Valchi is a known Goverment official for his people and planet, the expert upon extra-Chavelli he is the main ambassador and diplomat for the mysterious and reclusive Chavelli. Valchi was chosen for his function due to his ability to summon or train Scions, added his natural curiousity for new things the Chavelli goverment found him the perfect person as diplomat and ambassador for the Chavelli.


Early History[]

Valchi and his Abrazulam at his house

Not much is known about the early history of Valchi, he himself forgot when he was born and around wich time. During his youth, Valchi stumbled upon a lone and injured Abrazulam, a mystical entity belonging to the Scions. Healing and nuturing the creature the Abrazulam gained respect for Valchi and became a Scion for him, capable of summoning to do his need. However, as Scions are forbidden to live within the massive cities, Valchi bought a lone house outside the city district, and continued his duties yet has his home elsewhere. During the forming of the Cognatus Remnant, Valchi was curious about these new beings and was one of the few to greet them when Thel'Vicliquam stumbled upon the Chavelli homeworld in 0 BQF. Intrigued, Valchi listened to the promises of the Cogsangui warrior and brought the message towards his leaders. In grattitude, the Chavelli decided to join the Cognatus Remnant and aid them in their cause and name Valchi as the main ambassador for extra-Chavelli. He guided his people to become ship builders, and was shocked when in 01 NE/05 AQF, the Cognatus Remnant was reformed in the Cognatus Empire, resulting in the Chavelli becoming independant again. Under his guidance Valchi instructed his people to siege the left behind Cognatus vessel, placing them under service of the Chavelli themselves, Valchi was proud to see the Chavelli now have a fleet of their own.

Voyages of Enterprise[]

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Diplomatic talks with the Chavelli and Rambo Nation

During the twelfth month of 06 AQF, Valchi was spotted at Terra Prime. A month later, during the first month of 07 AQF, Valchi was present when the USS Enterprise-A, a Rambo Nation exploration vessel entered orbit of their planet. At invitation of the Chavelli goverment Valchi was to meet with them to open diplomatic negotiations, but the recent events of the massive green nebula, appearing out of nowhere alerted the Chavelli and at the moment the Rambo delegates were required to wait until the Chavelli finished their research.

Valchi met with captain James Rambo, lt. commander Bob Chioaik and ensign Tash Hannity, he welcomed them to the Chavelli homeworld and informed them that at the moment the Chavelli were unable to open negotiations and that they were to wait. Returning to the city, the captain tried to follow Valchi, but his Abrazulam prevented it as a sign of warning.

A tactical conversation onboard Angforst

Valchi watched the crew enter their shuttle and return to their ship, wondering if it was smart to turn down Rambo Nations offer at the moment. He soon dismissed his doubts as there were more serious concerns at hand, a lone Quashowan-dreadnought had destroyed a Rambo Nation Hecatoncheir-Class and he and his kin feared they were coming for the Chavelli homeplanet. Meeting with Rambo vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral and fleet-captain Mjärt onboard the Angforst, he agreed in a joined fleet to attack the dreadnought. He later heard that the entire fleet and Angforst was destroyed and decided to inform James Rambo of it, hoping to investigate the matter.

Valchi, James and Avery at the Enterprise

Meeting with Rambo officers, captain James Rambo and captain Lothíriel Avery onboard the USS Enterprise-A, the three came to the conclusion something was wrong and took their vessels to investigate the matter. Their discovery led to the truth, Angforst and its taskforce were destroyed, Ramtainus presumed death and with no sign of the Quashowan Dreadnought, they began searching for survivors in the wreckage. After salvaging most of the injured survivors and bodies, Valchi met the two captain once again onboard the Enterprise and was relieved to hear that Rambo Command promised to remain at Chavelli until all injured were treated.

Personality and Traits[]

Valchi is an unusual Chavelli, where most Chavelli are rather not interessted in matters outside their own district, Valchi grew curious about many things including other alien species, wich the Chavelli call extra-Chavelli. Like all Chavelli, Valchi is a bipedal humanoid looking creature with long arms and fingers. Due to his enlarged brain, Valchi is able to use telekinetic abilities, like mind reading, able to levitate objects and persons. Due to his unique fuction as diplomat and Scion Summoner, Valchi is allowed to wear a hat and cape, indicating his goverment official affiliation.

By nature, Valchi is a friendly and kind being, not wishing to harm innocent beings. Valchi is also gifted with the ability to summon or call upon a Scion, who he can train and travel with. His first Scion was Abrazulam, who grew out to become a powerful guardian for Valchi.



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