The Vanara Nomads are not a unified faction or group, rather they are a way of collectively referring to large number of nomadic groups called Reefs of the same species known as the Vanara, native to the Mirus Galaxy. This nomads are all that remains of a once powerful Empire that was consumed by an unknown force. There are currently five existing Reefs, though there were more in the past they have since fallen to various malicious forces that inhabit the galaxy. The True Reefs would eventually unify into a singular force known as the Sacred Vanara Empire thanks to the efforts of the Strelitzia Reef.

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The Vanara Nomads are all that remains of the Old Vanara Empire, a large empire that dominated a significant portion of western Mirusian space. Then one day systems began to grow dark one by one, steadily growing at an alarming rate. The empire deployed the whole of its military to counter the threat, and none returned. Various frontier Vanara colonies seeing their empire steadily consumed decided to cut and flee, leaving for the depths of space. Some would settle down elsewhere, loosing contact with the rest of their kind. Others would be lost to the malefic powers that populated Mirus. However, five would continue on their wanderings, growing in strength, and eventually becoming the five Reefs of the modern gigaquadrant.

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  • Archetype - Scientist
  • Colors - Purple, Greem
  • Closest Ally - ???

  • Archetype - Knight
  • Colors - Red, Orange
  • Closest Ally - Mendel Pact

By far one of the most powerful and war-like of all the Reefs, Strelitzia made their name as fearsome warriors and the unifiers of the Vanara people into the Sacred Vanara Empire. Back in their nomadic days the Strelitzia were known as a people of wandering vigilantes who would attack and ravage any who dared to harm them or any of the other Reefs. They would also strike out against any colonialist powers that they encountered, as well as those that committed acts such as genocide. Thus the Strelitzia developed something of a dualistic reputation as both protectors of the weak and seekers of justice, but also disruptors of order and meddlers in the affairs of others. They were the second to join the Enlightenment Alliance after the conclusion of the destruction of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. The Strelitzia soon emerged afterwards as something of a leader among the true Reefs, and set out to unite their people back into a single force, eventually uniting them into the SVE as a single force.

  • Archetype - Trader
  • Colors - Blue, Orange
  • Closest Ally - ???

Fallen Reefs Edit

  • Fallen To - Alpha Cyber Collective
  • Colors - White, Black
  • Status - Became the Vanara Singularity, was later destroyed by Qliphoggr and the remnants fully assimilated by their masters.

  • Fallen To - Imperium of War
  • Colors - Copper, Red
  • Status - Destroyed by Strelitzia

The Tyrantroot Reef was a fallen Reef that was corrupted by the Drakodominatus Tyranny. Even before their fall the Tyrantroot was always obsessed with the survival species at any cost. This led to them trading with the Drakodominatus Tyranny and slowly becoming entranced with ideals of the Tyranny. Eventually their High Queen simply decided that the Tyranny was the strongest power in the universe and that her reef's best bet at survival was to serve these inevitable masters of the whole of the universe. Thus the Tyranntroot became privateers in service of the Tyranny, raiding the DT's enemies and any species the Tyranny planned to conquer. During Attero Dominatus the Tyrantroot ran a guerrilla campaign against the enemies of the Tyranny, especially against their own kind. This caught the attention of the Strelitzia, who attack the Tyrantroot for the betrayal of their own kind. After months of fearsome battles the Strelitzia managed to corner the Tyrantroot and utterly annihilated them. Any remnants were betrayed by their own masters and were enslaved.

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  • Vanara take inspiration from the Vasari from Sins of a Solar Empire.

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