Uruviel is a female bountyhunter, once a kind and cute student at Ivalaë, a Rambo Nation planet she later left that place and became a bountyhunter in service of Morglûkia. Though not much of a bountyhunter, she can best described as a smuggler but is listed as a bountyhunter as Morglûkia doesn't want to be brought into connections with smugglers, it would bring Rambo authorities after him after all.


Early history[]

Uruviel was found by her foster parent at Ivalaë, though no one knew where she came from or why she was found at Ivalaë. She became orphaned by a Chinawkya family, who raised her as a Chinawkya and one of their own. She is friendly and her foster father believes she is blessed by the Ultimate One, as it seems she has enhanced abilities in strength, speed and reflexes. He believes she was born around 22 years ago since he found her 22 years ago in 17 BQF they lived together. Sadly after a few years her foster mother dies of sickness and since then she lived together with her foster father at a farm on the planet of Ivalaë.

Escaping Ivalaë

Herding the Galichimia she began liking the creatures a lot and often played with them and even talked with them, though they didn't understand her. She often trained her speed with the creatures and she was taught to read and write in Quadrantia Language by the Chairman and her father. Living in peace for quite some years (though often bullied by Chinawkya boys as she looked differant) she lived in joy and was happy. This came to an end at 04 AQF during the Blockade of Ivalaë when her foster father was killed by Tukio Nutria. After the Chairman brought her back to the village he gave her money to leave Ivalaë as she was going to be hunter down by the dreaded Amiaeria. She then met with Ramidia V'Las, captain of the freighter Calamuendi and after paying 2500 Ramboidae Coins they managed to flee. She now wonders where to go too and if Ramidia V'Las is to be trusted. Already she misses her father and her homeworld, as she never left the planet before nor did she encounter a Serindia up close until now.

Uruviel, S'rinna and Ramindia at Yudumarth


After 5 days of travelling and two days without food, Uruviel and Ramindia finally arrived at Yadumarth where Uruviel went to S'rine Dromanda for food and supplies as Ramindia asked. However after the conversation Uruviel saw Confederate ships invading Yadumarth and in despair she went back to the spaceport to meet with Ramindia, there Geldrim, the ruler of the Yudimaran claimed Yadumarth in possesion of the Confederacy now. And she was to become a servant of the invading Confederate Captain, unable to do anything Uruviel and Ramindia were seperated. However, during the 1st Battle of Yadumarth the Confederate forces were defeated by Rambo Nation and she became a servant of Geldrim, and was trasferred to Yuhvast, to become a servant of Geldrim at his palace. In the fifth month of the Quadrantia Disorder she was saved by Ramindia and S'rinna and became a crewmember of the Calamuendi. She turned out to be a gifted engineer and after arriving at Nertharia she repaired most of the ship.

Attacking the New Basileus Blockade

Before travelling to the Cyrannus Galaxy Uruviel and Ramindia did some jobs for Morglûkia involving smuggling to Nertharia. Later on, together with various adventures with Ramindia she joined her mentor and friend into attacking a New Basileus Empire fleet, which was blockading the trade route to the Core World of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Together with aid of various URC Star Destroyers the Basileus were defeated and were forced to withdraw. When Ramindia went to meet with the URC President Apollo she repaired most of the ship and resupplied her. Though first she was forced to visit a local URC medical center, as she had some burn wounds on her left arm due to a leaking plasma conduit which happened during the attack. After healing Uruviel changed her appearance and colored her hair blue, as a sign she was more rebellious instead of cute.

Gogmaloe appears within the Paradox

After the battle Ramindia retired and gave the ship and all his date files to Uruviel who in turn became Morglûkia his most trusted and favored smuggler (though he listed her as bountyhunter, as smugglers often get unwanted attention from Rambo authorities which could lead them to himself!). In the early days of the Dark Times Uruviel travelled between the Quadrants and the Cyrannus Galaxy using an ancient route between Zevia and the Space in Between, a portal which can only be opened by the Bluedions.

