Venullius is a male Venatioa captain in service of Rambo Nation. Commanding the Miranda-Class, USS Brittain he patrols the borders of Rambo space. He is known for making the first peaceful contact with the Jenassian Regency due to his already great diplomatic skills and peaceful yet noble appearance.


USS Brittain approaches the station

Venullius is born in 2775 (23 BQF) at Bikasulam, where he lived a life of plenty and peace. Enjoying the hot waters and climate of Bikasulam, he was a scholar though unsure how to advance his carreer of future. Upon the Treaty of Fornaeria and the jonining of the Venatioa in Rambo Nation, Venullius decided to join Rambo Command.

Studying at the Acadamy for some time, he has shown great promises in charting and diplomacy. After graduation, Venullius was promoted and given the rank of captain near the end of 2805 (07 AQF). With is promotion came the assigment and command of the Miranda-Class starship, the USS Brittain.

Captain of the USS Brittain[]

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Gul Dar'Aehl aid Venullius in his hour of need and would meet him more frequently during their carreers

His first mission was to patrol the borders of the Badlands Sector for two months, during this time he recieved a priority message from Marscalcus Kya herself, who informed Venullius of the missing USS Grissom.

Grateful, he investigated the matter and managed to track the signatures left behind to a space station belonging to the Jenassian Regency. To his surprise, he was given an audience with Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl, the instigator of the current situation. Both talked in mutual respect to find a peaceful solution and avoid an armed conflict. Venullius managed at behalf of Rambo Nation to open trade relations and an allowance to use the Ramsoria Run and use the facilities of Lianna-station, in return Arritzia released the USS Grissom and both ships managed to leave Jenassian space unharmed while Venullius set a course for Lianna-station.

At the 5th of July in 2806 (08 AQF), the USS Brittain was heavily damaged in Rambo space by a Hutter attack. The distress call was answered by the Jenassian Gul Arritzia. After being beamed onboard the Jenassian vessel, he grew annoyed with the Gul who claimed the two were friends but the atmosphere soon eased when both of them expressed their worries about the Kingdom incursions in this region.

Sia onboard the USS Brittain with captain venullius

Both soon came to an agreement, perhaps a covert operation could be send underway to investigate the increased Hutter activity near a planet called Arcaniox. The willingness to aid the Jenassian Gul would eventually lead to the Torments of Arcaniox where a few individuals stood against the Tormentor to save the Quadrant Galaxies. Venullius was informed of the events after his empress, Ramashe was gravely injured, as his ship was still under repair he and his crew were unable to provide any aid for the time being.

In 2818 (20 AQF), Venullius now a veteran captain adopted the new standard black/gold captains uniform. By June 2819 (21 AQF) Venullius was overseeing the internship of Cadet Sia and ordered her to commandeer the Brittain out of port.

Personality and Traits[]

Venullius is an honorable and gentle soul, having a natural love for beauty, art and music he loves visiting cultural rich planets. As such he also respects nature and live, refusing to use force if avoidable. He is a great fan of Osha Stefani and her music, enjoys drinking Serindia Wine on occasions and is intrigued by the cultural and art of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Due to his natural traits, well educuated and soft voice, Venullius is a gifted diplomat as well, able to sway his opponents with words rather then with force. However, when using force, Venullius is relentless and ruthless, though would rather disable his enemies than destroy them.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy Student Officer
Command Fast Traject
2800 - 2805 Cadet
USS Brittain Commanding Officer 2805- Ongoing Captain

USS Brittain


Venullius in original captains uniform


Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them

  • Or-Ana - the greatest amongst our kin!
  • S'aur - a capable officer

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