Veloci Onychus is a Velociraptor Finduilicus native to the Finduila Sector who serves the Legatus Finduilica, a vassal of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. A cunning, cruel command utterly without mercy he was given command of the Autokrator-class, Tartarus!

By 2820, he came into frequent contact with the Resistance forces as the Legatus was forced to bring order back within the Space in Between. By 2830, Veloci was promoted to vice-admiral and was in command of the Immobilizer-class star interditor cruiser LSC Suffocator and Legatus Task Force 22.


Second Great Cyrannus War & Dawn of DivinaEdit


Serving with Astrosia to hunt down dissidents

By 20 AQF (2818), Veloci Onychus was promoted to the rank of captain and assumed command of the Autokrator-class star destroyer, Tartatus. He serves as the right of hand of Lady Astrosia and together they are a feared duo within the Legatus. In february 21 AQF, Velocia joined forces with the dark lady again as they hunted down the dissident forces in the Finduila Sector. Lady Astrosia managed to locate Home Base and ordered Veloci to inform the fleet. Veloci complied and led his fleet towards the dissidents base where he first deployed a wave of ASP fighters against them, inflicting heavy damage before sending in the Arquitens and Gozanti class cruisers into battle. Much to his delight the Legatus forces smashed the dissident presence and send them running.


oyalists and Imperials clash in the Space in Between with the emergence of the Bismarck

Cornering the dissident fleet near the rift leading to the Cyrannus Galaxy he witnissed in frustration the destruction of an Autokrator-class star destroyer and the escape of the dissidents. Decorated for his leadership Veloci returned to his patrol duties while Astrosia had to answer for the dissidents escape.

At 5 January 2820, Veloci and his three Arquitens-class escorts were dispatched to the Space in Between on regular patrol to Isle Blue that had lost contact due to an annual anomaly storm in the sector. Shortly after passing Bunker Eighty Two the Tartatus came under attack by the Bismarck Dreadnought under command of Commodore Malegras. Though fighting valiantly, the Legatus forces were outmanouvered and outgunned and were unable to repel boarding parties. Veloci met Malegras on the bridge before the order was given to evacuate the vessel. To his horror he saw his ship destroyed and was later picked up by a Gozanti-class and brought to Bunker Eighty Two were he was given command of the Arquitens-class ICS Raptor.


Second Battle of Ramgotheria, September 2820

In August 2820, Onychus led the Imperial/Legatus fleet at Ramgotheria where they saw combat against Lusitania Squadron. Using a cunning tactic Onyhus overpowered the Lusitania and managed to destroy one of their vessels, the Acceptance that forced them to retreat. Captain Onychus still commanded the Raptor during the second battle of Ramgothria. Elements of House Ramelzen, House Ramcelsior and Lusitania Squadron assaulted the planet in hopes of liberating the occupied planet. During the battle Onychus ordered his crew to target the rebel Mer Mirea, causing serious damage to its starboard side. Onychus was displeased with the destruction of the ICS New Dawn and the subsequent orders to fall back to Pauvenris.

Cold WarEdit

After the fall of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Veloci joined the Legatus in 2820 upon its forming. In the following decade, Veloci was eventually promoted to vice-admiral and was given command of the Immobilizer-class star interditor cruiser LSC Suffocator and the Legatus Task Force 22.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Veloci Onychu, like most of the Velociraptor Finduilicus are cunning, cruel and clever individuals. Loving the art of the hunt and executing their victims, Veloci is particulary known for tormenting and torturing his foes to death.

A proud officer, he is respected by his crew as he gets things done and doesn't hesistate to sacrifice anyone to ensure the Will of the Emperor. Upon his promotion to vice-admial, his arrogance became more evident though he also seemed more bored than before.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
ICS Tartatus
Star Destroyer
Commanding Officer
2818 - 2820 Captain
ICS Raptor
Light Cruiser
Commanding Officer 2820 Captain
LSF Raptor
Light Cruiser
Commanding Officer 2820 - 2830 Captain
LSC Suffocator
Star Interdictor Cruiser
Commanding Officer 2830 - ongoing Vice-admiral



LSC Suffocater


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