The military forces of the UPD are rather unconventional to say the least with all soldiers being mech pilots controlling mechs supported by drone infantry and pilot transport gunships. The mechs of the UPD are balanced machines built with pilot survivability and are known for being highly customizable. Pilots have a large catalog of weapons and ability programs to select from to built their mech to their specifications and preferred fighting style. As a result no persan mech is ever the same and pilots tend to group themselves into fireteams based on personal synergy with commanding officers staying in the back ground and coordinating multiple teams over missions. All persan mechs are controlled by persa meaning that all wield power over an element of liminal energy.

In terms of general strategy though the Persan combat philosophy of rapid maneuverability and operational flexibility. With mechs able to fulfill a vast number of different roles, drone support, and orbital strikes complimenting each other to employ shock and disruption to decapitate the enemy's decision making capabilities in maneuver warfare. To this end the UPD eschews vast numbers and attrition in favor of smaller, more tightly knit, better equipped and trained forces with strong logistical independence and a highly decentralized command structure with lower level officers given great flexibility in accomplishing the end goals of the higher ranking officers grand strategies.

Thanks to having very limited numbers to work are forced to rely heavily upon drones to augment their lack of man power. While most roles in the military could be replaced by drones and AI the persan are a warrior people at heart and thus many still insist on serving directly on the battlefield. Commanders also recognize the value in citizens being able to see men and women fighting and dying for them as a necessary component for maintaining public for the war effort, as well as the general creativity an organic mind can apply to tasks a machine one generally cannot. So while most jobs requiring a high degree of skill as overseen by organic entities, most menial tasks are performed by drones.



total mobilization time: 1 year
total mobilization time: 6 months
total mobilization time: 3 months
total mobilization time: 1 month
total mobilization time: 2 weeks
total mobilization time: MOBILIZED







CRE Immortal ful.png

It's exhilarating having this much raw power at your finger tips. When I'm in my Immortal suddenly I can run faster, jump higher, go farther, punch harder, and tank shots no one should able to. It's a feeling of being unstoppable and it's damn near addicting.Adeptus Zelator Major Akanri

Persan mech are known as immortals and controlled by elite pilots who wield elemental powers that they can employ through their mechs. The Immortals are in fact bio-mechanical beings encased in armor and installed with a piloting system that are about 3-15 meters in height and are an ancient and primordial ancestor to the Vanara. They do not come in specific forms and models but rather come in one standard form that can be customized to the pilots liking from a vast catalog of weapons and other gear.

Weapons are usually kinetic in nature but propelled explosive, plasma, drone, and various melee weapons also exist. Other forms of gear include chassis augments, grenades, various deployables, and flight systems. Every immortal can carry an impressive variety of weapons in different arrangements and two different extra gear types. All pilots are persan and thus wield elemental powers that the neural sync system they use to command the mech allows to use these elemental abilities through the mech and on a much greater scale then they could normally.


Master says I should go and kill those the people shooting at us so I do, always happy do what master says... SQUIRREL!!!A Sparabara Drone

The UPD uses legions of drones to support their mechs in battle. These drones are actually cybernetically altered hive creatures controlled via a collective AI intelligence. They come in two classes the Sparabara and the Takabara. Sparabara are canine shaped drones that act as line infantry operating within the mech's operational zone engaging the enemy directly through anti infantry, anti-material, anti-armor, and anti-air fire power. Meanwhile the Takabara are feline drones that act as light infantry operating outside the mech's operational zone through scouting, harassment, assignation, and sabotage. Sparabara are known for having highly excitable and eager to please personalities where as the Takabara tend to be much more aloof and rather prone to sarcasm, though still just as devoured. Both types of drone can be armed with a plethora of weapons which they can mount two of. These can be ranged weapons such as kinetic gauss weapons, lasers, plasma, and explosive launchers, or melee weapons such as swords and axes.


When a Chariot comes barreling towards you then you known you've only got two options, get out of the way or get squished.Adeptus Exemptus Zelator Krell

Chariots are the transport units of the UPD, designed to transport mechs and drones and supply the mechs with power. These transports are in actuality a form of slug-like lifeform placed inside a mechanical exoskeleton which it commands. These Chariots come in three types of Land Chariots, Sea Chariots, and Sky Chariots. Land Chariots are massive tanks on treads that can carry a mech and its drone legion over land as well as coming armed with a powerful artillery gun and launchers that can fire AA missiles and flak to provide supporting fire power. Sea Chariots are submersibles that carry mechs drones overseas and can fire cruise missiles at enemies on land and torpedoes at those underwater for additional fire support. Sky Chariots meanwhile are gunships that carry mechs, drones, and other transports through they sky and down from orbit armed with autocannons, AS missile launchers, and flak guns to provide supporting air fire. They tend to have to be guarded through from enemy aircraft via strikecraft squadrons.


