Verico is an trooper in service of the Legatus Finduilica, a vassal of the mighty Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Verico holds the rank of sergeant and leads his platoon into battle! Rutherless, cold and without fear Verico strikes fear into his enemies and will not hesistate to overwhelm his enemies with numbers and refuses to show mercy to them.



Joining forces with Astrosia to hunt down the Resistance

Born in the Cyrannus Galaxy, Verico lived on a decent planet in the mid-rim and eventually joined the military. Witnissing the chance between the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Verico fully accepted the Imperial Order and participated during many of the early campaigns. He was eventually send to the Legatus Finduilica around 10 AQF/2808 and was soon promoted to sergeant and became one of the initial instructors for the Legatus troopers.

In 21 AQF, he was drawn away from his post by Lady Astrosia who needed his qualities to hunt down dissidents. When she failed to stop them as they fled into the Cyrannus Galaxy, Verico saw his chance for glory and his return to the frontlines and remained onboard the Arquitens-class light cruiser Crimson Talon and became her trusted right hand. He was present when the Rector provinciae Schlimm Eklig Statthalter contacted the dark lady and send her into Cyrannus to lead the joint Imperial-Legatus taskforce Raptor Squadron to hunt down and destroy the Cyrandia Resistance. Their first mission took them to Tar Kuuraen where Verico attempted to arrest New Republic agent Rhavor Aldorón and resistance associates Corva, Tironus Manition and Stench in the Jonalek Tavern. Demanding identification Corva caused a brawl fight, allowing them to escape the tavern. Verico later joined Lady Astrosia in the streets of Tar Kuuraen and witnissed their escape from the planet after the light freighter Falcon rammed the Arquitens-class Provocateur, allowing Corva and Tironus Manition to escape.

He later participated in the Second Battle of Lianna, in which he was tasked with escorting and protecting Lady Astrosia. Though he grew disgusted with her sadistic love for torture and strangling people with what seemed magical powers. To his own horror, she used her powers on him as well to enter the command codes that turned the Rambo station cannons on the Rambo and Republic ships.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Verico is a cunning and ruthless squad commander and leads his troopers by example and strict military rules. He will never ask something of his fellow troopers which he wouldn't do himself. A keen rifleman and cunning tactician, he trained most of the Legatus troopers and feels honored to join his humanoid comrades into battle.

Ruthless against his enemies and refusing to show them mercy, he is not above needless killing and blindly follows orders to destroy entire villages in the name of the Empire. In his free time he likes to practice is rifle skills, but also his hand to hand combat skills or to read a book.



Blue faceI will serve you well!


Orange faceBlergh!


Well done Sergeant! You are to be recommended!

- Astrosia


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