is involved in the smuggling and distributing of recreational drugs.
  • Vexo Club Diner
    The Vexo Club Diner mostly serves hard workers and travellers from the space port, the diner offers home-style cooked meals and freshly made beverages. Other offerings at the Diner include its speciality sandwiches and toasts. It also serves various populair though more expensive deserts. Due to the welcoming nature and believes that none should intrude into the private affairs of customers, the Diner was a frequenst meeting sport for smugglers and Legatus officers who payed a visit to the nearby Casino and Red Light Brothel.
  • Vexo Club Motel
    The Vexo Club Motel lies directly next to the brothel, allows various appartments and rooms for rent for space travellers. The appartments are housed by the girls from the brothel if they aren't able to find a living accomodation within the city itself.
  • Vexo Club Red Light Brothel
    The Vexo Club Red Light Brother lies directly next to the diner, providing adult sex-orientated business in the form of legal and regulated prostitution. Well popular and regulary visited amongst space travellers and Legatus military personnel, the personnel working at the establishments are taken well care of with free healthcare, regular tests and enjoy cheap rent to live within the motel.


The Vexo Club is a well known establishment at Lareg and its surrounding sectors, founded circa 2300 it is one of the oldest companies within the Space in Between. Over the course of history, the Vexo Club establishments became popular amongst travellers and traders, as well amongst tourists to visit the planet of pleasure of joy. Within the Club the use of recreational drugs that increase senses of pleasure are tolerated and can even be distributed thorugh the club. Though the toloration and distribution brought the Club in various embarissing situation with the illegal import of it with the local authorities.

Around 2850, the criminal slug known as Slugger and his sidekick, Qarley became frequent visitors to the Casino.


The following individuals are associated with the Vexo Club in various positions or jobs.

CRE Kaveri II-1dad7112 ful -.png

sex worker

CRE Niyok 02-1e09b946 ful.png

sex worker

CRE Zinny (Qalavar)-1daebea4 ful -.png

sex worker



  • The quote on top of the page was provided the Valader and sums up perfectly what the Vexo Club provide. In addition, The Valader also provided the image of the Vexo Club logo with the glowing effect.
  • To Dino's knowledge, it is the first fictional page on the SporeWiki dedicated to this kind of entertainment.

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