Valeeria Stormcarver is a Tirithian lieutenant in service of House Ramelzen and Ramalivua Tirith. Kind, bold and gentle this young lady wields her sword with grace and deadly beauty.

She has a strong hatred and dislike for orcs and other creatures like them.


Valeeria Stormcarver is born in 19 BQF at the planet Ramalivua, at a village near the coast, north of Ramalivua Tirith. During her youth she learned many basic survival skills by her parents and villagers, like fishing, making a fire, repair your own cloathing and how to build tents out of the skins of animals.

Riordan and Valeeria depart ways, perhaps till next time?

Sadly, at the age of 21 (in 02 AQF) her village was raided and destroyed by orcs that stood under the banner of Bolgrash Bloodhammer. By sheer luck, Valeeria managed to escape by diving into the ocean and eventually wound up near the shore of Ramalivua Tirith. Hypothermic and nearly drown the Tirithian took care and she was allowed to remain in the city. She decided to join the Tirithian Guard, when showing great promise and skill wielding a blade, she was soon promoted to one of the few lieutenants within the Tirithian Guard.

During the second month of 07 AQF, Valeeria managed to prevent the death of Riordan Rambertan and a war with the orcs at the footsteps of Skull Temple. Convincing Riordan to leave the Atlantican artifact within Skull Temple and to give it back to Bolgrash, she later escorted him to his own vessel and advised him to leave Ramalivua.

In january of 08 AQF, Valeeria participated in the Battle of Ramalivua, when they assaulted Skull Temple she joined forces with that of Rambo Nation though was forced to retreat with the arrival of Bolgrash Bloodhammer.

Personality and Traits[]

Valeeria Stormcarver is a gentle and kind being, yet full of hatred for orcs, a species she believes should be exterminated. She loves animals and the smell of the sea, as such she is the best swimmer within the walls of Ramalivua Tirith.

Valeeria wields her blade with grace and deadly beauty, swift and agile she shows herself to be a true menace when faced in sword fights. She wears the basic armor of the Tirithian Guard. Due to her being from the north, she has white colored hair, with a blue wisp of hair, she colored it herself to show she is of Ramalivua Tirith and not of the northern villages anymore. She has an agile and slim body build.



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