Solving the Paradox[]

Ramashe orders the Founder and Uruviel to solve the Paradox

After returning from one of her assignment Uruviel went shopping in Rambo City, the capital city of the Rambo Capital. However during her visit the Paradox entity known as Gogmaloe appeared and attacked the city. Uruviel herself began hiding behind a statue though and various Rambo trooper came to attack the entity, as well as the Founder. Yet the entity managed to kill the troopers and upon seeing Uruviel the creature withdraw and the paradox ended. As the Founder told her she would meet the Empress, Uruviel fainted. The Founder brought Uruviel to the secret Royal Palace of the Serindia where the Founder and Ramashe got into a fierce discussion how to solve the paradox, who caused it and how to prevent them from causing more damage than it already did. When the Founder told the Empress that he found out that the paradox was probably not the last and that someone was causing them, perhaps in result of a disbalance in the galaxy Ramashe got furious. She never liked listening to the troubles of the Atlantica and the problems they were causing. Furhter more the Empress ordered the Founder to solve the Paradox and bring the girl with him. The Empress believed Uruviel had something to do with it and perhaps could aid the Founder. The Founder didn't like it, as it would involve the USS Relativity and the Rambo their access to monitor the timeline for a period of time. None the less the Empress pressed on her will and upon Uruviel awakening the Empress told her to go with the Founder. He eventually complied and the two travelled to somesort of gate near Rambo City.

The Founder, Uruviel vs the Paradox

Upon leaving Uruviel bombarded the Founder about their coming mission and what they were going to see, further more she was excited to see this USS Relativity and the abilities of such a vessel. The two eventually entered the gate, though the travel made Uruviel really sick and she felt bad during the half hour travel to the other side of the gate. Exiting Uruviel had to throw over and to her surprise they were located in some future version of Rambo City, in 250 Ne. Talking with a local, and after a bad argument with the Founder they found at that they were in an alternate version of Rambo City, consumed by the Paradox and also the Paradox Entity, Gogmaloe was present. Various demon like creatures, the Vamrasht attacked the Founder and Uruviel when they travelled through the city, eventually encountering a paradox version of Rambas II. When he claimed his eyes were opened and that there was no resistance to the Paradox he lowered the shields of the city and was consumed by the Paradox himself. Becoming a dreaded version of his formerself.

The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus arrives at the Rambo Capital

Summoning various Vamrasht to his aid he was eventually killed by the Founder, and his death solved the paradox. Both were send back by some higher force to their original Rambo City in 01 Ne, though their day of overcoming danger wasn't over yet!

As they exited the Paradox Gate a bright blue light shined above the capital. Uruviel wondered what it was and the Founder explained that the cloack of Darkness had fallen. Uruviel witnessed the arrival of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus into the Quadrants and knew things were going to get bad. The Founder said his goodbye to Uruviel, and told her that if she located a Paradox she shoudl try to solve it. Furthermore if she even found the girl that could bring back hope and light to the Quadrants she would need to inform him. Uruviel took off and ran to her ship, ready to take off and speak to Morglûkia about the things she saw.

Theft of the Bounty[]

Fighting Hutter security officers

After staying low for a while, solving some smuggling missions for Morglûkia she was eventually contact in the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF by Zevracence who needed her for a theft of a Hutter ship. It turned out they would be stealing a new prototype vessel of the Hutters, a small, agile vessel that could fire under cloack. While travelling to Hutter space, Uruviel studied Hutter schematics and the language so she was able to pilot the to be stolen vessel.

Blasting their way past a D-5 cruiser with the stolen Bounty

The vessel to be stolen turned out to be a prototype Bird of Prey, wich was docked at a drydock. After arriving at the Hutter space station above Tigma III, they stole a Hutter fighter and landed at the drydock. While Uruviel was hacking the systems to steal the ship, Zevracence took care of the Hutter guards. After arriving at the ship, Uruviel piloted it away from the drydock and under guidance of Zevracence disabled an intercepting D-5 cruiser while testing it's newfound weapons. The two of them managed to activate the cloack and evade further Hutter patrols and after passing the Hutter-Rambo border, they set a course for the Quadrant 82-89 wormhole. On the way, Zevracence named the stolen vessel the Bounty.