Persan Galley Full.png

The Galley is meant to maximize the versatility of persan naval doctrine, able to built in any number of sizes and retrofitted for any number of missionsIpsissimus Zuki

Persan ships are universally known as Galleys, and as most persan military vehicles are, are actually a massive organic space monsters encased in armor and augmented with cybernetic to allow it to carry a crew and weapons. Galleys come in different classes with their being around five in total. Penteconter is the first of these and contains ships measuring in the tens of meters and serving as strikecraft and corvettes. Biremes which are ships in the hundreds of meters and serve as frigates and destroyers. Triremes are ships in the thousands of meters that serve as cruisers, battlestars, and dreadnoughts. Quadriremes are ships in the tens of thousands of meters and act as juggernauts. UPD galleys are armed with powerful kinetic weapons in the form of railguns, mass accelerator artillery, realspace and hyperspace attack drones and energy weapons in the form of plasma lances.

Persan Galley.png



Plasammo are a form of shaped plasma based ammunition that comes in either pulse, beam, or wave forms. It relies on nnanomachines to generate and contain the plasma. When fired a small nanocolony is ejected out the barrel at relativistic speeds forming either a sphere to create pulses, stream to create beams, or as crescent to create a wave. These nanomachines self destruct upon contact with the target converting their mass into exteremly hot plasma that rapidly burns through the target.


Phaseammo is missile ammunition that rely on dimensional phasing abilities to bypass shields and strike at their targets directly. These missiles have onboard computers that sense when they are coming up upon shielding and then send the missiles out of phase with reality right before impact and then returns the missile to realspace upon exciting the space occupied by the shielding. The missiles also have a mutlicharge explosive allowing them to pierce armor and hull, and come in real and hyperspace varieties.



Autoweapons are ammo fed weapons that posses a reactive intelligence with friend foe discrimination abilities that allow them to automatically target and fire upon enemies once certain conditions are met. These weapons are not sentient in anyway but often seem to have a life of their own reacting to threat far quicker then their wielders can. Autoweapons can be set to fire on various different conditions such as enemies coming in range, attacking allies, locking on to a target, or other simple circumstances.


Arcweapons are powerful charge weapons that are used in close quarters combat. These weapons fire crackling bolts of electricity which can be focused either into a strait beam, spread out into a large cone, or be used to melee enemies causing the bolts to jump between multiple targets. The lightning fire by these weapon does less damage through electricity and more through the eat generate often times converting much of the target's mass and the air around it into plasma. This usually creates a heat tax on the weapon itself that must be vented.


Smartweapons are ammo fed weapons that are an extension of the autoweapon concept that employ a sentient intelligence on board the gun allowing for proactive targeting and firing as oppose to simply a reactive one. This allows the gun to run calculations, communicate with it wielder, actively predict enemy movements, and determine weaknesses based upon what information they have before and gather during battle. Because of this smart weapons often act as a primary weapons where as autoweapons are secondary.


Nexuses are a form of smart weapon that arms to user with either personal drone or nanoswarm that they can direct to attack their enemies. Drone-type nexuses can deploy can deploy drones of various weight classes, technical sophistication, and AI intelligence at a certain range which can be armed with plasammo. Nanite-type nexuses employ swarms of nanites at a range which then invade the target and begin dissembling it converting its mass into more nanomachines. The dissembling process is near instantiations and the nanites can then use the disassembled matter to heal personnel and repair material.


Nanoweapons are different from nexuses in that while they employ nanites these are shapeshifting melee weapons that can take on several forms such as whips, shields, knives, and more. These weapons are fluid-dynamic in nature acting as a fluid while holding its shape. This mean that the nanomachines flow in a sustained current moving at relativistic speeds absolutely shredding anything that they come in contact with without exception.


Omniweapons are not weapons. Omniweapons do not exist. Omniweapons have no form. Omniweapons constantly change their forms. Omniweapons must be held inside a containment field. Omniweapons must be unshackled from their containment field to fire. Omniweapons can mimic the form of any weapon known to the wielder. Omniweapons can strike at any point in spacetime known to the wielder. Omniweapons cannot be avoided. Omniweapons cannot be deflected or blocked. Omniweapons are only to used as a last resort.


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