Flag Urhawkflag
Founding species Urhawk
Side Neutral/Good
Creator Conticas
Leader Rykel
Allies Sylit Republic
Phase Space
Date 362 AFF
Military Hundreds of thousands of starships and Ursians
State Growing
The Urhawk Union is an empire in the Ramvelkys galaxy that contains 110 systems on Strewus Arm
Urhawk (1)

An Urhawk

of Ramvelkys Galaxy.


The Urhawks entered creature stage after living as multicellular bacteria. They lived in herds and migrated around their home planet, Liziba. They eventually entered the tribal stage and organized into 6 empires. When they entered civilization stage, a nuclear war started, and 2 of the 6 empires were destroyed, while the survivors joined the other 4 empires. The leader of one of the empires, Kuruwa, united the 4 empires and created the Urhawk Empire. They entered space under the guidance of Rykel, Kuruwa's descendant.

Urhawk WarriorsEdit

The Urhawks have special warriors named Ursians. They are named that because in the Urhawk language, "Ursian" means "noble". The Urhawk used to be feudal, and the Ursians were the knights in the feudal society. When the Urhawks became a monarchy, they kept the Ursians as their elite warriors, and today the Ursians of the Ursian Order are the greatest ground troops of the whole Ramvelkys Galaxy.

Urhawkian GovernmentEdit

The Urhawk Union has a Monarchy government, but they call it something else. They call it an "Urksanen", meaning "single ruler". It all started when Kuruwa conquered the other civilizations. He started it because he had a vision of the future. In the vision, he saw that there would be great rulers after him in his family, and he would have great allies, such as the Sylit Republic.

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