Veatrex City is the capital of the United Veatrex Federation and the most populated city in the whole Ramvelkys Galaxy. Veatrex City holds about 52 billion of the UVF's's 1 trillion citizens.


A section of Veatrex City


A painting of another section of Veatrex City

Major buildingsEdit


The Emperor's Estate

Emperor's EstateEdit

The Emperor's Estate is the capitol building of the United Veatrex Federation. It is well known for its mushroom-like structure. At the top of the Estate is where the Veatrex Senate and the Emperor discuss SR-related matters, and hold votes.

SESEP StrongholdEdit

SESEP Stronghold is the base of SESEP and the military base.

A coastal section of Veatrex City. The two buildings on the left are the SESEP Stronghold and the Managerial Manor

Flame FortressEdit

The Flame Fortress is the base of religion in the United Veatrex Federation.

Managerial ManorEdit

The Managerial Manor is the base of the Managerial party of SR.


The Great Tunnel is a massive tunnel underwater off the coastal section of Veatrex City. It houses 2 billion of Veatrex City's 14 billion citizens.

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