Velasus is a Velociraptor Finduilicus commander in service of the Legatus Finduilica onboard the Crimson Talon and serves as the second in command of the Arquitens-class under Lady Astrosia. Later on, he was assigned to serve within the joint Legatus-Imperial Raptor Squadron and served with dignity and promise.

After joining the Legatus in 2820, he was promoted to captain in 2830 and given command of the Krakana-class star cruiser LSC Vartekian.


Legatus Commander[]

With Astrosia on the bridge of the Crimson Talon

Velasus is a Velociraptor Finduilicus born in the Finduila Sector on his homeworld. When his people joined the Legatus Finduilica, a vassal state of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus upon its conquering of the sector Velasus was part of the first wave generation of raptors to join the Legatus Finduilica. Over time Velasus advanced in the ranks until he was made the commander of the Arquitens-class Crimson Talon. During the Struggle of being a Half Elf-storyline he found himself serving under Lady Astrosia and her subsequent failed hunt to destroy the dissidents in Finduila. He remained serving the Lady when she and various Legatus ships were assigned to become part of the joint Imperial-Legatus elite taskforce known as Raptor Squadron. During the Valour of the Resistance-storyline he faithfully served Astrosia as her second in command and advisor in battle. He was on the bridge when they engaged a Consular-class and Velasus was instrumental in ordering the tactics to invade and occupy Ozdudrahk.

Later on, on January 6th of 2820 (22AQF) he was present with commander Rax when they recieved a report of a Resistance attack on a Saurien Sector Corporation freighter convoy by Swain Tavira.

Legatus Captain[]

After the formation of the Legatus in 2820, Velasus was assigned his personnel Arquitens-class star frigate and served with distinction and promise for over a decade onboard the vessel. By 2830 he was promoted to captain and given command of the Krakana-class star cruiser LSC Vartekian.

Personality and Traits[]

Velasus as Commander within the Finduilica Navy

Velasus is a proud and cunning Legatus officer, proud of his heritage and fully believes in the Imperial Dream of Order and Peace. Velasus is an honorable being though can be cruel for his enemies when taunted. He is generally well liked for his crew and shows some degree of camaraderie towards his subordinates. Though he could also be officious and petty towards them, often slapping subordinates on the back of their heads when making mistakes.

He is also a decent one on one fighter, using his claws and teeth to attack and wound his opponents.

Upon his service to the Legatus Navy, he donned the standard grey Legatus uniform and cap, even upon his promotion to captain he declined to wear the more decorated captain's uniform and instead prefered the grey uniform. He gained a reputation as cruel and relentless.


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