Two days later Uruviel piloted the vessel towards the Green Fog Nebula, an area former belonging to the Rambulans. There they encountered a lone Regellis Star Empire dreadnought class. Zevracence ordered to place the ship into firing position and lower cloack and fire torpedoes. Surprised Uruviel complied and the Regellis Dreadnought was seriously damaged in the process. Raising it's shields, the dreadnought moved into firing position as well- but Uruviel had already taken the Bounty to another location.

Attacking civilian vessels

Under guidance of Zevracne she took the Bounty to the eastern R-7 station, a space station where a lot of civilian vessels docked to trade with others. She also informed Zevracence that they only had food and water for two days, but Zevracance assured her they were heading to Ramaakota afterwards. While Zevracence instructed her to decloack, she did so as he opened fire and managed to disable a Rambo freighter, a Ca'Leon passenger liner- though an Imperial freighter managed to escape. She informeed Zevracence that the USS Victory, a Constellation-class detached from the dock and laid in an intercept course. Upon Zev's order she cloacked the Bounty again and headed to the Q-82-Q-89 wormhole.

Approaching Ramaakota

After exiting the wormhole Uruviel plotted a course to Ramaakota, upon entering it's orbit she had to pilot the Bounty through a high orbital sand storm but managed the dock the ship without damage. One there, Veldiaviëa- the sister of Morglûkia took them to her local saloon. In there, she gave the duo a new mission, wich would prevent Morglûkia's wrath for stealing a vessel without his permission.

Their new mission was given by the Cyrannus criminal lord known as Flovos Pretio. Uruviel complied and piloted the Bounty to the given coordinates where they intercepted the New Republic star destroyer CRS Ramaprica. Uruviel managed to dock the vessel while they were still under cloack. Zevracence managed to free their objective, Adelheidis from the detention center. Arriving onboard Uruviel piloted the Bounty back to one of the moons of the Rambo Capital.

Personality and Traits[]


A warm and nice person, she is raised very protected and has a habit to panick in situation she doens't know. Yet she also has a lot of courage, though her self-confidence diminished after the loss of her father.

As Uruviel travelled with Ramindia she discovered she was a gifted pilot and mechanic, able to repair most damage done to the ship herself. After being given the Calamuendi she can now call herself a captain! With her change of appearance Uruviel now feels more confident inherself and even learned to shoot with a blaster. She is also very proud of her jacket, which was given to her by Ramindia, the jacket once belonged to him and according to Ramindia, a captain of the Calumuendi had to wear such a jacket. Since she piloted the Calumuendi she learned the in and outs of the ship and became a gifted pilot, in evading both Cyrannian and Rambo ships.

Ships owned[]


The Calumuendi is a space freighter, a Gwylliöen Class once build by the Serindia at the Shipyards of Rowar. Since her construction Ramindia bought the ship and used for his smuggling activities in service of Morglûkia.

The Calumuendi is not very agile nor fast, but with the right pilot the ship can evade enemy blaster quite well. The Calumuendia has a small bridge, a small hangar bay and two sleeping quarters for the crew. It also features a small kitchen. The Calumuendi is equipped with two blasters and can fire over 4 photon torpedoes, further more the Calumuendi also has shields and can use warp and hyperspace jumps.

When Uruviel joined the crew of the Bounty, she kept the Calumuendi as her private ship.

The ship has a lenght of around 52 meters.



Green face.png “'Trusted friends!'


Yellow face.png “'Hmm, better watch them closely'

  • Flovos Pretio - A Cyrannus criminal lord for who I completed a mission
  • Founder - a mysterious and powerful Serindia
  • Ktrn - A fellow bountyhunter.
  • Zevracence - The most famous and notorious bounty hunters in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Red face.png“'He he!'

  • none yet


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Quotes from Others[]

A gifted pilot and mechanic, keep serving me as this and you will reach a high position within my criminal empire

- Morglûkia


  • Uruviel age is unknown and rumors have it she is blessed by the Atlantica.


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