I am afraid you must be mistaken. I do not know what a "Vengeful Claw" is nor why would you believe such a thing exists. The attack on the colony of Trevonik-5 was most obviously the work of space pirates. I must urge you to not believe such silly stories. The mere idea of a faction of terrorists is already contradictory in itself, let alone one made out of Collective members. Rest assured, this "Vengeful Claw" does not exist and is nothing but a distasteful rumour.

- Maryah in a public announcement regarding the Vengeful Claw's existence

The Vengeful Claw, also known as Empire of the Old Fang or Neo Dracogonarious Empire was a splinter society of exiles, criminals and terrorists who escaped from various governments across the Milky Way Galaxy, primarily the old Dracogonarious Empire and its successor, the Indoctrinate Collective. Born out of the mind of the Old Fang, a former Dracogonarious soldier who believed herself to have been abandoned by her people, she had acquired the support of numbers of like-minded individuals over the span of six hundred years, eventually becoming a rebel movement and an empire of its own right, even if not officially considered one in galactic affairs, with its main objective being the fall of the Indoctrinate Collective and the expose of the Dracogonarious people's most heinous acts for the Gigaquadrant to see.

The Indoctrinate Collective went to great lengths to censor the existence of the Vengeful Claw from the rest of the Gigaquadrant, though they had not been able to completely hide their existence to their allies and had been under constant threat from their actions. Composed of aliens who found the Collective too oppressive, controlling or demanding as well as mercenaries and bounty hunters who found themselves interested in their goals, the Claw was considered a high level threat to the stability and survival of the Indoctrinate Collective, even if they did not want to admit it.


The Vengeful Claw was formed by the machinations of Draikilia Charil, later known as the Old Fang. A former marine of the Dracogonarious Empire, she was part of the invasion known as the Battle for Planet Kaizox, where she was deeply wounded and mistaken for killed in action by her troops, who eventually left the planet, leaving her behind. Believing herself abandoned and also believing her husband, Drakley Charil, had died due to the Empire's negligence, she began looking for individuals who had complaints about the Dracogonarious Empire's way of leading and dealing with problems, most specifically in the outer reaches of the Empire where criminals took longer to be killed. Draikilia, who would otherwise be ordered to shoot and kill 'criminals' on sight if she were still serving the military, instead began developing sympathy for them and started organizing revolts on outer colonies, convincing their population that they were being introctrinated by the government to live like they wanted them to, among other things.

The revolts led to the Empire losing grasp over dozens of outer worlds, who fought back when it attempted to re-conquer them. Choosing Draikilia as their leader, these rebels gave birth of the Vengeful Claw under her, with their leader renaming herself as the Old Fang in order to keep her identity unknown to her enemies. Eventually, her influence reached the ears of unhappy Spinker and Bonio citizens of their respective empires, who began revolts of their own and joined her ranks due to her great charisma. Schisms between the Vengeful Claw would ensue and remain unending for the next six hundred years, with worlds ranging from mere outer colonies to central capitals falling victim to the machinations of the Claw. Meanwhile, the Dracogonarious Empire did all it could to keep their existence hidden from their allies in order to keep their reputation unharmed.

The Claw's most notable act against the Dracogonarious Empire would take place during the Second War of Black Fog, when they used the attack of the Marinoxidiz of the Corruptus as an opportunity to attack the Empire while it was weakened. The Claw would manage to capture demons of the Corruptus and harness their Nightmare Energy in order to create a caste of powerful supersoldiers who would be known as the Dark Vengeance, which was used in multiple terrorist attacks on the Empire as well as used in attempts to deteriorate the Dracogonarious' relations with other factions, such as the terrorist launched in the meeting between the Dracogonarious leaders and the leader of the New Kralgon Empire. However, due to the properties of Entropy and the Claw's lack of knowledge about it, the Dark vengeance eventually fell under the influence of Shu'rimrodir and went berserk, taking over the Vengeful Claw and forcing the Old Fang to beg for the help of the Dracogonarious Empire and their allies. The combined empires successfully liberated the Claw from the Corruptus' influence, and the rebels agreed to pledge support to the war against the demons for the remainder of the war, a promise they kept to the end. Following the end of the war and the birth of the Indoctrinate Collective, the Claw was also responsible for a bold kidnapping of Empress Maryah, which was only stopped thanks to the efforts of Kezoreg. During Project Exodus, the Claw followed the Collective to Borealis.

During the War of the Ancient Three, Vileraz IV sought to spread chaos across the allies of the Polar Crystal Alliance, and decided to disrupt the Indoctrinate Collective by getting in touch with the Vengeful Claw and funding an all-out assault against the homeworld of New Draka. While initially successful in taking the leadership of the Collective hostage, the Claw was defeated by the efforts of Jerkon, Herquie and Kezoreg, leading to the deaths or executions of the entire command force of the movement. With the Old Fang dead, the Vengeful Claw disbanded, its members either being captured and executed, or fleeing to parts unknown.




The Vengeful Claw was a stratocracy, a government where the military served as the head of state. The sole mastermind behind the entire empire was the Supreme Commander, the founder and progenitor of the Claw who lead to its last day: the Old Fang. Due to the symbolic role of the Old Fang, the loss of the Supreme Commander marked the ultimate end of the movement. The Supreme Commander's closest assistants were deemed Lieutenants, with the highest of them being the Dracogodasimer warrior Kaeron Vangardus, who served as second-in-command of the entire Vengeful Claw.

