Velinde Autumnlight is a female Carnthedain Elf that serves as a crewman in the security department onboard the USS Harakaze.


After the destruction of her homeworld Carnthedain, Velinde became a refugee within the borders of Rambo Nation and upon reaching age and finishing Ramboidae high school she joined the Rambo Defense School and was trained as a security crewman onboard a Ramboidae Navy vessel and graduated as a crewman 3rd class.

Service onboard the USS HarakazeEdit

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Tash and Velinde discuss Evaana's condition

After graduating in April 2820, she was assigned to join the crew of the USS Harakaze on its maiden test flight when it got lost. Furious and desperate that her chance to fight against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was taken from her and any chance to see her family again she was determined to survive and find a way home. Much to her surprise, commander Tash Hannity took her on an away missin to Gorgorthrond in June 2820 to act as the security detail. Her keen sight recognised an Amiaeria girl amongst the slave, whom Tash later rescued. It turned out to be lieutenant Lassa Evaana Penaeli from the missing USS Elgorodaurl. Transported to the sickbay of the Harakaze, Velinde used the tricorder and determined she was healthy besides bruises and heald fractures and as far as her medical knowledge reached. When Tash ordered to patch up Evaana she sarcastically replied that she wasn't a doctor nor a babysitter, resulting in a warning and sharp remark from her commanding officer.

In August 2820 Velinde joined the away team once again as security detail to Gorga III to investigate the crash site of the Unfortunate and securing Corbar. When Corbar opened fire, Velinde sneak in his tent and took him out with a well placed high kick. Later Gorgorians arrived and a fire fight ensued, resulting in the death of commander Hannity. Command of the Harakaze passed to former cadet field promoted to commander Jenna Lenissa Rambo. Shortly after, with the arrival of both the Loyalist and Imperials onboard she had some difficulties to prevent fighting amongst them until Jenna finally summoned both parties to provide her ultimatum to them.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Velinde has a fierce temper but is loyal to her friends and her own believes and species customs. With a fierce distrust and hatred against Imperials for destroying her homeplanet, Carthedain she vows to protect those she loves.

She loves sports and keeps herself in shape with it, she is often unsure about her female features in Ramboidae uniforms and is quick to anger when losing games. Skilled in archery and scouting, she uses these skills as a security crewman. She wears the standard crewman security uniform and chose to wear a skirt instead of pants. However she does wear nonstandard ornaments as a tribute to her customs, a feather in her hair and a sash of grass on her right hip.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Defense School Security Traject 2817 - 2820 Recruit
USS Harakaze 2820 - Ongoing Engineering Crewman 3rd class

USS Harakaze



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