Vax Trask is a Libertus lieutenant in service of the Imperial Navy. A firm believer in bringing order to the galaxy, he worked to suppress dissent on numerous world and served as an ASP-fighter pilot as well. Eventually he was assigned to serve under commander Vitiian Rax, an elite ASP flight commander of the elite ASP squadron Emperor's Fury, whom in turn were assigned to serve in the mysterious and highly effective Raptor Squadron.


Vax Trask was born on the back water world Tar Kuuraen, a world known for its decadency, crime rates and dominance by crime-families. Born in a labor family his youth was a struggle of survival as crime families exploited the workers. Vax saw his chance with the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus who sought order and peace, ideals Vax hoped to see at Tar Kuuraen one day.


Malegras and Idris escape Vax' custody

Over time he was assigned to suppress dissents on numerous worlds before rising in the rank of the Imperial Navy. He eventually was promoted to lieutenant and became a gifted ASP fighter pilot. Drawing attention during the opening stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Trask was assigned to serve under commander Vitiian Rax and joined the elite Raptor Squadron.

At 2 January 2820, Vax was in temporarily command of Starbase 33, a former Rambo Nation starbase on the Gorge when the station was attacked by Lusitania Squadron, spearheaded by Idris Vanguinar. Much to his dismay, his troopers and himself were unable to prevent the escape of the captured commodore Malegras, something Vax had to take responsibility for with his own commanders. He later returned to Raptor Nest where he met When Cadet Sia who was assigned there for her second internship. He took her under his protection and learned her the Imperial navy and command customs and was one of the few onboard who actually befriended the young Cadet. He later witnissed in horror the fact that Camron Dar forced the young Cadet to open fire at civilian vessels.


Chasing a Loyalist U-Wing, April 2820

Later on, while on a scouting mission to search for new member to join the elite Emperor's Fury he joined the crew of the light cruiser Unfortunate. Chasing after a Loyalist U-Wing, he had chose lieutenant Ciena Dunedin as his wing(wo)man when they were hit by a relocation wave in April 2820. After the relocation the ship crashed at Gorga III, a dust planet located in the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Space.

Jenna provides the Imperials with an ultimatum to serve onboard, August 2820

By August, the crew of the USS Harakaze located them and saved them from an assault by Gorgorians. While the former commander of ship perished, Vax oversaw the salvage vital and useful equipment of the Unfortunate and brought it onboard the Harakaze. Dismayed with the arrival of Loyalists onboard as well, he together with Dunedin and Timothy Winthazen were summoned to the ready room of the now commander Jenna Lenissa Rambo. Warning the Imperials that she did not take guests onboard she deployed them as crew onboard the vessel, with Vax as her XO and second in command. An act that surprised Vax though none the less raised his appreciation of the young and inexperienced commander. That he had to work with Ramboidae and Loyalists would take some adjustments but getting home was more important.

Personality and TraitsEdit

As a staunch supporter and firm believer in the Imperial cause, Vax Trask is fiercely loyal towards teh Emperor. Trask hates disorder and rebellious activity, making it his life's work to ensure the stability within the Empire. As a Libertus born from common heritage, he lacks the more common traits of sense of superiority amongst higher Libertus ranking officers. A skilled rifleman and fighter he joins his fellow soldiers on the front lines.

Vax Trask is not above petty deeds and cruelty, finding pleasure in punishing those who refuse to abide the Imperial cause.

During his service on the Harakaze and his role as XO, Vax began to appreciate and understand non Cyrannian cultures better.



Blue faceI believe I can trust them


Orange faceBlergh!

  • Camron Dar - Pff, I believe civilians should not lead a military task foce


One of the best starpilots in the galaxy, in my eyes. We will restore order to the Empire!

- Commander Vitiian Rax


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