You will bow before the Vermulan Autonomy. You will obey all Vermulan commands instantly and without question. Any disobedience will be met with immediate extermination.

- The Empress, presumably

The Vermulan Autonomy, also known colloquially as the Vermulan Empire, is a vast and enigmatic interuniversal hyperpower that traces its origins to the future of the Onuris Universe. Through unknown means the Ur-Vermulan was sent hurtling back in time and across the multiverse, before landing in an unknown world where they created the Autonomy from the ground up. The Autonomy is believed to be one of the most powerful forces in reality, though their true strength has fortunately never been seen in the First Gigaquadrant.

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Vermulan society is in many regards a perfect fascist ideal. The Vermulan state is the primary unifying force of their society and species. The Vermulans exalt their nation above all else except their race, giving their labour to the state freely without any reward beyond national pride. All thought and action by a Vermulan is expected to have a direct purpose in furthering the state. Entertainment and relaxation is totally absent from their society. Exaltation of their race is equally important to the Vermulans as their nation, a belief in inherent superiority that to them justifies their rampant imperialism and xenocide.

Society is heavily totalitarian. The Vermulans believe that outside the Autonomy there is no meaning nor value. The state, to them, gives purpose and drive to the Vermulan people, and must therefore control all facets of society. Vermulans live under near-constant surveillance to "protect" them from "anti-citizens" and deviant behaviour. Total obedience to the state is expected of all Vermulans. Discomfort that the Vermulans experience in their lives are taught as a necessary struggle for the wellbeing of the state.

The Vermulans are stratocratic in nature, with no real distinction between state and military. The economy is cordinated to constantly provide and prioritise the needs of the Autonomy's endless war machine. The only production that is not directly war related is infrastructure and keeping the Vermulan workforce alive.

Inherent ideological dishonesty and instability in the fascist ideal is dealt with biologically, with the Vermulans of the Autonomy literally hard-wired in their brains to adhere to their system and shun any anticivil ideologies.

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Hierarchy is an important part of Vermulan society. The hierarchy operates the Autonomy's strict chain of command in its enormous stratocratic economy, streamlining away the inconveniences of bureaucracy or democracy that would slow the efficiency of the state. A quick and efficient command of the state is the nominal reason for the hierarchy.

Vermulans are born into their professions and there is very little interchange between them. Each profession is a class and rank in the hierarchy with a specific relation to all others. Each profession itself has ranks within it: a scientist developing hardware for the military is higher than a scientist studying an unknown property of physics. Though structural hierarchy is enforced by the Autonomy, personal hierarchies are heavily discouraged. Two workers in the same field are equal, and any attempt by a Vermulan to enforce dominance over their equals is viewed as anticivil behaviour leading to an immediate purge.

Unofficially, the hierarchy serves for the self-gratification of the superiors in the hierarchy. The discomforts of life in the Autonomy is lessened higher in the hierarchy. Biological impulses unsatisfiable in the Autonomy are biologically removed in higher-ups to spare them discomfort. What behaviours are considered anticivil is more forgiving to the High Command than to the soldiers and workers.

During the DCP's war against the Vermulans, it was discovered that the Vermulan's neurological-hardwiring into acceptance of this hierarchy is all that keeps it together; rectifying this alteration leads to almost immediate class upheaval.

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Servitors are those species that are allied with the Vermulans, often out of worship or foolhardy power grabs. The Vermulan Autonomy considers them tools lower ranked than even Vermulans with janitorial duties, but nonetheless afford them a respect and cooperation as long as it continues to serve the Autonomy. Servitor states remain independent from the Vermulans and are allowed to function in their own way, though Vermulan advisors will supervise their governments to enforce loyalty. When they outlive their usefulness, the Vermulans will conquer servitors like any other civilisation. Conquest of servitors often happens in groups once all of them have outlived their usefulness, so that no servitor still in use learns of their enviable fate.

When conquering worlds, the surviving natives are kept alive as slaves. They are made to work under worse conditions than Vermulan workers (though needs like food and sleep provided). Slave populations are not allowed to exist perpetually, and the reproductive cycle of slaves is halted until the population dies out. Maximum productive efficiency is squeezed from slaves to spare Vermulans the work, though due to their belief in racial supremacy, the Autonomy does not keep slave populations alive for long lest the Vermulans become economically reliant on them.

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The Vermulan Autonomy is best described as a oligarchical collective, or perhaps a stratocracy. The governing body of the Autonomy is the "High Command" that is as much a social class as it is an organisation. The High Command has absolute authority over the Vermulan Autonomy with no balancing or regulating bodies competing with it. Civilian and military command is not distinguished. The High Command's orders are carried out by a middle class of commanders. The Vermulan Autonomy has a limited level of decentralisation, with every territory having a segment of the High Command identical in function to any other, but is centralised in which each territory has a specific rank, with the Command occupying the Vermulan Aleph Universe being in total authority of the Autonomy.

Occupying a nebulous place in Vermulan governance is the Vermulan Empress, the original Vermulan that created the empire. Theoretically, the Vermulan Empress is the absolute leader of the Autonomy whose authority is unquestionable. She is present in all state propaganda as a unifying figurehead embodying the principles of the Autonomy. Her existence is subject to debate, with very few Vermulans having ever seen the Empress, and outside sources finding no mention of her in any documentation stolen from the Autonomy. Many analysts claim the Empress's depiction by the Autonomy has all the hallmarks of being a fictitious personification for the High Command, but given the Vermulan's enigmatic nature, nothing can be said for sure.

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  • The Vermulans draw from a variety of sources. The most significant are the Kilaak from Godzilla and the Combine from Half-Life.
  • The Vermulans are aware of the Fantasy Universe and the Mirror Universe but are unable to access either for any lengthy period of time.
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