Supreme Commander


The society of the Vengeful Claw was a clear contrast when compared to the Indoctrinate Collective's due to the feeling of anarchy present in their cities. While the military made sure the empire's cities were running smoothly, there was a huge degree of tolerance for what could be considered crimes, which by extension made them common across the Claw's space. Space pirates, assassins and bounty hunters were a common sight, and the Vengeful Claw government did little effort to stop them, as they believed the citizens needed to be strong enough to defend themselves if they truly wanted to be part of the Old Fang's army of rebels.

Not all civilians were this way though, for many had not or did not want to be as lowly as criminals. The Dracogonarious held the most influence in the Vengeful Claw, and they ruled a majority of its higher ranks due to the Claw making no effort to make all of its species equal like the Collective does. The Vengeful Claw was a post-scarcity empire, but it used the same Collective Credit as their rivals in the events of international trade. Regarding religion, the Claw was officially neutral and allowed all to worship whatever they want, as long as it did not get in the way of their tasks and it was not the worship of demons such as the gods of the Corruptus.


As the Vengeful Claw came from the Dracogonarious Empire and therefore the Indoctrinate Collective, it was identical to them regarding technological advancement. The differences between them were that the Claw took more time to acquire new technologies obtained by the Collective, as they discovered them through the use of spies rather than making them themselves. Like the Collective, the Vengeful Claw was incredibly advanced and had great feats in the areas of medicine and biological engineering, being able to create entire new species from scratch if they so wished.

Vengeful Claw citizens had even less stigma with biological enhancements than in the Collective, and it was believed at least 70% of all individuals in the empire had at least one type of cybernetic enhancement, often taking the form of strength enhancers, health improvers, life extenders or the complete replacement of limbs for more powerful equivalents. The Vengeful Claw was also highly advanced in the field of nanotechnology, having their own version of the Collective's famed shipeaters, weaponized nanomachines made with the intention of consuming alloys in order to destroy enemy spaceships. The shipeaters of the Claw were altered to be be able to eat through Collective ships while leaving Claw ships intact.


The Old Fang

The claw will have its vengeance.

  • Name - Old Fang
  • Species - Dracogonarious
  • Status - Deceased

The Old Fangwas is the supreme ruler, founder and mastermind behind the Vengeful Claw. A former marine of the Dracogonarious Empire who believed herself abandoned by her people, she created the Vengeful Claw in an attempt to show to the universe the Dracogonarious w ere not the perfect paragons they made themselves to be. Despite her advanced age at this time, she was still very active and lurked in the shadows of the Indoctrinate Collective, awaiting for the chance to combat it once again.

Kaeron Vangardus

If you mistake me as dumb for my muscles, you're gonna have a nasty surprise.

  • Name - Kaeron Vangardus
  • Species - Dracogodasimer
  • Status - Deceased

Lieutenant Kaeron Vangardus was the Old Fang's right-hand man and the second-in-command of the Vengeful Claw. An extremely strong Dracogodasimer, Kaeron Vangardus was a former colonist whose home was attacked by space pirates in his childhood, which resulted in the death of his parents. This colony would be defended by the Vengeful Claw, and the Old Fang would take Kaeron under her wing. His loyalty to the Old Fang was uncontested, as he saw her not only as a leader but also as a mother. Whenever the Old Fang went, Kaeron was sure to be behind, ready to crush any opposition that dared get in their way.

Skato Wolrein

I am unstoppable. We are unstoppable.

  • Name - Skato Wolrein
  • Species - Zazane
  • Status - Deceased

Skato "Talon" Wolrein was one of the Old Fang's lieutenants and was a man who had earned much of her respect and trust. He was more of a terrorist rather than a military general, preferring to use shock and terror tactics rather than full-up military might and strength. Skato was over 100 years old, having replaced much of his organic body with metal and cybernetics, making him extra agile, fast and strong. He had also been shown to scale walls and ceilings almost naturally without problem. Skato was cold and merciless, though he was a religious follower of the native god of his homeworld, known as the Kashou'Rakta. Talon was a firm believer that the ends justify the means and he was not hesitant to sacrifice civilian lives in his efforts to achieve victory and success.



Green face.pngFinally, someone who sees reason.


Blue face.pngYou have been beneficial so far.

  • N/A


Yellow face.pngYou are not welcome here.

  • N/A


Orange face.pngBegone from our territory.


Red face.pngYour end is not a wish. It is a necessity.


Why they keep insisting on this "waah the Collective is evil" nonsense I just can't understand. Being terrorists and raiders doesn't make you any better to begin with. Your whole point is flawed from the start!

- Koluap

You now know why mere mortals cannot comprehend the might of Nightmare Energy. But please, do try again... We will make sure you are all consumed next time.

- Arrtkar Crowart

Hmph, you low-life bastards want to bring about chaos and anarchy? ... Next time you lay a hand on the Queen, I'll make absolute sure to give it to you.

- Kezoreg

I understand your point of view. Though needless to say, your methods are disagreeable.

- Kithworto



  • The Vengeful Claw was inspired by Crispy's Insurrection, a fiction empire by TheHachi.
  • OluapPlayer considered the Vengeful Claw the most difficult of his fictions to work with during its existence.
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