Venocios is one of the mythical Atlantica and often a herald for nature and wildlife. Often linked to the Hutter Kingdom where he is seen as their main patron, the entity actually inhabits the Quadrant Galaxies and secretly rules the Kingdom. Now with Morgandaûr out of the way due to the actions of Aoirtae Valaeris and her order of light, he ready to unleash his powers upon the unknowing Quadrants.


Entity of Hutter[]

As an Atlantica, Venocios belongs to the most ancient species inhabiting the Quadrant Galaxies and still being around. As a patron for the Hutter Kingdom, he is seen as the God of Life and Death, the one who places the judgement on those that deserve it. Other empires and nations refer to Venocios as well in their Pantheon, though not as the Hutters. He is also seen as the patron of music and joy, loving the sound of music.

Lord of the Kingdom[]

For decades, ever since it forming Venocios took a direct hand in the development of the Hutter, something forbidden by the other Atlantica. However during the clash with the Crakadox Venocios vanished and was believed to have perished. Instead he survived and inhabits the Hutter capital in secret, controlling the Kingdom and ruling it from the shadows while its chancellors are the public rulers, the are instead mere puppets of the entity.

For millenia Venocios continued overseeing the Kingdom in secret, though this all changed with the defeat of Morgandaûr and the Torments and the subsequent rise of Rambert Ramveral in 12 AQF. Fearing foul or demonic play Venocios suddenly took a more active role with the conquest of the Quadrant Galaxies in mind.

Personality and Traits[]

Venocios is described as being an honorable being, wise and just though can be agressive and stubborn as well. As an Atlantica, he is a mighty entity, though his long slumber meant he is mostly inactive due to his roots taken root in the ground. Wakening him in a bad mood is considered a stupid thing to do.



Blue face.pngYou have my admiration


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